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…….”Oh my god, im so screwed”, Thats the only thought in my head when i realise what i just let happen:

I was goin to surprise you with something neat, i was peeking through some seemingly old boxes of you and i found this old clock in a box that had alot of other stuff from your grandparents, So i took it and cleaned it, took it apart carefully and put it back together, thats when i realise it doesnt work and we get to forementioned thought about me being screwed.

I have to figure out how to deal with this, find a way to break this news in a positive way to you…..and i realise i will have to degrade myself for your pleasure that might be a start in making this up to you. With my goal in mind i start planning what to do, i walk back to our bedroom and inspect my closet already entrancing myself again in the role of mindless and obiedient slutwife that i will so have to fulfill when you get home tonight and see what i have done to your family heirloom. my mind comes back into focus, slutfocus, ive been a bad girl, so white is out of the question, i decide on black and red, but what to wear exactly……..???

“Ok lets keep it simple” I tell myself, knowing very well that its not gonna end at simple i go for a red satin topped with black lace underbust corset with attached garters, that will bring my waist down to 20 inches and at the same time prop up my big ass titties and give even more substance to my already substantial round firm almost purrfect ass. i chose a high collared black leather bolero jacket, hardly containing my girls and showing off a nice cleavage and a hint of my upper back “what else should i pick ?” i ask myself still in need of shoes for example, i constantly alternate in looking at my thigh high stiletto boots in black with red trim & stitching and a metal heel and a pair black pony heels layered with red lace, counterpointing the corsett and also adding a little more kink with some spikes down the heel finally i pick a brandnew pair of black nylons, put my loot on the bed look it over and decide “yes this is something i can work with”…..

i pick up the items again and walk to the bathroom where i set them down seperately and orderly for when im done with my other preparations. i walk to our gym /playroom and pick up a few other items needed for my apology… looking them over i choose a large ring gag, a speculum, a black leather neck corset, three pairs of handcuffs, 3 clamps with attached 1/4 lb weights and a large 1lb apothecary weight, for filling i choose the horsecock dildo “better make it 2” i think and pick up another one, good thing i begged you to get them in different colors *ggg*

I bring everything back to the bathroom only one more thing to do:

i walk to the office, pick up a piece of paper a caligraphy pen and some red ink, i sit down dip the pen into the ink and start writing:

“Dear Husband,

I am very sorry, I did something terrible,

but im willing to make up. I wanted to clean this clock,

but i think i broke it putting it back together.

I am very sorry baby, you will find me in the upstairs

bathroom, ready to service your EVERY wish tonight.

I have been stupid and i deserve this, and you know

whats truly good for me, better than i do myself…

Please make me your slut tonight,

Love, Valerie”

I fold the Paper once after letting it dry and set it down next to the keyjar at the frontdoor, so you will see it as soon as you get home. I pick up my phone and send you a message:

“You better pick something up for dinner, maybe some thai, i won’t get to cook tonite, but I’ll make it up on the spot, Promise XOXOXO”

with the phone in hand i walk back to the bathroom and undress, i snap 2 pictures of me in the mirror, full length showing off and smiling with a tongue in cheek while pulling on one of my heavy nipple rings, the second picture is just of my ass and two of my well manicured red nails already missing inside of it….

i turn on the shower and throughly clean myself inside and out, i soap up my limp clitty with some more girlish pink shower gel and snap another selfie, from the top smiling coyly with my clit barely visible in the foam only peeking out a tiny bit.

i clean up again and finish my shower, i step out and still wet i grab one of the horsecocks and put it on the floor pointing straight up, i put the phone on the bathroom counter and stand over the horsecock, i spread my ass wide with my hands, squat down and in a single move i get to half of it and up again i go only leaving the tip in, i do another few half insertions but within a few seconds the camera records me bouncing down all the way on the horsecock as you can hear me whimper and moan my wet little clitty audibly slapping onto the tiled bathroom floor.

I quickly stand up again look into the camera, smile and turn it around to capture me blowing a kiss into the steamy mirror “come home soon and you dont need to use a toilet all day if you dont want to…”

i pick out the images ive taken and the video and send you another message:

“just a little preview for you and your cock baby, my pussy needs to be broken tonight, i dont wanna be able to walk for days, can you do that for me? XOXOXO”

i put the phone down and finish my routine, i dry my body and apply some body powder, toning to support my tan abit, adding a slight and subtle bronze to my skin, i do my make up and go for a “expensive but cheap” look with medium sized fake eyelashes. my hair i do in a very big perm style and finally top my face off with a dark cherry lipstick….

i put on my outfit starting with the nylons, then lace up the boots then the corset attach the garters to the nylons and then the bolero jacket which ends up so tight on my titties the heavy rings press through the leather, more than clearly visible….

I pick up the ring gag put it on and take another selfie of me in my outfit and the gag, “last picture before you get home, hope you like” SEND….

I look at the time, and its almost time for you to get off work so i better hurry, i open the bolero jacket and attach two of the clamps to my nipple rings

i close the jacket again with the weights trapped inside, i take the third small weight and stick out my tongue attach it to the tip of my tongue and shake my head abit to see if it sits properly, i smile around my gag, then i put on the neck corset close it up and from here on everything is a bit more diffictult… i get down on my knees, reach behind me, pick up one pair of handcuffs and cuff my ankles together. i spread my legs as wide as i can and grab another set of handcuffs, attach on side to the base of my clitty get my hips down abit further so i can attach the other cuff to the top of the apothecary weight right between my knees on the floor. then i put in the speculum and stretch it to more than halfway, so about 4 inches of gape, with still some room to go… i pick up one of the horsecocks and just casually put it in my open hole, still leaving visible space to fill beyond the one horsecock in my asscunt….lastly i turnaround carefully so i face the door, the movement putting some extra strain on my fixated clit. i put the phone down in front of me, so i can read it still, far enough to stay away from the drool strings that are already running down my chin….lastly i handcuff my wrists behind my back, with my hands holding on to the corset, effectively locking myself in this position, waiting, open mouthed, open cunted, facing the door, only awaiting you and suddenly i realize my position, i am the slut, i am the wanton whore to fulfill your every desire and i totally long for more even now, i want to be humiliated degraded, my body broken to heal again in your arms……my trancing is interrupted by the phone buzzing:

“Good Slut, cant wait to get home, will pick something up”

I smile at the compliment and now my stomach starts to become all warm and tingly when: another buzz .. “holy crap baby, yes daddy like alot, im hard for you now and i didnt get to piss all day so be warned, once i get home, your body is mine to do with as i please, be home in 30”

i smile around my ring gag, my breathing veyr shallow through my nose, a constant stream of drool running down my chin onto my boobs onto the floor, by the time i hear you walk in the front door, keeping posture has already taken its toll and my arms and legs are already tremoring as ive almost lost control over them already, i can hear you put down your keys and a few moments later i can hear your steps coming up the stairs…………

…… When you get to the bathroom door and open it you’ll find me waiting for you kneeling in a puddle of my own drool already, my eyes light up the moment you enter the room coz I hope you will like what you see…

you look me over standing in the doorframe still, you start smiling deviously, you walk up to me unzip your fly take your cock out and shove your head into my mouth. “Not a single drop bitch” i know my orders and i like how you dont just shove your cock down my throat but want me to work, swallow every mouthful of your piss that fills my mouth instantly, you let go completely and i have to swallow once every second to keep up and not to spill your delicous piss, when your done you look donw at me and pull on the weight on the tongue making me squeal. “what a good pissdrinking slut you are, now lets fuck that mouth” with that you pull out my tongue all the way making me whelp and shove your cock all the way into my throat, you hold on to the tongue weight and keep your cock lodged in my throat for a few seconds making me gag, you let me breathe only to shove your cock back in again all the way and fucking my skull right away….”oh valerie i love to control your tongue like this” with that you make my stretched tongue lick your balls by pulling on the weight and moving it in circles so my tongue has to follow….you go back to fucking my throat like its my ass and laugh as you enjoy the control you have over my body, only to pleasure you and kinks, you fuck my throat so hard, i start sliding around on the tiles wet from my drool, only my clit affixed to the big weight, i squeal even more driving you even further and you start slapping away at my ass first turning it crimson red and wonderfully hot, you proceed to slap my titties making the weights swing, my squealing and whining increases from your treatment driving me further and further into slutbliss when you start slapping my face but its too late your b**st has awoken and theres no turning back for me now, you take your cock from my mouth and move around me, “lets see what we got here..” with that you violentely shove the horsecock dildo into my ass pussy slapping my stretched clit, gripping it hard, mistreating it, i whimper and cry through my gag, but you will not stop now, you shove the dildo in all the way only to be followed by your hard cock…

“oooowwwwwwwwww” i whelp like a bitch when you fill me up like this in an isntant only to hear you laugh and strating to fuck away “lets make sure that stays in there with my cock” and off goes the speculum my rectum just flapping around your cock for a moment. you grip my corsetted hips with both hands and start to fuck away sending me into shrieks and loud cries feeling you fucking me and pushing the horsecock dildo in further and further with every thrust, making me whince in pleasure and pain. “oh yes valerie your the best slut a man can hope for” you move your hands to my throat, commandeering my body into the right position and depriving me of air whenever you feel like it. i can feel your cock getting bigger and bigger. you pull out and shove your cock right into my mouth “have some dessert baby” you laugh as you cream into my open mouth pulling on my tongue, filling me your cumcontainer once again… when i have recieved the last drop you shove your cock in and fuck it into my throat, i gag and you laugh “take it, wont be the last load for today” with that you step back undress and jump into the shower leaving me still cuffed, like a mess and in position in the middle of the room.

when you exit the shower you go fetch a camera and return with it setting down the tripod right in fron of me.

“Your a beautiful mess baby, mind if we get you a bit more messy?” “i smile at you through my gag and at the camera as you hold my chin and i shake my head playfully “good girl….” *smack* you step back and right away a large gush of piss hits my face, i feel your hot stream soak into my hair and running down my back into my crack and down my clit *purrrrrr* you fill my open mouth “dont swallow yet”, you continue to spray the whole of me with your piss as you move around me, like your painting a sculpture. when your done you leave me soaked like this walk around to my ass sit down on the toilet yourself and smack my ass hard “i hope you dont mind baby” you laugh and smack my ass again, i get kinda nervous but before i know you grab me turn me around and stick my head in the bowl, as you hear the tongue weight hit the ceramic you mount me from above and fuck me hard again, the camera filming everything, you plunging into my exposed ass, the slapping sound of our bodies, and my gargling cries for help and shrieking in the bowl as you fuck away only pulling me up by my hair every once in a while so i can breathe this goes on for i dont know how long, but when you finally let go of me my ass is completely broken, when you pull out the horsecock dildo just flaps out right after your cock, my body sags but you pull me up by my hair and turn me around again, always pulling on my clit with every micro inch of movement. you bring the camera close so people can see my completely ruined and degraded face, make up smeared and completely ruined “didnt i tell you it would get more messy, you unlock the cuffs around my clit and throw me in the shower and uncuff my hands “get yourself cleaned up completely, redo your make up, put on something skanky and meet me in the barn after that, dont leave me waiting you’re still two feedings of cum short….”

with that you exit and leave me to clean myself up and redo my makeup, i put on some extra pink gloss since i already know the outfit is skanky, i perm my hair up, slip into a black leather micro skirt and a white lace top that has long sleeves but leaves my midriff bare, i put on some 5 inch platforms with 7 inch heel and try not to stumble as i make my way to the barn wondering what you have in store for me, husband………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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