Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 07

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Kate dressed for dinner. She wore a long green silk dress. It hung from her shoulders, dropping into a deep décolletage between her magnificent breasts. Both orbs were highly visible, lightly browned and obviously free of a bra as her nipples pushed at the silk. Even when not aroused she made a man’s mouth water. Plenty of men had watering mouths that evening!

Harry put on his best button through shirt, smart casual slacks and brown slip on shoes.

He had dressed early just for the pleasure of watching Kate. When she was ready she showed herself off in front of him and he stood and kissed her sensuously, his hands roaming all over her almost naked back and caressing her firm bottom.

“You forgot your panties,” he gasped as their lips finally parted.

“No I did not,” denied Kate. “I want to feel free!”

“Can I have a free feel?” grinned Harry, squeezing her buttocks again.

“Any time lover! Anytime. Let go now or I’ll have a damp patch. Ah, that reminds me. I must take some extra tissues with me.”

Harry had chosen the restaurant carefully. He wanted to show off his prize. They had a table close to where the rest of the patrons had to pass, especially if they were en route to the toilets.

When Kate was settled and they had ordered drinks he leaned over and kissed her gently, inserting his tongue into her mouth. She responded in kind.

“Darling beautiful Kate, display yourself to me and the rest of the clientele,” he whispered. “I want all the men to feel jealous of me!”

“No you don’t, you just want to look at my tits,” laughed Kate. This made her breasts move delightfully inside her fragile dress. Kate looked around and then carefully adjusted her dress so that the shoulders only just supported the material. Much more breast was exposed.

“If I move to eat my breasts will fall out,” she complained.

“That’s OK,” smiled Harry, “just casually put them away again as if it’s a normal thing to do. Only once or twice mind or the management may ask us to leave!”

“Right,” smiled Kate carefully. “I’d sure hate to finish up eating at MacDonalds dressed like this!”

The waiter bringing drinks nearly tipped Kate’s Breezer down her cleavage when he saw how close she was to revealing all. She tried not to laugh so that her modesty could be preserved a little longer.

They ordered their meals, the waiter standing almost behind Kate so that he could have a panoramic view of her rolling hills. After what seemed an age he reluctantly departed with their orders.

Kate asked and Harry described most of the members of the crowd that she was likely to see later. Their meals soon arrived and Kate attempted to eat. At her first attempt to use her knife on her steak the dress slipped off her shoulder, completely exposing her right breast with its big erect nipple. She grabbed for her dress.

“Slowly! Slowly,” said Harry quietly. “About five men have had a full eyeful. One’s spilt his drink and one has dropped his forkful into his lap.”

Kate slowly and carefully adjusted her dress, smiling at the watching men as she did so.

“God Harry darling that was so horny. I’m all wet you know where!”

“Pull your dress up so that I can see your cunt,” ordered Harry. “Show me your beautiful pussy!”

Kate put down her knife and fork and pulled up her dress to reveal first her knees and then pulled further until the tops of her thighs were in full view. She spread her thighs as far as her could.

Harry was on her right. He put down his fork and dropped his left hand into her crotch, immediately feeling Kate’s hot wet cunt on his fingers.

“Ohhhh God Harry darling, I can come like this. Don’t stop though; I’ll be quiet!”

Harry slowly agitated Kate’s clit and pushed two fingers into her hot sticky passage. In about twenty seconds she shuddered slightly and Harry felt hot wet liquid flow from her tunnel. He removed his fingers as Kate pulled tissues from her bag.

Harry carefully licked his fingers but even so he saw at least three other men watch him do it. He didn’t tell Kate.

The only other incident during the meal was when ordering desserts from a trolley Kate turned around to examine the offerings and her dress gaped open again, exposing both breasts this time. She didn’t actually notice for about five seconds but then she quickly adjusted her dress to a round of applause from the nearby tables.

As they were leaving Harry felt a tug on his sleeve. He turned and looked into the eyes of ‘Aunty Sue’.

“Is this the young lady you spoke of Harry? Can I just say that that was a most impressive display! I can’t stop, my husband has just gone to the little boys room.”

Harry introduced Kate to Sue and both women smiled at one another.

“It’s all right, Harry tells me everything,” said Kate to Sue with suddenly a voice that sounded much older and more experienced.

“I’m relieved to hear it,” answered Sue. “You never know, we may meet again soon.”

Harry and Kate left zeytin ağacı izle the restaurant and walked arm in arm through the town towards the Red Lion. It was a lovely warm evening and dusk was now falling fast. Kate kept giving Harry a quick kiss as they walked.

“When we get there I want you to flash your tits for the lads,” said Harry. “Try to remember all the chat up lines and offers that you get so that you can tell me in bed tonight. If you accept any offers you don’t have to tell me unless you want to but I do want you tell me about all your fucks!”

They entered the Red Lion to be greeted by a whole gang of young people. Kate immediately attracted a crowd, mostly of guys. They jostled one another as they tried to introduce them selves, leaving their girls just watching. This suited Harry as he received some attention from the deserted ladies.

“Hi Harry,” said Nadine as she appeared before him, her magnificent brown breasts pressing against him. “Have a look at mine until your girlfriend has finished with the boys!”

“Harry darling, it’s so lovely to see you,” squeaked Jan. She was almost wearing her little white halter necked top again, her breasts fighting for escape as she also pushed her lovely titties into his side.

“Hey lover,” said little Jenny’s sexy voice from his other side. “Two nights in a row! I wish you were taking me home again!”

The three girls looked at one another and giggled as Harry helped himself to a view of three generous pairs of breasts. Then they gasped in turn as Harry gently squeezed their prize exhibits.

“Play with mine too please Harry darling!” said Kate as she fought her way back to Harry’s side. As Harry turned to her she eased open her dellocotage and her light brown orbs sprang into view, her erected nipples inviting a taste.

The other girls watched fascinated as Harry hefted Kate’s tits and then they moaned as he inclined his head, stuck out his tongue, and flicked at her hard nipples. Kate closed her eyes and pulled his head to her body.

“There,” she said at last as she released Harry. “You girls can have him until we leave. I don’t mind ‘cos I’m having Harry’s cock inside all my holes all night tonight! So enjoy him while you can! I’ve got a survey to do for my man! Catch you later Harry!”

Harry managed to get to the bar eventually and ordered a beer. He didn’t buy Kate a drink, confident that she would get all that she needed from other sources! He looked around for Kate in the heaving crowd. He didn’t have far to look.

His best mate John’s head was very close to Kate as they pressed close together on the dance floor. Harry felt two large soft bumps in his back and turned. Correct! It was Nadine!

“I loved that feel you had of me,” she smiled. “In fact, as you squeezed me I remembered seeing your cock at your house. I would like very much to do all that again. I can still remember the feel of your spunk shooting into me.”

“Is this all scripted again?” asked Harry as he ran his palm up Nadine’s thigh. She parted her thighs slightly and also parted her lips and flicked her tongue across them. “I don’t especially mind but I do have to tell you that I will probably tell Kate all about it.”

“No, no it’s just me asking but I’ll probably tell John afterwards. He likes me to talk dirty to him while I watch his cock grow. Your cock grows more though and that’s the attraction. I would love to have a whole evening with you. Do you still fancy me or was once enough?”

“Christ no Nadine,” gasped Harry as he gazed down at Nadine’s tits. “I’d love to have those in my hands again. How about Monday evening at my place, say about seven thirty?”

“I’ll be there Harry,” she grinned. “Here’s a sample!”

Nadine slowly peeled down her pink top to reveal acres of breast and two bright pink nipples. Then she covered up, kissed Harry lightly on the lips and melted into the crowd. Seconds later she was back at John’s side and Harry spotted that Kate was now dancing with Jimmy Bull, laughing at something he was saying.

“I waited Harry,” said Jan from close to his chest. “I can’t compete with Nadine’s tits! God, your Kate is a big hit with all the guys. You’ll have to watch out or you’ll lose her.”

“She’s not ‘my Kate’ as you put it,” replied Harry as he slipped his arm around Jan and stroked her right breast. “We like each other very much but we don’t own each other. If you like we could say that we are exploring our sexuality. If Kate meets someone she fancies tonight she’s perfectly free to go and fuck him! Not tonight though, tonight and tomorrow I’m fucking her. By the same token, I’m free to make dates with other women too. Is Thursday still on, you gorgeous little minx?”

Jan laughed. “Yes it fucking well is,” she whispered, stretching up to reach his ear. “I want your fantastic cock in all my holes; and I mean all,” she emphasised.

Harry’s cock stirred. Jan felt it and groped him as it pressed into her.

“I’m the terminal list izle with Tony Morris tonight,” she grinned. “He’s got a big four-wheeled drive and I have been told on good authority that he’s got a big pecker too. I’m not going with schoolboys any more. No, only men for me from now on. I’m off to get him out of here so that he can drive me over rough country in his big car and on to his big cock!”

Harry laughed and smacked her bottom playfully.

“Have a great time little one,” he laughed. “Tell me all about it on Thursday!”

“You bet,” shouted Jan as she left him to rejoin her date.

Kate arrived at the bar looking for a drink. As he ordered for her she finished off his pint so he had to order another for himself.

“Hey,” she said, “don’t drink too much. I want my friend to be in good form tonight. How is he anyway? Wow, who’s got him in that state? He feels huge.”

“Jan was just here. She was telling me about her date for tonight with Tony Morris. He has a big four-wheel drive and a big cock, or so she’s been told. She’s promised to give me chapter and verse next Thursday night!”

“Which is Tony Morris?” asked Kate. Harry pointed him out. He was just going out of the door with Jan behind him.

“I thought so,” laughed Kate. “He’s just invited me for a ride next Thursday. I wasn’t sure what he was inviting me to ride but I did give him my phone number. Was that all right Harry darling?”

“Of course it is, Kate my darling. I’ve told you; you are still a free agent. Has anyone else chatted you up?”

“Oh yes indeedy they have,” giggled Kate. “I’ll tell you all about it in bed tonight! Talking of bed, how about it? Have you had enough here for tonight?”

“Yes I think so, don’t you? I feel like playing with two gorgeous tits, a big smooth arse and three wet holes. Can you provide those?”

“As long as you can find me a huge thick stiff cock and gallons of spunk I can,” groaned Kate as she pushed her hard crotch into Harry’s bum cheeks.

They pushed their way out of the crush and were soon walking down the street close to Bishops Close.

“This is great, being able to get home so quickly,” chatted Kate happily as she held on to Harry. “My pussy is tingling with anticipation already!”


As soon as they were in Harry’s sitting room they stripped off, Kate folding her beautiful dress carefully. They kissed deeply before Harry trotted off to make coffee and to fetch the brandy glasses. His excited cock bounced before him as he left the room.

Kate flopped down on to the sofa, spreading her legs wide apart. She admired her big breasts, squeezing and stroking them before running the palms of her hands down over belly, her fingers straining to reach her sensitive crack and clitty.

Harry returned to see his darling Kate with her eyes tight shut and pumping her fingers as they played inside her cunt and rubbed her clitoris. Loud wet noises were clearly heard as Kate played harder. Harry stood in front of her, stroking his rock hard engine, desperate to fall on top of her and to fuck her hard!

Kate began to grunt rhythmically in time to her finger fucking. She thrust her hips at her fingers and her grunts got louder. She opened her eyes to see Harry standing over her, his hand jerking at his huge throbbing tool.

“Ohhhh my God Harry, that’s obscene!” she exclaimed. “I love it, keep on jacking it. I’m gonna squirt for you in a minute. I can feel it coming!”

Sure enough, within a few seconds Kate’s hips gave one final giant heave and she howled in to a climax, squirting her cream forcefully from her cunt and hitting Harry square on his belly. She continued to rub her clitty hard and more squirts hit Harry before she began to quieten and subside.

Harry now stepped closer to Kate and smacked his thick hard cock against her lips. She immediately took him in both hands, her wet fingers taking over the jerking of his foreskin. When his cock was thoroughly anointed with the juice from her fingers Kate opened her mouth and fed his tool in there. She had to stretch her lips to the full to accommodate him!

Harry was in ecstasy. He held himself still as Kate’s throat and mouth held on to his pulsing shaft. He wasn’t gong to be able to hold it!

“I’m gonna have to cum darling,” he gasped! “It’s been building up all night. All those gorgeous girls; all those fantastic tits! Here it comes now!”

Harry just stood there as his balls flexed and his sperm raced up his shaft. Kate felt it coming and allowed his cock to retreat to her mouth. Harry shuddered as he fired his first shot and then tensed with intense pleasure as his remaining spurts shot out of him. Kate held still.

As Harry finished he pulled his prick slowly out of Kate’s mouth. She smiled at him with her lips parted, showing her mouth full of his spunk. She pulled him down on top of her. Harry fell to his knees, pressed his wet body to her the traitors izle breasts and kissed her lovingly as they both swallowed a share of his cum.

“Wow,” said Kate as she broke the contact, “that was an awful lot of spunk. I’m amazed that you still had so much after today’s activity. I love it though. Let’s go to bed now. You can fuck my pussy before you go to sleep and then you can have my bum in the morning.”

Kate and Harry were soon in bed, sipping brandy. Actually they were on the bed as they had pushed the sheets off.

“So,” said Harry as he felt into Kate’s cunny with his spare hand, “did you get some randy suggestions from the guys tonight? Enough to make this lovely crack trickle with juice?”

“Ohhh yesss,” sighed Kate. “Your friend John was first. He said his cock was aching so much at the sight of my breasts and asked me if I could relieve him. I gave him a little feel and he groaned and asked if he could see me next week.”

“That will probably be Monday,” said Harry. “Nadine is coming here.”

“You randy bugger Harry,” giggled Kate. “Next up was Jimmy Bull. He boasted that he was built like a bull down there and I said he’d have to prove it! He offered to get it out for me there and then. I refused and said to him that I’d only want to fuck him right there on the dance floor. He asked for my phone number so I gave it to him.”

“Try Wednesday,” suggested Harry. “I’m going to cricket practice and then on to Crowton to see if Cindy wears her panties to work. I’ll also talk to her about a good weekend discount for Sammy. Are you going to see Tony Morris on Thursday? Jan will be here so he will be free!”

They both laughed at all this sexy planning. Harry turned to Kate and kissed her. His fingers were still in her crack and she was making juice in quantity now. She grasped his rising tool.

“Oh Harry, I’m getting to be as bad as you, aren’t I? I must admit that I did fancy those guys and it would be exciting to go with them and if you are going fucking around again this week I might as well enjoy myself too! You must phone me on Wednesday night and tell me how you get on with that tart Cindy! I might go out with Jimmy Bull first though!”

Harry rolled Kate on to her back, lifted her legs over his shoulders and thrust his by now hard cock deep into her cunt. She responded by taking a firm hold of his buttocks and pulling him hard into her. Harry smacked her bum cheeks and began to pump in and out of her red-hot passage.

They kept this up for about five minutes, Kate digging her nails into Harry’s rump and squealing at him to “smack me fuckin’ harder”.

Harry filled her cunt with his long thick hard tool and then he filled her again with his abundant supply of seed. Kate screamed and came too, ejecting lots of hot wet juice from her hole. Harry rolled over again and stroked Kate all over her back and bottom as she pressed down on to him. Then he collected her excess juices and rubbed them into her bum crease, making her arsehole slippery and pliable to his touch. Kate purred and rubbed her wet cunt up and down his thick soft cock.

“If you can get it up again right now you can do my bum,” she murmured. “I would love to see your cock in my arse again through your big mirror. Oh, oh, it’s growing again, isn’t it?”

Kate eased Harry’s cock out of her cunny and knelt straddling his thighs. She adjusted her position so that his thick hard cock was aimed at her arsehole and began to push down. Soon his knob end had popped past her tight entrance and Harry thrust upwards into her tight hole. God, he loved the feel of his darling Kate’s arsehole!

Kate looked into the mirrors at Harry cock pumping into her back passage.

“Ohhh my God Harry,” she gasped. “That’s so horny. Just looking at that is making me come already. Go on, don’t wait, just fuck my bum hole hard and shoot your load! I’m gonna squirt all over your belly!”

And that’s what happened. When two lovers are comfortable in their lovemaking with each other everything seems so enjoyable. Harry’s spunk was soon shooting deep into Kate’s arsehole and she in turn watched fascinated as her squirt shot out of her cunt and on to his chest and stomach.

They kissed deeply and then slowly and carefully peeled themselves off each other and padded into the shower for a last wash down. Within five minutes of kissing one another again they were fast asleep.


Sunday morning and all’s well. Kate awoke first to a view of Harry’s broad back and bum. She smiled to herself and stretched luxuriously. Then she carefully fitted her body to his and sensuously rubbed her breasts against him, her nipples stiffening.

Harry groaned softly and pushed his bottom against Kate’s thighs as if searching for a damp pussy.

“Are you awake darling?” he asked softly.

Kate snaked her right hand over Harry’s thigh and captured his thick hard cock in her long slender fingers.

“No, but you are,” she giggled. “Do you want some coffee in bed?”

“My God Kate darling, I want you to toss me off; I want you to suck my cock and I want to fuck you! Yes, coffee please!”

Kate sat up and as Harry rolled on to his back she kissed him on the lips and then wriggled down his belly to swallow his hard rod as she squashed her breasts into his face. Then she jumped off the bed.

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