He Lay Awake and Dreaming

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I tilted my head absentmindedly as a dull roar could be heard from beyond the closed door. My thoughts raced through all the scenarios, good and bad. Pleasure and pain. Ecstasy and sabotage. The eternal questioning of which path to take gnawed at my insides. In my mind’s eye I pictured him there. His handsome visage, eyes shuttered by heavy lids, lips parted in mundane ecstasy.

My heart stumbles in rhythm as my imagination wanders lower. Down past the strong shoulders, lingering on the broad chest I longed to spread my fingers over. Lower still to the firm and hardened stomach. The work defined muscles making my mouth salivate at the opportunity to lick and nibble to my heart’s content. The vision clouds as my knees grew weak and a moist warmth spreads throughout my deepest core.

Of their own accord, my feet stepped closer to the door outlined by whiteness in the dark. My clothing falls to the floor with a soft whisper. My hand reaches out for the silver handle and the door is opened. I step silently into the brightened haze, the door closing behind me with a softened snick. My skin warms as the mist envelopes me in welcome.

My eyes alight upon him just as I had envisioned. A smile twitches on his perfect lips and I am caught up within his hypnotic gaze. I stare disbelieving as he reaches his hand out to me. A slight tremble shakes my fingers as I reach mine out to his. He wraps his warm hand around mine, his touch calming my nervousness instantly as he pulls me gently into his arms underneath the falling water.

I’m caught in the moment. Everything slows as the minute-eon takes a firm hold and I lose myself within his stormy eyes. I am jolted back into the present as his fingertips oh so gently brush an errant curl of hair off my forehead. His touch is soft as he caresses my neck, a calloused tip resting lightly on my pulse. My pounding heart roars in my ears and a gush of wetness flows between my legs at his touch.

The hand at my waist tightens on my flesh and he pulls me tightly up against his tall length. I gasp aloud as my palm comes to rest on is chest, my fingers flexing instinctively over the hardened muscle, his heart racing in perfect tempo along with mine. I catch his eyes once more and silently question. Are you sure?

I let loose a breath I hadn’t known I was holding and his eyes refocus there. His thumb catches my lower lip and rubs softly. I watch desire cloud his gaze as I realize my previously thought tenuous hold was in actuality a strong one. Emboldened by the knowledge, I commit myself to something I had only daydreamed about, tasting him.

My head turns slightly as my lips close around his finger, my warm tongue laving it gently while I inhale his scent and create the slightest hint of suction. A hint of the pleasure I can give. I open my eyes and look deeply into his, hoping that they are mirroring the seductive imaginings inhabiting my thoughts and every cell of my body.

Another minute-eon looms before me as I fearfully wonder, acceptance or rejection? Ecstasy or heartache? I am surprised and my heart leaps through my chest when his hand suddenly pulls away, gripping the back of my neck tightly as he bends down, his lips swooping unerringly onto mine. I am, from that moment on, lost in a sea of pleasure. Warmth immediately suffuses every inch of my body, simultaneously awakening cells and emotions I had long thought dead.

He is at once harsh, but gentle. Passionate and caring. His lips are soft and firm, seeking for an answer against mine. I give it to him. I hear a soft groan and realize it was mine when his tongue is suddenly alongside mine, invading my warmth and taking everything I have to give. I cautiously advance once more, willing these moments to last forever. I kiss him back, softly at first but goaded into strength by his fierce need.

I barely stop myself from crying out when he is suddenly gone. My eyes snap open with dismay settling within my heart until I fall, drowning once again, within his stormy eyes. They are not full of rejection as I had feared. No. They are full of awe and wonder as they search within mine as if trying to decide if this is reality or dream. I wonder the same.

I instantly decide, in the blink of an eye, that I don’t care. If I am dreaming, I send a silent the undeclared war izle prayer skywards, let me sleep for eternity. If this is real, then I am already blessed. My decision made, my hand travels up from it’s place on his chest as I softly caress the damp strands at the base of his neck. My fingertips happily dancing along the softness as they’ve itched to do for so long. I feel his body shiver at the sensation, my womanly soul smiles at the timeless sign of attraction and power.

Continuing my innocent assault, I stretch up on tiptoe to press my lips to his cheek. The slightest hint of stubble along the smooth skin entrances me and I rub my cheek against his, practically purring in contentment. I pull away slightly and watch as a tiny rivulet of water hastens its way across his neck. Jealous of its intimate journey, my tongue darts out. At once defeating the interloper and placing my mark as my tastebuds explode with wanting more. His arms tighten around me as if afraid I would leave. As if. I become intimately aware of his entire length pressed against my body. From my knees to my breasts, every cell reaches out for more.

His touch continues to send shivers up my spine, liquid heat pooling between my legs. He steps backwards, pulling me along with him until I find myself under the falling waters. The warmth and sensation of the massaging flow turning my muscles into jelly. I find myself grateful for his hands at my waist, not only for their sensual touch, but also for the added support keeping me upright. Those same hands gently push and pull, guiding me to turn around.

I feel his strong hands pulling my hair between them pushing it off my neck. My head falls forward, giving him access and hoping he takes advantage. I’m rewarded with a soft whisper of his lips across my nape. The gentle pressure and his warm breath sending electricity shooting down my spine, all the way to my toes and back. Need ricocheting from nerve ending to nerve ending until my whole body trembles with wanting. I feel his hands tilting my head back underneath the spray of warm water, the stream pouring through my hair and soaking every curl.

As I’m starting to be lulled into a hypnotic state by the rhythmic droplets, I feel his fingers start to massage my scalp gently. The heavy weight of a frothy lather being worked through my hair by his magical fingers sends a shock wave through me, a low moan forces my lips open with a sign following. I am lost within his comforting but erotic touch, the mundane task of washing my hair made seductive. My eyes falls closed with ecstasy at the sensations rocketing through me.

They snap open as I feel his fingers trailing up my side, settling comfortably around the underside of my slickened breast. Although they close once more as his thumb caresses my hardened nipple and another moan is plucked from within me, yet another flow of wetness pools within me. I can feel my folds slide against each other as I steady my legs to support me. The sensation a sweeter lubricant than the most heavenly of waterfalls.

Wanting to pull him closer, I reach my arm up behind me and rest my hand on the back of his neck, my head falling back against his chest. Knowing full well that even though I am backed up against him, he is getting a very sexy view of my front. I am rewarded for my seductive pose when his other hand reaches up to cradle my other breast within his long tanned fingers. He massages and explores my textures, his arms wrapped around me and I am trapped in heaven.

A bolt of pure pleasure heads straight for my core when his fingertips pinch and tug in tandem and I inhale sharply in surprise. I feel his soft lips at my neck once more along with a scrape of his teeth against the sensitive skin. Combined with the master’s hands upon my breasts, I cannot help the low and primal moan that escapes, as surely his composition as a violinist’s is when he draws bow across string. I feel his lips curl into a smile against my flesh and I realize that I am lost.

He pulls me tightly up against him, his hard chest sturdy against my back. Protective. Possessive. He continues nibbling his way down my neck and across my shoulder, marking me as his, branding me. His hand leaves my the watcher izle breast and cups my chin, my nipple beading even harder at the abrupt loss of heat. I am quickly distracted from the sense of loss as his lips capture mine once more. His taste is heady and intoxicating and I know that I could spend hours being dominated by his lips and tongue alone, happily sped my days lost in the haze of passion he stirs within me.

Liquid not from the sky flows and pools even more readying myself for the ecstasy still to come as I become deliciously,… painfully aware of his hard length pressed against my feverish skin. At once soft and hard, his hot flesh warms me even more. I want him. I find the courage to pull away, but not enough to speak. My eyes willing his to see the burning need he has ignited. I am on fire from his touch, burning hotter than ever before. I absentmindedly wonder if the steam permeating the room is from the shower or is it us?

I turn back around, achingly aware of where our bodies are touching as I slide through his arms until I am facing him again. Out of the corner of my eye, I spy the shampoo he had just used on me. An idea enters my head and I smile to myself as I begin to create some suds between the palms of my hands with the cool gel.

I start to reach upwards but instead of running my fingers through his hair, I instead reach out to touch his chest. My fingers spread wide as they begin to explore every muscle and curve, the soap on my fingers heightening the sensations as I practically purr with pleasure and satisfaction at what I’m doing. I explore further, my hands trailing over collarbone and across his shoulders, down his arms, squeezing and fondling every muscle I caress.

They trail lower still to the abs I dream about licking on a nightly basis. His muscles tense as my palms trail over them and I groan aloud, imagining him poised above me, filling me, his muscles contracting just as they did with each magnificent thrust. With that thought, my eyes are drawn lower just as his hard cock jerks towards me as if reading my deliciously decadent thoughts.

I catch myself staring at the head and see a single droplet of liquid drip from the tip. I can’t stop myself. I reach out for him and catch the titillating nectar on my thumb. I immediately bring my thumb and its precious prize to my lips, my tongue swirling and devouring his flavor while every tastebud cries out for more, please more!

I hear a hoarse cry of pleasure and my eyes snap open and I laugh. About time he comes out to play. His hands abruptly push me down onto my knees, my mouth dropping open in surprise and arousal at being manhandled. The hint of violence simmering under the surface, a loss of control… because of my touch. I’ve never felt more powerful in my life.

My attention is immediately drawn to the magnificent cock before me. I reach out for him, unable to stop myself from touching him. My fingers wrap around him. Marveling at the heat radiating from within, I slowly caress and explore. Each ridge and vein memorized by my wandering fingertips. Again, I cannot hold myself back.

I lean forward and cautiously extend my tongue past my lips. Wanting… needing to taste his hardened flesh on my tongue. I start at the base and slowly, timidly, work my way past every delicious inch up to the very tip. I’m ready for more. My mouth salivates as I lean forward once more, opening my lips and slowly taking in everything. Tip to base, all in one lone swallow. My tongue is in heaven as it wraps around the cock buried between my lips.

My pussy I know is dripping liquid heat between my thighs at this point. I go wild. Eyes flutter closed in ecstasy as I devour his cock. Lips, tongue — tasting and kneading. My teeth gently scraping along the sensitive head. My hands stroking and fondling everything within reach. The beautiful cock in my mouth, his heavy balls, strong thighs, wrapping around to the sexy ass, pulling him in even deeper. Desperately wanting his warm juices sliding down my throat as I swallow him deep.

I feel his fingers tangled in my hair curl and flex, he’s grabbing a handful and he pulls my head back forcefully. I look at him, aware of his taste still on my lips and realize the watchful eye izle that I miss it already. My eyes are full of questions, what comes next?

He bends over suddenly and picks me up in his arms. Unused to being carried anywhere my arms jump around his neck and cling to him. He smiles at me as he tastes my lips quickly with his. He sets me down on a small stool that I’m just now noticing was even there. I watch intently as he kneels down to join me, trembling in nervousness over what is to come.

His fingers gently work their way up my calf, tickling and seductive. His touch continues to send ripples of needing through me. My eyes widen in surprise when his other hand reaches up to lightly pinch my aching nipple in between his talented fingers. I can’t help the small squeak that comes out of me and he laughs, low and flirtatious. I lean further into his palm, pressing my sensitive nub against his palm.

My knees falls open at his touch and I watch through lids half-closed in pleasure and nervousness as he sees me for the first time. His hand falls from my breast and I feel his fingertip slipping along my moistened slit, spreading apart my wet folds and penetrating. I moan at his touch, even just a single digit causing my muscles to spasm and clench. I vaguely am aware of his lips working their way to settling between my thighs. His warm breath against my pleasure, making my knees tremble with wanting. I’ve waited for so long. Too long.

I feel his tongue flick out to lick me there. He lets out a low growl of pleasure at the taste and I melt into him. His hot tongue laving my core, lone, slow, sure strokes of ecstasy rippling along my spine, my mind and eyes hazy at his gentle assault. I feel his long fingers penetrate me again, rubbing and searching the softness within. A tip brushes over a spot deep inside and I gasp. I feel his lips smile against my skin and the tip returns, more insistently along with his lips that are now sucking on my clit.

I cry out hoarsely, I am in heaven. My body undulates towards him demanding more, my shyness has long since fled. He understands and his fingers deep inside me flick harder against the softest part of me. His tongue and lips still licking up my juices and… my god. I scream out in pleasure, his teeth gently scraping against sensitive clit. I’m panting now, begging him please. I am nothing more than an instrument of pleasure and he is my master. My fingers tangle in his hair restlessly. My thighs twitching and trembling. He uses his fingers masterfully, pushing deeper and pressing harder, his tongue more insistent flicking across my tight bud and then laving me slowly. The alternating tempo driving me wild with need.

Just as I am about to break, his other hand finds my breast and rolls my nipple between his fingers. Along with the other sensations rushing through me, I shatter. My scream echoes loudly throughout the small space. I cannot be alive. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy crash over me. My toes curling, my back arches, every muscle inside me tightening around him and still his fingers persistently play, increasing my pleasure as another orgasm overcomes the first. I cry out again and again. I feel his fingers finally pull away as they are replaced by his tongue. Lapping up my juices like a contented kitten with a bowl of cream. I exhale and sigh deeply, my muscles relaxing as the last eddies of pleasure pool within my limbs. I could not move if I wanted to.

He is still sitting between my legs on the floor, looking up at me grinning. I smile lazily at him and he reaches for me, pulling me down onto the floor and into his arms. I curl up against him, my head resting on his chest. His fingertips tracing dainty circles up and down my side. The water still flowing over the both of us. I listen to his steady heartbeat and sigh to myself.

After a few moments simply lying there in his arms, he pulls away and gets to his feet. Offering me his hand in assistance. He shuts the water off and grabs a towel, gently rubbing the cloth against my still sensitive flesh. Once we are both relatively dry again, he pulls me to him once more. His arms closed around my naked body, caressing up and down my spine. I smile and nuzzle closer to his chest, not wanting this moment to end. He lifts my chin with his fingertips until I am looking up into his sparkling eyes. He smiles, leans down and kisses me gently.

Slowly taking command of my senses. He pulls back and covers my hand resting on his chest with his, his warm fingers intertwined in mine. He starts for the door, pulling me along with him. A turn of the silver handle is all it took.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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