Helping Out

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“Go on home, I’ll be fine here for just a bit longer.”

Looking around, I realize I have no say in her decision so it’s best to just let Tami have her way as usual. Casting the final doubting glance in her direction, I turn and leave her in the backroom. The hot sun beats down on my freshly burned skin. Swimming for over five hours without rubbing on sunscreen seemed like a fine idea the day before. The sun still shining was one of the things I enjoyed about working on Sundays. The store closed a few hours earlier so you still had some late afternoon ahead of you. Unlocking my door and sliding into the warm car, it suddenly dawns on me that I had left my favorite cd in my locker in the backroom. Me being me, I had to rush back inside and pick it up. I run back inside not realizing my simple act of forgetfulness would bring me such embarrassment, humiliation, but most of all pleasure.

“I forgot my cd,” I holler as I open the backdoor and take one step inside. Even as the words escape my mouth, the frustrated moans filter into my ears causing me to freeze in mid step. There in front of me was my boss leaned back in the chair at the desk, her right foot propped up on the desk, her left leg fully extended on the ground, with her fingers deep inside her pussy, the gushing sounds filling the room.

“Damn it,” Tami nearly yells, her chair scraping upon contact with the cold concrete floor. I remain frozen, my eyes wide as saucers, my pussy tingling with excitement. Her blue eyes glare at me.

“Oh god I’m so sorry. I forgot something, I didn’t mean…”

She poker oyna quickly snaps her khaki pants and zips them. Her blonde bangs darker in color due to perspiration.

“You’re okay, relax.”

Her words fall on deaf ears, I don’t budge. She continues sitting in the chair, but turns to face me.

“Did you need something?”

I am finally able to tear myself from the door and quickly make my way to my locker, spin the combination and grab my cd. As I turn around, Tami’s elbows are now on the table with her face in her hands.

“Are you okay?” I ask rushing to her, tossing the cd on the nearest shelf.

I hear her laugh and realize she isn’t crying like I momentarily had thought, frustration finally taking it’s toll on Tami forcing her to surrender.

“I give up. I never used to have to try, I’m just old and tired.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You just walked in on me masturbating, what do you think I mean?”

Awkwardness isn’t even close to describing how I was feeling at that moment. Stranger still was the fact that my pussy was getting wetter by the second. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders pulling her closer, her head resting just below my right breast.

“I have been wanting to say this for ages. You are not old, just older.”

Her eyes looking up at me, a smile spreading like wildfire.

“You know what I mean, you are still extremely attractive.”

“Thank you, you bullshit so well,” followed by laughter.

I take a step back and looking down, I caress Tami’s canlı poker oyna cheek with my fingers.

“I find you so attractive.”

Our eyes locked, breathing more rapidly, hearts racing, I squat down in front of her, my fingers still lightly dancing on her warm cheek. I feel her hand take hold of mine stopping the caresses. My hand now flat open, she turns and forces her cheek further against my palm, seeking warmth and love. My heart pounding furiously in my chest, the words rush out of my mouth, “I want you.” Her fingers quickly unsnap her pants once again and I help her slide them down her beautiful legs and throw them on the floor beside the computer. As she goes to remove her panties, I shake my head. My fingers glide across the soft silky material, her moans beginning immediately. I watch her eyes close, her head tilting back. Her tongue slithers across her lips as I rub her through the material. Deciding against further teasing, I pull her panties quickly down her legs. Her hand grabs mine and forces my fingers into her sopping pussy. She grinds against my fingers as I try to straighten them out inside. Loud, incoherent moans echoing off the walls, music to my ears, I push my thumb against her hard clit.

“Right there, yes that’s it.”

Now on my knees, my other hand traveling up and down her left leg. Her hand still holding my fingers captive inside her pussy, she rides them harder still before yelling out, her cum gushing alongside my fingers leaving a wet spot on the cloth in the seat of the chair. I immediately withdraw my fingers internet casino and pull her to the edge of the seat and bury my face into her inviting pussy, her arousal making me lightheaded. I drive my tongue home and move my face side to side, my nose keeping constant pressure on her clit. In no time at all, she cries out again in pleasure, pushing my face away. Now on all fours, breathing hard due to lack of oxygen for the past minute, I hear soft laughter and look up at my boss.

“You made your point, I guess I’m not that old.”

I stare hard at her, not sure what to do next, but knowing what I wished to do.

Understanding the present dilemma on my part Tami asks, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking I want to kiss you, but I’m not sure if I should just count my blessings and leave now.”

Leaning down in her seat, I eagerly raise up and we kiss. Tami pulls back, and I run my tongue across my lips savoring the taste. A brief moment passes and then in an instant, she’s pushing out of her chair, her lips crushing mine causing me to fall back on the ground with her on top, our tongues dueling in a never ending battle. My right arm wraps around her neck and forces her shapely body further against me, our breasts crushed between our eager bodies. Her fingers working on my pants, my hands pulling her shirt above her head. With our naked bodies entwined, her pussy works against mine, my hand manipulating her taut nipples. She firmly places her hands on the cool concrete beside my head and pounds herself harder into my body. I wrap my arms around her holding on tight as she rocks back and forth, our clits hard with desire. I shriek as I reach my peak, Tami’s groans only seconds behind. I roll over kissing her neck slowly before planting one final kiss on her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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