Her Pleasure

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I smiled as you walked into the room. I stood up so I could bring you into my arms. You offered me your cheek to kiss but I wanted your lips. I turned you so I could get to your lips, lightly brushing them with my lips, softly kissing them and then touching them with my tongue. Your lips parting as you started to realize what I was offering, the desire for the pleasure that was mine to give to you. Your arms come up and around my neck as your breath starts to come a little quicker as I kiss you deeper, probing your mouth with my tongue. I ran the tip along your teeth until you closed your lips around my tongue to suck it deeper into your mouth. I allowed it to be pulled inward so I could wrestle with your tongue, rubbing it, sliding under it. You were breathing even heavier as I kept trying to tease your tongue into my mouth. You followed with just the tip, and then more until I could suck it into my mouth. I could feel you moan as I continued to wrestle with your tongue in my mouth.

I start to rub your back, running my fingertips up and down your spine, feeling you arch into me. I make circles around your back, covering as much of your slim body as I can, feeling you practically purr into my mouth as we kiss. I get the bottom of your t-shirt in my fingers as I break away from our kiss. I pull it up and over your head before you can stop me, and then I pull you back to me to continue the kiss. My hands feel the heat from your bare back as you whimper into me, “I can’t” as you seek out my mouth again.

My left hand goes to the back of your jeans as you press against me. My right hand circles across your back till I get to the clasp of your bra. I press your pelvis into my thigh as I undo your bra. I push my leg in between your thighs as I bring my right hand around to your little vampire academy izle titties. You must have missed me unfastening your bra so you jerk back a little when you feel me touch you, which is better for me to reach your nipples. They are already hard and begging for me to suck on them. I roll them in the palm of my hand feeling their heat as you moan my name into my mouth. “Please, oh god….” Your breath is coming harder and your hips are grinding into my leg. “Please, stop… Oh god…” I leave your mouth and go to the side of your neck. I kiss and nibble my way up to your earlobe. I whisper, “Are you sure you want me to stop?”

“No… oh god…feels…so…good.”

I kiss back down your neck and then to your chest as I slowly sit down on the arm of the sofa. My mouth is at the right height for your nipples. You drop your hands to get rid of your bra, and then wrap your arms around my head to pull me tighter to your chest. You guide me back and forth between your nipples, wanting them both to get sucked. I oblige you while my hands move around your hips, rubbing your ass and down your thighs while suck on your titties. I can feel you wiggling as I rub and kiss you, so I slowly undo your jeans and work the zipper down. I push them down as I hear you moan, your head thrown back. As the jeans clear your hips, I can smell your excitement, which is the scent I love. I start rubbing all the bare skin in front of me, your hips, thighs and around your ass. I hook your thong and push it down to knees, where your jeans stopped. My left hand goes around behind you while my right goes between your legs. You moan as I brush my hand across your pussy. Your legs are getting shaky as I rub back and forth across your opening. Only my left velma izle hand around your ass and your arms clinging to my head, keep you from falling.

I push a finger into your pussy and feel how wet you are, you are almost dripping from excitement. I bring my finger up to my mouth to taste you and then I turn and push you down on your back onto the sofa. I push your legs up in the air and put my face into your crotch, to see how wonderful your pussy smells up close. I can’t stop myself as I lick you, tasting the your peppery juice. You want to fight what I’m doing, but your jeans and thong are in the way. But I know it feels so good to you, particularly as I rub your clit with my tongue.

“OH… GOD… oh my god… ahh…” you moan as I push my finger back inside you as I slowly suck your clit into my mouth. “OH GOD YESS” as you cum on my face.

I slow down a little to help you take off the rest of your clothes, and then I get back to eating your pussy. It is so wet and delicious as I push my tongue back inside. You moan my name as my nose tickles your clit. I know I’m where you really want me because of the pressure from your thighs and your feet pushing on my back. I take full advantage of all my “weapons”, my tongue, my lips, my nose, my chin, and my beard to attack your pussy. I want you to surrender to me. I tug on your little thatch of hair with my lips to add a little pain to the pleasure. I even pull on your belly button ring. But the way you are moaning sounds like you are enjoying everything I am doing to you. I try to keep you guessing what I’m going to do next to you. Sometimes, I feel like I’m trying to push my whole face inside you as I get my tongue inside you. I can feel you quiver as I touch the walls, searching all around vikings valhalla izle for any spot I haven’t reached yet. I pull back a little to lick your slit, from your clit down to your asshole. You can’t stay still as I ravish your cunt, trying to keep your orgasms flowing one into the next. You are shivering and shaking and squirming and twitching and sweating from everything I am doing to you. I stop licking your pussy to suck your lips into my mouth and then bite down on them. I pull at them with my teeth, stretching first one side then the other. You keep moaning and squirming, as I don’t let up on you. When I suck your clit into my mouth and start humming, you really arch your back, screaming my name. You practically flood the sofa with your juices as you cum.

I move my middle finger and slide it into your ass. With all your cum pooling right there, it slides right in, and the pleasure of it causes you to grab my hair to pull me harder into your cunt as you rocket off again. You are breathing so hard it sounds like you may pass out, but I don’t stop. I love it when you are out of control, cumming on my face this hard. I slide my thumb into your pussy and try to touch it to my finger in your ass. My right hand slides up to pull on your nipples, but your hand is there already. You grip my wrist to pull me harder onto your tits. You are breathing so hard you can’t talk. I can barely hear you whisper for me not to stop. You tell me that you love me, and then start babbling incoherently as I start thrusting into you with my thumb and finger banging hard into you. I bring my right hand back down and push my finger inside with my thumb, trying to find your G spot. I can tell I found it as you get very rigid, grunt twice, and then go completely limp.

I realized that I made you cum so hard that you passed out. Grinning to myself, I wipe off my face and think about what I should do with you. I pick you up from the sofa and take you to my bed. Before I try to wake you up, I use my camera to take a couple pictures, so I will always remember this day. And so you can’t deny that it ever happened…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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