Her Punishment of Ecstasy Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


As Amber laid on the table, she began to regret the string of decisions that had led her to this moment. She had been perfectly fine at her old school, a small, all girls college, but had decided that she wanted to be educated in a more diverse and liberal environment.

She had grown up Catholic, and recently had shed her faith and old ideals, leading her to want to experience all of the things she missed out on as a young child.

This, however, was not one of the experiences she had wanted. She wasn’t repulsed by the idea of having sex with a woman, she just thought that it wasn’t for her. And especially here, strapped to a table with a sultry woman pinching and twisting her nipples, she had become overwhelmed and terrified of the idea.

Amber was a virgin. She had expected to lose her virginity once she transferred, but, well, she thought it would be with a long term boyfriend. The kind of guy that she would meet at one of her psych courses and would casually flirt with over the semester.

The thought of her first time being tinted with the feeling of being violated made her whimper and squirm, her knees pushing together.

“Now now,” said Avery, pulling her lips into a comical scowl, “what do we say to those who do things for you? I’m being pretty kind to you at the moment.” Avery’s long, pointed fingernails started to unbutton her blazer, shrugging it off. “I-I don’t quite know what you’re expecting me to” Amber began to plead, but Avery interrupted her, slapping her breast.

Amber let out a scream, quickly shutting her mouth.

Avery smiled. “Thank you. We say ‘Thank you miss Avery.”

Amber started to shyly respond. “Thank you mistress Avery—”

“No no no.” Another light slap hit Amber’s breast, followed by Avery pinching at her nipple with her claw-like nails.

“Anna will be your mistress. I am just Miss Avery.” Avery stepped out of her skirt and pulled off her top, revealing her shapely waist and large breasts. Amber’s nipples started harden against her will.

“Have poker oyna you ever had an orgasm, Amber?” The red head shook her head no.

“Well, you will certainly experience many of those during your time at this university.” She climbed on top of the helpless Amber, whose gaze was affixed to Avery’s cold smile.

“Might as well get you accustomed to them-” her hand slipped between Amber’s thighs and caressed her outer lips. Strangely, Amber noticed that she had grown wet, and her blush deepened. “There are lots of…unusual places that one can fool around in around here.” Avery’s lips grazed Amber’s collarbone, trailing down towards her breasts and stopping just short of her nipple. Amber let out a gasp of pleasure as Avery’s tongue traced around the outside of her areola, her finger sinking into the folds of her labia.

“You’re unbelievably wet. I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the sorority haha.” Avery then suddenly enveloped Amber’s nipple with her tongue, her finger pushing deep inside her. Amber gasped out in pleasure, arching her back. Hearing Amber’s moans emboldened the Vice President of the sorority, causing her to let out a moan of her own as she began sucking at Amber’s nipple, pausing to nibble at it lightly every once in a while.

As Amber’s nether region began to get wetter and wetter, Avery slipped another finger in, the tips of each finger curling upward to search for Amber’s g-spot. Amber moaned louder and louder, her voice climbing as she felt a climax coming on. Avery’s other hand slipped upwards and her fingers curled into Amber’s mouth, silencing her.

“Suck on my fingers, pet.” Amber did as she was told, eyes tearing up with ecstasy.

As soon as her fingers were sufficiently wet, Avery moved them over Amber’s other nipple, pinching and twisting it lightly, teasing and coaxing more moans of out the prone girl.

Her fingers quicker and she sucked on the red head’s nipples more passionately.

Amber began drooling slightly, opening her mouth to moan more.

“I-I think I’m going to-!”

“No.” Avery suddenly pulled back, causing the spasms moving canlı poker oyna through Amber’s body to stop abruptly.

There was a slight pain in Amber’s groin as she let out a sigh of disappointment.

“W-what w-why but -” Amber found herself begging for more.

Avery pulled away and Amber could hear here rummaging through a drawer. “Ohhh, here it is. Don’t worry, we are saving your orgasms for something much more important.” Amber found herself suddenly uncuffed from the table, but she was in shock and sat still for a bit.

“UP, pet. And turn around.” As Amber quickly complied, she turned around to see that Avery had opened a pair of curtains to reveal a large window that looked out past the front of the sorority house.

Avery sat in front of the large single-paned window, a large cock strapped to her waist, her hands resting on her hips.

“Get over here pet. It’s time for your first debut.”

Amber had the instinct to turn around and run, but found that her legs had walked her forward until she was in front of the window, facing outwards and looking into the street. Several people were walking by. An older female professor, a small tour group containing a couple of parents and a few high school seniors or possible transfers. Amber was relieved that the all seemed to be looking or moving away from the house, until she saw that Margo’s small figure sat cross legged on the lawn, her eyes staring directly into Amber’s.

Amber attempted to turn around but Avery slammed her into the glass, her breasts pressed against it and her hands grasping it for support. She could see Margo smile and uncross her legs, laying back on her elbows. Her skirt pulled up on her thighs lightly, and Amber noticed her small black thong pulling tightly against her lips. She tried to look away but her faced was pressed firmly against the cold window. She whimpered slightly as she felt Avery press the head of the dildo lightly against her opening.

“Now, pet, let’s do a good job and make my sister proud, alright?”

Amber nodded slowly, tears rising up in her eyes.

She felt the strap on slowly internet casino push in, making her whimper louder.

“Shhhh shhh shhh, good girl pet. You are doing so well.”

Slowly, Avery began to draw her hips back and forth. As she began to thrust more, she moistened each of her fingers in Amber’s mouth, and moved them to grasp Amber’s breasts firmly.

She began to pound harder, moaning into the red head’s ear. “Ohhh yes, you are fucking perfect for this, pet.”

She pounded faster, pushing Amber further into the window. Amber’s eyes widened as she saw Margo below. She had slipped her right hand into her skirt, pulling her thong to the side, and was rubbing her clit as she made continuous eye contact with Amber. Margo bit her lip and threw her head back, and Amber echoed her moan as she felt the fake cock thrust deep inside her, hitting something within her.

“It hurts! Please miss Avery-!” Avery tutted back. “Our VIP viewer is only just arriving to see the show though.”

Amber squinted our into the street, noticing a black town car pull up to the front of the building.

She blushed in embarrassment as the door opened and out stepped a beautiful woman. Her hair was long and blonde, slightly curled. Her double d breasts held back by a tight crop top. She wore high waisted jeans that cinched at her small waist. She glanced at Margo, smiling, and then looked up at Amber, her honey eyes pulling the red-heads in. She bit her lower lip and flipped her hair, starting to walk up the pavement to the door. As she walked by, Margo got up and threw her arms around the woman’s waist. The woman paused and glanced down at the black haired girl, tracing under Margo’s chin with a manicured nail, she bent down to plant a heavy kiss on the girl’s mouth.

Amber watched as her tongue slipped into Margo’s mouth, and Margo’s own hand slipped back underneath her skirt.

The woman straightened back up and her eyes met with Amber’s as Avery continued to thrust into her.

“That-” Avery grunted, “is your new mistress, Amber.”

She pulled back on Amber’s hips forcefully, Amber crying out in pain. Avery’s lips grazed the younger girl’s neck. “That,” she whispered. ” is Anna Macaluso.”


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