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You arrive, knocking on my door, precisely on schedule. I answer the door in a long, red silk robe with white feather trim. I invite you in and sit you down on a straight-backed kitchen chair. “Remember,” I say softly. “You may look, but you may not touch until invited to do so.” You mutely agree. And for that small act of obedience, I kiss you lightly on your cheek, letting you smell the gardenia soap that I used earlier.

I move away from you and, back turned towards you, untie the belt at my waist. I take off the robe. It doesn’t need to be slowly since I am fully dressed underneath. You see now the red leather mini skirt and shimmery, white, sheer blouse. I turn and you can see that, although my breasts are small, my red satin and lace bra barely are holding them in. The music starts to play and I start to move my hips slowly to the slow, sensuous rhythm. I dance around you slowly then return to stand in front of you, just out of arms reach. I turn my back to you once again, still rolling my hips in small, sex motions. I slowly bend at the waist until the red leather mini is just above the tops of my white thigh-high stockings; I circle my hips more and bend even farther until you realize that the stockings are all I am wearing under the skirt. I hear your excitement as you exhale. I can see from between my legs that you are enjoying your Christmas present.

I swirl my hips back and forth to show you exactly what you want to see. I slide my hands from my ankles, up to the top of the stockings and back down again as I slowly bend my knees down and up, taunting you with glimpses of my increasingly wet pussy. Finally, I straighten my legs and slowly caress my legs up to just above where the stockings end and my soft skin begins. I run my hands along the outside of my thighs and around to my inner thighs, pulling myself wider so that you can see just how wet I now am. Then I slip one women at war izle finger from my clit across the length of my slit, and on the return trip stick one finger into my wet pussy.

“Mmmm. It is so hot,” I say watching your cock getting harder in your pants. I pull my finger out and smile at you as I slowly begin to stand upright again. I turn around slowly to face you and realize that my breasts have escaped the satin of my bra and my nipples are pushing against the sheer fabric of my blouse. I reach up with my still wet finger and begin to push them back into place when I see your eyes tell me not to. I stop, wetting my blouse now and the fabric sticks to my hard nipples. Your eyes can’t decide if they should focus on them or the tip of my tongue as it traces my red lips. I draw your eyes back to my mouth by softly biting on my lower lip. I smile slowly as I realize I have all of your attention. I walk myself over closer to you, unbuttoning my blouse. I stand, poised over your lap with a leg on either side of you.

“You may now touch me,” I command softly, voice getting husky with desire. “But only my legs.” You reach down with both hands and slowly run your hands up the outside of my legs. I shudder a little with excitement as your fingertips touch the flesh above my stockings, just under my skirt. You try to pull me down onto your lap; I resist. I put my hands on your shoulders to stop you. You reach higher under my skirt and I feel your fingertips brush against my wet hair. “Not yet.” I reach up and take your hands in mine. I place them on my ass, on the outside of the leather skirt. I reach around your neck and pull your head back and lean into your mouth and kiss you deep. As I continue kissing you, your grip pulls me closer to you, and only because I want to do I allow it.

I continue kissing you and lower myself onto wong winchester izle your lap. I can feel how hard your cock is through your pants. It makes my pussy even wetter feeling how much your cock wants me! I dance a little in your lap as your tongue and mine mouth fuck each other. Breathlessly I pull away; slightly dazed and trembling. I reach down in between your stomach and mine and unzip your pants. I pull your hard, hot cock from its confines and rub the tip along my slit, letting you feel how wet I am.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” I ask, kissing you again.

“Mmmmhmm,” you nod. I stand up, keeping your cock firmly in my hand.

“Not just yet,” I laugh lowly. I remove myself from your lap and kneel in front of you. I rub the tip of your cock with my thumb as I lean in. I flick my tongue across the head quickly. Then I slow down and stroke your head from the under side, over the tiny hole at the top, and back around to the underside again. I hold the rest of your cock lightly in my fingertips as I continue licking your head. I run my fingertips lightly down your cock as I follow them lightly with little flicks of my tongue. When I reach the base of your cock, I run my tongue along the underside like I am licking a melting ice cream cone. But this isn’t melting yet and it certainly isn’t cold. I close my fist around your cock and reach for your balls with my other hand. I continue running my tongue all over your cock as I roll your balls gently in my hand. I put the tip into my mouth and close my mouth slowly, just until you feel my teeth scraping softly. I take you farther into my mouth, scraping you with my teeth and apologizing with little licks of my tongue just afterwards.

As you go deeper into my mouth, I begin to suck my breath in hard, tightening my mouth against you like my pussy would. Still holding yakamoz s 245 izle them, I reach under your balls with one finger. I find that spot just between your balls and your ass and begin to massage gently as I continue mouth fucking your cock. I pull my head back and forth along your cock, sucking in the entire time. As my mouth leaves a portion of your cock exposed, my fist closes over it and squeezes. I continue pushing my head up and down that hot, hard cock. I can tell how much you love what I am doing by the way you keep trying to push your cock deeper into my mouth! I can feel your balls tightening in my hand so I slow my pace and let your cock slide out of my mouth, my tongue flicking once more over the tip. I slowly release your balls from my hand as I stand in front of you again.

“You may now touch anything you like,” I say, licking my lips. You reach for my hips and bring me towards you. You lower me onto your lap as your mouth greedily opens on my breast, through my blouse. You take your cock and rub it across my slit as you continue to suck on my nipple, pulling low groans from my throat. The next moment I feel your cock against the hot, wet opening to my pussy, I push myself against it. I feel it sliding into me as you move your mouth to my other breast. I hold onto the back of the chair and push my pussy harder onto your cock. With every suck on my breast my pussy tightens around your cock. And with every thrust against your cock, I can feel your balls against my ass. We start to thrust into each other harder and harder, faster and faster.

You reach up and tear open my blouse and push my bra completely out of your way as you devour first one breast then the other. I start to moan from deep within. You feel the vibrations on your cock and your mouth against my breast. I grind myself against your cock harder and harder until you pull me up almost completely off you, teasing me with the tip of your cock, just within my pussy. Then with a groan, you impale me again, your cock throbbing, wanting to come. You repeat it, this time my pussy tightens on you as I throw back my head and scream as I come. I thrust against you with each wave of my pleasure until your cock shoots your pleasure deep inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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