Hogtied – Eefje Vastgebonden Pt. 01

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Big Tits

This story begins after I returned from the doctor, my virginity and willingness to be tied up verified. I refused to meet the stranger who had bum fucked me and that got me in trouble.

Everyone in the story is over eighteen.

Everyone at home was upset with me because I would not compromise myself. I was sure if I cooperated I would get fucked, and maybe worse. Mummy talked to me quite sternly.

“We need to get money somehow, Muffin, so we can make a new start. You’re a beautiful young girl, any man would want to be with you. All of us have to do things we don’t want to do. I’ve started nude modeling again, and the money is good. I don’t want to do it, but we have to get money to pay the rent and buy food.”

“Nude modeling, you mean you take all your clothes off?”

“Yes, Muffin, I take all my clothes off. I modeled when I was young, like you, and you could do that too. We need the money.”

“You want me to do that? Take all my clothes off and have my picture taken. Your daughter? Nee, Mama.”

“Would you rather be with this man or model nude for artists?”

“I’d rather model, but I don’t know how, Mama.”

“Well, you can learn, Muffin, but now you must cooperate and meet the fellow you were with the other day.”

“Mummy, do you know what this man did to me?”

“Yes, I do, and it’s unfortunate. No girl likes to have a man insert himself in her behind. But, if you’re going to get married someday, or even have a boyfriend, you must learn to do things like that. And other things.”

“Do you take in your bum?”

“Don’t be so fresh, Baby Bear.”

“OK, Mama, what other things will I have to do?”

“Well, like taking a man in your mouth and pleasing him.”

“Taking a man in my mouth. You mean letting him put his penis in my mouth? Blowing him.”

“Yes, that’s what I mean. Blowing him. Sucking him off.”

“Do you let men put their penises in your mouth, Mama?”

“If I have to, Muffin. I have to do it with your father to be a good wife. bahis şirketleri He enjoys what I do to him. Anyway, as I said, until we can get back on our feet, we all have to do things we don’t want to.”

“I’m not doing what that strange man wants. I’ve never even seen his face, just felt his dick in my bum.”

“Well then, you’ll be punished until you agree. Now go to your room and take off all your clothes, except for your panties.”

“Why do I have to take off my clothes?”

“You’re going to be punished. You’re not going to have any privileges until you agree to do this.”

“But why do I have to take off my clothes for that?” The idea of being tied up made my engine purr, and I could feel myself start to lubricate.

“Because I’m going to call Uncle Jan to come tie you up on the bed with no clothes on except for your panties, and you’re going to stay there until you agree.” Uncle Jan had to do it because my father would never touch me, so if I was to be physically disciplined someone else had to do it, and Uncle Jan was always happy to.

“I’m not going to let you just tie me up almost naked where anyone can find me.” I meant my brothers.

“Yes, you will, Baby Bear, now go get some rope.”

“But Mama, why do I have to be tied up?”

“Because you’re not going anywhere until you do what you need to do and meet that man.”

“I don’t like being tied up!”

“The doctor said you let him tie you up, so you must like it. Now we’re going to tie you up until you change your mind. That’s your punishment. You won’t be able to eat or drink or go to the bathroom until you agree.” The wetness I felt inside me spread to my undies at the thought of Uncle Jan tying me up.

“What are you waiting for? Go get some rope, a lot of it. Uncle Jan will want to tie you tight.”

“Yes, Mama, so he can fuck around with me while I can’t resist. I won’t get any rope.”

“You’ll get the rope, or I’ll let Uncle Jan tie you up completely naked. Do you want that?”

“I bahis firmaları won’t get it.”

“Good, I’m going to go call Uncle Jan. He’d love to tie you up naakt. And give you a feel while he was doing it.” She was right. He would love to be with his pretty, young niece when she was naked and helpless. Reluctantly, I went to my room to wait, hoping she was bluffing. But she wasn’t, a half-hour later I heard the doorbell, and soon they were both in my room. Mummy carried enough rope to tie up two young girls, the same rope I had been tied to the table in the garret with to get my birthday spanking and later be ass fucked.

“Doe al je kleren uit, Muffin.” Strip, that is.


“Oom Jan gaat je vastbinden.” She had reverted to Dutch. Uncle Jan’s English was not strong. She told me to strip so he could tie me.

“I won’t! Ik ga niet strippen voor oom Jan.” I wasn’t going to undress.

“Dan zal oom Jan je uitkleden.” She threatened to have him strip me.

“No! Ik ga me niet uitkleden.” I still refused.

“You’ll regret this. Take your clothes off NOW!”

“No!” So they went ahead with the stripping. Uncle Jan grabbed me from behind and held both of my arms tightly. I could tell I could not escape the two of them. Mommy started unbuttoning my shirt. Of course, I had no bra on. She unbuttoned me down to my waist and pushed the blouse off my shoulder and down to my elbows which imprisoned my arms behind me, baring me in the front to my belly button. My nipples were hard as rocks.

“Nee mama, alsjeblieft!” I pleaded, but of course, it did no good. I hated the thought of Uncle Jan seeing my bare boobs. He asked for a piece of rope. Getting it, he doubled it over and started tying my arms together just above my elbows. When I started to struggle, he put his arm around the front of me, squeezing my left tit against my body and grabbing the right one with his hand.

“Alsjeblieft. alsjeblieft niet. Mama alsjeblieft!” I begged the two of them, “please no”.

“Let go kaçak bahis siteleri of me. What are you doing?” He pulled my arms behind me and held them there with his body in back of me and one arm in front and made a loop with the rope. In an instant it was around my arms and pulled up to above my elbows. He started wrapping it around and tied it off and I was caught. All I could do was struggle, but with two of them, it was useless. Mummy had started unbuckling the belt of my jeans, opening the button at the top, and pulling the zipper down. Uncle Jan finished tying my elbows and held me by the arms. Mummy started pulling my jeans down over my hips, almost taking my pink panties down with them. When the jeans were down to my knees she looked at my underwear and gasped.

“Kijk, je slipje is doorweekt!” She was right, my panties were soaking wet.

“Of course I’m wet, Mummy. I’m almost naked! What happens to you when you get naked?”

“Why you little slut. Baby Bear you’re enjoying this.” And at least to some extent I WAS enjoying what they were doing. She pulled the jeans down to my ankles, and the scrunched up fabric held my legs like they were tied. I was helpless. I was a minute from being naked in front of Uncle Jan who was busy gently squeezing my butt cheeks through my panties.

“Dat kun je me niet aandoen!” I told him he couldn’t squeeze my bum.

“Muffin, don’t be rude!” He kept squeezing. “Let’s tie her ankles before we take away her jeans. That will keep her immobile while you finish your work tying the rest of her.” Uncle Jan did the tying and then Mummy made me raise each foot in turn and pulled off each leg of my jeans in turn. I shivered knowing what was next. My body was on fire. My nipples were so hard they ached, my panties were so wet by now they were transparent and you could see my girlhood right through them. Uncle Jan looked at my almost naked body eagerly. My mother moved to pull down my undies.

“Mummy, please. I’m your only daughter. How can you do this to me?”

“Because I love you, Muffin. Your body fills me with pride. You should be proud when people see you naked.”

“No, please, no!” I closed my eyes and shivered again. I felt her hands on my hips.

And then I was nude.

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