Hot and Sweet Ch. 15

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I awoke the next morning to a pussy rubbing against my face and a mouth on my cock. I found myself instinctively lapping at the soft slit that was pressing against me. As I became more aware, I figured out from the strip of dark pubic hair that it must be Jana straddling my head. From her position, I could tell that she wasn’t the one with my cock in her mouth. I reached down and stroked Dana’s shorter, straight hair as she flicked her tongue delightfully all over my cock.

Now fully awake, I set to work on Jana with a will, flicking my tongue across her pussy and tossing in a few of the patterns that I’d seen her sister use on her the night before. I reached up and tweaked her nipples as I continued to work her cunt. Soon enough she was bucking on my face, grinding her clit down into my mouth and letting out short, sharp cries in time with our movements. I slurped and swallowed as much of her pussy juice as I could when she came, but some of it escaped down my chin.

Jana swung her leg over me and sat back against the head of her bed with a contented sigh. Dana slid herself up me, making sure that my cock was constantly squeezed between my belly and her body – first between her small breasts, then along her flat stomach, across her shaven mound, and lastly between her smooth thighs. She moaned as her tongue flickered across my lips and she tasted her sister’s pussy juice. I pulled her head closer and we kissed deeply, tongues flickering back and forth between our mouths. With my other hand I cupped her ass and slid my fingers between her thighs to brush her dripping little pussy. She spread her legs and was just lining her pussy up with my throbbing cock when we heard her mother calling us to breakfast.

“Damn,” Dana and I said at the same time.

Jana laughed at us. “You’ll just have to wait a while before you get to fuck my little sister again,” she said to me with a kiss. “It’s probably better that your tiny pussy gets a little more time to recover from the fucking he gave it last night anyway,” she added to her sister. “Now get your slutty little ass off of him,” she continued, smacking her little sister lightly on the rump, “and let’s go eat.”

Jana put on pink boy shorts and a matching spaghetti-strap top. Dana put on a set of panties and top with pink and yellow flowers. I put on boxers and shorts. As I was reaching for my t-shirt Jana said, “Don’t put that on. I want to look at your manly chest while I eat.”

I laughed at her, but left the shirt where it was and so we made our way out to the dining room where Mrs. Gecinyelo was bringing scrambled eggs to the dining room table from the kitchen area (their house had a relatively open floorplan, with the kitchen area separated from the dining room by a large island). She was wearing a purple silk robe that came down to mid-thigh. I couldn’t help noticing that she was in very good shape for a woman in her late 30’s. Her legs were smooth and well-formed. Her breasts were larger than either Jana’s or Dana’s, I could see them swing under her loosely tied robe as she leaned over the table to deliver our plates. If Jana took after her mother as she aged, she would still be stunning 20 years from now.

“You’ve already fucked my sister,” Jana whispered in my ear. “Do you want to fuck my mama too?”

I was a bit embarrassed, but still managed to whisper back, “Absolutely. You’re the one who’s put me on display for her by making me come to breakfast half-naked!”

Mrs. Gecinyelo asked Jana something in Hungarian. Jana replied in the same language, beginning with “nothing” and continuing past my ability to understand. Her mom just nodded and said something else with a gesture to me. “She wants to know how you slept last night,” Jana translated.

“Nagyon jól [Very well],” I replied. “You have a beautiful home,” I continued in English.

This was translated and Mrs. Gecinyelo’s response received a laugh from her daughters. “My mama asks, ‘and what about my daughters?'” Dana translated for me.

“Szép [Beautiful]. I would add intelligent, kind, and fun,” I paused while this was translated, “but then their heads would get so big they will not fit through the door,” I finished, accompanying the statement with gestures so that translation was not needed for her to get the joke. Jana and Dana both punched me, one from each side while their mom laughed.

“You’ll pay for that,” Jana said with a smile.

“It was worth it,” I said.

“Oh, really?” Jana said. “We’ll see about that.” Conversation continued around the breakfast table, some of it translated for my benefit. Jana slipped her hand down into my lap and began surreptitiously stroking my cock back to erection. I shifted a little to escape her. She kept up her steady strokes all the while carrying on a conversation with her mother and sister. It was tough for me to follow what was being said, especially given that only about a third of it was translated to English, but it seemed that Mrs. Gecinyelo had an appointment some time late in the morning and that the girls’ plans for the day poker oyna included sunbathing.

I did my best to eat my breakfast without busting a nut. Finally, I whispered a request for Jana to stop for fear of embarrassing myself. To her mother’s inquiring look Jana said “Kávé” and got up to bring us refills. Dana took the opportunity to slide her foot into the spot recently vacated by her sister’s hand. This did not help me in my effort to contain myself.

It also didn’t help that as Jana moved between the dining room and the kitchen, the pert curves of her ass caught and held my eye. When she came back into the dining room carrying the pot of coffee, I could see the shadow of her pubic hair through the thin pink fabric of her boy-shorts. Her hard nipples were practically poking through her shirt when she leaned over the table and poured coffee into each of our cups. She put the pot on a trivet and returned to her seat next to me.

Dana kept rubbing her toes against my cock throughout the rest of the meal. Eventually, my breakfast companions had finished eating. I lingered over a third slice of toast in the hope that Mrs. Gecinyelo would leave the table before me and not notice the raging erection that her daughters had brought to life. Mrs. Gecinyelo looked at her watch, let out a cry of dismay and leaped from the table, spouting something in Hungarian. Jana and Dana readily assented to whatever was requested and their mom rushed back to the bathroom.

“She’s late?” I asked.

“Yes, she needs to rush to make her appointment,” Jana said as she and her sister began cleaning up the breakfast dishes. “Do you want to watch her shower?” she added with a sly smile.

“Maybe some other time,” I replied. “For right now, I’d like one or both of you two temptresses to finish what you started here.” I stood up and pointed at the raging cock that was clearly visible in my shorts.

They both laughed at me and said, “No! No! We have to clean up the dishes first! You’ll just have to suffer!” and pranced into the kitchen area with some of the dishes. I picked up a few remaining items and followed them into the space behind the island. They’d put the dishes in the sink, Jana was rinsing them and handing them to Dana who was loading them into the dishwasher. I added my dishes to those in the sink.

After watching them work for a moment, I moved behind them and began caressing their asses. They laughed. Jana said, “We’re trying to work here, quit distracting us!” I slipped my hands between their legs to rub their pussies from behind and below. This drew moans from both of them and they both paused what they were doing to lean onto the kitchen counter and give me freer access. I slipped my fingers into their undergarments and traced each wet slit up and down. More moans.

“Stop,” Jana said. “My mom will be done soon… she’ll catch us.”

I slipped two fingers into each of them simultaneously and began circling their g-spots. Both girls leaned further forward over the counter with long moans.

“There’s only time to fuck one of us,” Dana gasped. “Who will it be?”

“Whoever asks first,” I said.

“Me! Me!” they both cried. Dana was a little bit quicker than her sister. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and smacked her ass.

“Quick then, you little tease, up on the counter.” Dana turned and hopped up onto the counter. She pulled me to her and shoved her tongue down my throat as she undid my shorts and pushed them and my boxers to the ground. Jana pulled her sister’s panties to the side. I kept my left hand working on Jana’s g-spot and used my right hand to guide my cock into her little sister’s shaved pussy.

Dana wrapped her arms and legs around me and began urging me on: “Fuck me! Fuck me hard before my mom finds us!” I began pounding her as I continued to finger her sister’s cunt. Jana was bent forward practically hanging onto the counter. I could look down and see my left hand disappear under the curve of her ass and into her cunt. I began rubbing her clit with my thumb as I continued to work my fingers in her. Her pussy juice was dripping off of my hand.

I could feel Dana’s tight little cunt contracting rhythmically around my cock as her orgasm built and, in what seemed like no time at all, she was cumming. Her thighs convulsed around my waist. Her fingernails dug into my back. She bit my shoulder to muffle her cries. The sound of her sister cumming next to her and the work of my nimble fingers was enough to bring Jana to orgasm as well (although not as intensely). As Jana’s orgasm subsided and Dana recovered from hers, I felt my own orgasm coming on and said so.

“Cum in my mouth,” Dana said. She pushed me back, freeing my cock from her pussy, and slid from the counter to her knees in front of me. Dana took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking hard.

Jana stood up and turned around. She began kissing me and saying things like “Shoot it in my little sister’s mouth. Cum hard. Cover her pretty face with your sperm.” I did. Dana managed to swallow the first spurt, canlı poker oyna but the second filled her mouth and the third overflowed down her chin. The sight of my cum dripping down the pretty face of my girlfriend’s little sister while their still-sexy mom was showering just a few dozen feet away pushed me even further, resulting in more cum flying from the tip of my engorged cock to land on Dana’s forehead, in her hair, then into her eye and all over her cheek. She was grinning like a maniac as my cum plastered her face.

Jana joined Dana on her knees in front of me and began licking my cum from her sister’s face. Dana collected my sperm on her finger and slurped it down. We heard the squeal of the shower being turned off. I pulled up my boxers and shorts. Jana and Dana hurried to lap up the last of my cum and straighten their clothes. We got ourselves together and had just returned to cleaning up the kitchen when Mrs. Gecinyelo stepped from the hallway that led to the bathroom.

She was wearing the same purple silk robe. A towel was wrapped around her hair. In her hand I could see a small patch of purple lace that must have been her underwear. The girls and I did our best to look busy. Jana handed Dana some dishes, I was putting the butter back in the refrigerator. As she passed by the kitchen on her way to her bedroom, I couldn’t help but stare at her shapely legs which were exposed to mid-thigh. Jana noticed me noticing.

Once her mom was out of earshot, she turned to me and said, “You just got done fucking my sister and you still can’t help yourself from gawking at my mom?!?”

“It’s not my fault,” I said. “It must be something in the Gecinyelo genes that just fascinates me. I’m putty in your hands.”

“More likely it’s something in our jeans!” said Dana.

“It’s tough to pun well in a foreign language,” I told her, “but keep trying.” She gave me a punch in the shoulder. We went back to work and in no time the kitchen and dining room were spotless. As we finished, Mrs. Gecinyelo came back into the kitchen.

She was wearing a yellow sundress with white flowers embroidered across the bosom. It came down to just above her knees and was cut in such a way that a generous expanse of cleavage was visible. She leaned against the kitchen counter and began saying something to the girls in Hungarian while slipping on her high-heeled sandals. In the process I caught glimpses of her tanned thighs. Her large, round breasts wobbled as she moved, clearly unsupported by a bra. Again, I was stunned my how attractive this older woman was. She gave each of the girls a kiss and turned to me. There was a moment of awkwardness before I leaned down and we exchanged a brief hug and kiss on the cheek. Her floral perfume filled my nostrils, in conjunction with the press of her soft flesh the limited contact very nearly caused me to regain my erection. As she left the house, I couldn’t help but watch her sundress sway around her hips.

This earned me another round of punches from Jana and Dana.

“You were looking at my mom!” Jana cried.

“Did that little kiss from my mom get you hard?” Dana asked. She stepped next to me and slid her hand across my stomach and along the front of my shorts.

“Not quite,” I said, “but if you keep that up, I’ll be hard again in no time!”

“Good,” Jana said. “You two have had a good fuck this morning, but I haven’t and I need one! You can get hard over my mom and sister as much as you want, Jim, just make sure you use most of it on me!”

I reached out and slid my arm around Jana. I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply. I looked into her eyes and said, “Always. You first. Always.”

She smiled up at me and kissed me back, thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth. “I don’t mind you looking at my mom or fucking my sister. They’re both hot little packages just like me.” We kissed again. I fondled her ass, she stroked my cock through my shorts. In next to no time I was fully erect again.

We moved back into Jana’s bedroom. I stripped off my shorts and boxers and stretched naked on the bed. Jana and Dana began putting on a show for me. Jana pulled Dana’s top off and began sucked on her hard little nipples. Dana returned the favor by pulling Jana’s flimsy pink top off and flicking her pointed tongue around and around her older sister’s larger aereola before trying to take an entire breast into her hot mouth. They made a big show of looking down each other’s panties and asking what I wanted to do with what they saw “down there.” I told them that I needed to see what was there for myself before deciding what to do.

Jana knelt and pulled Dana’s panties down and off of her. Dana put her foot up on the bed and Jana leaned forward to lap at her younger sister’s pussy. “Do you want to fuck my little sister again?” she asked me between flicks of her round tongue.

“We’ve had sex in the last hour,” I replied, “so the pussy that I’m really interested in right now is yours.” I reached down and slid my hand along her ass and onto the mound of her pussy. I internet casino rubbed her through her panties as she continued to lap at her little sister’s clit. After just a few minutes of this, Dana pushed her sister away from her shaven cunt and said, “I want to watch you two fuck. Let me make sure that you’re ready to take his cock.”

Dana pulled her sister to her feet and then knelt before her. She tugged the pink boy shorts off and guided Jana’s foot up onto the bed. Dana leaned forward and began flicking her pointed tongue against her older sister’s pussy lips and giant clit. Jana closed her eyes. I stood up behind her and began kissing her and fondling her tits as her younger sister worked her pussy. My raging cock pressed against the small of Jana’s back. We continued in this way for a little while. Jana’s eyes were closed. She regularly let out soft sighs of pleasure.

Eventually she broke off our kiss and said to me, “I’m ready to be fucked now. I want it doggy-style, but don’t cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“As you wish, my love,” I replied before stealing one more kiss.

Jana looked down at her sister and said, “Get up on the bed and spread your legs, I want to eat you out.”

In no time, Dana was lying at the head of the bed, her legs spread wide open. Jana crawled onto the bed between her sister’s legs and began lapping at her shaven pussy lips. I positioned myself behind Jana and slipped the head of my cock into her dripping pussy. She pushed herself back towards me, sliding my cock deeper into herself. She rocked forward to lap at her sister’s clit and I watched as her pussy lips stretched along my cock, as if they were reluctant to release the length they’d taken. Jana continued to rock back and forth, taking more and more of my cock with each cycle and constantly flicking her tongue across different parts of her sister’s bare little pussy.

I reached around and began rubbing her clit with firm, circular motions. Jana moaned and continued fucking me while licking and sucking on her sister’s pussy. I reached up with my free hand and began tweaking her nipples, pinching and rolling the firm prominences at the tip between my fingers. This sent her over the edge, her movements onto my cock became faster, she was slamming herself against me as I rubbed her clit and squeezed her tits harder and harder.

Jana began moaning louder and louder until they were full throated screams of pleasure as she fucked me. She was no longer licking her sister’s pussy, but her face was buried in it and the force of her breath across Dana’s most sensitive parts was enough to bring Dana to a small orgasm. The taste of her sister’s pussy juice drove Jana to even greater heights and her orgasm came to a crescendo with a final, long drawn out cry, slamming herself back onto my cock one last time before collapsing forward onto the bed, her face still buried in her sister’s crotch. My cock sprung free of Jana’s dripping pussy and bounced, flicking small drops of her juice across her ass.

As Jana and Dana caught their breath, I climbed off the bed and stood next to it. My erect cock bounced gently and glistened with Jana’s juices. The girls looked up at me and moved over to the edge of the bed. Jana took the head of my cock between her full lips and began bobbing, taking more and more of it in her mouth and then down her throat with each motion. Dana slid under her sister and began licking and sucking on my balls. Soon I was warning them that I was about to cum.

Jana slid my cock back so just the head was in her mouth. She circled it with her tongue, repeatedly teasing the sensitive tip until my orgasm took me. She continued to swirl her tongue around my cock head as spurt after spurt of my semen fired into her mouth. It dripped from between her full red lips to run down her chin, where Dana greedily slurped it up. As my orgasm subsided, Jana stroked my shaft and sucked hard on my cock’s head to make sure that she’d milked every drop of my salty fluid out of me and into her mouth.

After Jana had sucked me dry, I sat on the bed and watched as she and her sister began swapping my load back and forth between them. Whoever had it would roll over on top of the other and let it drip in long white strands from her lips to the other’s open mouth. They went back and forth in this way at least four times before they split it and each swallowed half. The sight was enough to keep my organ semi-erect. We shared a little more kissing and fondling between all three of us before deciding that we should all rest for a bit to regain our strength.

The girls put on their bathing suits and I put on my shorts in preparation for sunbathing. Jana told me that if we were going to go to Kriszta’s pool party, we’d need to get me a proper swimming suit (i.e., a speedo). Jana wore a white bikini that modestly covered most of her breasts and about half of her ass. Dana wore a yellow thong bikini that was also surprisingly modest. When I asked about this, I was told that one of their neighbors was a dirty old man and, while they had nothing in particular against dirty old men, this guy had creeped them out for years. Thus, if they weren’t sure whether or not he was home, they tended to be a bit more modest than they otherwise might be.

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