Illicit Affair #01

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10:20 a.m. Thursday

The email was brief. “In Houston tomorrow. Meet me at Damon’s Steak House at 7:30.” There was really no reason for me to react the way that I did. My heart skipped a beat and then accelerated. My nipples hardened against my lace bra and my pussy dampened. I squirmed in my leather office chair, looking for temporary relief as I kept re-reading those two sentences on my computer screen.

After three long months, I was meeting my lover again.

Ridge and I go back almost 15 years. Because ours is a long distance relationship (and because we’re married to others) our time together is sporadic and fleeting. When we do find ourselves in the same city together, we make the most of it.

10:30 a.m. Friday

My administrative assistant brought a package into my office. Typically, she would open my mail and packages, unless they appeared personal in nature. As soon as I saw the simple brown craft paper wrapping, I knew. This was definitely personal.

Sometimes prior to our assignations, either Ridge or I would send the other a package. Its contents would determine the tone and manner for the time together. Sometimes wildly romantic, other times B&D and still others fantasy role playing. I wondered which it would be this time. To taunt myself, I left it unopened the better part of the day. I’d be immersed in work for hours at a time and then the package would catch my eye, causing my breath to hitch.

Finally, late afternoon, I opened it. On top of the tissue paper in the box was an unsigned note that simply stated, “Wear this tonight.” With shaking fingers I pulled back the tissue to find an “egg” clit stimulator. Smaller than others that I had used, this one seemed as if it would barely stay in place with underwear holding it. Smiling at Ridge’s audacity, I repacked it for later that evening.

6:15 p.m. Friday

I knew that if I was going to make it through the next several hours with Ridge in public I had to release some of my pent-up sexual energy. Running a scented bath, I submersed myself into the warm waters and began to masturbate. I imagined Ridge’s long, sensitive fingers on my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples. My pussy immediately tensed and I moved one hand to begin rubbing my clit. Beneath the water, my cunt was hot and slick with anticipation. Within seconds I came violently against my hand. Vaguely, I realized that if that was my reaction just imagining Ridge’s hands on my breasts—then I was operating on a sexual hair-trigger indeed. I thought about bringing myself to another orgasm, but when I looked at the clock, I knew that it was time to get dressed.

6:50 p.m. Friday

It was time to leave. Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered with underwear, but Ridge’s little toy dictated that I at least wear panties. But I wore no bra underneath the stretch silk wrap-around dress. I don’t think that I could have taken the sensation of lace rubbing against my hypersensitive nipples at that point. Just that thought alone made my pussy dampen. Further aggravating it was the “egg” wedged against my opening by my La Perla thong underwear. The low-cut wrap-around neckline of my dress framed my breasts and I imagined Ridge’s reaction when he saw me in it. Slipping into stiletto sling-back pumps, I grabbed my keys and left.

7:35 p.m.

Damon’s is one of those old-world steak and bourbon restaurants that makes its patrons feel properly feted, while ensuring their privacy. Given that both Ridge and I took great pleasure in fine bourbon and excellently prepared steaks, it was one of our favorite spots to meet whenever he and I found ourselves in Houston.

As the maitre’d escorted me back the booth where Ridge was sitting, my world seemed to contract until all I could see was Ridge. I was dimly aware of the clinking of glasses and silverware of the other diners. I could feel my breasts sway in time to my stride—my nipples hardening as they rubbed against the thin fabric. As I neared the booth, Ridge stood up to embrace me. In my heels, I was only a few inches shorter than his six foot-two frame. Slowly he lowered his sensual mouth to mine and my arms crept around his neck. Our tongues met in a languid dance, as if it hadn’t been months since we’d tasted each other. Suddenly, I was overcome with a rush of passion. I pushed my hips against his and felt the enormity of his erection. A soft whimper escaped my throat as I tried to mesh my body even more closely to his. Dimly I realized that Ridge could have had me on the table right then and there without any resistance from me at all. Taking control of the situation, he slowly pulled his lips away from mine. Smiling into my eyes, he whispered softly, “Hello.”

I had to laugh at such a simple greeting when we’d all but fucked standing up by the table. “Hello yourself,” I responded.

Somehow we managed to seat ourselves in the corner booth like grownups. We chatted and caught each other up on our families and careers. As we Escort bayan spoke, my eyes hungrily drank him in. His silky hair was cut shorter than when I’d last seen him, but it only emphasized his strong angular features. His dress shirt perfectly showcased his broad shoulders and tapered waist. I knew that underneath it was an amazing body finely honed from daily workouts. As he talked, I leaned into him to better drink in his unique scent. It was always the strongest in that tender spot on his neck, just underneath his ear. As I was getting ready to lick and nibble on him there, Ridge shook his head and pulled away.

“Not yet,” he smiled at me. “You need to answer a question first. How badly do you want me to fuck you?”

I sat back in the booth and looked directly into his multi-hued eyes. Not quite green, grey or blue, they had gone from teasing to intensely hot in a blink. Oh, I knew this game all right. Clearly this was going to be a “who’s going to beg first?” evening. But Ridge knew that I was his equal in this kind of competition. We both had wills of steel and he knew that I was as likely to bring him to his knees as he was to bring me to mine. Never breaking eye contact I leaned over the table, giving him a prime view of my unconfined breasts.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied as if my heart wasn’t pounding in anticipation, “Maybe almost as badly as you want to fuck me.”

The shock of the pulse against my clit arched my back and forced a low, involuntary moan from my lips. Until that moment, I had actually forgotten about the clit stimulator. And my lover—that charming bastard—had the remote. Almost instantly, it was over. Fighting to regain some sense of composure, I found that my fingers had gripped the edge of the table.

I managed to say, “Keep that up and I won’t need you at all tonight.” Given my heightened sexual condition, I didn’t think it was half-bad verbal riposte. Ridge laughed at my false bravado, but I could tell from the pulse pounding in his neck that he wasn’t left unaffected by my reaction to his little experiment.

“Imagine—that was just the lowest setting—and I barely had it on before I turned it off.” He leaned back against booth, but I noticed that he stirred a little restlessly in his seat.

“Oh my,” I countered. “Is your cock throbbing? Wouldn’t it feel so much better if I freed it from your pants to stroke and rub it?” Ridge’s eyes had narrowed while I was talking and his breathing had become slightly ragged. Score one for me.

I slid my body closer to him in the booth and reached my hand under the table. Gently, I raked my nails from his knee to his crotch. Lightly, with just a butterfly’s touch, I traced the outline of his erection from base to head. Knowing the length, weight and feel of his heavy cock, I knew that if I ran my fingers across the top of his waistband that I would feel the head of his dick trying to burst free.

As the waiter came to take our order, I began seriously rubbing Ridge’s cock through his pants. I undid his belt one-handed and then slowly parted the teeth of his zipper. I managed to free just his head and began gently tracing its swollen contours. Smiling as I felt his pre-cum coat my fingers, I left his pants undone and brought my hand out from under the table. Making eye contact with Ridge while the waiter finished reciting the night’s specials, I raised my fingers to my mouth to lick them one at a time. As Ridge’s eyes became hotter and his breathing more rapid, all I could think was how I badly I wanted him in my pussy right then and there.

As I opened my mouth to order, Ridge hit the remote again. The stimulator vibrated at an unbearably high frequency against my already swollen and sensitive clit. In a vain attempt to nullify the effects, I pressed my thighs tightly together. Bad mistake. That only pressed the egg more tightly against my clit, intensifying its vibrations. Just as I felt an orgasm cresting, Ridge mercifully turned the egg off. When I was able to open my eyes again, the waiter was gone and Ridge was laughing softly at me.

“Dear god, what on earth did I order?” I managed to choke out.

“Nothing I saw on the menu,” he replied, laughing even harder. “Don’t worry – I know what you like and ordered for us both.”

“Great. The waiter probably went to get the manager to come tell us to get a room,” I whispered, still out of breath.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Ridge countered. “More than likely he went to take a cold shower. It was,” he paused, searching for the right word, “erotic watching you—you almost made me come.” With that, he leaned in to give me one of the deeply satisfying kisses that I can never get enough of. I loved getting lost in him when his lips and tongue mated with mine.

I gently broke away from the kiss and leaned into him, my head against his broad shoulder.

Rubbing my head against his chin, I told him, “I hate to cry ‘uncle,’ but if you use that damn thing on me one more time, I’m likely Bayan Escort to pass out right here in the booth.”

“Don’t worry, ” he said, placing a kiss against my temple. “We’ll slow it down for a while. I don’t want you passing out anywhere except underneath me after I’ve fucked you good and long in every position and place that I can think of.”

Dinner arrived and while we ate, we talked more about our lives, music, books that we had read and places that we had traveled.

When the waiter came to take our dessert order, I expected Ridge to ask for the check. It was clear that we were both ready to be alone, with him deep inside me.

“Two coffees, please with a shot of Godiva white chocolate liquor,” Ridge ordered.

I must as have looked as incredulous as I felt. He just looked at me with that half-smile of his and said innocently, “What?”

“What?” I repeated, “What do you mean, what? I mean—shucks, just because you brought me to orgasm while ordering dinner, hey—what the rush? Let’s see, my dress will be stuck to me and your pants will certainly have a cum stain on the front and it’s not like we really want to be somewhere alone or anything, so by all means, let’s have coffee.” Okay, it’s possible that I have the occasional issue with sarcasm.

By the end of my diatribe, Ridge was laughing at me. “But you still never answered my question,” he reminded me.

“Question, what quest—,” I started to reply in frustration. Then realization dawned. “Aaah, the ‘how badly do I want you to fuck me’ question.” To which he nodded.

“Okay,” I slowly replied, “I want you to fuck me so badly that I’m willing to get under this table and suck your cock until you beg me to let me fuck you.”

“Oh really,” he replied with one eyebrow cocked, “I don’t believe you.”

I leaned forward to lightly lick and nibble his full lower lip for a moment and then sat back in the booth. As I glanced around the restaurant, I realized that no one was paying any attention to us in the back corner of the room.

Quickly, I slid underneath the table. Parting his knees, I knelt between his legs and looked at his dick protruding from the top of his briefs from when I had undone his pants earlier. I lowered his zipper completely in the twilight darkness underneath the tablecloth. I tugged on his waistband to lower his pants. After a second’s hesitation, he lifted his hips slightly and I pulled his pants and briefs below his knees.

For the briefest of moments, I just admired the feel of the breadth, weight and long length of his erection in my hands. Then, I moved my mouth to his balls, lightly licking one than the other and taking them into my mouth to suckle them gently. All the while, one hand slid up and down his shaft while the other traced light circles around his head, spreading his pre-cum across the surface. Then I moved my mouth from his balls to begin licking up and down his long, heavy shaft. For the next several minutes, I alternated using my hands and mouth to suck, nibble, lick and stroke his head, cock and balls.

In the confined space under the table, I was surrounded by nothing but the smell and taste of his cock. My world had been reduced to servicing Ridge’s engorged penis and I loved knowing that I was in control. Feeling that he was getting ready to come, I slowed down my pace, knowing it would postpone his orgasm. He would come when I was ready to let him come.

Seconds later, his hand dug into my hair and I heard him lowly moan, “Please.” Because I knew that I was as ready as he was, I intensified both the speed and pressure of my sucking and stroking until he came violently in my mouth. Almost choking, but not wanting to miss a drop, I continued to hold him in my mouth until he was spent. Then I gently bathed his dick and balls with my tongue, cleaning him of his stickiness.

I’m not sure how long I rested there, underneath the table, my head resting against his knee while Ridge stroked my hair, but eventually he murmured my name, and I managed to crawl back to my seat in the booth. There I saw Ridge’s face with that tender, post-coital glow of satisfaction. For a brief second, I regretted missing seeing his face when he came. But seeing the loving look on his face as he gazed at me, I knew I’d do it all over again. I leaned towards him and kissed him deeply, knowing that he’d taste himself on my lips and tongue.

“I really didn’t think you’d do it,” he said unevenly. “I would have never guessed that you’d actually go down on me in a restaurant.”

“Glad to know that I can still surprise you,” I replied, as I lightly caressed his beloved face and traced my fingers across his sensual lips.

He framed my face with his long, slender-fingered hands, leaned in and whispered, “You win.”

We laughed as he took several attempts to get his pants back up his legs while still sitting at the table and to get himself tucked back in. As we finally left the restaurant, there might have Escort been a few curious, knowing glances thrown our way. But, engrossed as we were in each other, neither Ridge nor I noticed.


We walked out into the cool night with our arms wrapped around each other’s waist. As we approached his rental car, Ridge pulled me roughly to him and then spun me around so that I faced the trunk of his car. The bumper pushed lightly into my shins and I felt his hand slowly inch up my thigh as he tugged the hem of my dress with it.

He leaned into me forcing me to support myself with my hands on the trunk of the car with my ass pushing out towards him. His left leg pushed between my thighs, and caused them to open further. Finally, I felt his fingers probing my pussy, rubbing my labia and clit. A moan escaped me as he slid first one, then two fingers into my wet pussy. Just having his fingers in me started the contractions that would quickly lead to an orgasm.

“Not quite yet,” he said as quickly removed the egg where it had been pressed into the entrance of my vagina.

As I felt him trying to pull his left hand away from my crotch, I rocked my hips against it, trying to trap it between my body and the car. I gyrated against it, looking for a quick release for my throbbing clit. But I was no match for his strength. He freed his hand and used it to grab a fistful of my long auburn hair and then tilted my neck to the side. Not quite hurting me, but roughly – the way he knows I like it – he tightened his fist in my hair.

Leaning in, he ran his lips slowing up the length of my exposed neck. I shivered as his teeth nipped at the skin beneath my ear. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “You may have won in the restaurant, but I’ll have you begging me for my cock – right here in the parking lot.”

Faster than I could have imagined, he pushed his third and fourth fingers into my pussy and pushed against it deeply. He used his thumb to rub the sensitive skin between my cunt and my asshole. I rocked against his long, clever fingers mindlessly while moaning, “Please, please.”

I bent at the waist, with my upper body almost lying on the car trunk while I stood spread-legged into front of it; my back arched my back as I kept thrusting against his fingers. I don’t know how many orgasms I had – they seemed to follow one after the other like rolling thunder. Sometimes Ridge sent me over just by flicking my clitoris with his index finger, other times he pressed against my g-spot deep in pussy. Still others by sliding his thumb up the sensitive skin between my pussy and my asshole, while still applying pressure to my clit. I lost count after the sixth orgasm as I felt myself dripping down my thighs.

“No more,” I moaned, not knowing if we’d been out in the parking lot for five minutes or fifty. I only knew that if Ridge hadn’t had his body pressed to the back of mine that my legs wouldn’t have supported me.

Ridge placed his hands on either side of my hips and pulled me roughly back against him. Even though I had just sucked him off not thirty minutes ago, I felt the hardness of his cock pressing through his slacks into my bare ass cheeks.

“No more?” he whispered into my ear.

“No more?” he asked again and then licked a slow path from beneath the hollow of my ear down the side of my throat, causing me to shudder.

“No more?” as he slid his hands around to my breasts, pinching my nipples.

“All right, all right” I moaned. “Please, please fuck me.” I could barely get the words out and I knew I was begging, but I couldn’t go another minute without finally having that his rock-hard cock deep inside me.

“Right here, right now in this parking lot?” His words came out harshly – even as far gone as I was in my desire, I knew that he was affected by his finger-fucking of me from before.

“Yes,” I ground out. “Right here, right now. Please fuck me Ridge.”

I heard the soft parting sound of his zipper being lowered and then felt the heavy weight of his swollen cock as it pressed against my butt cheeks and lower back. Intuitively, I pushed back against it, desperate to have it deep inside me.

Ridge took his right hand and lifted my right leg so that the inside of my thigh was resting against the trunk of the car at a ninety degree angle to my hip. I knew that that angle would allow him to penetrate me even further and I whimpered slightly in anticipation. Finally, I felt the smooth, engorged head of his cock rubbing from the back of my vagina to the front. Back and forth he slid his head against my highly sensitized pussy. I was out of my mind with lust when he thrust into me. It was done with such force that I was slammed into the car and I felt his balls slap against me. My orgasm was immediate and violent in its intensity. With each thrust I continued to come and felt myself spraying his cock and balls with my cum. Again and again Ridge would almost pull out completely, only to bury himself fully in me. Because of his length and thickness, at that angle he bumped into my cervix almost every time. The combination of pleasure-pain drove me to an additional orgasm with almost every thrust.

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