In the Dead of Winter Ch. 01

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Tapping of high heels on solid wooden floors echoed loudly in Lua’s ears.

Feelings of nausea turned summersaults in the pit of her stomach as sounds of fingernails rapping lightly on the wall outside the nursery door hung in the air.

She knew that meant The Mistress was near.

“Sleep well, sweet boy.”

Lua soothed, running her fingers across his cheek.

Lua stared at the slumbering infant for long moments.

The circular, golden crib that held him in the center of the room creaked under the weight of Lua’s trembling arms.

She couldn’t help but to think that the next time she saw his innocent face that she was likely to not to have her innocence any longer.

The thought made her more afraid than angry.

Lua wanted nothing more than to explain to Mrs. Bateman that she was unable to hold up her end of the bargain.

To be able to go home and spend the long weekend with her family in their run down apartment was what she really wanted.

But Lua knew that’d be almost impossible to accomplish.

She’d signed a contract.

Two in fact.

The first one stated that Lua was not to abstain from performing or receiving any of the miscellaneous acts The Mistress deemed ‘Fit’ during the duration of the following one night and three days.

No matter how difficult, painful or far The Mistress wanted the ordeal to go, Lua had no rights to stop her.

And the other simply vowing her silence afterwards.

The agreement hadn’t been an easy one.

Infact Mrs. Bateman had given Lua several days to weigh out her options, Go over the contract and make a decision.

The task seemed simple, But the fear of not knowing what Mrs. Bateman could potentially do to her was damaging.

The woman had offered Lua the world served up on a golden platter in exchange for three days of unknown ‘Favors’.

Tears burned the girl’s eyes poker oyna as she remembered signing her name on the dotted lined.

She’d been so engulfed in the prospect of having enough riches to uproot her family out of poverty that she hadn’t thought twice about the consequences.

But now that it was too late Lua realized that for three days every inch of her being belonged to Mrs. Bateman.

Glancing once more over the sleeping baby Lua turned quickly on her heel and crept towards the door.

Stepping over toy after expensive toy was no easy task so Lua kept her eyes on the floors beneath her.

She’d quietly made a mental note to politely ask the housemaid’s to organization Noah’s untidy nursery.

Glancing up breifly from her thoughts, Her breath immediately caught in her throat as she observed Mrs. Bateman standing solemnly in the wide doorway.

The woman seemed to be admiring Lua as a soft smile crossed her immaculate face.

The young girl stayed silent and took mental images of the beautiful woman in front of her.

She was terrifyingly gorgeous.

The way her light blue evening gown shimmered against the dim lighting of the hallway made Lua squint.

Mrs. Bateman seized her bottom lip with her teeth seductively and Lua carefully stepped away from her intimidating presence.

The mistress smirked, Showing a deep dimple in her left cheek.

“You’re so good to my son.”

Mrs. Bateman complemented, Speaking barley above a whisper.

“He’s a good boy.”

Lua spoke, wringing her sweaty palms together.

Quietly, The woman pushed herself away from the doorway and waltzed into the bedroom.

Lua’s eyes traveled to the floor were they found the mistresses black, six inch heels sinking into the plush carpet beneath her.

“Just like you.”

Mrs. Bateman huffed, Looking the girl up and down.

“A good girl.”

“The perfect girl.”

She continued, Sweeping her long brunette hair off her neck.

Lua’s eyes stayed downward canlı poker oyna as she tried desperately to assess her impending situation.

“I’m not perfect.”

“No one is.”

“No one but god.”

The girl studdered nervously, Fighting the urge to cower in the corner of the bedroom.

Mrs. Bateman chuckled lightly in her throat at the Lua’s statement.

It was a well known fact that Mrs. Bateman was an atheist but Lua knew her own stance on religion and she refused to denounce it.

“With all that beauty you are a god, Sweet girl.”

Lua swallowed loud enough for them both to hear.

“Is there a reason you’re so shy?”

Mrs. Bateman asked as Lua looked up briefly then away from her predators stinging gaze.

“I’m thinking that maybe I frighten you just a little bit, hmm?”

Lua continued to stay silent as The Mistress Smirked.

“That’s okay lovely, I frighten most people.”

Mrs. Bateman confessed as she felt an intense need to grab Lua and claim her right there in the nursery.

“Grace me with those sweet, gorgeous eyes.”

Mrs. Bateman whispered.

Lua’s gaze lifted from the floor and up to the mistresses waiting eyes.

“There they are, So wide and innocent.”

“The purity that you posses is beyond me.”

The woman stated, Smiling brightly while trapping Lua against the wall.

The girl’s breathing was beginning to become sparatic as panic set in.

Mrs. Bateman stood in front of her watching her eyes move fearfully around the room.

“Are you thinking up a masterful escape?”

Mrs. Bateman laughed, Leaning against the wall.

The girl nervously shook her head no.

“Well, What’s running through that beautiful mind of yours then?”

She asked, Cupping Lua’s warm cheek.

Force of habit made the young girl flinch away from Mrs. Bateman’s touch.

“I’m just wondering what’s going to happen now.”

Lua confessed twiddling her fingers subconsciously.

The Mistress moved internet casino her hand away from Lua’s face.

“What do you think will happen?”

Mrs. Bateman asked batting her long dark lashes.

“I’m not sure.”

Lua sighed deeply.

Suddenly, Mrs. Bateman stepped away from the wall and held her perfectly manicured hand out to Lua.

“Come, let me show you what will happen.”

The woman’s hand lingered in the air as the young girl hesitated.

“I should stay here and look after Noah through the night.”

“He doesn’t sleep well at times.”

Lua fibbed, the boy always slept well.

“I’ve paid someone to take your place for the next couple of nights while your with me in my suite, My sweet.”

The Mistress explained, Reaching out and tucking a loose curl behind Lua’s ear.

“You’ve no need to worry.”

The girl dropped her head defeatedly.

“He might wake up though looking for me, he’ll be scared if I’m not here.”

Mrs. Bateman took a deep breath seemingly easing her nerves.

“Lua, You need to understand something.”

“Look at me.”

Mrs. Bateman stated, grabbing the girl’s jaw and forcing her to make eye contact.

“I need you to know that this is going to happen, No matter how many excuses you give me, No matter how much you cry, You’ve still signed a contract.”

Those harsh words pierced through Lua like a bullet.

“You had an idea of what could potentially happen when you came into my estate today and you still came, So I think a part of you is maybe just a little intrigued.”

Mrs. Bateman finally let go of Lua’s jaw and she leaned desperately against the wall just to keep herself from sinking onto the floor.

“Please, Mrs. Bateman.”

The young girl cried while wiping her teary eyes with the back of her hand.

“I just wannna go home.”

“I won’t say anything about this to anyone.”

Lua begged as a last resort.

Remorse glinted in Mrs. Bateman’s eyes as she gently ran her knuckles down the girl’s flushed cheek.

“A deal is a deal.”

Lua squeezed her eyes tightly shut.

“Just come with me, baby.”

Mrs. Bateman whispered softly.

“I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

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