Inappropriate Ch. 02

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Nearly two years had passed since the incident with Susan’s mom. For the first few weeks after it happened, the incident fueled my lust and my fantasies, but after that it soon faded into a distant memory. As weeks turned into months, it all became a blur and there were times that I asked myself if it had really happened at all. Chrystal had gone back to being a complete bitch within minutes after what happened and had remained that way ever since. I had made no further attempt to be alone with her or make any moves on her.

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, Bill and Chrystal invited us to join them in their brand new summer vacation villa to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Susan and I had planned a small party with some friends, but her parents decided that the party would just have to wait until we’d spent some time at their luxurious mansion. Susan agreed off course and jumped at the opportunity to revel in the ridiculous luxury I was unable to provide. The mansion housed six bathrooms, fourteen bedrooms, five dining rooms, a pool, a billiards room and several sitting areas that did not have any clear function, other than to flaunt some obscure art. After looking over the pictures, I realized that it wouldn’t be too difficult to avoid my in-laws in that big of an environment. I played hard-ball with my wife however and feigned severe reluctance to increase her gratitude when I eventually did say yes, and it worked: as a token of her gratitude she spent the next twenty minutes on her knees sucking the cum out of my balls.

And so, immediately after my blowjob, Susan started calling our friends to postpone the party, while I began contacting my fellow physicians to see if any of them could handle my patients for a week. Afterwards we packed for three hours straight, so that we could leave the very next morning. After a six hours drive, we were greeted by Susan’s parents and their staff of two. I didn’t care so much about the muscular black butler, but the young gorgeous chambermaid with red hair, however, really caught my attention. This did not go unnoticed by my wife, who poked me in the ribs and shot me an angry, irritated look.

Bill was wearing… well, who cares. Chrystal was wearing a red, two piece bathing suit, with a see-through white, crochet jacket, barely concealing anything. A typical sunhat and sunglasses gave her that up-classy bitch look. On top of that, she went out of her way to ignore me; not only did she not speak to me – not a single word – but she also turned her back towards me every chance she got. I’d be lying if I said her attitude wasn’t giving me a massive boner.

During the grand tour of the house – which took about thirty minutes and only covered the sections which were completely ready and fully decorated – Susan, along with her parents, walked several meters in front of me. I deliberately dragged my feet, so that I could stare at my mother-in-law’s ass and legs. I had to be careful though, I was already in the doghouse with my wife because of the staring-at-the-hot-maid thing. I could only imagine how much trouble I’d be in if she were to catch me lusting after her own mother. But the three of them were so wrapped up in admiring the mansion and chitchatting about every piece of art they came across, that I didn’t have too much to worry about. As a result, my erection never quite went down.

Eventually we arrived at the pool – the most interesting part of the mansion as far as I was concerned – and were served some champagne. Because I kept leering at the maid and Chrystal every chance I got, my cock still didn’t go soft. I desperately needed some relief!

When Bill asked if we wanted to see the vineyards, I realized that this was my chance. I declined politely, stating that I wanted to go and freshen up. Sharing her father’s passion for wine, Susan eagerly accepted, as expected, hopefully giving me ample time to have a good wank.

“Do you know how to get to your room?” Bill inquired.

“Yes, I’ll manage,” I replied.

While father and daughter headed out to the vineyard, Chrystal laid herself down on one of the tanning beds as I started my expedition to find our room. As I hadn’t been paying much attention during the tour, I was completely unfamiliar with the layout and needed almost ten minutes to find it. After locking the door from the inside, I took off my clothes, whipped out my cock and had a good, long wank. Needless to say, I thought of Chrystal the entire time and even grunted her name as I shot my fat load on the floor.

Unfortunately, that was the most interesting part of the first day. Afterwards, there was off course the inescapable fight with my wife – who was still obsessing over the whole maid thing. After apologizing about half a dozen times, I finally managed to change the subject, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be getting sex any time soon. I spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, reading my book and talking to either Bill or my wife. Chrystal still hadn’t Escort bayan said a word to me. Her arrogance, not to mention the way she looked, aroused me significantly and continually.

The second day didn’t go any better; except for taking a walk through the vineyards with my wife, it was pretty much a carbon copy of the day before; leering at the maid and at Chrystal, jerking off alone in our room, sitting by the pool, eating, swimming and generally being ignored all day long by my mother-in-law.

Although day three started off exactly the same way, in the afternoon, everything changed. After lunch, Bill invited Susan and me to accompany him into town. There was some sort of wine related happening and he was looking to network, because he didn’t know the first thing about winemaking. Chrystal had no interest in wine – except for drinking lots of it – and therefor opted to stay home. Figuring a change of scenery would break the monotony, I accepted and so the three of us started walking to town. It was only a couple of kilometers and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

Barely twenty minutes after leaving however, Bill and I got into a big fight, after he had felt the need to once again belittle my career. He made it abundantly clear – yet again – that being married to a mere physician was not good enough for his daughter. It got so bad that I told him to go and fuck himself, turned around and started walking back to the mansion. Although Susan was inclined to take my side, she didn’t really have the courage to stand up to her father. She rushed after me and tried to change my mind, but I had just had about enough of his crap. I stopped, turned towards her and told her in a calm and composed tone to go ahead and spend the afternoon with her father, as we would be driving home the next morning. To my surprise, she didn’t object and simply nodded, probably realizing that her father had once again crossed the line.

And so, we parted ways. I walked back to the mansion and headed straight to our room to begin packing. In an uncanny case of impeccable timing, Chrystal suddenly showed up in the doorway, leaning against the door post, dressed in her bathing suit with her sunglasses clipped in her hair. As I was still pissed off, I ignored her and continued packing, figuring she would leave soon enough. Next time I glanced in her general direction, however, she quickly reached for her bikini top and pulled it over her tits, exposing them. Without pause, she reached for the little knot that was keeping her bikini bottoms up and undid it. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she threw both pieces of clothing to the ground.

Here I was, staring at her big tits and neatly trimmed bush again, after all that time. The seemingly lost memories all came rushing back and while my lingering anger vanished, my cock rose to attention. All right, I had time to play, I figured. I walked up to her, took out my hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. When I was right in front of her, I reached out to cup one of her tits, but she slapped my hand away. No touching, okay, I can do that, I thought. To be honest, getting my hand slapped away only made my cock harder and thicker, so I tried it again a couple of times. First, one of her tits again, then her arm and finally I tried to touch her pussy, only to get slapped away harder each time.

I sank to my knees and looked up at her as I furiously jacked off my throbbing fat cock. I may have been able to misinterpret her heavy breathing or the horny look in her eyes, but when she seductively bit her lower lip, there was no longer any doubt. The fucking bitch was actually enjoying this! She squatted down, opening her legs as wide as she could in the process and slowly reached for my crotch, briefly brushing her hand against the purple tip of my cock. As I felt her hand wrapping around my shaft, I stopped what I was doing and let go, thinking – hoping – she was going to give me a handjob. But then she moved her hand down to my balls and grabbed them, firmly, but without actually hurting me – yet. I felt like kicking myself for making such an obvious tactical mistake; even with her limited strength, she could have easily crippled me right then and there. Fearing this had all been a ruse to trick me into this vulnerable position, I was preparing for a world of hurt. She grinned, recognizing the fear in my eyes and enjoyed the absolute power she had over me.

But then, after fifteen seconds of wondering if I’d be able to walk again anytime soon, Chrystal suddenly released her grip on my balls and locked both hands behind her head, opening her mouth as wide as she could and sticking her tongue out invitingly. It was one of the most submissive acts I had ever seen! Without knowing how I was going to react, she just gave up all control, submitting to my possibly harsh revenge. I got up, gave my cock a few pumps – quickly restoring it to its former hardness – and then crammed my tip in her mouth, roughly. With her hands Bayan Escort still locked behind her head, she looked up at me and started bobbing her head up and down my hard shaft. After every few sucks, she took my erection a little deeper until she actually started gagging during each bob of the head.

The gagging noises she was producing drove me crazy and pushed me over the edge in three minutes flat. Figuring she wouldn’t mind a facial – seeing how she was blatantly submitting herself to me – I waited till the last possible moment to pull my cock out of her mouth and jack off in her face. Instead of objecting or even getting upset, she simply closed her eyes and took my goo in her stupid face like a real pro. When I was empty, I smacked my half-hard cock against her face a couple of times before stepping back and admiring the mess I had made. Chrystal picked up her bikini and stumbled out of the room, my fresh cum stinging in her eyes. So, there I was, on my knees, having just unloaded my balls, in front of my mother-in-law, the most annoying, stuck-up, egotistical bitch I knew. I hated her guts and the feeling was probably mutual, but even after two years, I still clearly lusted after her. I used some toilet paper from a nearby bathroom to clean up whatever cum I had spilled on the floor and then laid down on the bed, mulling things over.

I wondered if I was doing the right thing by leaving; after all, if I decided to stay, my wife would be very, very grateful and with my mother-in-law apparently putting out as well, I had a unique opportunity here. But before I could make that decision I had to know if this had been a onetime thing or if Chrystal was up for some more unemotional, meaningless sex. I finished packing – figuring that would make for a stronger case with my wife – and put on some loose shorts, exploring the mansion for a while until my cock was ready to go again.

I found Chrystal by the pool, topless, working on her tan. She glanced over her mystery novel as she saw me walking towards her. There was no time for subtlety, I had to make sure she’d be a willing slut if I was going to stay and put up with her jerk of a husband. I walked over to her sun tanning bed, sat down beside her and immediately put a hand on her tit, cupping it. She glanced at me briefly, but didn’t object. I wobbled her tit up and down, slowly and gently at first, but in the end quite roughly and obscenely. Still she kept reading, so far so good. I reached out with both hands and mauled her tits for a second, then grabbed both nipples between my fingers and tugged at them mildly. I felt them become erect as I pulled harder and harder. Although her face contorted with discomfort and lust – while she idly stared at her book – she still didn’t object; this was looking good!

I let go of her tits and slid one hand down to her crotch, worked my middle and index fingers into her bikini bottoms and wriggled them inside of her, fingering her wet pussy while she pretended to read. After fingering her quite roughly for a while without getting as much as a sign of acknowledgement – aside from some involuntary whimpers and moans – I smiled to myself and decided then and there that I was going to stay. I gently pulled my fingers out of her and got off the bed, undoing the knot that was holding up my shorts. As I was trying to decide which end I wanted to fuck, Chrystal surprised me by simply reaching up and sliding her hand up the right leg of my shorts, grabbing my half-hard cock and gently tugging at it. She didn’t even look up from her book; she just pulled the foreskin of my cock back and used her index finger to stimulate my exposed cock head, getting me hard in no time at all.

Once my cock was fully erect and throbbing, she pulled my shorts down and started jacking it loosely in her fist – still not taking her eyes off her book. When she had to flip a page, she put the book down on her lap, flipped the page and picked up her book again, all with her free hand. It was the most detached handjob I had ever seen. At first, I didn’t think she’d be able to finish me off, but she was surprisingly skilled! When I realized I was going to cum, I decided not to say anything; if she wanted to give me the silent treatment, I would do the same to her, I figured. Alas, she seemed to know exactly when I was cumming. Although I didn’t grunt, moan or move in any way, she moved her book up to my cock just as my cum was rushing up my fat shaft.

As she stared at my cock, she furiously jacked out my load, getting it all over the open pages of her book. To my surprise, she closed it as soon as she had squeezed out the last of my cum and got up, putting on her bikini top. As I watched her leave, I caught myself looking at her ass sashaying away from me. I stuffed my cock back into my shorts and laid down on one of the sun beds, several meters away from where she’d been sitting. With my balls drained twice in the last two hours, I drifted off to sleep very quickly.

When Escort I woke up, I looked at my watch. It was past 6pm and there was no sign of either Bill nor my wife; just Chrystal, sitting at the outdoor dinner table. Figuring Susan and her dad had decided to have dinner in town, I got up and stumbled over to the table. As my eyes focused for the first time on the dinner setting, I suddenly realized two things: one, Chrystal had already finished eating – she hadn’t even had the decency to wait for me. And two, which made me forget all about the first thing, she wasn’t wearing her bikini top anymore. Her perfect globes stared at me from across the table. I knew there was no point in trying to make conversation, so I just started filling my plate with some grilled meat and vegetables. She simply looked at me and sipped from her glass of red wine.

Suddenly, before I had even taken a bite, Chrystal got up, pulled down her bikini bottoms and walked over to my side of the table. She put her left foot on the edge of it, inches from my plate so that her trimmed cunt was now staring me in the face. I didn’t hesitate and bent my head down, pressing my face against her pussy and started licking her. The first ten to twenty seconds, all I could smell were scented oils, but once she started getting wet and her juices started flowing, her own scent started to overpower the flowery smell and my nostrils filled themselves with her pheromones. This caused me to really dive in and eat her out with even greater zeal. I licked, lapped and tongue-fucked her cunt for what seemed like ten minutes or more. Without warning, she suddenly put her foot down and walked back to her seat, pouring herself another glass of wine, clearly frustrated and in desperate need of a sexual climax. After briefly sipping from her glass, she put it down and ran both hands through her hair, clearly very horny!

After playing with her hair for a little while, her hands began to descend; first to her shoulders, then to her breasts, her tummy and finally towards her crotch. Seeing her hands caress and play with her body like that, right in front of me, aroused me immensely and gave me another huge erection. After teasing herself – and me – for several more minutes, Chrystal stuck two fingers up her twat and started fingering herself passionately, her free hand still wandering over her sensitive skin, caressing herself anywhere and everywhere. About three or four minutes later, she climbed onto the table, getting on her knees, without taking her fingers out of her pussy. Using her free hand and both knees, she cleared a path across the table, pushing a salad bowl, a bread basket, my plate, my glass and some cutlery onto the floor.

As she sat there, right on the edge of the table, as close to my seat as possible, she started masturbating feverishly, without any sign of shyness. The lust radiating from her, as well as her self-confidence – bordering on arrogance – were driving me crazy and made me eager to submit myself to her. I slid off my chair onto my knees and presented my face as close to her pussy as I could. As she looked down at me with contempt – feigned or not – I whipped out my hard cock and started jacking off in anticipation of what I was going to let her do to me. She diddled her clit and fingered her cunt for another minute or five, before convulsing and squirting right in my face, multiple times, over and over again. I am a bit ashamed to admit that this vile act made me cum harder than I had cum in a very long time. I shot several large ropes of thick cum across the terrace tiles as Chrystal soaked a large part of my face.

Because of our relative positions and the fact that I hadn’t moaned or grunted during my own climax, there was no way for her to know whether I had cum or not. Yet, as soon as her orgasm was over, she just hopped off the table, grabbed both parts of her bikini and walked off, heading inside. She just left me there, not caring whether I had derived any pleasure or relief from her little performance. After zipping up and taking my seat again, I used Chrystal’s plate and glass – after licking her twat and getting sprayed in the face by her, it seemed like a small step – as mine lay shattered on the terrace floor. It felt strange, but not unpleasant, to have dinner by myself; it was very relaxing. After finishing whatever was left of the wine and leaving everything exactly where it was – the broken glass and plate, the shattered bowl, the bread basket, the food and my cum – I got up and headed for my room, assuming one of their servants would take care of our mess.

I figured I’d talk to Susan when she got back, but apparently shooting my load three times had taken more energy out of me than I had anticipated. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head touched my pillow. When I opened my eyes the following morning, I was nearly 10am. Susan’s side of the bed had been slept in, but was empty, except for a note, saying that she was going down for breakfast and that she loved me. I smiled down at my cock, realizing this was going to be a great day. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed down the endless hallways and corridors to find my wife or the breakfast table, whichever I would come across first.

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