Inquire Within

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Author’s note: This story, while wholly self-contained, can be considered a sequel of sorts, as it references characters and events already described in its sister story, “Share and Share Alike,” available on this very site.


I’ve always knotted my ties just a tad too tightly. I wanted nothing more than to take the damn thing off already, but that’s generally not the way to pass a job interview successfully. I redoubled my efforts to ignore the chafing around my neck and focus my full attention on the interview. As far as job interviews go, this was going pretty well. Interrogating me was one Jill Croft, self-proclaimed “HR lackey”.

Jill was sexy as hell, mid-20s, with big brown eyes behind black-framed glasses. Chocolate brown hair settled on her shoulders, framing a shyly pretty face. A slim line of cleavage peeked out of her dress, hinting at the perfect C-cups nestled just out of sight. She was perfectly professional but I thought I was detecting a bit of veiled flirting going on. Smart enough to know better, I stayed on my best behavior, knowing that it was very likely part of the interview, designed to catch potential HR nightmares before they were hired. Still, we passed a bit of pleasant banter in between the usual questions, and I left the interview with a genuine smile on my face.

As I walked out of the office building however, reality snuck back in and I tried to ignore the growing knot of frustration in my stomach. I’d been out of college since late May, and having taken the summer off for one last bit of fun, I had hit the pavement hard in my search for full-time gainful employment. I was still living out of my folks’ house in my small hometown, so any worthwhile job opportunities required a drive to one of the relatively nearby cities.

I found my car in the parking lot outside the office building, and sat inside, letting out a sigh as I plopped myself on the driver’s seat, rethinking my choice of major for, well, let’s just say not the first time ever. I turned the key in the ignition, buckled my seatbelt, and drove off. With a reasonably long highway drive ahead of me, my mind wandered as I settled into auto-pilot.

As it often does, my mind wandered to sex. The old adage of “the more you have it, the more you want it” certainly rang true for me. The problem was that it hadn’t been with women. Sexy Jill had reminded me of what I’d been missing. I imagined what those pale breasts looked like freed from the dress’s confines, how her nipples would react to my fingers and suckling kisses. In my mind, I could taste her pussy as my tongue flicked between the lips; I could feel the same lips parting wetly as my rigid cock sunk head first into her… I sighed. Dress slacks do not hide a boner well and I was sporting one pretty fierce. It was going to be a long drive home.

Not that I had been entirely celibate. Being bisexual allows for double the fun, as they say. Beginning with my adventure with Max and Steve at the Masonic Lodge, I’d had a pretty active summer so far. I had been seeing quite a bit of both of them; occasionally the three of us would meet up for a repeat of that fateful afternoon (usually after a round of golf), but usually I would see them separately. In general I might see Max once a week. He’d text or shoot me an IM if he saw me online, and we’d meet up at the Lodge if it was unoccupied, or have a quick hookup behind the dark tinted windows in the back seat of his SUV. He’d have his long uncut cock out before the doors were barely closed, already at attention, and I’d get right to work on slurping a load out while he moaned quietly, happy to sit back and let me service him as I saw fit.

Steve, on the other hand, was a different animal. For one, he would not mess around in a car. Dominant by nature, he demanded a thorough servicing, however long it took, so our encounters took place almost entirely in the safety of the Lodge, save once when his wife was away for a few days. Frankly, I had come to prefer my encounters with Steve over those with Max. While Max’s long nine-incher was nice, Steve’s thick seven inches and bulbous head provided the perfect cock for sucking. Also, even though I’m more on the dominant side with women, I prefer the submissive role with men, so Steve’s more aggressive nature suited me more than Max’s passive attitude. Something I liked about Steve was that in public, we were equals and friends. Once we were behind closed doors however, I was simply “cocksucker”, a dichotomy that turned me on to no end.

Now, what Steve didn’t know -and I prayed he never found out- was that earlier in the summer I had fucked his daughter. Haley was 20 years old, and took after her mother physically, being quite slim and pretty. Generally, I like my women a bit thicker, but I’m never one to pass up an opportunity.

Steve had introduced me to her as one of his new golf buddies, as of course, no one could know about our secret encounters. The few times I had met her we had chatted casually, and I could tell she thought I was cute, although clearly she was off limits being Steve’s daughter. I did think she was cute as well, though. She seemed shy, but as casino siteleri I would soon find out, she had just a touch of a wild side.

One night, we ran into each other at a party thrown by a friend of mine. I’m assuming she came as someone else’s guest since I was fairly certain we didn’t run in the same circles. We chatted and drank together for much of the party; it was clear that she didn’t know too many other people. She became more flirtatious as the night wore on, and I became increasingly bolder as the beers added up. It wasn’t long before we were in the middle of a heated make out session, our tongues intertwined while my hands found their way up under her bra to squeeze her small perky tits. Not to be outdone, one of her own hands had found its way to the growing hardness in my jeans, and with that it was time to find more private accommodations.

I led her to my car which was parked off street nearby, but enough away from any streetlights to provide some measure of privacy. Once the doors were locked and interior lights off, it was only a moment before my pants were off and she was gobbling hungrily on my stiff six inches. It was clearly not her first time, as she worked my rod with abandon, taking me to the hilt with each bob of her head. I wondered briefly what she would think if she knew that I had been swallowing her father’s cock with the same gusto for weeks prior.

As great as her cocksucking skills were, I needed pussy. I pulled my engorged dick out of her mouth and reached for my wallet to retrieve the rubber I had inserted earlier that evening, just in case. Thankful that I had found a use for it, I tore open the wrapper and unrolled it down over my raging hardon. Meanwhile, she had stripped completely, the nipples on her tiny tits hard as glass in the moonlight. Neither one of us being particularly tall, it was reasonably comfortable to lay down in the back seat, her below me as I spread her thighs and slipped my condom-covered cock into her. Her eager snatch was wonderfully tight, but so wet that my cock had little trouble working its way deep. I fucked her missionary for a bit, slow at first, savoring the long strokes, watching as my rod disappeared into her hot quim with each pump. She moaned as I leaned closer to lick and suck her sensitive breasts. Shortly, she motioned me to stop for a moment, as she turned over and breathed, “fuck me doggy”, and I gladly obliged. I gripped her hips and enjoyed the view as my cock slid back into her pussy, even tighter now with the change in position. Now I fucked her hard, her moans and squeals encouragement as my balls slapped satisfyingly against her thighs with each thrust. As best I could in the cramped quarters of the back seat, I reached around to diddle her clit with a finger while my cock continued to drill deep. She couldn’t take much of that, and I soon heard her squeals intensify and felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm shuddered through her body. I slowed my pounding just a moment while she caught her breath before resuming. As I finally began to feel the urge to come growing, I took a chance and told her I wanted to cum in her mouth. To my surprise, she turned over and pulled the rubber off my throbbing cock, taking it back in her mouth with the same eagerness as before. A mere moment later I was in ecstasy as she swallowed my milky seed as I unloaded several spurts down her throat.

We spent the next few moments gathering our clothing and ourselves. We talked, and agreed that it was probably for the best to keep this a one-time thing. We both knew Steve could never know. After, we walked back to the party to sober up a little before heading home. On the few occasions we ran into each other afterward, it was always friendly and cordial, and I soon figured the secret was safe forever.


By the time I got home from the interview, I was beyond frustrated. Still fantasizing about HR Jill, and now reminiscing about my time with Haley as well, I masturbated in my bedroom, hoping to finally reduce the stress. A few quick strokes was all it took to unleash a hot spray of jizz onto my stomach. As I cleaned up, I realized that I was still horny and frustrated as hell. I wanted a woman, but I had no immediate options there. I checked my phone; no messages from either Max or Steve. It was early enough so I sent Steve a message; maybe being a submissive cocksucker for an hour or so would get my mind off things.

Both men I was servicing needed to be discreet, so our messages always began innocently enough. Ten minutes passed with no reply to my “hey what’s up?”.

Finally, my phone buzzed.

“Not much,” came Steve’s reply. He must have been alone because it was followed by, “you craving this fat dick, cocksucker?”

“Yeah, bad. Lodge?”

“Sure, should be clear. 30 minutes.”

A half hour later, we were inside the Lodge. Being a senior member, Steve actually had a small office there, which provided us an extra level of privacy and security. With the door closed and locked behind us, we were free to get down to it. When it was just him and I, Steve preferred me to be naked when I sucked his cock, so I stripped down. He remained clothed, slot oyna other than the obvious items that needed to be removed to access his dick and balls. He felt that me being nude while he remained mostly clothed increased his sense of control during our sessions. It also helped with one other aspect. The past few times we had gotten together privately, Steve had been trying something new. Near the end of our session, he would have me stop sucking and instead have me apply lube to his cock. He would then straddle me from behind while he slid his slippery cock in between the cheeks of my ass. While I found this strangely enjoyable as well, I was nervous that one day my cheeks wouldn’t be enough and he would demand my hole. I had never taken a real cock anally, wasn’t even sure I wanted to, and to be frank, his thickness was concerning if he decided to go that route.

So far, this encounter was beginning as normal. Steve sat legs akimbo on the office chair he had pulled out from behind the desk. He had taken his jeans and underwear off already, his heavy nuts resting on the seat cushion as his still mostly flaccid penis draped itself lazily over them. Eagerly, I positioned myself on my knees between his legs and took the spongy head of his meaty cock into my mouth. I sucked hard, then let it out with a *pop*. I repeated this a few times, and like clockwork he began to swell. Back in my mouth, I bobbed up and down, taking the length of him each time.

“Yeahhh, cocksucker,” he said. “You were hungry for it weren’t you? That’s good, ’cause I got four days’ worth of cum for you.”

I responded by bobbing even more eagerly on his stiffening member. Steve was a visual man, and always preferred to empty his nuts where he could see the fruits of his labor. If he didn’t spend his seed across my back and bottom, he would have me turn around for a facial. Even on the occasions where he would have me finish him with my mouth, he would always pull back so he could watch as the cum shot from his cock into my open mouth as I swallowed it down.

I stopped for a second to admire my handiwork, stroking the magnificent piece before me. Rigid now and slick with spit, the round head like a purple plum topping the thick veiny shaft. I slapped the glistening knob on my tongue several times -one of Steve’s favorite moves- before plunging back down hungrily.

Steve couldn’t help but notice my zeal. Hell, I was surprising even myself. Not for the first time, I thought, bisexuality is a weird thing.

“Fuuuck, you’re sucking that dick so good. You’re gonna get this week’s and next week’s load right now if you keep that up! Get up now, you know what to do.”

I did know. Obediently, I got up off my knees and switched places with Steve. Me sitting in the chair, him standing in front of me, his wet rigid pecker bobbing inches from my face. Back into my mouth it went, this time Steve holding my head as his hips thrust back and forth, fucking my face. This was Steve’s specialty; he had just the right speed, rhythm, and force to satisfy his own needs while still keeping his cocksucker from choking on his pumping wood. I could tell he was starting to get close, which meant it was almost time to work on his balls. Steve never blew his load the first time he got close; he liked to be edged two or even three times, guaranteeing a massive load of hot cum for the receiver.

As much as Steve’s thick cock was impressive, his balls were no slouch either. They were easily the biggest I’d ever seen, as big as eggs, and he loved having them sucked and fondled. I gladly obliged, feeling them hot and heavy on my tongue. I was always impressed at the sheer volume of cum those massive lugs could produce, and I had a feeling they were going to outdo themselves tonight. Once my attention to his balls had allowed his cock to cool down enough, he resumed his face fucking. I heard his breath start to quicken again, and I assumed I was about to get painted, but instead he pulled out. His cockhead was deep purple, throbbing. It looked as though the slightest touch would trigger the gusher of semen it so clearly wanted to release. I looked up, not sure how to proceed.

“Not yet, cocksucker,” Steve smiled. “Whew, that was real close though! That hot mouth of yours is something else tonight! But, I still want to do our new thing. Turn around now.”

Oh boy. The new thing. I wondered if this was the night he finally decided to take my ass. I lay down on the floor, ass up. I heard Steve open the desk drawer where he kept the lube, and then the wet sounds as he greased up his manhood. Next I felt his hands gripping my ass, and his hardness slipping in between my cheeks. Strangely, I imagined my own cock doing the same, although it was Jill’s ample tits it was slipping between. Steve continued to pump away, and my mind wandered to more thoughts of Jill.

My reverie was broken when I felt Steve hands gripping my cheeks tighter, spreading them slightly apart. I felt the bulbous head of his cock poking experimentally at my back door. I froze, unsure what to do. Honestly, I was mildly curious. In the past, I had experimented on my myself with a small dildo, but this was the real canlı casino siteleri deal. Part of me hoped he would finally go for it; part of me was scared shitless.

“Ohhhh fuuuuck, cocksucker. Look at that tight fuckin’ hole,” he breathed. His slippery cock continued to make circles around my puckered hole. “What do you think about that? You want this big cock up that ass?”

“I don’t know, Steve,” I said nervously. “I’m a little scared.”

“Well now,” he said. “The thing is, I know about you fucking my daughter. So, the way I see it, your ass is mine by rights.”

Fuck. He had me, literally bent over a barrel. I was caught red-handed and vulnerable. Naked, guilty as charged, what other choice did I have but to submit to this strong man and his needy cock? I also knew that once I gave up my ass, he would consider it his and use it for his pleasure just as often as he currently used my mouth. On the other hand, I was reasonably sure that if I did refuse, Steve would probably back off. For all his gruff talk and actions, it was mostly a charade that Steve liked to play and I was generally a willing partner. I decided then to pay my comeuppance for my dalliance with his daughter and let him have my virgin ass. I responded wordlessly, signaling my acceptance by assuming a more fitting position: face down, ass up in the air, open and exposed for his use.

“That’s what I thought, cocksucker. You fucked my daughter, now I’m gonna fuck you!”

As I lay there bent over, I heard the sounds of him unwrapping a condom and slipping it on. I was thankful for this. Even though I knew he was free of any diseases, I was concerned about hygiene in case he wanted my mouth again afterward. Ass-to-mouth is not one of my turn-ons, so it was good to know I’d be able to remove the rubber before sucking him again.

I heard the wet sounds of lube being applied again, and then I felt the return of his probing helmet against my hole. It was slick with gel, but he quickly realized he wasn’t getting inside just yet. Another squeeze of lube and I felt his fingers sliding between my cheeks, rubbing against my pucker. Slowly, he worked his index finger inside as I gasped. He pushed deeper and deeper still until my sphincter finally accepted his exploring digit. He slid it back and forth as I moaned quietly. I had to admit, it felt good. A few more moments and he attempted a second finger. It was tolerable but I already felt full. How was I going to take his thick cock? I got nervous again and felt myself clenching up around his fingers as they danced inside me. I forced myself to relax again, reflecting upon the memories of my time with Steve’s daughter that got me into this mess in the first place.

Feeling I was sufficiently warmed up, Steve withdrew his fingers and I once again felt his rigid dick up against my asshole. This time, it began to slide inside as he pushed, slowly but surely. I gasped. It hurt, but it was tolerable, and by this time I wanted his hot fuckstick inside me as much as he wanted to put it there. I took a deep breath and steeled myself as his thick slippery sausage inched deeper and deeper, ever so slowly. He was stopped only briefly at my inner sphincter. A few more insistent yet gentle pushes and finally, he was in. He started to pump, slowly at first but gradually picking up pace to a steady rhythm. Strong hands gripped either side of me as he thrust, grunting each time his heavy balls slapped against me.

Steve was clearly enjoying himself. “Oh shit, cocksucker, your ass feels so fuckin’ good. You like getting fucked by this big dick?”

I could barely find the breath to respond, but my own rock-hard member betrayed me. I could feel it swinging underneath in time with his thrusts; a thin rope of precum oozed continuously from my own cockhead onto the floor as his pumping rod pummeled my prostate.

Steve must have noticed my erection. “Ha! Yeah you do like getting fucked like a bitch, don’t you?” He picked up the pace, his deep thrusts sending waves of sensation throughout my body, both pleasurable and slightly painful.

I have no idea how long he fucked me there in the office. It could have been five minutes or five hours, but just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he finally pulled out. As I suspected, he wanted my mouth to finish the job. The rubber was torn off and tossed aside as he slipped his cock into my open mouth. Back on familiar ground, I knew exactly what to do. My warm tongue worked the sensitive underbelly of his thick cock as it fucked my face. His grunts became more insistent as his breathing quickened until his tortured cock and heavy nuts were finally allowed to release their payload. Knowing he liked to see the fruits of his labor, I pulled back just as the first volley exploded from his swollen purple head; I felt the heat on my face as it splattered across my nose. Quickly, I used my hand to redirect his cock, the head just touching my lower lip so he could watch as the familiar taste of his hot cum splashed across my waiting tongue. He moaned as spurt after spurt erupted from his meaty dick, the most volume I had ever seen before or since. Soon though, it was over. I nursed the last remaining drops from his still engorged but softening cock, sucking gently on the bulbous head. He shuddered from the post-orgasm sensitivity as my tongue coaxed out the stubborn remnants of his ejaculate.

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