Ixchel Ch. 07

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Cheryl naturally woke around 8:15. What was it that allowed her to sleep in later down here? Back in Dayton she rose almost religiously by 6:30, so she could plan her day out before it started. Here, of course, the only planning necessary was what she was going to wear, and it didn’t take a lot of thought! She opened the window to hear the sounds of birds and people talking.

As she performed her toilet, she thought about the chamber she was staying in. She’d reserved a rather inexpensive room, since then she’d been in three others: Wes & Pat’s, which was only a little better appointed than hers, but it did have a view of the sea, Steve and Alexis’ were in the swim-up suite, and then the wonderful overwater bungalow. If she ever returned here would she want to upgrade her room? Was it really necessary? Not really, she had access to all of the resort, and she’d not spent any time at all in the room. Okay, that first day she’d brought Wes over here, but he wasn’t interested in the view, only the bed. She smiled delightfully at the memory.

Maybe, if she came here with a guy, someone who was into these things. Yeah, if it happened a better suite would be nice. And good lord, she had the money, thanks to the two-timer she was once married to.

Dressed, which meant only bikini bottoms, cover up and sandals – would she ever get used to wearing a bra again? – she headed out the door, only to find a laundry bag with last night’s clothes in it on the step. “We had such a good time!” said the scrawl on the outside of the bag. How thoughtful!

Cheryl headed for the breakfast buffet, found a small table by the hedge separating the restaurant from the lawn. She was getting used to the stares of the other people, a single woman in this environment might as well have a flashing sign! As appropriate, she either ignored them or smiled winsomely, wondering if they were wondering if they were invited to introduce themselves, and possibly more. She’d have to develop this skill, particularly if she ever decided to visit a swing club back in Ohio.

Half a grapefruit, toast, she splurged with an omelette today. After all, she was on vacation, right? She was just pouring herself another cup of coffee when she heard, “Cheryl!”

“Hey, Wes, how are you? Come join me.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” He was dressed in swimtrunks and a t-shirt, it took him a couple moments to go around and enter the buffet, grab coffee and a danish. “So what are you up to today?”

“Haven’t a clue,” Cheryl said, “I’m sure I’ll find something. What are you and Pat doing?”

“She always wanted to try rock-climbing, there’s a class. I’m going to take a sail. You seemed to enjoy it the other day, want to join me?”

“Sure, why not?” They left the eatery, walked together to the water sports area. In the bright light of day, there was only a faint glow of erotic desire, the kind that never quite leaves a woman and man who are attracted to each other. But neither of them had designs in the gleaming morning, it was just a slow burn. They threw their non-essentials into a locker, they took the boat out clothed only in trunks and bottoms.

Once out of the lee of the land, the breeze skipped them like a stone over the bay, when Wes found she liked it he pointed the craft directly into the incoming Antalya Escort waves. “I was in an earthquake once,” Cheryl said, “this is sort of the same motion.”

As they sailed, Wes asked, “You’ve been enjoying yourself down here?”

“Quite a bit.” She gave a mischievous grin alerting Wes she hadn’t spent the nights with a book.

“That first afternoon, you were kind of nervous.”

“But I was willing, wasn’t I?” Cheryl laughed, not an iota of chagrin in her demeanor.

Wes smiled back. “You said you were looking to expand your horizons, I assume you’ve accomplished your mission. What have you learned?”

Cheryl thought. “Well, for starters, I always thought swingers were all beautiful people and were snooty. Believe it or not, I was worried I wouldn’t fit in. I haven’t had that problem at all, most of the people I’ve met down here are very nice. You and Pat right up at the top, I might add.”

“Thank you!”

“Another thing I’ve learned is I like girls. You know Pat was the first girl who ever touched me. And last night I met a couple and the woman and I had a great time.” By now, she knew her face was flushed and her nipples hard, a little from embarrassment, more from the remembrance of Alexis’ and Pat’s attentions.

“Let’s see, what else have I learned? Nothing, I guess. Well, maybe. Just coming down here has opened my eyes. I’d like to continue in group sex when I get home, but it’s going to be difficult.”

“Why?” Wes asked.

“Well, my ex-husband was a business owner and we were very active socially. I got kicked out of the country club, they don’t want divorced wives hanging around and tempting the husbands, but I’m still a member of a downtown club. I’m on the board of three charities, I play bridge, all of the social scene. Can you imagine what would happen if I was at an orgy some night and somebody I knew saw me?”

They both laughed at the notion. “Well, there’s ways to find people for small gatherings that are pretty anonymous until you actually hook up. Pat and I have similar problems, if you want, we can help you. And you probably don’t want to go to a swing club right in Dayton. Do they have any in Dayton?”

“I have no idea.”

“But I’m sure they’ve got them in Cincinnati and Columbus. So let’s suppose you go one night. Probably, no one will be there you know.”

“But what if there is?” Cheryl asked.

“Pat and I have probably been to clubs a few dozen times. We only bumped into people we knew once.”

“What happened?”

“It was a former boss of Pat’s, it was early yet, she was still clothed, more or less. She skittered away from them and told me. A little later he and his wife came over, said hello. And that was that. You know, most people at clubs don’t want to be outted any more than you do. It’s not much of a problem. But I understand your concern.”

Suddenly, the clouds over the adjoining headlands turned dark, the wind whipped up. Try as he might, Wes couldn’t get the cat to head in the right direction, the boat flipped.

Both of them were swept off the port side, Wes helped Cheryl grab on to a line hanging off the capsized dinghy, for not more than three minutes they were deluged by thick raindrops pouring madly from the cloud. Cheryl was frankly fearful, Antalya Escort Bayan the closeness of Wes and his apparent calmness soothed her.

As quickly as it started, the sky cleared, they were bathed in sunlight. “How do we get out of this?” Cheryl asked.

“No problem. If I worked real hard, I could probably get the boat righted. These sunfish are just meant for toddling around, they’re not very weather proof. But the resort staff is watching us from the shore, they’ll send a motor boat out. This has happened to me before.”

Wes didn’t seem worried, so Cheryl didn’t either. Instead, she realized the side of her breast was poking into Wes’s chest, in other circumstances it might lead to something more, but Cheryl was concerned about holding onto the rope, and her unstated – and unwarranted – fear of sharks. After awhile, it actually became a little fun, floating in the water four hundred yards from shore. Soon enough, a speedboat came by, the deckhands easily got the cat upright, Cheryl and Wes were invited aboard the motorized vessel while one of the guys sailed their boat back to shore.

The two went to the main pool, took a dip, approached the swim up bar for the first drink of the day. “To being immersed!” Wes toasted, Cheryl wondered if it was a double entendre. They found lounge chairs, slathered each other with oil, were relaxing when Pat found them. “Oh, it was great!” she exclaimed, “I only fell three or four times, and I finally made it up to the top. Fifty feet!”

They were hungry and decided to order lunch. While they were eating at a pool-side table, Jacki and Russ came by. “Oh, hi!” They were introduced to Wes and Pat, a few words of chatter passed. “Hey, I was hoping we’d bump into you. We’re having a soiree at our place tonight, we got the resort to cater a buffet, the chef is going to be grilling sea bass and steaks. You should come by!”

“Sure,” Cheryl agreed, “what time?”

“Oh, anytime after eight. Who knows how long it will last? And if you know anybody else, invite them along too. You’re coming, aren’t you?” The last was directed at Wes and Pat. “We’re in the overwater bungalows, room 7. Right at the very end of the pier.”

“Sure, we’d love it.”

As they strolled away, Pat said, “Down, rover, she wasn’t that good looking.”

This was apparently a routine the couple had developed. “Damn if she wasn’t. Look at those legs. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t like a shot at Russ.”

Cheryl slyly inserted herself into the mix. “He’s pretty good!”

“Oh, really!” Pat yawped. “Kiss and tell. Come on, girl.”

Cheryl gave the abridged version of how she’d met the group over dinner then headed back to their place for a swim. She explained the mystery of Jacki and her two husbands.

“Damn right we’re going over there!” Pat said. “Tell you what, why don’t we pick you up around 8:15.”

“No, I’ll come over your way, it’s closer to the pier. And listen, I may bring another couple with us. That won’t bother you, will it?”

“Of course not! Girl, you been busy.”

Sometime later, Cheryl was alone, Wes and Pat had plans for the afternoon. After she’d swung by Steve & Alexis’ room and found they weren’t in, she dropped a message in their voicemail. “Hey, there’s a party tonight, Escort Antalya you’re invited. Call me if you’re interested.”

It still wasn’t even 3:00, she headed out, swam a bit in the pool, had another drink, got into a volleyball game. One partner in particular seemed attracted to her, he softly bumped into her a little more than was required, patted her fanny suggestively when she made a good shot. She probably would have been interested, but she was running out of time. Ah, well.

It was after dark, she was blowdrying her hair, the phone rang, it was Alexis. “Hi, we got your message. We rented a car and driver, took a tour of the island.”

“No problem. Hey, listen, there’s this party tonight at an overwater bungalow, I know the people, they said to invite you. Want to come?”

“Oh, we’re bushed. When does it start?”

“In about an hour, but it’s a buffet. Come whenever you want.”

“Okay, we’ll try to make it. We’ll probably be a little late.”

Just after Cheryl stepped out of the preparatory shower, she heard a knock on the door. “Who’s there?”

“It’s Pat.”

“Is Wes with you?”

“No, I’m alone.”

Cheryl wrapped herself in a towel, let Pat come in. “Wow, you’re a knockout!” she complimented.

Pat was wearing a black skirt, short and with a slit up the front. When she sat, the slit nearly reached the important stuff. But the kicker was her blouse, a wide net of silvery hue hiding nothing of Pat’s charms. In fact, her nipples poked through the mesh.

“Listen, I just wanted to make sure you’re up for this.” Pat worried.

“Up for what?”

“Well, I suspect this is going to be a full out orgy. I imagine there will be a lot of sex, if you want to engage in it you might not know the person you’re with. Or persons, if you know what I mean. Do you think you want to get into that scene?”

“Wednesday morning, I might have said I wasn’t sure. Now, well, yeah! I guess. Does it mean I have to do anything anyone else wants?” Cheryl grinned. “That’s not necessarily a deal breaker, you understand.”

Pat laughed with her, anticipating the revelry. “No. In fact, you might want to pace yourself. If you don’t keep your wits about you, it can get pretty fast and furious. I got real drunk one night at a thing like this, and there was pot around too, and I did a couple of things I’m still not real proud of. I don’t want to see you make the same mistake.”

Cheryl was making herself up in the mirror, the girls continued to talk. “So, what’s your advice?”

“Keep your head, don’t do anything you don’t want to, and have somebody watching out for you. Wes and I will be happy to be your chaperones, if you want.”

“Okay, mom,” Cheryl giggled, “do I have to drink Diet Pepsi all night?”

“Do whatever you want to. If you decide you don’t want to do something, or there’s someone you don’t want to do it with, just say no. You might have to be firm, you might even have to raise your voice. But say it. And if you’re in trouble, find Wes or I. Or catch our eye – we’ll be watching, although we’ll have our own fun – and give us a thumbs down.”

“Sounds good.”

“So, what are you wearing?” Pat asked, rummaging through closet. They jointly decided on a black dress that fitted Cheryl’s form softly, yet showed all her curves. It was decorated with large pink tropical flowers and dark palm fronds. Her shoulders were bare underneath thin straps, other than stud earrings, she wore no jewelry. “It’ll just get lost,” Pat advised.

Then, they left the room, eager to meet their doom.

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