Janie Meets Kelly

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I had an idea that I am a bisexual since a fairly young age. In high school, I remember sneaking glances of the beautiful women in my father’s Playboy magazines. I felt that what I was doing was wrong somehow—even though I could not explain the guilt—but I couldn’t help myself. Blonde women were especially attractive to me. As a late teen, I was insecure, chubby, and shy. Most of the time I would check-out my girlfriends without them knowing, stealing glances in the showers of the high school gym. By the time I entered college I was far from a virgin when it came to men, however lesbian lust was something I shared with my porno mags, not yet with an actual flesh-and-blood female.

Although I regularly dated men and enjoyed straight sex whole-heartedly, I knew I was missing something in my sex life. Actually, a majority of my friends were men, as women confused me. Just the mere thought of kissing another woman made me blush profusely. When I found myself in a room with an attractive woman, I became very shy and anxious. Men on the other hand, were easy to read, easy to flirt with, and easy to please. Plus men were always hitting on me, never women (at least not to my knowledge).

Even though I dated the football center at my university, other men were always eying me or acting flirty. At 20 years of age I had finally bloomed; I dyed my shoulder-length hair jet black which made my green eyes stand out. Plus, I lost weight without my mom’s cooking. I am feminine but not prissy. I have large 36D tits and stand about five-foot-seven-inches. My style at the time was somewhat punk-rocker and I was into the local college music scene.

I had a string of college crushes involving girls; one was a red-head named Teagan who played for the university softball team. She was smart, confident, with large breasts and an infectious laugh. I remember shopping with her for my very first vibrator (and wishing I could use it on her!). But I was too shy to make a move on Teagan, and maybe she was too straight to make a move on me. Either way, I needed a dominant woman who could seduce me because I was entirely too timid to risk ruining a friendship by kissing a girl.

One Friday night, my boyfriend Al invited me to a football party with his friends. Al’s best friend Randall was a football player as well and just so happened to be Teagan’s boyfriend. We had a few other friends with us: James, John, and Teagan’s cousin Kelly. We all piled into Randall’s hideous brown Astrovan and took off to buy the beer and find the party. I knew everyone well except Kelly since she was from out of town and attended our rival college to the east.

It was dark when we I climbed into the van; consequently I didn’t get to see Kelly until we all emerged from the van at our destination, although I shook her hand in the darkness. She seemed nice and only muttered a soft “Howdy.”

My company was rowdy and obnoxious, and as we exited the van the boys were hooted at by their fellow teammates. They left to engage in some high-fives and beer bongs. Teagan was also pulled into her circle of softball girls which left Kelly and I alone to get to know each other better.

It was only then that I realized her style—she was sort-of a cowgirl. Kelly wore really tight jeans that hugged her slim thighs. They were tucked into cowboy boots and her tank top bushed the top of a rather large belt buckle. Kelly wore her hair long; it was board-straight, the color of wheat fields. Her eyes were hazel-brown. I noted that her pink tank-top showed off her toned arms and medium-sized tits quite nicely. Her ass was her best feature though, by far.

My new friend and I stayed outside in the backyard of this house, away from the party crowd. She seemed a bit self-conscious, especially since she didn’t know anyone at the party. By her body language and the way she spoke, I could tell she was irked that her cousin Teagan abandoned her at a party where she didn’t know anyone. She smiled frequently at me as she puffed away at a Marlboro.

“I just don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck with me,” she apologized. I didn’t care about that. It’s not like I was popular, played sports, and had infinite friends. Most of the people at the party were just my acquaintances anyway; my true friends were probably out getting high in the woods. I didn’t mind getting stuck with Kelly.

Kelly had a bottle of red wine that we passed back and forth as we stood under a tree. I had never gotten drunk off red wine before. To be honest, I had never conversed with anyone quite like Kelly. The members of my social circle were busy wearing baggy clothes and getting metal rings pierced into their faces. I was intrigued by her, and we discovered we had a lot in common despite our differences in style. Her shyness abated and our conversation turned into more of a playful banter, almost like teasing. If I had been a little wiser to the ways of lesbian women, I would have known she was flirting with me. But I was naive to her hints. For example, she told me she had a boyfriend back home but poker oyna then continued to man-bash him throughout the night. It made me laugh because many of the issues she had with her boyfriend were similar to what I experienced with Al.

To my delight, Kelly had a great sense of humor. We started making fun of some of the idiots at the party. In our tipsy state, the giggling escalated until we were hanging on each other, dizzy with glee. She pulled me close to right herself as she stumbled. Did she loose her balance or was she just trying to find an excuse to touch me? People looking on probably thought we had been friends all our lives, not that we had only met a few hours before.

We were squealing with laughter and hugging on each other so much that some random jock came over to see what was happening.

“You two gonna kiss or something?” He asked us, sounding hopeful. Kelly unleashed some profanity on him until he walked away defeated. She just pulled me closer, laughing.

It was like I was having an out-of-body experience, I was so happy. The feeling was partly due to the fact that I was tipsy, but mostly it was because of the unbelievably sexy woman hanging on me and flirting with me. My heart was pounding double-time and I felt a fluttering in the pit of my stomach. My panties became wet too. She was so sensual, it was difficult not to think about touching her in a sexual way.

Kelly caught me looking into her eyes, and I quickly tried to hide the lust behind my stare. Kelly pulled me closer and it seemed like she wanted to ask me something but instead she turned away.

“Come with me to the bathroom,” she said flatly. She didn’t pose it as a question. I just walked behind her like a puppy following its new master. My heart was racing in my chest. Maybe I could quickly frig myself off in the bathroom.

There was a line for the bathroom, of course, but when it was her turn Kelly grabbed my hand and pulled me inside with her. Girls visit the bathroom together like this all the time, but I still felt my cheeks burning red as she undid her belt and fly. I pretended I wasn’t interested in watching her and checked my make-up in the mirror as I stole glances of her bright blue thong. The bathroom was cramped and smelled musty. She talked to me while sitting on the pot, but her voice sounded far away. I was nervous.

“Men are so lame,” she said. “I bet if any man at this party saw us come in here together he’d think we were fuckin’.”

I couldn’t look at her face. But as she wiped and stood up, she turned her back to me. In the small dirty mirror above the sink I saw the denim slide up over her ass—the nicest ass I had seen in a long while. Plus, she had a large tattoo on one butt cheek, of what I couldn’t make out.

“Was that a tattoo?” I exclaimed innocently. Maybe she would let me see her sexy ass again in an effort to show off the ink.

“Oh yeah,” she purred and lowered the denim again. “I’ve had it a few years now and I think it needs a touch-up.” But I wasn’t really looking at the artwork, just the tan of her skin. I guess our rival school does get more sunny weather being inland while we are lost in the coastal fog. My mouth started salivating as I imagined my tongue swabbing over the smooth soft flesh of her cheek. She even had a thong tan line, so I knew the tan was real. My pussy ached in response to my ogling of her body.

“It looks hot,” I heard myself say. Wow, did that sound gay I wondered? Kelly just smiled at me as she zipped up and turned around. Her hair fell around her shoulders and she looked seductive.

“Well, I like the diamond in your nose; it looks feminine yet tough. I like your style Janie. You probably think I am a hick or something,” she smiled.

“Actually, you’ve inspired me to get a pair of cowboy boots,” I said with a giggle. She responded with a melodic giggled of her own.

We left the bathroom arm-in-arm and ran smack into Al and Randall. They were drunk off their asses, but lit up when they recognized us. I noticed Al gave me a slightly suspicious, puzzled look. He knew about my sexuality, but the rest of the world had no clue.

“Where’s Teagan?” Randall asked. Kelly and I shrugged in unison.

“You two getting freaky in the ladies room, or what?” Al quipped. Kelly shot me a knowing look as if to say, see, I told you men are lame! I just snickered.

“Sooooo, I dare you two to kiss,” Randall leered. Al seemed a bit uncomfortable at his friend’s suggestion. I knew he was insecure about my “thing for other women” as he called it. But in front of his best friend, he didn’t want to seem like a wuss.

“Is that a double dog dare?” Kelly smirked.

“Yes it is, Kel,” Randall coaxed.

“Yeah, this is a PAR-TAY!” Al hooted, hoping the loud display of his would attract enough attention to keep me from kissing my new friend in front of on-lookers. I hesitated but Kelly moved in.

Kelly pulled me close and we French kissed before I knew what hit me. Her small pink tongue curled into my mouth as I parted canlı poker oyna my lips for her. She held me around my waist and my large chest rubbed against her small one. Her height forced me to turn my head up, but that is something that I am used to. It felt comfortable and her saliva tasted like red wine and cloves. I wanted it to go on forever; I was intoxicated with her scent, tobacco and vanilla. The guys around us just hollered and cheered. Even Al didn’t seem too upset. Their yells brought me out of the spell Kelly had on me, and I caught myself as she pulled away. Kelly cursed at their display, calling them “dumb jocks” in jest with a smile on her face. I was in a daze and could not say anything.

The boys left to do some free-style on the mic. Kelly and I made our way back to the spot outback under the tree.

I moved close to her; my chest felt like it couldn’t contain my heart any longer. Or is that what was stuck in my throat, my heart?

Probably because I was slightly drunk and feeling bold, I just flat out asked her, “Have you been with a woman before?” There was a silence and Kelly gave me a knowing look. She did not say a word, just moved her hands up to my heaving breasts which were labored with my ragged breath. My nipples were on fire! They popped out against the thin cotton T-shirt I was wearing. She didn’t pinch them, just sort of rubbed in small circles as I melted into her.

This was the first time another female had touched my breasts in such a manner. I could barely breathe. She pushed me back against the tree and kissed me again, long and deep. My mind was swimming with thoughts—naughty thoughts—but I was unable to form them into words. I hugged her tightly to me and reached my hands around to cup her ass cheeks. Damn, I had wanted to touch her ass all night long!

I moaned into her mouth as she dipped her tongue deeper into me. It felt different from how Al kissed me. It was softer and she tasted sweeter. Her skin was incredibly smooth as we rubbed our upper arms together in embrace. Our breasts pushed together.

“You are one beautiful girl, Janie,” she whispered to me. I could tell she was hesitant though. She glanced around a bit. “I just don’t want Teagan to see us,” she didn’t look me in the eye. I couldn’t care less if anyone saw us; I wanted her so badly.

“Please be my first, Kelly,” I was almost begging.

“It’s your first?” she asked, raising an eyebrow in interest.

“Yes, but I really want it—want you,” I confessed. I still had my hands on her butt.

She took me by the hand and led me into the house. At first I thought we would return to the bathroom again so I could eat her out while she sat on the edge of the bathtub. My pussy throbbed at the thought of that. Instead, she took me down the hall. My mind raced. Where were we going? She opened a door at the end of the hall that had a large hand-written note attached: DO NOT ENTER PLEASE.

It was very dimly lit inside the room. The only light came from behind us. I heard some commotion and fumbling and then a woman gasped.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” a male voice demanded. The voice belonged to a figure which stood up, utterly confused. Kelly just stared him down in the faint light while the girl frantically buttoned her blouse up.

“Is this your room?!” she exclaimed.

“Um…uh…no,” the man stammered.

“Well, of course it’s not; it’s mine, jackass. Now get the fuck out of my room before I get my boyfriend to pound you and I kick that whore’s ass!” Kelly shrieked.

“Fuck, I didn’t know. Sorry,” he mumbled and pulled his T-shirt back on quickly.

The girl just stared at Kelly in disbelief. I was doing the same. They left in a hurry before Kelly could cuss them out much further. Kelly locked the door behind them.

“See, men are fucking stupid,” Kelly mused once we were alone. I was in total awe. She sure had a mouth on her and I loved hearing her use it.

“Did you know that guy?” I asked, trying to understand what had just happened.

“No, but he didn’t know me either,” she said. “The people throwing this party wouldn’t miss it by hiding in their rooms, so I took a chance. Good thing that asshole hadn’t locked the door.”

Well, it worked. Now we had a room to ourselves. I grinned from ear to ear. My heart fluttered again knowing we were alone.

Kelly put her hands on either side of my face as she kissed me. My button nose rubbed against her classic straight one as our lips touched lightly. I identified her scent again and breathed it in. It reminded me of a soap I used to have, musky and vanilla. Her hands were in my hair and I loved it. Many men are afraid to put their hands in a woman’s hair. She pulled gently and I felt a tingle run from my scalp down my spine and to my toes.

We eagerly found the bed and pushed off our shoes. She was on top of me in an instant. Her frame was taller than mine but our hips were about the same girth. Kelly pressed all her weight on me but it was nothing compared to the huge internet casino football player I was used to. I loved it. She slowly ground her hips into me.

Our tits were mashed together and I could feel her bra strap along her back as I squeezed her body to me. I reached under her top and flicked it off with one hand. Now why did men have such issues with bra hooks? I almost laughed, but only managed a sigh as Kelly nibbled on my neck below my right ear.

She had my panties completely soaked at this point. But my pussy just got wetter when I felt her nipples in my hands. Kelly moved her tank top up. Her nipples were small and rubbery and they stuck out a good half inch. I massaged them gently and began to pull on them when she started cooing.

Meanwhile, her hands had slipped under my white lacy bra. She hoisted my huge breasts above the enormous cups and moved her mouth down over my warm flesh.

“You have such smooth skin, baby,” she gasped. “I have been mesmerized by your tits all night. What size are they anyway?”

“36D but I can fit Double-D too,” I said.

“They are gorgeous because they don’t sag a bit. And your nipples have been poking out through your shirt all night long. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I wondered if they were fake.”

“Hell no, I almost got them reduced,” I said.

“Glad you didn’t; they are perfect,” she said as she sucked a nipple into her mouth.

I just watched her in wonder. A beautiful blonde cowgirl was sucking my tit! I groaned and pushed my body up trying to fit more of myself into her mouth. I reached down and found my clit through my jeans but Kelly pushed my hand away. She shook her head at me and looked me in the eye. Kelly bit my nipple lightly as if to say, bad girl, you need to wait. I just squirmed in pleasurable frustration.

“Fuck I could play with these things all night!” she commented about my breasts.

“Please do,” I said.

“I want some pussy too though,” she grinned mischievously.

“Good thing I have one of those too,” I moaned, “and you got it all wet.”

She stood up and pulled her tank top over her head. Kelly’s 36B tits poked out from under her loosened brazier. I undid my fly as I watched her undress the rest of the way. Her bright blue thong looked grey in the dim light. I was wearing white lacy panties to match my bra.

Kelly straddled me still wearing her thong. She moved over me to where our womanly mounds met, and I cried out from the sudden jolt of pleasure. The cowgirl lifted my left leg and placed it over her shoulder and then ground harder into me. I could feel the heat of her snatch against mine. The delicate flesh of her groin stretched as she spread her legs around me. We did a sort-of rocking-horse move on one another. She pulled and tweaked my nipples as she humped me.

After a moment, she moved her head down so we could kiss some more. It was extremely passionate and I almost came just from her rubbing her panty-covered pussy against my own. Then she reached down and fumbled my panty crotch to the side and felt my little patch of pubes. My pussy hair was all matted with juice and must have felt sticky against her fingers. I just moaned into her mouth as she explored my hot cunt with sure fingers.

When her middle finger pushed into me, I almost called out. Her mouth covered mine so I could barely make a sound. I bucked my hips up to meet her finger; I wanted to come so badly.

“Calm down baby; I’ll make you cum real good. Don’t you worry,” her throaty voice was just a whisper against my ear. I was all but sobbing; it felt so wonderful. “Let me get your G-spot, okay?”

I was a little confused. I had heard about a G-spot but had anyone ever found mine? I figured she knew what she was doing so I relaxed a bit. I watched as she spat on her fingers, index and middle, and inserted them up to the front wall of my pussy. It felt good but then I had the urge to urinate and tensed.

“Easy now, just relax,” she soothed, “Feel like peeing?”

I nodded. I was holding my breath.

“It goes away, just relax,” she said.

Kelly continued to apply pressure but made sure not to stroke her fingers in and out; they stayed pressed against my spot. About 20 seconds later I felt an immensely pleasurable sensation sort of like behind my clitoris. It was deep and I had never experienced anything like it before. I almost got scared. The urgency was gone, but the pleasure was so intense, I couldn’t moan or groan or breathe. It was like going on a really fast free-fall ride at an amusement park where you do not have time to scream and your voice gets stuck in your throat. My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt not a steady climax like I am used to, but waves of rolling mini-orgasms.

Then Kelly moved her head down between my legs and brushed her slippery tongue against my clit. On the third tongue-stroke I exploded. Her fingers were still probing my G-spot and the result was the best orgasm of my life. I came so hard I thought I would faint, and the mewling sounds I made sounded like I was experiencing pain. Kelly knew better and kept manipulating my depths. My orgasm lasted an eternity and each time my body convulsed a dribble of fluid leaked out. My first ejaculation!

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