Junky Chronicles Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read part one then part two will make little or no sense. This one goes out to chrisomes who especially signed up on to contact me. Thank you so much.

I know you have been waiting a while, hopefully this was worth the wait. I want to thank my editors Cassy and LaRascasse, you guys make some of my crazier ideas make sense and the less crazy ones a bit more fun.

There is drug use in this part and I have no experience with drugs, so if I made some mistakes, I am sorry. I tried and did some research, but even research leaves gaps.

Thank you


“The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing… not healing, not curing… that is a friend who cares.” — Henri Nouwen

Chapter Eleven July 2006

The next day Devon woke Natalie up just before nine so she could get ready for her appointment with the psychiatrist. All in all, it was bound to be a busy day and week. After her appointment with the psychiatrist, she had to speak with detective handling the murder case and then the lawyers to discuss the will and everything that entailed the deaths of her family. Natalie knew that she had to be mentally prepared, but she was so fragile that she felt as though she was going to fall apart, limb from limb, slowly shattering as each part of her fell to the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror, her blue eyes could not conceal the pain and loss. When she saw the emptiness they portrayed, she felt even more vulnerable and scared. Yesterday she buried her entire family, today she has to answer questions regarding their murders. She will walk in there and be treated like a suspect. Devon and Kaz appeared in the mirror beside her. She knew that she only needed them by her side. If they were there, things would be okay.

They arrived at Dr. Hendricks’ office ten minutes early. Kaz helped Natalie fill in all the forms, considering that she was left handed and couldn’t write with the sling she had to wear. They handed it in and a graying, balding older man came walking to toward them. He wasn’t very big but had a belly, his nose was big and his brown eyes soft, the blue shirt he was wearing hugged his body and his black formal trousers and black shoes made him look professional. Suddenly Natalie felt under dressed in her Puma sweatpants and T-shirt.

“I’m Dr. Hendricks.” He held his hand out to Natalie.

“Natalie Scott,” She said as she took his hand and shook it.

“We will be back in an hour, love you!” Kaz said as Natalie followed the older man into his office.

The walls were painted a calming light blue. His desk was too big for the space and the shelves behind it were filled with books. He motioned Natalie to the large black leather couch, where she nervously took a seat, he sat a cross from her in the matching stool.

“How does this work exactly?” Natalie asked fumbling with her hands.

“Let’s start with what brings you here today,” He gave a reassuring smile.

“Dr. Simons and her recommendation.” Natalie felt like she didn’t need to be here, talking to a complete stranger about her life and family’s deaths. She had her friends with whom she could share all of this.

He smiled at the remark, “I sense that you don’t want be here today. That’s okay. I cannot force you to do this, no one can. But a part of you must feel the need to be helped, otherwise you would not be here.”

“Yeah, the outside part of me, I call them friends.”

“Okay, from the information I gathered from Dr. Simons your friends play a very large role in your life. You trust their opinions more than you trust your own at this stage and that is a good thing. After the trauma you have experienced, you doubt yourself and your ability to heal from such an event. Your friends have done a good thing by encouraging you to come today. They sense how badly you need the help and someone who can guide you that is not personally involved with you. So let’s start with what you remember about that night.”

“I don’t remember much and even if I did, I don’t want to talk about it. It is personal and I don’t see how you can fix any of this,” Natalie responded protectively.

“You don’t have to talk today, it will take time for you to trust me. With time we can work through this together,” he continued to explain how they would go about it and prescribed different medication to keep Natalie calm but would keep her more aware of the things happening around her.

“Just so you, I don’t want to work through this with you and I won’t be coming back,” Natalie said getting up and walking to the door.

They concluded their session and Kaz and Devon were already waiting for her. Their next stop frightened Natalie the most, the police station. Although she knew that she had nothing to hide. She also knew that people would do anything to prove their theories correct to close a high poker oyna profile case, even if it meant sending an innocent person to jail.

“We are not going to leave your side. Calm down, Nat.” Natalie was breathing heavily, a panic attack closing in.

Devon held her to his chest as he spoke the words, but Natalie’s breathing didn’t slow. They walked into the police station. Devon took a card out of his pocket, read it and spoke to the police officer standing behind the desk, “We are here to see Detective du Plessis.” The officer looked at the card, then at Kaz and Natalie.

“Follow me,” was all he said as they walked down the hall to a small office. “Just wait here. He will be with you shortly.” He said and disappeared.

Devon still held Natalie close, trying to calm her, but she was crying again. How many times do they want her to relive that night? Knowing that this time she could not refuse to talk. A balding man entered the room, in his early forties, with a slender build and a dark brown moustache than across his upper lip. His flannel shirt was done in different shades of brown and matched his khaki slacks, completed with tan-brown boots. “I am Detective du Plessis,” He said as he shook each of their hands n turn. They introduced themselves and sat down.

Kaz left the room while Devon stayed behind, holding Natalie close.

“I see that you requested that your friend acts as your lawyer,” He stated the obvious. Devon had a degree in law and knew Natalie. She could think of no one better to represent her.

“Yes,” was Devon’s only response.

“At this stage in the investigation we have to explore all options. It doesn’t mean that you are a suspect, but until we have further answers we cannot exclude anyone.” He said matter-of-factly.

“So you treat the only witness like a suspect and leak it to the media before even knowing what her statement would be.” Devon said, anger welling up in his voice.

“Let’s start with what you remember about that night,” He said half ignoring Devon’s statement.

For the first time that day Natalie recounted what she remembered from that night. The detective kept asking questions like; Was there anyone that would want to harm your family? Was there any suspicious activity before the murders? Natalie couldn’t think of anything, although she held all the answers, she simply didn’t know it yet. He kept questioning them for an hour, until Natalie couldn’t take it anymore and had a panic attack. Devon acted quickly, he injected her and encouraged her to breathe. When the effects subsided. Devon wanted to attack the detective. “Apparently they didn’t train you very well!”

Natalie put a hand on his arm, “Let’s just go.”

They arrived at their last meeting for the day, although the days’ events were bound to repeat itself for another few weeks.

Chapter Twelve July 2006

“Please come in, Miss Scott,” Dani Turner, her family lawyer, said as they walked into the waiting area.

“Hey, Dani,” Natalie said as she hugged her. Dani gave her a tender hug, filled with emotion. Her father had been the family lawyer since they both could remember and Dani recently took over his practice.

“This is Devon and Kaz, my best friends.” Natalie said as Dani shook their hands.

Devon simply stared as he looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Dani’s dark blonde hair was long, always neatly styled in perfect layers, her bright blue eyes took Devon’s breath away and when he noticed the full lips he felt his mouth water. The black business suit Dani was wearing accentuated her well toned body and the purple dress shirt completed the look. “Nice to meet you. Let’s go into the office,” Natalie and her friends followed her inside her spacious office with modern pieces and racks filled with books. She unbuttoned her jacket and sat behind her massive desk, while they took the chairs positioned on the opposite side of the desk.

“I have the will here and I will read through it now. At your father’s request, he wanted only you present and whom you chose to invite. There are letters here, from both your parents and your wife, which I will give to you at the end of the reading. Of course there are some decisions that you will have to make and I will guide you through them.” Her voice comforted Natalie.

Dani had been in her life for a long time, but they weren’t friends. Both their father’s believed that business and pleasure should not mix.

Dani began reading the will in her soft, professional voice.

“To our beloved daughter, if you are hearing this it means that your mother and I passed away. We would like to let you know how we much we love you. You have been our most precious gift and to be leaving you alone in the world is our greatest fear. Never stop believing and always follow your heart and dreams,” Dani looked Natalie in the eye and saw tears threatening to spill.

Dani read the official will and it clearly stated that Natalie canlı poker oyna inherited everything, being an only child. Natalie had been thinking about this for a while. She looked at Dani and asked if she could speak.

“I am not in the right frame of mind to run a business right now, so I want to nominate Kaz to take over the duties until I have worked through everything that I need to. Kaz, you have a degree in business and I trust you with my life, but I will not force you to do this. If you agree, I would appreciate it and of course the position will be permanent. When I am ready, I will become a partner in the position. With that said I also want to have all my money frozen, except for what the company might need and I would prefer to only receive an allowance until I can get back to work,” Natalie looked at Kaz hopefully.

“Of course I will do it,” Kaz said. She had been working for Natalie’s father for years now and knew the business as god as Natalie did.

“Dani, will you please get the papers drawn up?” Natalie asked.

After Dani agreed she handed letters to Natalie and Devon. The ones handed to Devon was meant for him and Kaz to read.

They discussed the remaining details and Dani said that she would contact them during the week to finalize Natalie’s wishes. They said their goodbyes and the three friends made their way to Devon’s car. Natalie felt a deep sadness within her, one that never seemed to leave.

Chapter Thirteen July 2006

Natalie locked herself in her room, thinking of her parents and her wife. Dread filled her. Her heart felt as though it was in a vice grip and as time passed the grip got tighter and tighter. Fearing that if the pressure kept building, she would eventually explode. She imagined Megan sitting at her desk, pen in hand, writing this letter to her:

My Dearest Natalie

I spent so many waking moments, praying that the day will never come that you had to read this, because reading this means that we have separated by death. I guess I only thought, no hoped, that if our time came, we would go together, I simply couldn’t imagine having to live life without your arms tightly wrapped around me, your words of comfort and encouragement in everything I did or wanted to do. Without you I would never have achieved everything that I have. All I can hope for now is that you knew that I loved you more than life itself and that you will always and forever hold my heart.

Knowing you and that you feel everything so deeply, I cannot begin to imagine the extreme sense of loss you must be feeling right now. But baby, I want you to know that I am right there with you. I will forever be looking out for you and protect you for as long as I possibly can. I am in everything you see around you, the rays of sun falling on your skin, the air that surrounds you and that tear trickling down your cheek right now.

I also want to tell you the things that I never got the chance to and if I did, I want to remind you of them. The first day I saw you in the Spur, my heart almost leaped out of chest and nestled next to yours, that night it did. When you kissed me for the first time, you were so gentle and so caring, soft to the touch and you made me feel alive and worthy for the first time in my life. Now that I think about it we moved quite fast in our relationship, but the pace could never have suited me better, simply because I knew from the first moment that I had found my soul mate and that I would be with you until the day I die.

The first time we made love on your 22nd birthday was the most magical night of my life. I had never known that the gentleness you showed that night even existed in human nature. That night I wanted to run through the streets and shout my happiness out to the world, scream loud enough that the entire universe could hear me. I have never known a more gentle and loving soul. You had always put me first in every decision that you made, never allowing me to feel left out or unloved. Your caring nature secured and deepened my love for you everyday and each morning that I would wake up and stared into those blue eyes of yours, they have always been the bluest of blues, I knew that I had found my place in the world and that it was next to you.

Then there was the night that you had proposed, I still don’t know how you pulled off such an amazing proposal, but I was the happiest person on this planet. We went on to plan our wedding, get married and plan our family, the day we found out that I was pregnant was easily one the most magical moments of my life. When I saw the pure joy in your eyes I knew that life was perfect for the first time ever. I could sit here and reminisce our memories all day, scribbling them down on these blank pages but I found a better way to remind you. If you look in my closet underneath the heaps of shoes I have gathered, you will find a box and in it a scrapbook that I have done to remind you everyday of the happiness we shared in hope internet casino that you will forget the sadness you feel now.

My second last request is that you will grieve for me, but not forever. I want you to move on, baby, because you deserve happiness after all of it that you had brought me. Go out and make new memories. Live life, baby. You deserve it.

So I come to my last request, promise me that you will tell our son all about me, that you will share all the happy moment with him and tell him everyday how much I love him.

Baby, thank you for a life time of memories. If you doubt anything, I knew how much you love me and I felt it everyday. I just hope that I had made you feel how much I love you. In heaven there are no tears, baby, except for the ones that I cry for you everyday.

With all my love


Natalie cried uncontrollably as she clutched the letter to her chest. After the events of this day, she couldn’t bear the pain anymore. She needed out. She simply couldn’t be here without Megan anymore. How much pain can one person take before breaking completely? Natalie didn’t know the answer, but she realized if she was here any longer she would find out. She lay on the bed for a while, thinking until she couldn’t think anymore. Natalie folded the letter neatly, walked to the bathroom and started running water. She undressed, folding each item neatly, she opened her medicine cabinet and retrieved her sleeping pills and a blade she had there. She lowered herself into the cold water, goose bumps running over body.

She opened the jar of sleeping pills that she had retrieved from the medicine cabinet and swallowed the contents of bottle. After Natalie threw it to one side, she reached for the blade that she had also gotten from the cabinet, she left the tap open and drove the blade into her wrist, cutting from the one side to the other, watching as the skin tore apart and blood flowed from the cut. The pain seared through her arm, she felt the emotion drain her while her blood flowed. The tears in her eyes blurred her vision as she repeated the act on her other arm. She ripped off the gauze that covered her gunshot wound. One by one, she pulled out the staples. The water around her turned red as she bled and the drowsiness set in. The staples dropped in the water, causing tiny splashes, blood running down her body and mixing with the red water she was laying in. The world turned black as Natalie’s body went limp.

Water started running down the stairs when Alice came into the house. “Guys, why is there water running down the stairs?”

Devon ran up the stairs, found the door locked and heard water running. With one swift kick, he broke down the door and ran into the bathroom, Kaz was on his heels and Alice behind her. The white floor of the bathroom was covered in red water. Devon looked over to the bath, there Natalie lay, her body limp and submerged in water. He closed the taps and pulled the limp body from the bath. Natalie had turned a pale, deathly white with a hint of blue surrounding her lips. Devon opened her eye lids and they revealed almost lifeless pupils beneath.

“Call an ambulance! Kaz pass me towels and come help here!”

Kaz ran over to his side and watched as he lay Natalie’s limp body on the wet floor, blood still seeping from her wounds, “Wrap the towels around her wrist and apply pressure, keep it there!” Devon was frantic as he shouted.

Kaz applied pressure, holding Natalie’s wrists tightly attempting to stop the bleeding. She straddled Natalie’s hips to reach both wrists and still give Devon room to do CPR.

He immediately started CPR, blowing two breaths into Natalie’s lungs by putting his mouth to hers, then proceeding to pump her chest, thirty pumps and two breaths. He kept repeating the actions, his movements were desperate and the fear that paralyzed his emotions made his actions more desperate.

“The ambulance is on its way! What can I do?” Alice was hysterical and she watched Devon press down on Natalie’s chest, her head bobbed from side to side.

“Wait for the ambulance and show them where to come,” Devon shouted as he repeated the actions over and over again.

Five minutes later the ambulance showed up and took over from Devon. They immediately start resuscitation by shocking Natalie’s heart. Once they found a pulse they rushed Natalie’s naked body, covered in a white sheet, down the stairs and into the ambulance. Devon, Kaz and Alice followed in his car.

Devon pushed his car to its limits, weaving through traffic at 140km an hour. The journey felt like a life time, not knowing whether or not Natalie was still alive or if she would survive. It had been about 45 minutes that Natalie had been alone in the room. They all simply wanted to give her time to mourn.

Natalie was immediately taken into surgery to pump her stomach, stitch up her wrists, replace the staples and start a blood transfusion. Devon, Kaz and Alice waited in the waiting area, Devon and Kaz still covered in Natalie’s blood.

The procedure was complicated by Natalie’s unpredictable heart beat, her heart would stop and restart by itself all the time. A few times they had to resuscitate her.

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