Just a Dream…

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I am excited and nervous as we step inside your house. I know we aren’t supposed to be together, yet here we are. Something about you makes me stay. I’ve known you for years but never felt this way around you before. I’m not sure if the room is getting hotter or if it’s just me, thinking about the possibilities of our evening together.

“I want to taste you,” I can’t believe I just said that out loud and by the look in your eyes you weren’t expecting it either.

We both know I don’t mean a kiss. You gently push me to my knees on the floor and I can’t undo your pants quickly enough. I want to taste you so bad! Your cock springs out at me so soft yet so hard. I lick the drop of cum off the tip and get a taste of what is to come. You groan as I tease you with my warm wet tongue. I start softly and slowly ease into a good strong rhythm. Looking down at me, my lips around your cock, you can barely stand it. I can sense you are about to explode and you grab my head forcing your rock hard missile into my throat choking me as you unload into me.

“You like being choked by my big cock, Antalya Escort don’t you?”

My silence is speaking for me as I begin to blush. I enjoyed the power you held over me more than I’d like to admit. I know you can see the fire in my eyes. I want more.

You pick me up and throw me over your shoulder and carry me over to your bed. As you toss me down I can see in your eyes that you have completely lost control. I’m a little scared but more excited to see what you have in store for me. I’m so hot and so wet I can’t stand it. I need you so badly. You flip up my skirt and tear off my panties. My blouse gets the same treatment laying shredded on the floor. I wonder how I’m going to explain this when I get home. Maybe I just won’t go home. I realize I really don’t care about consequences, I just need you inside me now.

You must feel the same because you plunge into me so hard and so fast I have to bite back a scream. You start plowing into me with wild abandon and I’ve never felt so good. I love the feel of your powerful body over mine. Forcing me to submit Antalya Escort Bayan to both our desires. I have no choice but to feel every inch of you inside of me igniting all my senses over and over again. I feel my orgasm coming fast and I meet you thrust for thrust as hard as we can both manage until I explode inside. I start shaking and you keep going. I feel like I’m going to burn up inside if this continues much longer.

You must realize I need a break because suddenly you are off me and flipping me over. I wonder and secretly hope you are planning to stick that hard cock in my ass. I don’t always enjoy anal, but today I’m looking forward to your hot poker ravaging my tiny little hole. I want you to be rough and control me and I hope you can see my needs in my eyes.

” Are you enjoying yourself? Do you like being my little whore?”

Your words excite me even more. Now I know you have more planned for me and today won’t be the end.

“I’ll be anything you want me to be,” I reply excitedly.

I can see you were expecting me to be outraged Escort Antalya or upset and maybe even to stop you from what you were planning. Maybe you were trying to give me some control over the situation, but I don’t want control. I want you in your raw, primal, uncontrollable state.

“Please,” I whisper.

I can barely make it out I’m in such a state of need. One little word is all it takes. Your eyes go dark and you shove your hard cock balls deep into my ass. Hard. I scream and you keep going. I can’t believe I’m letting you violate me this way. I can’t believe it feels so good. I need more, harder, and I beg you to make it hurt. You pull my hair tight and lift me close to you and you kiss me.

I’m not expecting the first smack on my pussy and it almost doubles me over in ecstasy. So hot and wet as you smack me over and over on my delicate clit while slamming into my tight ass. I can feel your cock growing harder inside me and I know you are about to drench my asshole with your hot cum and I start to lose control. You feel so good inside me I just can’t handle it anymore.

I start to shake in orgasm again and as you cum you pinch both my nipples HARD and send me into a frenzy. I’ve never felt so much raw passion before and I’m dizzy with lust. We collapse together on the bed. You can smell our sex in the air. Too bad it was only just a dream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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