Knock At The Door!

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LMFPO… Looking back on it now I still get to laugh out loud as to the looks on those boys faces!

Caroline, my ex, and I had finished dinner and were getting ready to go out for the evening. Showering together I must admit had prolonged the experience of getting ready, and we were both feeling pretty buoyant! Pushed back against the cool tiles of the wall, the shower spray sprinkling lightly upon us seemed to enhance the entire sensation of her kisses over my neck and my face before moving to envelop my lips in a tongue exciting kiss. I adore the way she runs her tongue around the vermillion edges of my lips, and then entwining her tongue with my own… Mmmmm, I love it, I adore being kissed, I adore kissing!

Leaning back against the wall, Caroline was pushing her crotch into mine, even in the flow of the water I could still sense the radiant heat of her cunt against me! Hands moved around my loins and then squeezed my arse, pulling me toward her grinding mound as she pushed back and forth. Her mouth kissed my neck deep into the hollow of my shoulder, and then moved down to run circles around my nipple with her tongue. I murmured into the flowing water, enjoying the romance of the moment. Lips slowly circled onto my nipple; just the small globe of nipple, not taking in any more of my tit, just the bed at the apex of my breast, just the nip. Sucking softly, and then gently biting the sensitive, puckered areola of my tit.

Sucking on my tits Caroline now had one hand fingering my pussy, the other around me, squeezing my butt cheeks poker oyna and occasionally moving her finger over the hole of my arse, fingering, teasing, the sensations were wonderful. My hands were gliding over the softness of her back, and up into her hair, fingers becoming more and more intense as I now pushed her face harder into my tits, the need of her rising within me…

Pulling her to me I kissed her deeply and turned her around, turned her back to the wall, I wanted the taste of her now! Bending to my knees, my lips filled with her mound in a tonguing kiss as I encouraged her to open her legs, my tongue flicking into her slit, exciting her clit as I licked and sucked that wonderful bud. In the shower we may be, but the wetness that I was tasting, wetness I was enjoying, was all pussy! Her knees began to tremble and I knew her orgasm was close! In a short, sudden moment of trembling legs, gasping with passion and lust her orgasm shook above me, pussy juice flowed into my mouth and as I took it all I pushed two fingers up and into her crevice of love in a moment of passion filled lust, licking and finger fucking her I wanted her orgasm to last and only subside when she had finally enjoyed total satisfaction.

Pulling me to my feet she kissed me in a way that told me everything… “Oh lover, that was glorious!” We held each other close, laughing and enjoying the moment as we proceeded to soap and wash each other’s body, our mutual shower had been loving and fulfilling. Now dried, with our bath towels wrapped around us we walked down the canlı poker oyna hall to the lounge. I had just filled a couple of glasses of wine when there was a ring on the doorbell! “Oooops, what shall we do now!?”

Looking through the security lens, outside I could see two young lads, obviously of high school age. Telling Caroline, we really had a problem stifling our giggles! I was about to ask Caroline again what shall we do but she said… “Fuck it, give em a thrill,” and in so doing she opened the door!

In an instant both boys had that “Dear in the headlights” look on their faces, their mouths dropped wide open as they stared, eyes transfixed on these two women standing there, wrapped in towels, hair wet and tussled, thighs exposed to within a millimetre of a land of promise at one end, glistening cleavage staring back at them at the other!

Caroline was as cool as a cucumber: “Yes, can we help you?”

One of the boys, gradually stammered out that they were Seniors from the local High School, “selling these to raise funds for the sports programme.”

As he stared at her he pushed a brochure into her hands, almost having a stroke because, as Caroline reached to take it the towel slipped momentarily off her tits before she grabbed it, drawing it, I thought slowly, back into place as she smilingly mouthed an “Oooops!”

Never-the-less, both boys had got an eyeful, and I was finding it hard not to laugh firstly at the even more heightened stare in their eyes, but secondly, it was evident that both had got an instant internet casino hard on… The moment was hilarious and we played it up even more!

“What do you think Aimie?” as she passed the brochure to me, moving to my side as we both glanced through the pages.

“Hmm,” I mused, looking up and smiling at them. “What do you think of these?” I said to Caroline,

“Oh yes,” she replied as she turned looking at the boys; glancing down, she said:

“Mmmmm, now that is a long one!” The reaction was instant, they were already blushing but now they were the colour of a London, Double Decker Bus!

How we both controlled ourselves I will never know, but standing there together, we picked out a couple of additional items, and watched amused as with shaking hands they wrote down our order and told us how much it would be. “Will you take a cheque?” I asked, my handbag being close by on the hallstand. Turning to get my cheque book from the bag, with legs together and straight, I leant forward knowingly exposing a bare arse to their view, filled out the cheque and turned to give it to them, almost dropping my own towel as I did so!

With a very quick “Thank You”, taking the cheque they almost fled from the door…

Closing it we both collapsed on the carpeted floor, laughing hysterically at what we had both just put those two, very nice boys, through… Knowing full damn well that at that age, they could not wait to get to their mates and tell them “YOU will never believe what happened at one house we went to today!!”

I couldn’t believe what happened either, for as I lay there spread eagled on my back, laughing hysterically, a wet mouth, an even wetter tongue, was momentarily having its way with a very, wet pussy; mine!

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