Lake Fun

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It was probably around 2 AM, and when my eyes opened to darkness I knew it was too hot and sticky to sleep. I sat up quietly, careful not to disturb either of my best friends beside me on the mattress, and eased myself off of the bed. I was wearing next to nothing, just Sara’s lacy red bra and a black thong that was actually mine. On this trip, we’d all been sharing clothes so much that I could hardly remember what belonged to who, but the thong was my favorite, a present from my boyfriend who hadn’t been invited on this girls-only trip out to the country.

It had to be over 100 degrees, I thought as I snuck down the stairs, hugging the wall. Sara’s mom was asleep on the first floor, and I didn’t want to wake her. She was the one who had driven the three of us -me, Sara, and Laura -up to the country house, and she was extremely nice, but I didn’t want to run into her in what I was wearing. To be fair, her daughter was dressed almost the same way upstairs, asleep, but she didn’t know how close the three of us were, how comfortable around each other we felt; I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea.

As I stepped out of the house into the wet grass, I looked up at the sky that stretched on forever, and at the fields that spread uninterrupted for miles…the most beautiful thing about the country was that it was so incredibly private. The air was heavy and suffocating though, and I thought I’d take a dip in the lake to cool off.

I waded in to the water up to my knees, then reached behind my back to unhook Sara’s bra -I didn’t want to ruin it, it was so pretty -when I heard a soft splash, and turned around as the bra straps slipped from my shoulders. Sara stood a few feet behind me, glistening in the moonlight and staring straight at my naked chest. For half a minute we just stood there, and I admired her fragile bare shoulders and the curve of her breasts under the thin tank top she wore twisted into a knot at her belly button. I recognized the pretty pink underwear she wore as my own. Her eyes moved over my body, from my face to the bra dangling from my left hand to my breasts and then to my totally naked ass and legs.

Suddenly I realized this was an awkward situation; it hadn’t felt like one, but as I became aware of exactly how little we were wearing, and the time of night, and our proximity -in the last half minute we had somehow ended up only a foot apart, within easy reach of one another. I stepped back and hugged the bra to my chest, covering my suddenly tender breasts, and noticing with surprise that my nipples were hard. I saw Sara realize the situation as soon as I did, and she also stepped back, güvenilir bahis averting her eyes. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were going to take off your…my…” her voice trailed off, and I rushed in to reassure her.

“It’s totally fine, there was no way you could’ve known. I just thought I’d take a dip in the lake because it’s so hot out and everything. Did I wake you coming downstairs?”

“No, but I felt that you were gone and woke up -” she cut herself off and even in the dark I could tell that she was blushing.

Determined not to make things any more awkward than they already had become, I ignored her embarrassment and stepped further into the lake. The sand felt incredibly soft between my toes.

“Let’s swim, shall we?” I announced. With my back to her, I removed the bra again and hooked it over a tree that extended out over the lake, then plunged into the water up to my shoulders. “Oh my god, it’s so nice, come on in,” I said, watching her.

She undid the knot in her tanktop and pulled it over her head, and she didn’t turn her back to me. As she stretched her arms over her head her beautiful D-cup breasts rose and then fell as she pulled her arms down again. She lay the shirt on the dry sand and waded slowly towards me, letting her breasts sway as she walked. “It does feel good,” she said to me, blushing bright red but continuing towards me determinedly. I stood where I was, uncertain of what she wanted. Was she flirting with me? She was always so quiet, and although we were best friends we’d never talked about anything more than friendship…

When she reached me, she drew in a breath, and reached out one hand to touch a strand of hair that had fallen in front of my face. She tucked it behind my ear, then drew back her hand and avoided my eyes once again. Staring out across the lake, she said in her soft, soft voice “Jen….I want you.”

I stared at her, too surprised to speak. It was just so direct, so unexpected. She stood quietly, shoulder-high in the cooling water, and waited for me to say something. I had no idea what to say.

Then, as my searching gaze took in the gleam of her coppery hair, the perfect shape of her nose, the fragility of her clavicle, and finally, the uncertainty in her eyes as she met mine at long last, I knew. Slowly, I closed the distance between us, and even more slowly I leaned in towards her. Our lips met, and the sensation was surprising, unusual, pleasant -then so much more than pleasant that without being aware of it I had pulled her to me, every inch of our bodies pressed close, and our lips were locked, mouths open, my tongue greedily exploring türkçe bahis every square inch of her mouth, my teeth biting her lower lip gently, then not gently at all, and I heard her moan but didn’t care. Her hands traveled down my bare back and rested on the waistband of my thong for a few seconds. I let her slide the thong from my waist, then thought briefly of my boyfriend as I hung it from the same tree where her bra was, only moving away from her for the briefest of moments to make sure the thong wouldn’t fall into the lake.

Her skin was the softest in the world. Her hair was the most incredible shade of gold. Her taste was perfection. As her timid lips brushed my nipple in the most hesitant of kisses, I ran my fingers through her hair and a groan of pleasure escaped my lips. Her tongue traced wet circles around my areola, tickling and pleasuring me in the most exquisite way. I lifted her chin forcefully and found her lips with mine once again, kissing her until her head tilted back with the force of my kiss, and removing her underwear -my underwear -not even bothering to hand them on the tree, but tossing them haphazardly towards the shore. My fingers slipped between her legs, and as my thumb brushed her clit I felt her shiver, despite the heat.

“Is this okay?” I asked her, not really waiting for her answer, a muffled affirmation, before plunging two fingers inside her, feeling the warm wetness and the pulsing of her desire. I began to thrust gently, in and out, and her breathing, already heavy, grew more labored. I drew my face away from hers for a moment, to see her closed eyes and opened lips as she gasped with pleasure.

I slipped a third finger into her pussy and thrust harder, feeling the softness of her breasts against mine and half breathless myself. I kissed her neck, then sucked on the skin, wanting every part of her. I found her clit with my other hand and teased it, then began stroking in circles. Her entire body went tense, and she let out a high pitched cry, despite her best efforts to stay completely quiet. I removed my fingers and let them rest gently on her swollen clit, massaging the area around her vagina gently until her breathing returned to normal. I held her in my arms and kissed her gently. As I drew away, I suddenly felt awkward again. She was my best friend. We’d just shared an incredibly intimate moment, and I didn’t know how exactly to go about dealing with that. I looked at her. “Sara…?”

She ran her hands over my back and I felt the possessive nature of her touch. I was hers now. She had claimed me, and I had claimed her. “Don’t talk now,” she said to me, then güvenilir bahis siteleri took my hand and led me back to shore. “We need to get some sleep, or Laura will wonder why we’re so tired,” she said, putting on her wet underwear and tying her tank top back in place.

I reached for my bra and thong, hanging from the tree branch over the water. She stepped towards me and slowly slipped the bra straps over my arms, then moved behind, fastening the clasp as her lips touched my neck, and her breasts pressed against my back. I couldn’t resist pulling her to the ground with me, and we lay on the sand, with her on top of me. She kissed me, and kissed my breasts, so many times I lost count, and closed me eyes and sighed with pleasure. Her hand hesitated at my belly button, then ventured lower. She knew I shaved down there, but I could feel her interest in the smooth triangle of skin. She used two fingers of her right hand to rub my clit with definitive strokes -not too gently, as I had expected from her, and not too forcefully -and within seconds I felt more aroused than I ever had in my life. I wanted her fingers inside me, and sensing my desire she slipped two fingers in, copying everything I had done to her in the lake. Then, suddenly, I felt her move off of me, and I opened my eyes to see her crouched between my legs. Her tongue ran over the skin of my inner thighs, then licked and kissed and sucked on my clit, and I was amazed at how good she was at this -who would have thought -compared to her my boyfriend was awful, really, and then I couldn’t think anymore because her tongue was inside my pussy, licking up the juice that dripped readily from me, and her left hand massaged my clit as her right hand stroked my leg. I watched her, amazed at the intensity of my pleasure and hers, and then felt my body tense, my eyes squeeze shut, a powerful warm feeling spread from where her tongue touched me to the tips of my fingers and toes. I knew I should be quiet but couldn’t help moaning, and then a gasp tore from me as the wave of pleasure grew stronger. Her lips were on mine once again, and as the feeling finally subsided I felt her tongue run over my upper lip, tasting of my juice.

We lay entangled in one anothers arms for hours, drifting in and out of sleep, blissful despite the heat, until the break of dawn, when the light in the sky warned us that Laura would be awake soon -and so, too, would Sara’s mom. We got to our feet and I stepped into the thong I’d been unable to put on the night before.

We shared a last long kiss before rounding the corner and walking up the road to the house, then climbed the stairs as silently as possible and settled back onto the mattress without disturbing Laura. Exhausted, we fell asleep with only our hands touching -and just barely- so as not to create suspicion, and although I wanted more of her, for now, it was enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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