Locker Room_(1)

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We are getting ready for a game, the back of the locker room has kinda cleared out but its still close quarters. I am pretending to put stuff in my bag but am really watching him change. Ive been doing this for the past few weeks now. He wore under armor under his shirt the whole day. What a shame I won’t be able to see him shirtless today, he’s so hot.

But the last few times he’s put in his cup his sliders go lower and lower each time, so today I watch carefully. he uses one hand to pull out the sliders(he not wearing underwear today!) so you can see where there would normally be pubes but it looks like he might be shaved.

His cup doesn’t go in right so he pulls out his sliders farther and as he does the bottom part of his dick and the top of his balls can be seen!! What a lucky day for me. He doesn’t seem to notice.

We end up losing the game 15-14. On the bus ride home I sit next to him and keep replaying the image over and over in my head, and imagining him jerking off next to me with those calloused hands. When we get back i have a boner and can’t wait to get back down to the locker room.

Everyone else is packing up fast to go home and eat, but not me. I am waiting to see him change. Me and him are always last out anyway. We are soon alone izmit rus escort and we are talking, he is across the row maybe 4 feet away from me. So he pulls down his pants and is just in his sliders and underarmour, I am almost completely dressed.

He goes to pull out his cup but it his halfway out and gets stuck. We laugh at it and he jokes about having a big dick. he continues to struggle and we laugh some more. he finally pulls it out but he had to pull his sliders down low. After he pulls it out and starts to let go of the sliders his whole package is revealed in full glory: it is completely shaved. you can clearly see his ball and dick(circumcised) and a little below. It was only fro about 1 second but to me it seemed like eternity.I happened to turn away right after so he had no idea I saw it.

But maybe, and hopefully, he does know that I saw it and he’s been teasing me trying to get me to approach him. We have games for the next three days so maybe he won’t wear underwear again!! If he goes one step farther: me seeing his dick hard, him purposely showing me his dick, him touching me, talking intimately alone in the locker room, or him letting me touch him then ill act upon it and play out my fantasy…………

We are alone, I see izmit escort his beautiful dick again, he’s sees that I saw it, He comes over and puts his hand on my thighs I grab his hand but leave it there. I slide my hand up his shirt and begin to caress his abs and his chest, he does the same. We take off each others shirts and explore torsos. His hand touches my ass and i follow suit. As his hand slides down my sliders i do the same to him, feeling his ass and squeezing it. We then go in for a kiss, it only lasts for a few seconds. Then we make eye contact, he gives ma a slight raise of the eyebrows and a shrug of the shoulders. I pull down his sliders to reveal that he has an enormous erection. I drop to my knees and start playing with his dick. I slide my hand up and down his shaft then put my mouth on it. I give him a blow job. He doesn’t cum though. I let off right before he can cum. He then begind to blow me and I grab his head and push it farther. He stops right before my climax. We then get into a 69 position for 30 seconds and go balls deep in our mouths. I then quickly jump out of our 69 position and straddle him so i am sitting on top of him and he is laying on his back on the ground with his arms behind his head. He has some armpit hair, he must have shaved it for some reason. kocaeli escort With both of our hormones raging I grab onto his midsection and he grabs my ass tightly and I begin to hump him furiously and he bucks with me in rhythm on the floor, his ass hitting the ground repeatedly faster every time. I then hold our dicks together in my hand so that the are rubbing against each other as we are humping. I then grip them tighter and use both hands. Both of our hips pick up speed. I feel myself about to explode so I go super fast then cum all over his chest. a little bit even hits his face. There is cum on his rock hard abs too. However, he still has yet to cum so he keeps going and to help him I continue to hump even though I am finished. A few seconds later he cubs on my abs and chest, it is warm and sticky. Then we realize that our parents will be wondering where we are. We should have left 15 minutes ago but we got carried away. Sure enough our phones are buzzing with texts from our parents. saying “Where are you?” “What is taking so long?” Boy, if only they knew. We realize that we should hurry up. So, we head to the showers, we share the same one and wash each others bodes. we don’t bother to take the towels with us after we dry off. We go back to get dressed but not before exploring each others bodies again. My hands run across his muscular hard abs and across his pecs feeling his erect nipples. We take one last passionate kiss and head upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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