Love and Sex and Everything Else

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“Concentrate Stacey, concentrate” I say angrily to myself. No Kyleer what I did, what I was doing, those 4 words kept running through my head, disturbing my concentration on whatever task was at hand. I could be in the middle of teaching about the benefits of agriculture and those 4 words pop into my head. And every time I have to stop, find my notes on the desk and get back to my train of thought.

And I thank God for the invention of the panty liner. Those 4 words get my juices flowing and if it weren’t for those panty liners, then you could see a wet spot on my pants every time. And that would have been hard as hell to explain. I could be watching a movie, chatting with a friend, reading a book, grading test papers or anything else in the whole wide world and I can hear his voice in my head. And I always hear those 4 words.

Who would think that just a voice in your head that says 4 little words would have so much effect on a full grown women. But oh my god, you have no idea. Hearing that in my head just makes me want to rip off my panties and masturbate so furiously, that I have an orgasm in 10 seconds flat. But what those words really make me want to do is find him and find that wonderful cock of his.

God what a cock this man has. 5 inches or so in length, not overly thick and not overly thin. Almost perfect in other words. Perfect for me, for me and my pussy. I use to think that a big cock was it, was the best thing a girl could have, but he taught me right. A big cock holds no handle to his. Yeah, they might make you feel like you are going to split in 2, but this man can do things to a g-spot that makes me feel like heaven and earth are mine and mine alone. I remember the first night that he ever made love to, made me feel like the queen of the world. It was our wedding night.

That was such a long awaited night. Our wedding night. But it was such a superb wedding. My dress was wonderful and very sexy. White of course, with a very long train. That was the wonderful part. The sexy part was the top. It was a halter-top type dress, making it backless. I was so lucky to find that dress, it was the only one of its kind that was my size and I knew it was perfect the moment I saw it. Somewhat subtle and yet sexy, like me. My hair was lovely that day, I left it down, let them put spiral curls in it. It fell down my back, touching my skin, a feeling that I loved then and to this day. I always feel my sexiest for him when I am wearing a tank top, my hair falling down on my shoulders and my favorite pair of jeans. And my shoes that day, my aunt was so proud and I think he might have been a little embarrassed by it. I wore my good ole shit kickers, cleaned up and shining. I thought it was cute and I think he did too, but the city boy in him was a little unsure about it.

I think my parents were a little unsure about the whole thing, after all he was older then me, 13 years my senior. But he looked much younger then that and to me, his age didn’t matter, that’s not what I fell for. I fell for him who he was, who he is, and what he is to me: everything.

He wasn’t the best looking guy I had ever seen in my life, but he wasn’t the worst by any means. I had seen guys who made him look like he was a total god, and he was to me. He still is to me. We have been married for 5 years and he is my every thing. I love him more and more each day; there is no doubt about that. I had a hard time defending my relationship with him to my parents, but it was worth every fight and every screaming match.

First of course was, how we met. Just an innocent little hello, how are you on a bored day, where we were both hanging out in a chat room. I enjoyed talking to him so much, that I added him to my buddy list. And talk we did, about everything and anything. I teased him a little after I was comfortable just talking to him about my little secret, masturbation. Just hinting at the fact that I might do it sometime today, maybe tomorrow. We played with each on here other and then we moved onto more. Phone sex. Glorious phone sex. And he surprised me with that pleasant voice. It turned me on more then he ever knew, more then he will probably ever know. Especially when he got that lusty tone to it, especially when he was stroking his cock, listening to me moan as I played with my clit.

We were good together, always getting each other off. Most of the time he would be telling me the things to do, telling to me take off my clothes or rub my clit or put 3 fingers into myself. I amazed him the first time I ever talked him into cumming, telling him the things to think about like how he told me. And I like to think that I still amaze him to this day, like he still amazes me.

The second reason that my parents did not approve of him was because when we first met, I lived in Ohio and he lived in Iowa. Yes it did make things a little hard when we decided to try a relationship. Meeting half way sometimes, other times traveling out to see him for sincan escort a couple of days and once in a great while, he would come to my area, as long as I didn’t tell my parents, we had a great time together. I think I enjoyed going to his mostly; we had the comfort of his house, compared to a hotel. After several of these visits, we decided that this was it, this was love. This is what we wanted, to be together, to be committed, to be married.

And so we did. I think we had the perfect wedding, with our friends and family all around us, joining in on the celebration that wonderful day in July. We both felt that a summer wedding would be good, to have an outdoor ceremony and reception. We ended up with a very lovely day for July, not too hot and not too warm. Everything that day was so spectacular. The dancing, the dancing was great. First our favorite slow song and then a few high speed, fast ones to really get our groove on! Dancing with him was always fun. And somewhat challenging for me to get use to. He was about an inch or so shorter then me, which wasn’t bad at all, but I did prefer guys that were taller than me. But it didn’t matter. It wasn’t like I was in love with him because of his height; it was because of him, who he was.

For some reason, my mom never understood that. She always told me that I could do better. But how could I?? I loved him and I couldn’t love anyone else. Even if some other guy other there was a perfect match for me, I could never love him. So I had to teach my husband a few things and he had a small adjustment to go through, to get use to living on a farm. But he did it. He did it for me because he loved me. And that was his way to prove that he was mine. That he was my Kyle and no one else’s.

As soon as our reception was over, we went to a 5 star hotel in the next town over. Just to get a change of scenery. Because this time things would be different. This time, we would be going all the way. When we first met, one of the things that I told him was that I wanted to wait until marriage until I had sex, but that I was willing to play around in dating. He took that to heart and I think that’s something that made me love him more. When we were having our fun while we were dating, no matter what I did, what I wore or how much I begged him to fuck me, he wouldn’t do it. He knew I wanted to, but he wanted me to wait, I think because he knew how important that vow was to me. I also believe that he didn’t think he was going to marry me, so he wouldn’t take me. But that night, he was going to have me, to take me, to make me a non-virgin. To make me his non-virgin. To make me his full-fledge slut.

I had a surprise for Kyle that night. He thought I was going to come out wearing a white teddy or some other piece of sexy lingure. But I surprised him. I could remember him telling me that what he though was sexy on a woman, what was sexy for her to wear for him. A somewhat long, white cotton t-shirt, that just covered her ass and pussy. When she moved, it moved and you could see what was underneath. That is what I wore for him that night. For me, he wore my favorite silk boxers. Black, some what form fitting, showing off that incredible ass of his. We actually had seen each other in the outfits before, but we both knew what was ahead and that made it different. And it was what we had both been craving for, for a very long time.

I sat beside him on the bed, taking him in my arms and kissing him, kissing my husband. We look into each other’s eyes, our foreheads resting on each other’s. Brushing my hair from my face, he asks me “ Did I tell you how exquisite you look today? How beautiful you look now? How happy you make me? You really do Mrs. Kyle Allan Bailey.”

“As do you Mr. Kyle Allan Bailey. You were wonderful today. But you always are, but just extra special today.”

I reply to him, smiling softly. “Your hair looked really good as well!” I exclaim, messing it up.

“Hey now, that’s not very nice!!”

“Sure it is, you know you like it!!”

“If you can do that, I can do this” Kyle says, reaching out and tickling me on my sides. I immediately fall back on the bed, my shirt sliding up on my stomach, laughing hysterically, trying to fight him off. But he had me, he pinned me and he kissed me one of those mind-blowing kisses that I love so much. As I caught my breath, Kyle took notice of my shirt and its situation.

Smiling at me he whispers in my ear “ I think that it is time for this to come off.” I smile and straighten my arms out above my head, indicating that I wanted him to take off my shirt. I can’t help but notice that his hands were slightly trembling as he pulled the shirt over my head, kissing me on the lips. He kisses my chin and then plants little kisses down my neck, heading in the direction of my chest. He finds my nipples and sucks them, gently grasping them between his teeth and pulling his çankaya escort head away, pulling them out, stretching them. I let out my first moan of pleasure, as his hand snakes between my legs, gently stroking up and down my slit, making me more wet. He lets go of my nipples and kisses down my belly, dabbling in my belly button for a moment. He starts kissing me again, on down my belly and then he slips his head between my legs.

It was heaven, pure heaven. First he playfully licks and nibbles my thighs, teasing me, making my breath jump in excitement. Then he planted a kiss right on my clit, making me give off a loud, content sigh. Then he takes my clit into his mouth and sucks on it, sending quivers through out my body. He puts 2 fingers into my pussy, slowly stroking them in and out of me. I moan loudly with every stroke, my pussy gripping at his fingers, wanting to keep them inside. Kyle gently scrapes his teeth against my clit as he pulls his fingers out.

“I want you, I want to fuck you Stacey.” He tells me, hic voice full of love and lust at the same time.

I smile back at him as I sit up “As do I Kyle, as do I.”

He slides back against the headboard and I crawl forward on my knees. I climb onto his lap, kissing him as I do. I position my self so I have my legs on either side of him with my pussy right over his cock. I lower myself down, getting my pussy just close enough for his cock head to touch. As we kiss, Kyle takes his cock and rubs it against me, sliding the head inside me. I wrap my arms around him as I let the weight of my body and gravity slowly let his cock slide inside me. “Oh god Kyle, oh god. It hurts baby, it hurts.” I tell him, as a tear rules down my face, his cock completely inside me.

He wipes away my tear, smiling at me. “Its ok Stacey, it will start to feel better soon.”

He takes a hold of my ass and pushes on it, encouraging me to push up with my legs and to start fucking him. I raise myself up, not letting his cock slip out and then slide back down on. When I had almost all of his cock back inside me, he pushes the rest of it in, making me cry out with the pain and pleasure mix. Over and over I lift myself off his cock and when he is almost back inside, he pushes his cock in, hard. “Ohhh Kyle, oh god yes” I whisper in his ear between my grunts and moans and groans as the pleasure began to sweep over me.

I felt Kyle reach between my legs and start to rub my clit, “come on Stacey, cum for me baby,” He tells me, sucking on my earlobe. He starts to fuck me harder with his cock, rubbing my clit faster and faster. “Oh god Kyle, oh god baby, ohhh Kyle, oh.” My moans and grunts can’t come out of my mouth fast enough as I cum for him, my pussy started to clamp down on his cock, squeezing and putting pressure on it…………..

I sigh loudly opening my eyes, only to be disappointed. No Kyle. I give my clit one last stroke before I decided to get dressed. It was nice to have gotten myself off thinking of our wedding night, but I would much rather be having my fun with Kyle. And that would be a lot more fun. I hated how his job required him to take business trips about every 6 weeks, for a week at a time. I miss him so much when he was gone and he misses me. We talked every night on the phone when he was away and we always, always ended up having phone sex. It’s fun, but its always more entertaining when he did those delicious things that he tells me about.

Whenever we say good-bye, it’s always the same thing. We exchange our I- love- yous, I can’t wait until you get home and he always chimes in those 4 magic words. “I wanna fuck you.” He knows what they do to me, how they affect me. And he knows what it means when he gets home to me, to his horny little slut. I look at the clock and a big grin comes over my face. Its 4 in the afternoon and he will be home to me by 7 tonight. Only 3 hours to go and my week of waiting for him will be over. I can hardly wait.

I preoccupy myself by doing a little bit of cleaning up around the house, grading the quizzes that I had given to my students and by reading. Reading always helps me pass the time; I can get lost in a book and read for hours, with out realizing it. Which helps deal with boredom and the stress of waiting. I was reading a book that was hard to put down, the new novel by Danielle Steel. But I had such a hard time paying attention to it. I must have read the paragraphs 4 or 5 times over, just to understand what they were about. But it was impossible, I wanted him to much, I needed him. I needed my husband, I needed my Kyle. I needed a good fuck.

Still having some time to kill, I decided that I needed to freshen up and a bath sounded so good. I went up stairs to the bedroom first, laying out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear when I was done. I took the clothes that I had been wearing and folded them neatly, putting them in the hamper. I went to my dresser and got my jaw clip, to put eryaman escort my hair up. I looked at myself in the mirror, as I twister my hair and fastened it up, so it wouldn’t get wet in the bath water. I had an okay body, nothing that could be worshiped, but Kyle was happy with me. I was 28 and I still looked the same as I did when I was 18, which seemed to be a miracle in itself. I had lost a few pounds from then, so I was slightly thinner. Which was nice. And I was happy, that was the important part.

Glancing at the clock, I saw I had an hour before he would be home, so I went into the bathroom to drawl my bath. I lit the candles that I had around the shelf and on the tubs edge as I filled the tub with warm water and added a few bath salts. I climbed into the tub and decided what course of action I was going to take for when he came home. I tried to keep things spiced up between us, and not to do the same thing twice in a row.

As I swirled the bubbles around with my hand, a thought struck me, it had been a while since we had shared a warm bath together, it was a fun way to relax and a chance to pretend that we were both 17 and make out like crazy, even though we did that all the time. As I rested my head against the edge of the tub, a thought struck me of what I could do that would be totally spectular! And I knew it would surprise the heck out of him, so it was the perfect thing to do. I let the water out of the tub, and dried myself off, sprinting into the bedroom, to put my clothes on and grab a couple of items of clothing from my drawer.

I went down stairs to the kitchen, fixing him something to munch on, besides me of course. After I finished it, I left the container a few steps from the door. A trail of clothing followed, shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, bra and panties that went through the hall, up the stairs and into the bathroom. As I nibbled on the snack I made, I left the bath water fill up, a little warmer then usual, so it would be plenty warm when he came home and followed my little trail of clothing to find me in the tub, waiting for him. I tested the temperature of the water in the tub, still a little hot, but good enough for me to add bath salts and a little bubble bath. As I re clipped my hair up, I heard the door open and the usual “Stacey, I am home” followed by an unfamiliar pause.

I knew he had seen the box and the shoes, just a few feet away. All I had to wait was for him to climb the stairs and I was hoping that he would follow my lead, and leave his clothes with mine. He is a very smart guy, so I know he will figure it out.

I listen to him, walking up the stairs, pausing and I was hoping that with those pauses, another article of clothing was being removed. I slide into the bathtub as I heard him enter the bedroom. I had the pot sitting to where he could see it, when he looked into the bathroom door.

He walked into the doorway, leaning against it. “So what is this all about?” He asked me, as I sucked on the spoon.

“Well, I thought I would try something different, let you relax a little when you got home. And take a bath with me; it’s been a while since we have done that. I even fixed you something to eat! I gestured towards that pot of mac-n-cheese that was sitting on the floor.” I watched the expression on his face be slightly amused and slightly shocked.

“ I am surprised that you remember that. I though you hated my relaxation technique.”

“Defiantly not hate, just quirky, but funny and cute at the same time. Come on, while the water and the food is still warm.”

“I am kind of hungry, but I was in the mood for something else this evening.”

“ You think I am not?? But I was thinking that would make a lovely dessert. As well as the perfect way to end the evening.”

“I think I have to agree with you there” Kyle tells me, as he picks the pot up off the floor and tests it in the bathtub. “Perfect” he says, as the pot floats, but his eyes were locked on me. He slides into the bathtub, his feet resting against mine. I make waves with my hand, making the pot float towards him. I had already eaten a good portion of the mac-n-cheese, so he could have the rest. He ate some and then pushed the pot towards me. I shook my head and made waves again, sending it back to him.

“I’m almost full, you can have it. If you don’t want it, then sit it out of the tub!” He simply smiled and pushed it back towards me. I realized that he wanted to play, so I simply made more waves, sending it back to him. I took my foot and slide it slowly up his leg, rubbing his calf, watching him take a few more bites. He sits the pot on the floor, patting his belly. “I think I am almost full, but it was declicious. Thank you Stacey.”

“You know there isn’t too many things I wouldn’t do for you, you are my husband and my best friend.”

“Yes I know. I am such a lucky guy to have a woman like you. You are something else, something special. Especially to me.”

I slid forward in the tub, sitting beside him, resting my head on his shoulder. “And you are special to me too” I say, looking up at him. He gently kisses me on the lips, placing his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into a half hug.

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