Love at First Sight

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By Theresa5678 and Linda1234

Note to readers: We met online through Literotica, but have never met in person. We decided to write this story together by writing alternating sections and chapters. For this reason it might not flow as well as it would if it were written by a single author. We apologize for this and hope you’ll like it anyway. Theresa & Linda

Theresa and Julie had met while they did volunteer work for the same political candidate. They found they had a lot in common and started to get to know one another better and better. Theresa had just broken up with a long-time girlfriend and confided every aspect of the relationship to Julia, who helped her understand the issues. Through this process they grew to be friends, and eventually became quite close. One day Julia startled Theresa by asking her on a date. Julia asked Theresa to go to a dance club together. Even though she didn’t think she was ready for a new relationship, Theresa surprised herself by agreeing to go. After all, it was just dancing. Harmless stuff. And drinking of course.

Theresa wasn’t much of a drinker, preferring conversation and dancing. But at the club Julie quickly downed one drink after another. After only a short time Theresa was starting to feel that the date had been a mistake. This wasn’t what Theresa wanted.

Bored and scanning the club for an exit strategy, Theresa’s eyes fixed on a beautiful brunette, one who – she could tell even in the darkened club — closely resembled herself. Then their eyes met. Theresa tried not to stare, both at the girl’s beauty and because of their incredible resemblance to one another. They even dressed similarly, with plunging necklines and short skirts.

Theresa wasn’t certain, but it appeared the mysterious girl was also watching her intensely. Was it her imagination, or was the girl even sometimes “eye fucking” her, or at least signaling her? Theresa’s mind was whirling, wondering whether she could somehow get rid of her increasingly drunken date, how she might be able to meet the other girl, and whether it was her imagination or whether the other girl was also interested in her.

The other girl, who Theresa would soon find was named Linda, also was on a first date, with a woman she had met at her gym. Linda had dated a string of losers, one after another, until she had soured on the entire dating scene. Rather than bore herself to tears yet again (and again and again) with a girl that a friend-of-a friend fixed her up with, Linda immersed herself in work and hobbies. She hadn’t dated anyone in more than half a year. When Donna asked her out she politely turned her down. But Donna persisted, pointing out that Linda’s alternative would be to spend yet another Saturday night reading. Linda finally agreed that dancing was better than reading.

Theresa could see that her look-alike’s date was also pouring the drinks back, so she formulated a plan. Theresa decided that if they could get close enough to talk, she would tempt fate and see if her clone was also attracted to her. Theresa grabbed Julie and pulled her onto the dance floor, hoping the girl who so resembled her would see what was happening and come out to join them. After dancing seductively, but not for Julie, and rarely taking her eyes off the gorgeous brunette, Theresa was thrilled when Linda took her date’s hand and headed to the dance floor.

As Theresa and Linda danced they secretly signaled to each other, by nods, winks and smiles, that each wanted to get to know the other. As they danced, facing away from each other, Theresa suddenly felt Linda’s back against hers. When she lowered her hand she found a hand waiting for her. Soon after this Julia lost interest in dancing and told Theresa she wanted to get another drink, so they went back to their table. Seeing this, Linda said she had enough dancing, and told her date, loud enough for Theresa to hear, that she should go back to their table while Linda went to the ladies room.

Theresa made the same excuse and also hurried to the bathroom. Once inside both girls simply stared at one another. Their resemblance was simply astonishing! Doppelganger, twin, duplicate… each mesmerized the other. Silently they stared, studying each other’s face, expressions, eyes. Linda even found herself looking into the mirror to see both of them at once — just to be completely sure that she had been looking at an actual girl, not at her own reflection. Then she saw Theresa also staring into the mirror. Did they also think alike?

Neither was sure of the effect the other was having on them, only knowing that their hearts were beating louder and louder. What was going on? Neither had ever been in a situation that even remotely resembled what was happening. Both were almost paralyzed with an array of emotions they couldn’t begin to understand. Was this what love at first sight was like? Were they just in shock over finding an identical looking girl? Was each girl sending out unconscious signals that triggered poker oyna something in the other? Both were confused — but mesmerized. And excited!

Linda was afraid to speak — afraid she would say something that would reveal her confusion, her true feelings, and scare the other girl away. But, in a way, there was no need to speak. She stared into Theresa’s eyes and decided she was looking at her own soul. Into a mirror that reflected her true self. Linda kept hoping Theresa would speak first, but had no way of knowing the other girl also was afraid to speak for fear that she too would reveal her heart. Each was afraid that if she said, “I know we’ve just met, but I think I might be falling in love at first sight with you” the other would be frightened away.

Linda finally summoned her courage and decided to break the trance. But she decided to try to do it in a way that would prevent her from saying too much. By first simply saying, “I’m Linda.”

“Theresa” was the reply.

Then Linda stepped forward and decided she was essentially looking at herself. That maybe she had entered some type of science fiction movie, or was the victim of a wondrous magic spell. This must be fate. Her destiny. Without thinking she stepped forward. And kissed Theresa lightly.

Theresa kissed back, and reflected that this was in some ways like kissing herself. Was this really happening? Was she perhaps kissing “herself” from some parallel universe? Or Theresa felt that she had maybe just met and kissed her soulmate.

The kiss that was supposed to disguise how Linda felt about Theresa instead revealed it, as each girl melted into the other, embracing her and becoming one. Neither expressed their nascent love in words, out of fear. But each heart knew the truth. And their two hearts started to beat as one.

Linda then became increasingly passionate, kissing Theresa with more fervor than she had ever kissed anyone. And liking it much more. Both girls pulled the other closer. Linda’s hand slid down Theresa’s back, cupping and gently stroking her rear, and then stopped kissing her long enough to smile and give her a look that in effect said, “you forgot to wear panties tonight”. Taking a step back, Linda slowly pulled her skirt up, revealing that she also wasn’t wearing any. At that point both girls knew they were kindred spirits whose night was only beginning.

Just then a noisy crowd of 4 girls entered the restroom, ending the magic moment. Theresa whispered, “I want to get to know you so bad. My date is so drunk she might even pass out. What about yours?”

Linda nodded in agreement, knowing they both wanted the same thing, and added, “My date’s drunk, but not that drunk. I sure wish there was some way to get rid of her. I agreed to go out with her so I can’t just abandon her even though I’d love to. Would you two join us at our table? Maybe we can figure something out.”

“Absolutely”, replied Theresa. “We’ll think of a way to be alone later on.”

After they returned to their tables Theresa told Julia she had met a friend who had invited them to their table. Theresa took Julia’s hand, who was too intoxicated to really know what was going on, to lead her. When they arrived Julie and Donna gasped at how closely Theresa and Linda resembled one another. “I know I’m drunk,” exclaimed Donna, “but now I’m seeing double.”

They all laughed as Theresa and Julie sat down. Theresa next to Linda (and also to Julie); Linda next to Theresa (and also to Donna). Linda stopped their waitress and whispered an order of orange juice for her and for Theresa, and doubles of what Donna and Julia had been drinking for each of them.

The first order of business for Linda and Theresa was to find our whether they were identical twins who had been separated at birth, or at least cousins. They weren’t. Linda was completely of Eastern European Jewish heritage, while Theresa was a gorgeous mix of Native American and Irish, a combination that just happened to match Linda perfectly. Neither had been adopted.

Using their identical looks as a conversation topic, Linda threw out a question: “If you make love with your clone, is that incest? And if it is, so what? Maybe it’s just masturbation?”

Theresa, a scientist by profession, eagerly discussed clones, twins, and genetics with Linda, each finishing the other’s sentences. Linda pointed out how scientists had succeeded in 2004 in combining eggs from different mice to produce a baby mouse, and Theresa explained why it might not be too long before scientists could make males completely irrelevant for human reproduction as well.[1] From the way the conversation went, each began to think that their resemblance was much more than physical. A delicious thought that made both of them smile. And raised each’s expectations of where the evening was likely to go.

As Linda and Theresa discussed an array of scientific topics and their philosophical implications, Donna and Julia happily ignored them, drinking heavily and becoming canlı poker oyna more and more wasted. Then, to the delight of Linda and Theresa, Donna and Julia got up to dance. Linda exclaimed, “I’m so glad they’re getting along so well. Let’s dance, too.”

Theresa and Linda danced a slow dance, mostly just staring at one another. Again their souls meshed, again they felt as if they were one, or at a minimum had known each other forever. As they danced near Donna and Julie, Linda whispered excitedly to Theresa, “Look! Donna and Julie are kissing! Really kissing! And Donna just asked Julia to go to her apartment!”

Grinning like a schoolgirl, Linda interrupted the other two girls. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help overhear you two lovebirds. I’m so happy for both of you that you hit it off so well. I’ll be happy to pay for a cab for you two as my gift.”

As soon as their ex-dates left Linda paid their bills and gave Theresa a ride back to her place, where she lived alone.

After exiting the car they walked inside, hand in hand, staring intently into each other’s eyes. Once the door shut Linda walked to Theresa, who had her back against a wall. They kissed, starting slowly and tenderly, each Frenching the other, becoming more passionate, intense and tender. Their incredibly warm and wet kisses having parallel effects on other parts of their bodies. Linda’s hands eased Theresa’s straps off and slid her garment to the floor, letting her step out of it. Linda simply had to know whether their bodies were identical! So she quickly let her own dress slip off. Then Theresa removed Linda’s bra. And, finally, her own. Although they had only been inside the apartment for a few minutes, both girls were naked.

Linda couldn’t believe she was now staring at Theresa’s naked body. At Theresa’s beautiful naked body. At a body that indeed was identical to her own!

Same legs, stomach, butts, breasts, nipples — same everything! Despite just having met, it had seemed so natural for each to strip, to compare bodies. Maybe because they so resembled one another? Linda thought that, in a way, it was like stripping in front of…herself! Each quickly saw that their bodies were as identical as their faces. And, from their actions and reactions, as identical as their minds increasingly appeared to be.

Maybe each saw it as fate that they should embrace? Theresa pulled Linda together for more passionate kissing, their soft bodies intertwining, their identical breasts almost merging, their identical nipples getting harder and harder. Their identical hands ran over each other’s body. Four nipples, hardened by the cool night air and their burning intensity, jutted out sexily, each pair seemingly in a duel with the others’. No words were spoken. Only subtle moans as each touch found its target.

Linda steered the couple to her walk-in shower, which was over her huge bathtub. She continued to kiss Theresa but used one hand to turn the water on and allow it to warm. Linda pushed Theresa back against the bathroom sink and plunged her hungry tongue deep inside Theresa’s mouth. Theresa’s hands reached around and cupped Linda’s perfectly rounded rear, pulling her into her own pussy.

Feeling the warmth of Linda’s mound against her own, she pushed into her twin, trying desperately to get closer while sliding against the other. Their clits gradually became as hard as their nipples, both begging for the others’ attention. The girls practically fell into the shower together, then begin a lengthy and thorough cleaning of the other’s voluptuous body, each marveling how it looked and felt just like her own.

The girls didn’t have to say much to each other, but no talking was necessary. They stood in the shower as Linda’s large bathtub filled. They kissed with an unending tender passion. Linda couldn’t help blurting the obvious “You’re so soft. So beautiful. So sexy.”

Which caused Theresa to giggle. “I’m a girl, silly. Girls are soft. I’m just like you. Which means you’re also soft. And I look like you. Exactly like you. You’re so beautiful, so sexy. When I see you and realize that we’re identical and you’re beautiful and sexy, well, well, then I realize that I too…. must be beautiful. And sexy.”

“Maybe you should explore what it really means to make love with someone as gorgeous as you are?”

A smiling Linda gently pushed Theresa down into the tub, pushed her legs apart, kissed her body dozens of times all over, and rubbed her large swollen clit. Tweaking Theresa’s nipples, Linda decided to treat Theresa’s nipples the exact same way she liked her nipples to be played with. Circular motions, soft caresses followed by firmer caresses, then sucking each nipple in-and-out, more and more firmly. From Theresa’s reactions it was clear that she loved what Linda was doing. A coincidence? Or were their nipples wired to their brains in the same way? Then Linda rubbed on Theresa’s clit — first back and forth, and then circles. And found that their clits not only internet casino looked identical, they reacted the same.

Linda worked Theresa as close to the edge as possible, but then looked up and told Theresa that she was beautiful. This caused a break in the momentum. And gave Linda an excuse to start over.

By the third time Linda played with Theresa’s nipples and clit in the ways that Linda most enjoyed, Theresa was going crazy with lust. Linda then crawled up Theresa’s body, looked her in the eyes, and then bent and kissed her hardened nipples passionately. Theresa grew increasingly desperate, and ever closer to exploding. “Please, Linda. I’ve never felt like this. Nothing even close. Please!”

Was this because Linda was essentially Theresa’s clone? Because Linda was effectively masturbating “herself” and knew just how to please “herself”? Or were they soulmates who matched the other perfectly, each instinctively knowing what the other wanted, how the other liked it?

Linda placed her pussy on Theresa’s, both under the tub’s waterline. Linda whispered, “I think I’m falling in love with you,” and tribbed Theresa as if her life depended on it. As if they were lovers who knew exactly what the other wanted and had done it dozens of times. Linda rode her fast and furiously, kissing her hungrily as their pussies also kissed. If their pussies hadn’t been under water surely the sparks would have caught the room on fire!

Theresa reached for Linda’s nipples and pulled on them in exactly the way she loved for her nipples to be pulled. This moved Linda to an even higher level of abandon, and Linda’s face contorted with the same crazed expression Theresa had. Theresa briefly opened her eyes and peeked at Linda’s wild beauty, which turned her on even more as she realized that she too must look just as sexy. Theresa dripped like a faucet as Linda shoved her hips and pussy against hers as each girl had the most intense orgasm of her life.

The longest. The most wonderful. The most life changing orgasm ever. One that drained each girl.

Recovering, Linda looked down into Theresa’s eyes while Theresa repeated the “I think I’m falling in love with you” phrase that Linda had whispered earlier. Each girl again decided they were looking into a mirror, and that their minds might well be just as identical as their bodies. Each also knew that an exciting chapter in their lives was just beginning.

The remainder of the night was a sexual journey, with Theresa and Linda taking turns going down on each other, moving from room to room, a torrid 69 in many places, and far too many orgasms to count. They eventually made their way to the bedroom, where they finally collapsed after making love (not just having sex) well into the night. Linda fell onto her back, with Theresa laying peacefully with her head on Linda’s chest.

The light was coming through the window as Theresa slowly awakened, her face next to Linda’s breast. As Theresa stretched her legs she was reminded of their night of intense lovemaking by the still slightly damp silk sheets only partially covering their bodies. As she looked up she saw that Linda’s eyes were closed with a content smile was across her lips. Then Theresa looked down and saw Linda’s always erect nipples gently pushing up against the thin sheet over her. Nipples identical to her own.

As Linda slept Theresa reflected that what was so special about their new relationship was how they communicated with their eyes. Oh, they also talked, moaned and whispered to each other. But words weren’t always necessary for either girl.

Theresa’s cheeks were still somewhat sore, reminding her of their passionate kisses and extended oral activity, equally evidenced by the tingling in her purring kitty.

Theresa lightly tugged on the sheet, allowing it to slide gracefully over Linda’ breasts and exposing her beautiful nipples. Theresa’s were already hardening at the sight before her. She moved her hand up beneath the breast she was lying against. Using only her fingernail, she lightly scraped underneath Linda’s nipple causing it to begin growing even more taut. A soft groan escaped Linda’s mouth and her eyes begin to open.

Their eyes met, and they both knew their passion from the previous night would continue. Theresa shifted her gaze from Linda’s eyes back to her hardened nipple, then back to her eyes, as Theresa snaked her tongue out and started to circle the exposed nipple from the side. Linda’s areolas quickly crinkled and her nipples pointed outward, hard and firm, as Theresa’s tongue made an “o” shape, just wrapping the nipple with it. Theresa reflected that this was how she liked it best, and that her nipples reacted the same way.

Still watching Linda’s eyes, Theresa watched as Linda’s tongue ran across her lips. This was the signal for Theresa to slowly begin sliding down Linda’s body, leaving a trail of saliva from her breasts down her stomach. Once Theresa reached her naval she stayed a bit longer, slowly poking her tongue inside as if she were already between Linda’s legs, matching the same technique she had used on Linda’s nipples and leaving a drop of warm saliva before proceeding down across her thighs.

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