Love Thy Neighbor Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5

After the shower, Rick, Jessica, and I were all a bit drained and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. We must have slept for an eternity, or so it felt, because I awoke to a good season or so ahead of what we had watched. We would have to circle back and not just for Jessica’s benefit. I really got back into the Walking Dead and so did Rick from the way I could tell, even if we all joked that the love triangle should have just become a throuple.

“Oh, damn, what time is it? We’ve definitely overslept! Father Clay is likely rather worried, if none of the others. He’s the new priest and doesn’t know us as well. The others probably worry less, because it’s just a fluke in their minds. In any case, we’re going to Hell now, anyway, so what’s the point, right?” Rick observed as Jessica started breakfast for the three of us.

Not two minutes later, there was a knock at the door and I rushed to put on something in which to answer it. Nina grabbed my face and just started kissing me before I pulled her inside. Then she grabbed her purse and a swabbing kit, among other things. The look on her face spoke volumes as she simply swabbed her own tongue for traces of my DNA. That was rather clever of her, though I wasn’t sure if the results would be reliable. I ran and opened four cans of soda and downed mine quickly to leave her the backwash in case that helped.

“Okay, that helps. I know what you said before, but can I get a proper swab, just in case. Pretty please?” Nina pouted, making me yield this once at least.

Now she had multiple sources of my DNA that she could easily store, just in case. When the baby was far enough along for amnio, or when it was born, she could quietly test for paternity now. My best guess was amnio, since it would make a decision over abortion versus going to term an informed choice. We all sat down and Jessica started making an omelet for Nina, too, much to her surprise. The biggest shock was when Rick poured some wine for each of us.

“Merlot … with breakfast, eh? Okay, someone doesn’t want me to leave at all today, do they?” Nina licked her lips as she sipped her fine dry red.

“Nope,” I winked at her, “just put the DNA in the freezer for now. There’s space. It won’t get corrupted that way, I think. I meant what I said before. Part of me wishes that it was mine, part of me that it wasn’t.”

“We’ll know soon enough, won’t we, Nina?” Jessica commented, “what does your woman’s intuition honestly tell you, though?”

“That it’s Bruno’s. And right now, to be frank, I want it to be. Just to wipe the smug look off Matt’s face. I would love to rub it in, if you will. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the son of a bitch threw my cheating on Steve with him in my face, that’s why! Just this morning, during an argument over something else, he called me a whore and said that if he ever caught me with another man, he’d kick me out.

“I told him that I was good enough to marry, good enough to pursue while dating another man, and good enough to cheat on his then girlfriend Emily with back then, so why was he putting me down? You know what he told me? That I was just a fucking starter wife and that he was clearly just a starter husband. He actually accused me of doing that to him! And then he accused me of fucking your Uncle Vito Ankara escort on the side!

“Oh, I was so fucking livid! I lit into him, accused him of cheating on me with Emily, which he didn’t deny. Frankly, I was a hypocrite to mention it, but so was he. I mean, I am jealous, but I can’t judge that too much, since I’ve cheated on him, too. It just makes me feel as if I’m not worthy to be his wife to have him call me those things!

“Oh, I am furious right now! He hurt me badly, very, very badly! Cheating I can understand, you know. Cheating is normal! Half of all couples have at least one cheater! But marrying with no plan to stay together? What the fuck is the point if you’re going in expecting to divorce? It’s so stupid, it’s fucking batshit insane!” Nina ranted now, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“There is, sadly, a class of folks who do that. Jerks, if you ask me. Just as it’s wrong to throw your infidelity with him in your face when it was with him! I would never do that to you, I hope that you know that, right? I would expect you to share me, at least with these two and my cousin Lauren, those I would definitely at least want to grandfather in, if nothing else.

“But you could stipulate the same for Steve and Matt, just so that you know, even if we were otherwise, well, monogamish or whatever. That’s a big if … and it assumes a lot of things. This is all theoretical, of course,” I told Nina, whose eyes bugged out like saucers.

“You … you … you would marry me? Knowing what a cheating slut I am? I mean, face it, there would be no point in setting restrictions like that for you, because, candidly, I could never promise to stick to any set of rules at all. You wouldn’t feel like a cuckold or wimp or anything of the sort?” Nina wiped her tears away with a Kleenex that I gave her.

“Ask Rick if he feels like a cuck or wimp, doing our little Devil’s triangle arrangement. Go ahead! Ask Jessica if she feels like a cuckquean right now. Go ahead! Or Lauren, for that matter, if and when she shows up. I can’t marry Jessica. She’s already got a husband. Rick. I can’t marry Lauren. She’s my cousin. I’d let her move in with me. I’d let you move in with me, too, if you preferred, but that’s another issue.

“I’m what some call a ‘manwhore,’ but I don’t let it get me down. As Tywin Lannister liked to say, ‘A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of sheep.’ I am a free man, freely enjoying the bodies of others with their freely given consent. I have done nothing wrong in my book. Yeah, you thought that you were lousy Catholics, guys, for sharing me, but what does my attitude tell you?

“So what if you’re an adulteress? I’m an adulterer! We’re a great fit together, don’t you think? I don’t care if I’m excommunicated. Fuck that noise! Get a divorce, get an annulment, I don’t care! Sure, I’d marry your sweet ass, though you being my boss could get tricky,” I chuckled now.

“You know that I’m not Catholic, right? I’m Assyrian. Somewhat different rules, but I don’t care. I’m very … very … tempted by your offer, though as you said, my being your boss could complicate things more than a little. Perhaps we should broach the matter with your Uncle Vito. Perhaps not. Let’s keep it … as an ace in the hole. An option if things keep going south with Matt. I like Ankara escort bayan to know that I have a backup plan, if that’s … not too insulting to you,” Nina phrased things very carefully so as not to hurt my pride or feelings.

“There’s also Steve, but yes, I’m okay with it being a backup plan, a plan B,” I smiled at her, even as I felt arms around my neck rather suddenly … very lean, sinewy arms.

“Yes, well, I hope that she’s okay with me living here, because I’ve decided to move in with you, cousin. No one will worry, since we’re related and who would guess that we’re intimate. We’ll just explain that we’re kin. People will mostly drop it after that. The fact that ‘my’ bed will be vacant a lot is none of their damn business. I got my reasons, chief of which is to keep you healthy and active, not slouching toward couch potatodom and an early grave.

“Hello, Nina … trust me, you could do worse for a husband than my sweet, kissing cousin, but I hope that your marriage works out, just so that you can keep what obviously works for everyone. Even Matt, if he thought about it. He’s screwing his ex, so why should he mind if Bruno and this Steve guy hump you?

“Don’t worry, Bruno. Dad’s not gonna fire you for letting me move in with you. If he knows or guesses, he doesn’t seem to care. Not even Mom does, which is a bit of a shock, given her usual prudish ways. Maybe she really is too blind to see that we’re lovers. It’s just easier domestically if I’m the lady of the house, as I’m so fucking easygoing and not that jealous, compared to a lot of other girls,” Lauren’s voice was unmistakable.

“Yeah, the extent of your severity seems to be limited to the physical fitness regimen, and I have a funny feeling that your primary workout will require only a bed,” Rick teased her a bit.

“That’s what I thought, too,” Jessica blushed now as she seemed to be finished making breakfast at last.

We heard the doorbell ring and Steve walked inside now. He had a look of grim satisfaction on his face as he sat down to join us for breakfast. He poured himself a little of the wine, too, as well as the coffee. He knew the score. He wanted in on the fun and games, too. Getting to plow Nina sounded just great to him.

“So … you’re up to sharing me … with Matt … and Bruno, babe?” Nina turned to Steve, who laughed now.

“He’s porking my girlfriend. Emily. That’s two women he has poached from me. Turnabout’s fair play, don’t you think? Small world, ain’t it? I still plan to marry the bitch, though. She’s one fine-ass woman, just like you,” Steve explained with a wicked grin on his face.

Then he unzipped his pants, so Nina dove in to suck him, Lauren did the same for me, and Jessica went down on Rick. Yes, today would make Lot and his daughters proud, wouldn’t it? I had the feeling that the six of us would swap a lot more than just bodily fluids by the end of the day. As affairs went, so far, this one didn’t seem bad at all.

Chapter 6

“You like switching back and forth like this, babe?” Nina asked me as I slid back into her straight from Lauren, knowing that after this I would go back inside Jessica.

“Fuck yeah, and remember, if anything goes south with Matt, you can always marry me,” I told her, “though that’s a backup plan. You clearly want Escort Ankara to stay married to Matt. You’ve said so yourself.”

“That I do, though it’s not looking good … right now! I hope that he changes … his … mind! FUCK! I love him … but I also love you … and Steve!” Nina confessed as she took me deeper inside her luscious cunt.

“I kinda like that you’re another man’s wife, I must say, just as I do about Jessica … fuck, yes!” I assured Nina, “you were born to be an adulteress … a sexy, naughty, unfaithful wife! Same with Jessica!”

“Oh, God … yes … I’m lusting for Rick and Jessica … and Lauren, too! Hell, I would gladly fuck Emily, too, if she ever gave me a chance! I love how aggressive each of you are with me! You totally should marry her, Steve, as you said … and … confront her before then … maybe we should just confront them now!” Nina urged Steve as I pulled out of her and started ramming Jessica.

Rick was by now engulfed by my cousin Lauren, who really pushed back hard at him with her hips, eager to get him further inside her delectable flesh. Steve gladly returned to Nina as I pounded Jessica, my vision filled with the utter glory of my neighbor’s delicious ass. The image of her lovely butt and hips moving in earnest, to put it mildly, intensified my enthusiasm just as my cock did for her.

“We … really should … confront them!” Steve groaned as we swapped yet again and I was now back inside Lauren.

Rick’s dick was buried inside Nina, Steve inside Jessica at this point. This swap definitely went well, though there were no guarantees as to how Matt and Emily would take this opportunity. This could very well go poorly. There was a considerable risk to this. It was a gamble that might not pay off. Any number of things could go wrong here.

Still, we were gonna get caught sooner or later and this would come out into the open, with the consequences likely to be the same. It was far better to lance this boil and rip off the bandage rapidly than to constantly look over our shoulders, wondering if or when this would catch up with us. By now, we were all at least somewhat intimate with Nina and/or Steve, so this wasn’t a joke.

“I’m … fertile, cousin … right … fucking … now! If Matt joins us … I hope that he fucks me, too, and adds his seed to yours … and Steve’s … and Rick’s … GGGOOODDD, yes! And I SOO WANT YOU TO FUCK EMILY!” Lauren screamed as she clenched down on my cock and creamed herself.

I erupted inside my tomboyish, athletic cousin, filling her with my load at last and making it very likely that she was knocked up by me. I pulled out of Lauren and she rose to slip me no small amount of tongue, making out with me in brazen desire. I grabbed her firm buns while she swapped spit with me for at least a minute or so.

I wasn’t too far ahead of the others, nor was Lauren. Steve spilled his load into Jessica, followed by Rick inside Nina, both ladies cumming loudly to our auditory delight. I found myself kissing Jessica next, and then Rick, and then Nina. The only person who I didn’t French kiss was Steve, of course. We all sat down and drank a little more while Nina texted Matt and Steve called Emily to invite them to join us.

To say that we were all very nervous would be to understate things rather extremely. If this went down badly, a marriage and/or a relationship could well dissolve. Even so, it was time to take the plunge and test the mettle of these romances. If meant to be, they would last. If not, they would fail.

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