Lynn’s Alley Ch. 03

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Ali and I had flown into the Twin Cities together; I was here for my monthly visit with my staff, and for meetings with Teri, my operations manager. Ali had a meeting at one of the companies, on whose board, she held a seat.

The long distance management of my firm was working just as I had planned. Teri’s on-site presence was a huge factor, no doubt about it, but thanks to computers, on-line conferencing, and the like, I was able to keep my hand firmly on the tiller.

When we left New Orleans, our renovations for the gallery were underway; we hired a contractor recommended by Sharon’s dad, a contractor that his real estate firm uses.

It was a good choice Ali and I agreed; fifteen minutes into our initial meeting, the three of us were finishing each other’s sentences when talking about our vision of the changes we wanted to make.

It’s good to be on the same page with others.

“Want to grab a bite to eat before we go to the condo?” I asked of Ali, driving us from the rental car lot at the airport.

“I could eat, I guess, but I’m not really all that hungry,” Ali answered me.

“Okay, I can wait but not too much longer,” grinning at her.

“Why don’t we call Teri and Nat and have them join us for dinner,” her eyes on me, questioningly.

Picking up my cell phone, I placed the call.


“Where would you like to take them to dinner,” I asked Ali as I soaped her back, the sponge in my hand making lazy, slow circles on her skin.

“Feel like steak?” her legs spreading as the sponge moved down her firm ass, her hands against the shower wall, holding her at an angle under the rain-designed shower head.

“Ooh yeah, been a while since I’ve had a good Filet and I know just where we’ll go,” I answered her, the sponge rubbing between her legs, across her pussy and mons, soft murmurs coming from her lips.

Dropping the sponge to the shower floor, I cupped her sex with my hand, slipping two of my fingers inside of her. I leaned against her back, my breasts feeling slippery as I rubbed them against her soapy skin. She pushed back against me, her arms straight with tension against the shower wall.

“Ooooh, Mmmm, oh yeah, oh yeah,” her voice quivering and small, “just like that baby, just like…..SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!”

She reached her orgasm.

“And that’s just one of the reasons I’m head over heels in love with you,” she said, embracing me after her orgasmic spasms had stopped, after she had turned around in the shower.

Yes, of course she did me.


Teri and Nat were now seeing each other, thanks to Ms. Matchmaker, Alice. She started that train rolling on one of our first trips back, after I had moved. Turned out she was right; they found that they shared other interests besides a love for the taste of pussy.

“So it appears that things are going well for you guys,” Ali asked of them.

Nat, taking Teri’s hand in hers, answered for them both.

“Yeah, I guess you can say that; Teri’s moving in next month,” kissing Teri on the cheek.

“Well, congrats, girls; here’s to you,” I toasted the table.

The dinner was marvelous and we dropped them at Teri’s, me telling Teri that I’d see her in the morning, at the office.

“I’m glad that Teri and Nat seem to have hit if off,” Ali said as she played with my pubes absentmindedly, as we lay naked in our bed.

“Me too, I’m glad for both of them; good job on the matchmaking, kiddo.”

Looking at me with her gorgeous eyes sparkling, she melted my heart, saying, “If they find a tenth of the happiness that I’ve found with you, they’ll be set for life.”

Any wonder that I fell in love with her?


We were able to finish our business in the Twin Cities, including a visit to my parents’ farm, and be back in New Orleans by Thursday of that same week, a couple of days earlier than we had expected, and a couple of days of extra free time for us.

“Feel like going out tonight?” Ali asked as she left the airport parking complex.

“That could work; what’d you have in mind?”

“I was thinking that we could drop by The Loft and check out the scene,” Ali answered.

“Horny for some ‘strange’?” grinning at her as she drove.

“Not exactly horny but it’s been a while since we’ve had a walk on the wild side with a stranger,” she said back to me.

“Like I said…” my voice falling into a smug giggle.

The Loft was a lesbian bar in Algiers, across buca escort the river from New Orleans. Ali wanting to go there was saying she was in the mood for a little something-something.

Ali and I have a mutual attraction to threesomes. We both loved them and it was our favorite thing to do for recreational sex. Between Sharon, Kay, and Di, we certainly had our share of playmates for threesomes, but sometimes, one or the other of us felt a kinky need to bring a new playmate into our bed.

No, it’s not for everyone but it worked for us and as long as it did, we were very much okay with it.

I drove us to The Loft, top down, and hair flying, laughter trailing behind us in our wake. We had fun, did Ali and I and that, as much as anything, was what I liked about being with her.

The place was about half-full when we arrived, an eclectic mix of Goths, Butches, Sally Homemakers, and a few single women of varying degrees of attractiveness. We took a seat at the bar, ordering a couple of beers with Tequila shots.

Sitting down the bar, a couple of stools away, was a young woman, not more than twenty-two or so, I thought but cute, real cute. Ali saw her as well and leaned in to me.

“She’s cute, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You or me?”

“You, it’s your turn.”

When we went out on evenings like this, we took turns approaching prospects, and it was her turn at bat, that’s all.

The girl had turned down two or three offers to dance in the short time we were there when Ali left her stool, approached her, talked a bit and off they went to the dance floor.


I was watching them as they danced, enjoying watching Ali make her subtle touches, lip-brushes against the side of the face, as she whispered in her partners ear.

“Would you like to dance?”

Turning to my side, one of the Sally Homemakers was standing there, very hot in a low cut top and tight jeans.

“Sure, I’d love to,” following her out onto the slightly crowded floor, walking between couples in varying stages of embraces and kissing.

Beth, her name turned out to be, wasted no time in getting to it once we were in a dancing embrace.

Hugging me tight to her body, she had her crotch rubbing against mine, her lips nibbling at my ear and neck. When she moved her mouth to the side of my face, I turned towards her and opened my mouth to hers.

Barely moving to the music, we kissed lustfully; I lifted my hand from her waist and shamelessly began fondling her breasts, getting her even hornier. Our tongues were dancing crazily with each other, our hands freely roaming the other’s body.

Moving her to a darkened corner, I quickly unsnapped her jeans, sliding my hand into them, my fingers quickly finding her wet lovebox. Holding her tight with my arm behind her back, I turned us so that her back was to the club and dancers, hiding my hand in her pants.

Slipping a finger into her, I began fingering her, her mouth all over mine, and on the side of my neck as her orgasm rose from her depths.

“Oh, oh, I’m coming,” Beth whispered in a panting breath, her mouth on the side of my head, her hand gripping my neck for support as I continued to finger her, faster now.

Her body shook in my arms, my own horny motor now starting to kick in, and my own need for release honking its horn.

‘Oh but damn that was good, honey,” she said after her spasms stopped.

“She’s not the one,” I heard Ali’s voice saying, “she’s waiting for her girlfriend and she’s into pain, which we’re not.”

Looking to my right, Ali was standing near Beth and me, a look of desire on her face. Moving closer, Ali reached out, cupping Beth’s breasts, feeling them, fondling them while Beth allowed her to, just looking at her as she did so.

“Beth, this is my girlfriend Ali, and I think she would like to join us,” I said by way of introduction.

“The three of us?” Beth asked, still not stopping Ali as she brazenly felt her up, their eyes locked.

“Yes, the three of us,” my hand now joining Ali’s in the assaulting of Beth’s breasts.

“I have a room,” she said, her arm now holding both Ali and I by our waists, “just in case I got lucky.”

“Looks like you got lucky,” Ali said, leaning in and kissing Beth.


Beth, it turned out, was from a city in Cajun country, and came to The Big Easy, as New Orleans is sometimes called, every six months or so, alsancak escort to satisfy her ‘needs’. She and her husband had a sexless marriage, she said, but he ignored her dalliances, she said. So, she satisfied her urges every once in a while.

She was forty-seven but looked younger, with smooth skin, a firm ass, and a pair of firm 36-D’s.

We followed her to her hotel and gave the security guys something to jack off to when they reviewed the elevator tapes.

On the short seven story ride, Ali and I had lifted Beth’s top, both of us sucking her nipples, her hands holding our heads.

No, we didn’t care about a possible stop on another floor; that was part of the fun, the possibility of getting caught or seen.

She had no sooner closed her door when Beth began taking off her clothes, heading for her king-sized bed.

Ali and I watched her, as we stripped our clothes off of our bodies, while Beth lay on the bed, playing with herself, watching us as our clothes fell to the floor. While Beth watched, we kissed each other lustfully, our hands feeling and fondling the other’s body.

Moaning and breathing heavily, Beth’s hands were busy with her pussy and her breasts, squeezing, rubbing, her head moving slowly from side to side as she viewed our display of carnal abandon.

“Beth, do you want us to join you, do you want to feel us make you happy?” Ali seductively asked, joining Beth in the bed.

“Yes, please, yes, I do, I do; I’ll do whatever you want me to, just please, make love to me,” grabbing Ali and kissing her hard.

I crawled between Beth’s legs as she parted them for me, the wetness of her pussy clearly evident in the dimness of the nightstand light.

Rolling my hard nipple across her pussy lips, I stopped and rotated my nipple across her swollen love-button, which produced a satisfying and contented moan as she and Ali kissed.

I alternated my breasts in doing this, my nipples becoming slick and wet from her juices and getting me incredibly turned on in the process. Moving my head downward, my mouth surrounded her pussy, my tongue flicking across her clit.

Fifteen seconds; it couldn’t have been longer than fifteen seconds of me doing that and she screamed in orgasmic release, her hips grinding and bucking against my mouth and tongue.

Rolling over and crawling into the bed with them, I lay next to Beth, and she immediately kissed me, her tongue trying to explore my throat. Her mouth moved quickly to sucking my breasts, sucking and licking her own juices from my nipples.

Ali leaned over and placed her tit to my mouth as my hand found her very wet lovebox. I sucked Ali’s breasts lovingly as she moved each to my mouth in turn, her breath becoming heavier and heavier as I fingered her towards her release.

Beth had dined at the ‘Y’ before and was doing a spectacular job of eating my very hot pussy, making my own orgasm begin to rise closer to the surface.

Within seconds of Ali reaching her climax, I pulled Beth’s face deeper into my crotch with one hand on her head, my own moan of joyous release joining Ali’s.

Without taking a minute to rest, Beth was between Ali’s legs and eating her furiously, as if the taste of pussy was going to be rationed soon and she wanted her fill.

Resting for a bit after Ali got off, Beth pulled me onto her face, her tongue finding my slit and clit quickly; Ali rolled onto her side to watch, to watch us and to play with herself as she did so.

I moved my pussy in rhythm with her tonguing, back and forth, her tongue coming closer and closer to my ass, the sensation of ‘almost’ touching it, making it hot to me. Just that quickly, before I realized it almost, her finger slipped into my asshole as her tongue flicked across my clitoris.

She moved her finger slowly, sensually, in and out of my butthole, and Damnit, as much as I didn’t want it to, it felt good. So good, that I came within five minutes of her fingering my asshole, my spasms rocking the bed.

“Thanks for giving this ol’ gal the best night of sex in a helluva long time,” Beth said to us as she kissed us goodnight, well goodmorning, since it was three or so.

“Thanks sweetie,” I said for us, “We enjoyed it too, I can promise you.”

“Well, that was a fun time, don’t you think, baby?” Ali asked as I drove us back across the river towards the big house.

“Yes, indeedy, it certainly was all of that,” laughing bornova escort a bit.

“Wanna’ fuck when we get home?” She asked.

I gave her my ‘you’ve got to be kidding me look’, I was fucking sore!

“Just thought I’d ask…” laughing and telling me that she was joking with me, that she didn’t have another pussy licking left in her.

She lied; she did have one more left in her.


I set up a darkroom at the gallery, upstairs in the work area.

Most of my digital work I was able to process myself and I did, for the color stuff; I was able to produce large works off of the very expensive printer, designed strictly for photo enlargement work.

Black and White, though, Black and White was always a hands-on thing for me and, though I could digitally create black and white shots from my color ones, it just wasn’t the same.

I felt really connected with my subjects when I shoot film, so I still shot Black and White the old fashioned way.

I had a high volume air removal system installed to vent the chemical fumes from the gallery. I rather enjoyed the smell of the developers and fix-baths and all, but I realized that most don’t share my view.

I was working in the darkroom space, making some notes for added plugs, storage, etc. when I felt lips on my neck. Turning, it was Sharon, a look of lust on her face.

“Hey baby, wanna’ grab a quickie?” She asked jokingly, but I knew she was serious.

“Lovely thought, Sharon, but I’ve got some stuff I’m doing and besides, Ali’s not here.”

“I know she’s not here,” moving into my space, her hand reaching for my breast, “I’m asking you, not you and her,” squeezing my breast with her hand.

“Sharon, take your hand off of my tit,” moving back as I moved her hand from my breast, “I don’t do others unless Ali’s part of it; period, end of conversation.”

She reddened a bit in her cheeks and dismissed it as just a joke, that she wasn’t serious, that of course she knew I wouldn’t do that without Ali.

I gave her that bit of face-saving, and returned to my note-taking as she took a call on her cell.

Ending the call and walking up behind me; “Lynn, me and you, we’re alright aren’t we?”

“Yeah, Sharon, we’re alright,” giving her a cheek kiss before she left.

But I did tell Ali and rather than getting angry, she laughed.

“Remember when I first told you about Sharon, before the golf match with her and Beebe?”


“I told you then that she’d try to steal you if she knew we were serious; well, she knows we’re serious and the bitch still fucking tries to,” laughing even more.

“Lynn, don’t worry about it Sugar,” hugging me, “It’s just Sharon being Sharon; you have your sister Jan that fucks with you, and I’ve got Sharon.”

“To hell with the both of them,” I said softly, feeling myself falling into sleep mode.


Ali and I were finishing the delicious breakfast that Momma Jo had fixed for us; eggs, bacon, and grits, with strong chicory-laced coffee to wash it down with.

“Miz Alice, and you too, Miz Lynn, I’d like to talk with ya’ll if ya’ll don’t mind,” Momma Jo said to us, a look of concern? etched on her face.

“Of course you can, Momma, what is it?” Ali answered her.

“Miz Alice, I’m tired, darling, old and tired and I don’t know how much longer the good Lord plans on me being here but I think I’d like to finally stop working, finally rest these old bones of mine,” laughing a soft chuckle, her face breaking into a smile.

“I know your daddy fixed me up with a generous pension and I do appreciate it. I been coming ’round all these years, Miz Alice, after I retired, so to speak ,because, well because I was worried about you, child; you as close to a real daughter as I’ve ever had and I just needed to make sure you would be okay,” her voice soft, soothing.

“Miz Alice, I don’t need to worry about that no more; Miz Lynn and you are as happy as I ever seen anybody be, and my ol’ heart just gets big with gladness for the two of you. I know now, child, that you gonna’ be just fine.”

Tears were trickling down Momma’s face now, and ours too, both Ali and myself. Standing and hugging Momma Jo tight to her body, Ali soothed Momma’s quiet crying, saying, “Of course it’s okay, Momma Jo, Lord knows you’ve been a rock in my life all these years and while I’ll miss you, I wouldn’t dream of telling you no; you’ve more than earned the right to enjoy your life now and not worry about me or Lynn, we’ll be okay.”

“Yes, child, I know you will,” reaching an arm to me, inviting me into her arms for a hug.

That night, I held Ali as she cried herself to sleep, as she released the sadness at Momma’s decision from her body, from her heart.

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