M is for Masturbation

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Sara blinked a few times, not quite ready to get out of bed. She noticed the sunlight shining through a crack in the window, brightening up her a small portion of her bed, and her hard nipple. “God I love my tits,” she smiled to herself as she started massaging her perfect rack. She had been single for the past couple months, so she hasn’t had anyone help her out with her sexual needs.

Nice breasts have always turned her on, though not a lesbian, she has experimented with couple hotties similar to herself. The smell of sweet pussy juice, and the way she feels when a beautiful woman sucks her tits has always thrilled her, but she liked cock more. Sara also enjoyed getting off watching herself masturbate; she loved every inch of her body. She was 120lbs, with a set C-cup tits, a perfect round ass and a gorgeous pussy.

It was a Saturday, and she had nowhere to be. “Well, no time like the present,” she mumbled as she slowly took off her panties and threw her beautiful tanned legs over the side of the bed- looking directly into a full size mirror. She spread her legs far enough apart to get a view of her hot little slit, which was starting to moisten at the thought of fucking herself. She moved her right hand down and bursa escort began circling her engorged clit with her fingers. Her other hand tweaked and pinched her nipples, giving them the occasional soft slap… Sara loved having her tits slapped. “I’m such a naughty girl, such a dirty girl…” She said to herself as her mind wondered to some of the men she gets turned on by the most. Her physiotherapist, her personal trainer, her neighbor and a man at work … all of whom she envisioned fucking on a daily basis.

Reaching over to her nightstand, Sara opened it with a sense of urgency. She was getting close to cumming, and she wanted to climax with something other than her fingers. She stared at all of her dildos and vibrators, but couldn’t choose between them all. She had the best toys your can get… and loved to use them. Sara narrowed it down to two toys, but couldn’t decide between them so she decided to use them both. The dildo she chose had a suction cup on the base and the best place to stick it was on her headboard for easy doggy style access. Her other choice was a pink vibrator, that had such intense vibration you would think you were sitting on a Formula 1 track as cars raced by. Moving her mirror to get the best bursa escort bayan angle of herself, she got on her hands and knees, slowly crawling backwards until she felt her pussy touch the tip of the suctioned dildo. “Fuck…” she moaned and she pushed her hips back, her pussy stretching around the silicone toy. When the toy was fully inside her, she glanced over at the mirror. “You sexy little slut…who do you want to fuck today?” she asked herself. Thoughts of the men she fantasized about danced in her head, making her even more hot.

These thoughts made her hips begin to rock back and forth, the dildo sliding in and out, making a swishing sound as her juices began to flow. As she rocked, Sara took two fingers and rubbed around her pussy, collecting all of the juices she would need to lube up her tight little asshole. She slowly guided her dripping fingers around to her puckered ass and began soaking it with her cunt juices. She worked her fingers in and out of her ass, prepping it to take the vibrator. Looking over at the mirror, with the dildo in her pussy and fingers in her ass, she muttered out loud “So fucking hot.” Sara reached for her vibrator, and turned it on to the lowest level. She teased her ass with escort bursa the tip as she continued to rock back and forth on the hard dildo. When she was finally able to relax her tight hole, she pushed the vibrator tip in slowly, carefully, allowing her hole to stretch around the pulsing fuck stick. After feeling the head of the vibrator pop through her tiny ass hole, she was able to turn up the vibration, and begin pumping it slowly in and out, timing it perfectly with her pussy rocking back and forth onto the dildo. This drove Sara fucking crazy! Her cunt was literally dripping, her nipples were puffy and hard, the ultimate sign of a good fuck.

She started to pump her ass and fuck her dildo harder. She envisioned the men that she had fantasized about watching her fuck her two holes while stroking their cocks, wishing they were lucky enough to replace either toy with their hard shaft.

It was right at that moment that she felt her orgasm coming on; she fucked herself harder and harder, on the verge of being paralyzed by her intense orgasm. “FUUUUCCCCK… FUUCCCCKK ,” she screamed. Her cunt started pulsing, with liquid squirting out of her perfectly fucked hole, completely soaking her sheets. She was exhausted, but felt amazing. It had been months since Sara had been fucked that hard- especially by a real cock.

What she didn’t realise was the neighbour she often fantasized about, had been watching her from his bedroom window the whole time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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