Making Me Beg

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Dear reader – This is my first attempt at writing explicit girl-on-girl sex. I hope it works for you. I’ll take any suggestions that anyone of you want to make.

Part I

The first time I saw her, she was begging – actually begging – outside a coffee shop in the business section of town. She was the prettiest young woman I had seen in a long time – even though she needed to be ‘cleaned-up.’ And, being totally honest here, my panties got wet just watching her smile shyly anytime someone gave her a few coins or a bill. The little girl sitting on an overturned milk crate at her feet seemed ‘needy’ enough to genuinely help her mother’s cause. I could tell she was taking in a decent haul after watching her for just ten minutes or so.

I’d actually seen the woman there once before and only spared her a passing glance. But this time her hair was longer giving her face a fuller look – her lips seemed round and full now in a way I hadn’t noticed before. My clit was almost throbbing as I walked toward her. I could just imagine how those lips and her tongue would feel sucking and licking at my aching clit. I stopped beside her as she thanked a man who had just handed her a five-dollar bill; I waited until she looked at me, then I gave her full eye contact.

She had wavy blond hair that just touched her shoulders, grey eyes that seemed to have flecks of silver gleaming in them, and the sexiest slightly pouting lips I’ve seen on a grown woman. She seemed to be about twenty-three or so; she was shorter than me – but most women are. She was probably about five foot five and looked no more than about a hundred and twenty pounds. Her tits were tight and perky but as I took another quick peak at them, I realized they weren’t as small as I had initially thought. My guess, she was about a C-cup and damn she had a tight round ass to go with those pert lovely tits.

Like I said, I’m tall, around five foot ten and I seem to keep fighting with my weight since I hit thirty a couple years ago. I’m about a hundred and forty pounds. I have to say though that a few of the pounds I’m carrying now went to my breasts and ass; I finally had to be fitted for a D-cup bra about a year ago. So when I go to the gym, I focus my efforts on my ass to keep it from spreading further. I keep my very straight reddish-brown hair cut in a short style that’s easy to manage; I have deep brown eyes and one of those annoyingly cute noses. My lips aren’t as full as I’d like, mostly average. For the most part people describe me a classic beauty rather than gorgeous, sexy, or sensual.

The woman I was now watching – who had made my panties wet because I couldn’t control my fantasies – was most definitely each of those things: gorgeous, sexy, and sensual.

“Would you let me buy you a cup of coffee? And something for the little girl; she looks cold?”

The young woman glanced at the little girl and smiled lovingly as she nodded. “I guess we do need to take a break for a few minutes. I’ll probably only miss out on ten bucks anyhow.” She looked at me almost anxiously for a moment then turned to go into the coffee shop.

As I followed her in, I bettered my offer. “I’ll double what you think you’ll loose; how does that sound?”

With that she turned and looked genuinely suspicious. “What do you get out of this?”

“Someone pretty to share my table with-” I reached down and stroked the little girl’s hair but made sure to hold eye contact with the woman I wanted much more. “and hopefully a new friend.”

“How long have you been in town? I’m guessing you’re new to the city?”

“Yes. We got here about four weeks ago.”

I waited for more of her story until after we had ordered. I made sure to suggest that the little girl ordered enough food to keep her mother at my table for at least a half hour. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’d had a lonely week – hell, I’d had a lonely year and I was sincerely hoping to change that as soon as possible.

We found our table and I encouraged Pam, her name was Pam and her little girl’s name was Amelia, to continue with her story.

“You got here four weeks ago?”

“We’ve been living at the shelter until the women’s hostel has room for us, they keep saying it’ll be about two weeks ’til they have an opening for the both of us.”

“You’ll live at a homeless shelter and beg with just the hopes that the women’s hostel will find room for you, eventually?”

“I don’t really have a choice, Megan.”

I listened to her hard luck story of an abusive husband she’d had to run away from. I really did feel sorry for her but I was still hoping her bad luck would turn into my good luck. I had a really nice apartment in an affluent part of town; there would be plenty of room to invite this sexy lady and her daughter to stay for a while. I smiled at her sympathetically and made my generous offer.

“I have room at my place for you; for as long as you want, Pamela.”

“I still don’t understand why you’re being so nice to me.”

“I live alone. I’ve lived alone for longer than I wanted poker oyna to or planned to. Basically, I’m lonely. You seem like a sweet lady and Amelia is certainly one of the quietest little girls I’ve ever seen.” I decided on honesty, or at least partial honestly. “I’m taking as much of a chance as you are. I mean you could be pulling some kind of a con, yourself. How do I know you’re not going to steal from me?”

“Why make the offer if you don’t trust me?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t trust you; I just suggested that I have no more reason to trust you than you have to trust me. You can trust me, Pamela.”

She didn’t answer me immediately; I took that as a good sign. “Don’t you have any kids, Megan? a boy friend or husband?”

“I never got married. I like kids well enough, but I don’t think I’m the mothering type. Besides, I prefer the company of women – in all areas of my life.”

I was surprised when she didn’t even blink at that last comment. I’d honestly expected a shocked gasp and that she’d grab her daughter’s hand and run. But she didn’t; she just looked at me for a moment then – she smiled.

“Well, Megan, I think I’d be crazy at this point not to take you up on your offer; I think I’ve had just about all I can take from men these days. I think us girls can get along perfectly fine without a man.”

So, that’s how I came to be driving a sweet sexy young thing back to my apartment on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Her daughter had curled up in the backseat and fallen asleep almost as soon as I started the car. I decided it was as good a time as any to see what the sly smile that she had given me earlier meant.

“So, Pamela, when I told you back at the coffee shop that I’m a lesbian; you just smiled – I’d expected you to grab Amelia and run – but you just smiled. Why?”

“I got married to Morris because I was in love with his sister. He hit me and kicked me out when he found the box of love letters she had sent me when we were still together. She took a job across the country about six months ago. Morris couldn’t figure out why our phone bill was so high for months after Jane moved.”

I had to smile at her honesty. “So, phone sex wasn’t enough?”

“We tried, we really did, but she told me a couple months ago that she had a new girlfriend. I kept hoping she’d ask me to leave Morris to go be with her.”

“Did you ever have feelings for Morris?”

“He was a good father.” Pamela shrugged and smiled at me again. “I’ve been lonely for a long time too. Avoiding sex with Morris had become such a habit that I think he had finally given up on me and found a girl-friend or two.”

Pamela carried Amelia into the elevator and the little girl slept all the way up to my apartment on the ninth floor. I smiled at her when she whistled as she looked around; I had spent some time and considerable amount of money decorating my apartment with a mostly nouveau décor. Most of my friends knew I preferred women and those who didn’t figured it out quickly when they visited my home.

“I hope you like it here, Pamela; I hope you’ll make yourself at home and stay as long as you’d like.”

“No stings attached?”

“No strings attached.” I touched her cheek and pushed a curling strand of her hair behind her ear. “I’m not going to promise not to try to seduce you on a regular basis though.”

When she smiled and held eye contact for a long quiet moment, I felt my cunt tighten and juices flow into my panties.

“Where should I put Amelia? She’ll sleep through the night now. I’ll have to sleep with her for the first few nights so that she doesn’t wake up scared in the morning.”

“I understand.” But I knew I’d be buying batteries for my vibrators in bulk if I didn’t get my hands, fingers, and mouth on Pamela in the next few days or so.

I showed her where she and her daughter would be sleeping; Amelia hardly fussed when Pamela put her to bed in my spare bedroom. I gave Pamela a more thorough tour of the apartment so she would really feel at home in the next few days. I even invited her to make a shopping list for me of things she and Amelia liked to eat. I told her to just leave it on the fridge so that I could shop on my way home from work the next day.

If Pamela seemed like she was starting to settle in, I’d take her and Amelia shopping at the end of the week. I had a feeling that if I provided for the both of them very generously, for the first few weeks they were with me, it would encourage Pamela to stay – or even make our arrangement permanent for the time being.

I took it as a good sign that Pamela had made that list of her and Amelia’s preferred food; and that she was in the shower the next morning as I left for work. I’d had a long night with my vibrator – fucking myself again and again as I thought of how her soft young body would feel under my hands. I imagined the taste of her sweet cunt juices flowing into my mouth as I licked her pussy and sucked her clit making her cum over and over. When I got to work, I had to use my private powder room to get myself off again canlı poker oyna so that I could concentrate on the nearly dozen cases on my desk.

Work dragged on and on and by the time I had been to grocery store it felt like it had been weeks since I’d been home. There was a part of me that kept saying I’d imagined it all – there wouldn’t be a soft, sexy, woman-loving lady waiting for me at home. My apartment would be empty – like it had been for years it seemed – when I walked through the door. I actually held my breath for a moment before I unlocked the door and went inside. My stomach fluttered when I heard a little girl’s voice chattering in the kitchen and Pamela’s quietly sensual tone answer her. I had to smile when I realized that my imagination put the sensuous quality in her voice.

Pamela peeked her head out from the kitchen then rushed into the hallway to help me with the four grocery bags and briefcase I was trying to manage. As she took the three of the bags she leaned close and kissed me softly on the lips.

“How was your day, Megan?” She laughed lightly at the look on my face – I’m sure I couldn’t have looked more stunned than I felt. “Amy and I had a great day getting settled in – you have a beautiful home here. We’re so grateful you invited us to stay.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable already.”

Pamela smiled at me as she took the shopping into the kitchen. “I’m not the best cook in the world – Morris always said my food was barely edible – so, I made something simple for tonight. Do you like spaghetti and Caesar salad?”

“Yes, I do.” I walked into the kitchen and couldn’t hide the delight on my face seeing all Pamela’s preparations. “It smells good and I bet it tastes good. I don’t remember having spaghetti and salad stuff in the fridge.”

“You didn’t, Megan, that fridge was practically empty. It makes me wonder if you eat properly.” She placed her hand low on my back as she reached past me to finish setting the little table in the corner of the kitchen. Her hand moved up and down my back as she looked into my eyes. “You certainly don’t need to diet, you have a great figure.”

I was speechless for a moment; it seemed like I was the one who might just have to worry about being seduced. I didn’t mind the idea at all. “Actually, tonight is usually a gym night; I have to work on my ass so that it doesn’t become too big to fit into my chair at the office.”

“Too many women these days worry about being model slim. Unfortunately, I don’t have that problem. If I don’t eat right, I end up looking like a rail with no tits or ass to speak of.”

Her other hand moved to my waist and she stepped in close as if trying to squeeze past me in a small space. My kitchen was small but certainly not so small as to lack space for three or four people to move around. “I think a woman should look like a woman; lots of curves and a bit of softness to cuddle up to. What do you think?”

“I like curves.”

She giggled and kissed me softly again. Yes, I was definitely being seduced – oh, and I was definitely enjoying it. “Sit down, Megan, and don’t worry about the gym. I think we can come up with some activities later that will make up for missing some of your workout.”

Pamela winked at me but spoke to Amelia. “Once mommy puts you to bed, Amy, I want you to try to get to sleep on your own.”

When the little girl started to pout, Pamela offered a compromise. “If you can’t get to sleep right away or if you feel really scared, I’ll come in and lie down with you for a while. You know you can feel safe here, Amy. Megan was very very nice to let us come live with her for awhile; don’t you think, sweetie?”

The little smiled and nodded eagerly. “Yup. Megan is really nice. You like her, right Mommy?”

“Yes, Amy, I like Megan very much.” Pamela handed the girl a plate with a small portion of each spaghetti and salad. “Now eat up, sweetie.”

Pamela brought a plate of salad to the table for both of us. As I picked up my fork to start eating she ran her finger over the back of my hand lightly. “You should eat up too, sweetie; you’ll need your energy later this evening.”

I had to smile at her; I couldn’t help but enjoy her flirtatious nature. “I love a woman who knows how to flirt, and you’re very good at it, Pamela.”

“I’m good at a lot of things, Megan.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. “I certainly hope you get to prove it, Ms. Flirt. Ever since I met you, I’ve been so wet I’m worried about becoming dehydrated.”

Pamela laughed and leaned close. “Kiss me, Megan; a real, deep kiss.”

I did as she suggested and before I knew it my blouse was undone and half pulled from my skirt. She had her hands in my bra playing with my tits and making my nipples hard and throbbing. My hand was somehow up Pamela’s t-shirt playing with sweet little tits. I was suddenly embarrassed and pulled away, looking at the little girl nervously. Amelia didn’t seem to have noticed that her mother and I were playing with each other’s tits at the dinner table; she internet casino just continued on eating as though nothing was happening.

Pamela smiled and touched my cheek. “Eat your supper, Megan.”

After we’d eaten, I offered to do the dishes. At first I was annoyed that Pamela seemed so grateful that I had offered since I was the one who had worked almost 10 hours that day. But when she used the time my hands were busy in the hot soapy water to make passes at me and feel me up – well, lets just say I wasn’t so irritated anymore.

Pamela was taking full advantage of the fact that I had worn a business suit with a skirt to work that day. As she’d helped clear the table and put the dishes by the sink, she ‘pretended’ to brush her hands over my ass but by the time I had washed only a couple glasses she wasn’t pretending anymore. Pamela had taken up a position behind me and was feeling my ass with one hand and playing with my tits again with the other hand.

I wasn’t even trying to do the dishes anymore; I was just standing there letting a sexy young woman feel me up. It was amazing; she was amazing. She was so good with her hands that in no time I felt close to an orgasm. Pamela used her knee to coax me to spread my legs and as soon as I did she started rubbing my pussy.

“You were hoping I’d do this weren’t you, Megan? That’s why you wore a garter and stocking and no panties.”

I felt almost breathless as I opened my mouth to answer her. “I knew I’d have to wear the garter without panties before I left the house this morning – I took at least six breaks at work to play with myself.” I gasped as I felt her fingers slide between my pussy lips and stroke over my clit softly.

“Were you thinking of me when you played with yourself, Megan?” She didn’t wait for my answer before she plunged her fingers into my cunt and started finger fucking me madly.

“Yes. Oh, yes, Pamela.”

“How many fingers do you want me to use to make you cum, Megan?”

Her question became redundant almost immediately – I came saying her name over and over again. Pamela kept stroking her fingers over my clit from the front as her second hand slipped under my skirt from the back. Her fingers worked my pussy perfectly; the rhythm of fingers over my clit kept time with fingers plunging in and out of my cunt. She didn’t stop until she’d made me cum twice more. By then I was almost breathless and dizzy.

“Forget the dishes, lover.” She turned me around and guided me backward toward the kitchen table. “Lean back on the table and catch your breath – I need to get a taste of your sweet cunt juice.” She licked her fingers as she spoke. “You’re so fucking wet and you taste like a creamy white wine sauce.”

Pamela kissed me with the taste of my own cunt juice on her lips. I nearly devoured her mouth as I my hands pulled her tight t-shirt up over her tits; I’d been surprised and delighted earlier when I’d discovered that she wasn’t wearing a bra. My mouth went from the kiss to suck her soft round tits. I played with her nipples in my mouth, biting and pulling with my lips on those hard swollen knobs. Soon, Pamela was breathless and panting.

“I love your tits, Pammie. God I love your tits.” I held one nipple in my mouth and pulled – stretched – it as far as it would go before it popped from between my lips. She gasped and I had a feeling she was close to an orgasm. “You like it when I suck your tits, don’t you, Pammie?”

“God – Fuck, yes. Do it again, lover.”

I did it again and over and over as I undid her jeans and pushed them down to expose her bare ass and mostly shaved pussy. It was my turn now to use my hands on her pussy. Pamela was easily as wet as I had been. As I played with her clit, I slipped a finger into her cunt to spread her hot thick juices all over her pussy. I was sucking madly on one of her tits drawing almost the entire soft round orb into my mouth when she came. Her cunt ran even wetter with that hot thick juice. I couldn’t miss this chance for a taste of her.

I bent over and pushed her jeans down past her knees so she could spread her legs wide enough for me to get my head close to her cunt. I ate her, licking hungrily slurping as much of her cum juice as I could get. It was enough to make her cum again so that my mouth suddenly filled with more of her hot wet fluids. I was on my knees now with my fingers in my own cunt so that when Pamela had cum I came with her.

She moved away suddenly and pushed me almost roughly to the floor. She was between my legs and sucking my clit and lapping at my cunt drawing out my last climax. Pamela looked up at me with my naked pussy at her mouth.

“I wanted to eat you out first, lover. I love the way you taste- like an expensive creamy wine sauce I had at a fancy restaurant once.”

“Did Jane take you there?”

“Yeah, me and Morris for our wedding anniversary. We got him so drunk that he passed out in the car on the way home.”

Pamela slipped her tongue into my cunt and licked in and out and up and down over my cunt; I could hear her sucking in the juices that she got flowing with her magical tongue. “Jane pulled me into the back of the car, where she had hidden some toys. We fucked each other like wild horny rabbits until Morris started to wake up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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