Man of the House Ch. 02: Finale

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Blow Job

This story discusses sensitive topics such as incest, non-reluctance and other such topics so if this is not what you like reading then I would suggest you to not read this story any further.

All the characters are above the age of 18.


My mother: Josie, and I had just come back from our vacation-cum-honeymoon in Bali. It lasted for a week but the amount of time we spent naked, having sex made it feel like a day or two at most. 

I had ejaculated inside her multiple times. That first night when we first had sex actually set the tone for the future. Every time I came, I came inside her, except for a few times when she swallowed my cum when I demanded her to.

When we came back home, she was very friendly and loving. But we hadn’t broken all the barriers yet. I still slept in my room and I called her mum inside the house which for some reason felt odd given that I’ve always called her that. But I was still the ‘man of the house’ and I enjoyed certain privileges. She had essentially turned into my house wife: kissing me off to work, making sure my room was tidy when I came back, cooked me dinner etc. Being half-latina she knew how to be a good wife.

Our week in Bali had certainly changed us. Its biggest impact was her clothing. She stopped wearing bras altogether for some reason and walked around in the shortest shorts I’d ever seen. Her ass cheeks were visible throughout the day, not that I complained. All this further motivated me to get closer to her. I hadn’t touched her once since we had returned and all this was just adding further fuel to the fire. My hormones were raging and her provocation, seductive grins were just messing with my mind.

One hot Sunday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen. My mother was wearing only a white vest and shorts. Her long ponytail reached down to her shapely bum. I could see that the shorts could barely fit that plump ass in. I took out a bottle from the fridge and started drinking whilst gazing at her voluptuous figure. I also noticed that her breasts had also enlarged very slightly but enough for me to notice. Her milky white thighs were making me lose my mind. I shoved the bottle back and marched straight up to mum.

I gently placed my hands on her wrists and started to caress them. My crotch snuck in close behind her back, surely touching, almost grinding in her. I casually moved my mouth close to her and kissed her neck. She gave out a gentle sigh and slowly tilted her neck to give me access to more real estate. I was really horny and soon those kisses turned into soft bites.

“What are you doing Sam?” She asked. I just ignored her question and tightened my grip around her wrists. My groin was slowly humping into her. She wanted to say something but all that came out of her mouth was slow moans and sighs as I loved her.

“Honey”, she tried once again, “can’t you see I’m doing the dishes. You constantly biting me won’t help me do it.”

“Sushh. Just enjoy it mum.” I replied and turned her around. I picked her up, in one sudden swoop, and placed her on the counter. I looked down and noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Gazing at her eyes, I started to fall in love with that celestial body. Before we knew it we were kissing like teenage lovebirds. Her soft hands caressed my head while mine explored her chest. I squeezed her breasts, and she would give out a small squeak whenever I was too aggressive.

“Get rid of the shorts.” I said with authority. She didn’t say anything but smiled gently and did what I had said.

Her bulbous bum was staring right at me. I didn’t have time to lubricate my penis so I just had to make do with her vaginal juices. As if the passions weren’t already running high, she bent down on the counter, with her soft hung boobs pressing against the counter, and said: “Do me daddy!”

This was something new to me. She had never talked dirty to me, even in Bali where we were making love all day. Now I think Bali was when we were exploring each other’s bodies so naturally there would be more sex and less talk, but now we were comfortable with each other and we could tease and play around.

I instantly took her invitation and slowly penetrated her vagina. Albeit it was very tight, almost unnavigable, her juices made it easy for me to fit inside her. I was astonished to find her very tight even after our vacation. It was as if her pussy would return back to its original state no matter how much we had sex. 

Clearly my penis was too large as she gave out a very loud moan,

“Aaahhhhnn!” She turned and looked back at me. I could sense that she wanted me to go slow. I was only half way in and I slowly made her adjust to my entire cock.

After a while I increased my pace. As I pounded her she continued to moan in ecstasy. Her beautiful, thick behind was jiggling every time I rammed into her. Her vagina was glued to my penis and every time I retracted it her pussy walls would just not let it go back, clinching it as if my escort izmir penis belonged to her, to be inside her. 

I smacked her shaking bum a couple of times which made her orgasm. I stood slowly pumping her, when without warning a slim strand of her cum sprayed out of her vagina covering my penis. As this happened she continued to shake and vibrate her entire body. I; busy noticing her violent orgasm and moans, forgot to continue pumping.

She looked back at me with that feline look of lust and hunger and said to me:

“Kiss me daddy.” 

Her face had turned pink and she was blushing and crying in pleasure. Her inviting, juicy lips lathered in her saliva made her look like an animated witch, madly in lust. I kissed her with vigour and passion. My tongue rolled and intertwined with her like two mating snakes do. All this while, I was caressing and squeezing her soft hanging breasts. They were as soft as dough, so malleable and supple. They were by far the most attractive assets on her body. 

As I slowly started to puncture her insides again, I got very close to her and made sure that my entire length entered her. Her automatic response was to stand on her toes but this was an assault which she couldn’t outrun. I increased my pace and slapped my cervix into her butt. The rapid movement made her body shake rigidly with her straight ponytail rippling with every single thrust. I got hold of that ponytail and arched her back towards me. Her eyes were still closed as my pounding had long escaped innocent passion and entered lust. My thrusts were much more powerful and that previous gentleness was long gone. I had slapped her ass red with both my palm imprinted on both of her ass cheeks. 

When I felt I was close to cumming, I tightly gripped her waist and started to pound with increased pace. Instinctively, she placed her hand on mine assuring me to continue and with a few more thrusts, I gave in and let out a small groan as I ejaculated inside her.

“Ah Josie, take it!” I said proudly as I came inside her unprotected vagina.

All that pent up passion oozed out of me spray after spray. I could also feel her walls twitch and grip my penis making sure all that I had was deposited safely inside of her. I had so much cum in me that even after seven massive jets there was still some spurting out every second. 

My mother looked at me. Both of us were panting rapidly and now as we had let out all that pent-up energy we had we could come back to normal again.

“That was great daddy”, she said, smirking slyly. I kissed her again on her mouth and then on her neck and shoulder. I knew finally that she had accepted me completely. This kind of teasing post-euphoria assured me of her feelings and for that I was happy.

“I love you”, I said as I pulled out of her and smacked her tightly on her cheeks. She squeaked and replied with I love you, looking at me as I walked out, a gesture only a loyal wife portrayed for her endearing man. I stepped out of the kitchen feeling like a man who had a woman who would please him and truly love him. He didn’t know that that person was his own mother. But he surely would do nothing to change that.

New Life. 

After our kitchen sexcapade, I would constantly show her that I was the man of the household. I would openly smack her from time to time and she would do nothing but smile back. Many times during breakfast I would make her sit on my lap and feed me. She would happily do that. I knew now that it was time for me to take the next big step. I couldn’t marry her, obviously; but we could live together as a married couple. So the first thing was for me to ditch my own room and move into hers. As she was so coy and demure most of the time, she wouldn’t ask me herself. She expected me to take charge and make decisions as I practically was the man of the house.

That very night, after dinner, I went directly to my room and waited. After 10 pm, I got up and walked to her doorstep. I opened the door. The light from the drawing room shone through, into her room. Disturbed by the change in the environment, she opened her half-sleepy eyes and looked at me. I didn’t say anything. I only had my boxers on with a vest. She looked adorable in her silk nightgown.

Without uttering a word, Josie got up and walked towards me. As she drew close, she clasped my hand in hers and walked me to the bed. Within a few moments she was sitting on top of me and we were kissing. Suddenly breaking it she said,

“I was waiting for you for so long”, and before I could say a word, we were kissing again. Recently she had grown very passionate and was always looking for a moment to kiss me on the mouth, on my neck and chest. She would sit on my lap whenever I would watch baseball and start to kiss me. And although I liked it I told her not to disturb me during the games.

But tonight was no game night. Tonight I had different, more important interests to take care of. After what seemed like an hour of kissing escort izmir I broke our embrace. I lifted off her robe which revealed her beautiful breasts hanging from her chest like ripe mangoes. I started to suck on them like a baby. I sucked one while my hand caressed the other and my mother would move her fingers through my hair gently stroking it. I soon began to feel her plump ass on my thighs and I squeezed them gently.

Soon enough I was on top of her again entering her pussy. Slowly I entered all the way to her womb where I could feel the walls stopping me from going any deeper but I could still go deeper. My mother’s eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a loud but slow gasp as I resized her interior. I began with gentle pushes and watched her breasts sway sweetly up and down as I continued. I bent down and started to plant love bites on her neck. 

“Ahh. Ngghh. Ah Sam, honey!” She exclaimed, drunk in passion and lust. At that moment we were not mother and son, we were a man and woman; mating, trying to create offspring. Getting her pregnant had become my mission and I knew that she wanted me to succeed as I constantly came inside her at the end of every fuck session.

“Babe, yesss, right there”, she moaned. I continued to push myself inside her. My entire penis could feel her twitch; her pussy walls constricting and making sure that all of me could fit inside her. I was astonished that even after so many sessions her vagina was still tight. A thirty-nine year old MILF was below me, ravaging my penis, moaning and squeaking as I plummeted into her with every thrust.

When she was being too loud, I would kiss her and muffle some of the noise but this was by far the best experience of her life. Her face would turn red and my love bites and fingerprints were well imprinted on her entire body. I had claimed her for myself.

I then lay her down on her stomach and slowly entered her pussy again,

“Make me a mother son, give me a family. I’ll be the perfect mother.”

“I know. I do not care Jolie what the world thinks of us. You’re not just my mother now, you’re much more than that.”

In the very next instant, I rifled my cock into her. She wasn’t expecting it and gripped the bedsheets.

“Slow baby. Slowly, you’re too big!” She said positioning one of her hands in my cervix trying to stop me from being too rough. I smiled and moved her hands on top of her head and I lay on top of her. As I prone-boned her, our bodies glued together, I continued to gently push myself inside her. I now did not see her as my mother, but as a woman who deserved to carry my children. Her milky body, her mouth-watering breasts, her thick behind coupled with her experience as a mother convinced me that she deserved to become a mother again. I wanted to claim her as my woman and the best way to do that was to be able to change her body. That was the only way to show that I had truly claimed her as mine and that motivated me to continue plowing her.

I increased my pace. She sensed that I was getting closer and gently lifted her plump ass a little, inviting me to shoot my sperms into her unprotected but willing womb. The very thought of being able to change her body in such a way made me feel powerful. Soon I was pushing so hard that I was practically fucking her into the mattress.

Before cumming, I turned her around. I wanted her to look me in the face when I permanently marked her. 

We continued to mate for a few extra minutes when she came for a third time. Her body started shaking and jerking with every single pulse that rippled throughout her body. I also noticed that she came only when we were in the missionary position, looking at each other. It was very intimate and for her much more pleasurable making her climax multiple times. At times when I was too fast or too hard she would try to wriggle out of my clutches but when that seemed impossible she would just try to adjust. This turned me on a lot, knowing that she was enjoying it and even though at times it became too much, she always tried to adjust.

As my eyes were locked onto hers I edged closer and closer.

“I’m all yours honey, make me a mother to your children papi.” She said, her eyes fixed on mine and for the first time after a very long period she gave me the smile I had only seen when I was a child. I admired her simple but beautiful face. Her thin eyebrows, her pouty lips, her cute little nose. I couldn’t control it any longer.

In the very next instant, I came hard inside her. Ropes after ropes of semen I deposited directly into her womb. While this happened inside her, I kissed her passionately. Our tongues were colliding and massaging each others’. I continued to cum inside her and continued kissing her. 

She continued smiling at me.

“I hope you become a better father than….”

“I will be the best father and the best husband in the world”, I interrupted her. She and I both knew that I had gotten her pregnant that night in our bed, in our house. I had her all to myself now. For some reason my penis was still very hard and she noticed that.

“You aren’t finished honey?” She looked at me with inquisitiveness. Without replying, I picked her up in my arms, and with her feet locked around me, I slowly walked into the shower with her. 

I positioned myself behind her and went back inside her. But I was gentle knowing that she was thirty-nine and might not have the same sexual vigour as I did.

With her standing on her toes and her face against the wall, I coiled my arms around her neck and began to pump again. She reacted with similar acceptance and turned her face towards me and sticking out her tongue asked me to kiss her.

I obliged and continued thrashing my cervix inside her. The ‘plat-plat-plat’ sound echoed all around the bathroom accompanied with her loud moans. Her eyes always searched for mine, irrespective of our sexual position as if to make sure that I was feeling good inside her. The constant years of dependence had made her scared and worrisome. Even after my continued assurances, she would always check whether I was enjoying myself or not.

I turned her around and lifting her in my arms, with her back resting on the marble wall I continued to have passionate sex with her. As she bounced on my cock, I admired her natural beauty which was only strengthened by the wetness. How could a man leave such a goddess? She wasn’t the hottest MILF on the block but upon closer inspection she was easily breathtaking and that too without make-up. We didn’t talk much while making love, our bodies did all the talking. She knew when to open herself more, when to tighten her grip, when to play around with her fingers. Our communication was almost telepathic, the only sounds were her moans and her feline squeals of pleasure. 

After a few more thrusts she came: fountain-like. This revitalised my energy and I too came within a few minutes inside her. I gently placed her down and kissed her again. My hands searched for her soft plum-like ass. I squeezed them gently. I felt her bosom being crushed against my chest and soon my hands moved up to her waist as I increased my kissing intensity. Our wet bodies sticking to each other was making me hard again but I could sense that she was tired and needed to sleep. Her heavy sighs were evident that she was out of breath and exhausted. 

After a quick wash, we walked back to our bed and with her in my arms and her feet coiled around mine she slept like a puppy. Our life as a couple had begun and I was happy that she too was as thrilled as I was.

Angry Day at the Office.

A few days had passed after our bedroom honeymoon. We had become inseparable to the point where I took a 3-day leave just to make love to her. In those three days all we did was make love. We would only part for our meals, sometimes not even for that. Those three days had brought us closer than ever. I started to call her by her name and not as mum, when we were inside the house, at least on most occasions. Sometimes I just called her mother because I wanted to tease or seduce her. Her dressing had also changed, because she stopped wearing clothes altogether which made me horny all the time. I gave her no time to cook food, so we had to order take-outs everyday. She and I were practically behaving like teenagers, high on their hormones and fucking like rabbits.

One day, I returned home pissed off. My boss had shouted at me in front of all my colleagues for a very small reason. He even threatened to fire me. I had had enough of him by then and I was very close to punching him in the face. The little weasel would fall right to the ground if I did punch him. But then my mother’s sweet, innocent face came in front of me. How she wanted us to start a family and how I needed to be the provider and the man in the house. She was completely dependent on me and the money I made so I controlled my emotions and quietly listened while he shouted at me.

Naturally when I returned home I was very unhappy, added was the fact that I had crashed my car again and this would cost me another 3000 dollars to fix. I returned home furious, with no control over my senses.

When I came inside the house, I could hear my mother in the kitchen, cooking. I walked towards the kitchen, threw my leather office bag on the dining chair and made my way inside the kitchen. I stood at the door staring at her, she continued to hum for a few seconds until she noticed me in the entrance. Her face instantly changed from a pleasant one to a one of confusion and worry, her eyes started to search for mine trying to find a reason why I was in a bad mood, her cosy smile disappeared from her face and she stood there, looking at me.

I marched straight up to her and kissed her roughly on the lips. Obviously, she was taken aback from that violent gesture. Usually I wait for her to make the first move and then I take charge.

After I broke the kiss, I turned her around, slid her panties down and took off her apron. She was wearing no bra, certainly, why would she? While I took my clothes off, she stared at me, puzzled.

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