Max , The City Ch. 02

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Edited by hkf999

The characters in this piece of literature are all sexually active personages being fictional consenting adults, of course entirely for literary enjoyment and/or sexual arousal by non-fictional ones. Graphic narrative depictions of homosexual activity are presented. Any reader’s personal aversion to such behaviour should likewise avert same FROM READING ANY FURTHER. The author will take no responsibility for any readers irresponsible attempts to imitate the fictional personages or fictional situations or fictional ideas portrayed herein in their actual personal lives. © 2010 Copyright subsists. All rights reserved. Subject to the terms and conditions of

Chapter 2

Breakfast was a sumptious feast, with fried bananas and eggs and toast and coffee and more. June had even packed him a sandwich, some fruit and 2 cans of soda – he was going to be standing in the sun hitchhiking a lot!

“There’s a lot of eggs today!” said June as the men rose to leave.

They had a lot of chickens and they sold most of the eggs they laid. The weekend’s eggs were 3 trays! Scott would drop them at the depot on his way to drop his son’s friend, Max on the motorway. Max was quite eager to get into the pick-up with Scott and talk about what had happened in the shower an hour ago. Scott had nonchalantly washed Max’s back and then jacked Ankara escort him off! At last, Scott gave June a warm kiss – so there didn’t seem to be any beef going down in their marriage – although Max decided that appearances could be deceiving.

Scott put the truck into reverse gear, looked at Max, and said, “You got one awesome nice cock!” and he looked behind him to reverse out of his parking.

Max looked down shyly and smiled, “Thank you, sir. I’ll return the favour if you want?” he suggested carefully.

Max was surprised that Scott was ready so soon: he said, “Sure. Let’s just drop these eggs off and then I’ll take you to Johannesburg and you can suck me off right here.”

“Um. Okay!” Max laughed nervously.

Scott smiled at him warmly before driving off. Max nodded and smiled back.

“Can I ask a personal question, Scott?”

“You can ask…”

“Do you and June still … sh… shag?”

Scott laughed, then so did Max. “Yes, we fucked before I got up this morning.”

Max burst out laughing. “You’re kidding! You’re like a … a horny goat!”

Scott nodded and laughed and showed Max that his cock was still stiff by actually letting it point out the front of his jeans.

“Geez, Mr Williams. You hard again?” said Max in disbelief.

“What do you mean again? It never goes down! Haven’t you EVER noticed?”

“My! Um. Wow! Okay!”

The Ankara escort bayan drop-off at the depot took just a minute. As Scott started up the truck again, Max said, “Hey! Don’t forget I’m gonna suck you, Scott. You better take off your pants first.”

“Oh! Okay. Yeah.” Scott took the truck out of gear and re-tied his shoes without his pants on and set off for the motorway. Max immediately turned in his seat and with his head in Scott’s lap, experienced the sheer joy of having a man’s cock in his mouth for the very first time.

Scott started groaning with pleasure immediately the warm, soft, moistness of Max’s mouth comforted his almost perpetual erection. From the moment Max tasted Scott’s manhood, he was determined to swallow every drop that came out of it, and he couldn’t wait!

“Aw geez! It’s been such a long time since I got a driving blow job!”

Max continued without reply. Scott moaned a lot, every now and then stringing together a sentence in appreciation, or guiding Max to take care with his teeth, or try to get it in deeper.

“Yeah! You suck so nice, Max.”

“Gee, that’s deep! Hold it there.”

Max made a valiant effort to take his friend’s dad’s dick in to the hilt, carefully teasing his gag-reflex.

Scott let out a loud moan as he felt Max press the last two inches of his cock home briefly before heaving and panting, and Escort Ankara clearly becoming quite worked up himself as Scott’s penis got angrier and angrier in his throat.

Scott’s moaning was getting desperate. Max was also just as horny as ever, but he focussed his attention on the dick that helped conceive his friend, Deek, 20 years ago.

“You gonna get a mouthful if you don’t watch it!” Scott blurted and then he exploded inside Max’s head. Max took heed of Scott’s warning, but it was a mouthful he wanted, and so he took a deep breath and sent Scott’s meagre squirt straight down the hatch. His third orgasm of the morning wasn’t as charged as it could have been.

Max just wanted to hang out of the truck window and boast to the whole world what he had just done! Scott was almost laughing, rubbing his own stomach and chest and grinning at Max.

“Ah, man! Look what set me off!” Scott pointed to a vehicle in the fast lane a few feet ahead. Max looked. “Those guys are doing it too!”

From the elevation of the truck, they could see a chap sucking the driver of his vehicle’s cock too.

“There’s another man in the back!” said Scott.

Max laughed and as he did, the man wanking in the back met his gaze, laughed and clapped his hand to his mouth. He patted the driver on his shoulder and had brief words. Scott said, “Hey, take down your pants and show him your cock, Max!”

The driver of the other vehicle and the man in the back both waved.

“Did you see that!?” they could see the guy mouth.

“Did you see that!?” they repeated in unison, and laughed, and waved back.

• o O o •

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