Me, Cherie, and the Virgin

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Cherie at 25 was a couple of years older than me and more sexually experienced. She was a bottle blond with a trim 34 24 33 figure. She loved sex and wanted it at every opportunity. She must have been a good fuck because I worked shifts at the same factory as her parents only on the opposite shift so when they left for work at 5.30 in the morning I used to sneak in and start an all morning fucking session with her.

One Friday evening we were due to go out but she said she had been asked to sit the next door neighbours daughter and that I would have to wait outside until the parents had gone out.

I hung around out of site until I saw them leave and then knocked on the door. A young girl in a dressing gown, who’s name I later found out was Janet and 18 years old, opened the door to let me in, she was all flushed and smiling, I was more than surprised to find out that this was the child we would be babysitting, it seemed her parents didn’t like her being left alone and felt safer if someone stayed with her. I found out later that she was a student at a convent college.

Cherie had hidden some beers in her bag so we opened one each and started drinking them and chatting, after about half an hour I asked Janet if she had a boyfriend, she went bright red looked into her lap and giggled, Cherie said with a laugh that Janet was not allowed to go out with boys and wouldn’t know what to do, Janet shouted, “Oh yes I would you keep telling me about….” And looking at me stopped half way through what she was saying.

I looked at Janet and then I said to Cherie, “What have you been saying about me?”

Cherie replied, “Who? Me? Nothing!” and couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping.

I leaned over her and said, “If you don’t tell me I will tickle you till you do.” she hated being tickled it made her helpless.

“Nothing!” she exclaimed, “I haven’t said a thing.” and laughed

Janet by this time was also laughing and said, “Oh Cherie I am sorry.”

At that I started tickling Cherie in the ribs, she went wild begging me to stop I said, “Not until you tell me.” Suddenly Janet started tickling me in the ribs which I also hated, this gave Cherie her chance to get her own back on me.

With both of them tickling me I was thrashing about like a dead chicken grabbing anything I could to stop them, Janet’s dressing gown had already come undone to reveal a cotton night dress which did nothing to conceal her erect nipples.

I was laying on my back rolling about defending myself when all of a sudden the button fronted cotton dress that Cherie was wearing came undone revealing her in bra and panties, “You bastard.” she screamed, and without making any attempt to cover herself said to Janet, “Sit on him hold him down.” Janet promptly straddled me and tried holding my hands above my head, she was so excited she didn’t realise that her nightie had ridden up to her thighs showing her panty covered pussy only inches from my face.

Cherie made a grab for my güvenilir bahis waist and managed to get my jeans undone, she promptly started to pull them down pulling me nearer and nearer to Janet’s cunt in the process, with a final tug, off they came and my pants with them. At Cherie’s shout of triumph Janet turned round to look straight at my erection, it was obvious it was the first one she had ever seen “Oh Christ!” she moaned quietly, and we all burst out laughing, I made a feeble grab to cover my embarrassment and Janet toppled off me legs spread and mouth wide open.

“Now it’s your turn.” I said, and made a grab for her

“Nooo.” she screamed, and went to pull away only succeeding in taking her arm out of her dressing gown which came off as she turned, Cherie seemed to agree with me as she started tickling Janet’s feet.

Janet was squirming so much that her nighty rode all the way up to her neck and it was just a matter of pulling it off, I stood up and waved it in triumph my hard on was even more visible once I got a good look at Janet’s nice firm tits. “You bitch.” she shouted, and lunged at Cherie so angry she forgot she was almost naked. Cherie was caught off guard and pulled back but not before Janet had a firm grip on her bra, which snapped and came away in Janet’s hands, Cherie put both hands across her tits which gave me the opportunity to grab her panties and pull them to her ankles her hands were flying everywhere but with tits like those it was impossible to conceal everything.

I thought she was going to kill me so I timidly took off my shirt and said, “Now we are equal, both naked.”

This seemed to calm her down as she stepped towards me, she kissed me and grabbed hold of my stiff prick “We will be.” she said, Janet had turned round to get a drink and nearly spat it all out when she saw what was happening.

Cherie dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth long and hard, Janet’s mouth hit the floor totally shocked at what she saw but fascinated. I was shaking so much I had to lay down or fall down, Cherie slowly took my prick out of her mouth, looked at Janet, smiled and said, “Mmmmmmmm, want to try some.”

Janet stammered, “Wwwhat does it feel like.” Cherie took her hand and guided it to my throbbing member, as she took hold of it I let out a shudder

Cherie giggled saying, “I think he like’s it, just do what I do.” she moved up to my face gave me a smile and kissed me taking hold of my hand as she did, Janet looked at her and then slowly lowered her lips to mine, I gave her a long lingering kiss with just a bit of tongue, Cherie put my hand to Janet’s tit and I started playing with her nipples, Cherie moved down to my thighs and started playing with my prick and balls while running her tongue over my tip, Janet sighed and lifted up but didn’t stop me playing with her nipples, after a few moments I ran my other hand slowly up her leg until I reached her cunt, she closed her eyes as I made contact with her slit through wet türkçe bahis panties, after a few seconds she opened her eyes and took my prick in her hand looking at it eyes wide, Slowly, very slowly she lowered he head until I could feel her breath on the throbbing head, then she took it in her mouth, tasting the head at first and then all the way in, While I still had some sense left I started to slowly pull her panties down, never stopping the slow teasing of her now swollen clit

Cherie helped me remove them and then straddled my face and said very firmly, “Eat me you bastard.”

What more could a man ask for, her cunt lips were swollen and her juice was flowing like water, I let my tongue eat with gusto, she went ridged and let out a sigh.

It didn’t take long before Janet was thrusting her hips on my playing fingers like a veteran letting out little screams; suddenly she let out one huge yell and shuddered and squirmed groaning, my prick came out of her mouth but not her hand so every time she squirmed she wanked. Her yell was the trigger for Cherie to come ejaculating into my mouth and I soon followed all over Janet’s face and hand.

We all collapse on the floor, after a few moments Cherie went to Janet and wiped the cum off her face with her hand and rubbed it into Janet’s tits, Janet lay there with a huge smile on her face. Seeing Cherie playing with Janet’s tits made me hard all over again, when Cherie saw this she smiled and stood Janet up, she was shaking all over, she placed Janet above my head and lowered her down facing my erection, her soft virgin cunt was over my mouth, I didn’t need telling twice and slowly started to lick and suck on her juicy slit and she let out a gasp as my tongue touched her clit and she leaned forwards on her hands.

Cherie took my prick in her hands and said, “Just what I need.” as I felt it slip into her juicy cunt.

“Oh god,” Janet said, “you took it all.”

Cherie told me later that at this point she started playing with Janet’s tits again and they were kissing each other harder and harder, Cherie took Janet’s hand and led it to her own tits, she said that Janet was slow at first but as her orgasm started to rise she got more and more vigorous.

As I felt myself coming I took hold of Janet’s legs to hold her to me. Again one of us cumming triggered the rest, this time Cherie was first to let out the grown saying, “Fuck me, fuck me you bastard harder harder.”

I couldn’t say anything just sucked Janet’s clit harder than ever which set her off, “Oh no not again, not again.” she cried, and burst out crying.

Once again we all collapsed in a pile, it was several minutes later when Janet said, “How could you take all that.” looking at my now limp dick.

Cherie just smiled and asked her if she had ever fingered herself, Janet went bright red but never answered so Cherie said, “Show me how you do it.” Janet went even brighter red and looked at me.

“I think I have seen parts of you even güvenilir bahis siteleri you aint seen.” I said, and we all laughed, that must have relaxed her a little as she propped herself against a chair and turning away from me she started to run her hands up and down her thighs until she was playing with her clit her legs spreading wider and wider.

Cherie moved closer and took one of her nipples in her mouth and I sneaked in and, smiling at Cherie took the other one, Janet was well juiced up by now so Cherie said quietly, “Now put another finger in.” Janet slowly did as she was asked and when Cherie told her to put them all the way in Janet let out a moan of pleasure and pushed until she couldn’t go any further, “Now three.” Cherie said.

Sliding down onto her back Janet followed instructions, this time she pushed all the way in by herself. “How does that feel?” I asked.

“Too fucking good.” she replied.

Cherie, ever the spoil sport, pulled Janet’s hand away from her cunt and said in a very matter of fact way, “Your cunt is made to take this,” and grabbed hold of my semi hard prick “Want to try it out for size?” she asked.

Janet looked a little disappointed when she saw I wasn’t hard so Cherie took me in her mouth, which caught me by surprise and brought a smile to Janet’s face as she said, “Let me.” Janet sucking my prick soon me hard while Cherie kept Janet ready 3 finger fucking the virgin cunt. Janet said, “Now, I want it now.” and started to move over my erection; Cherie took hold of my prick and guided it towards virgin heaven whispering in Janet’s ear not to worry if she felt a little pain. When Janet felt my prick brushing her cunt she closed her eyes and slowly lower herself onto my shaft, after a short way she stopped and let out a small cry and then pushed all the way in with a huge sigh, she leaned forward over me and I took her face in my hands kissing her and nibbling at her neck and her tits until she was relaxed, and then I started slowly pumping that virgin cunt with my throbbing prick, I was so high I wanted to cum there and then but held off speeding up a little at a time until we had a good rhythm going, Cherie was laying beside us running her hands over Janet’s back and tits and then down to her arse until she could feel my prick driving into Janet’s juicy hole. Janet’s rhythm started to speed up as her orgasm got closer, I kept to her rhythm speeding up slightly when she started to lose herself into her first proper prick induced virgin busting climax.

It hit her like a rocket, she jumped so high I nearly came out and then she came straight back down, that was it, “Oh fuck oh fuck, oh fucking hell don’t stop don’t stop.” she was saying, and then she went as stiff as a pole shaking in every inch of her body. What seemed like ages later she fell forward and put her head on my shoulder mumbling, “You bastards you fucking bastards, why didn’t I know all this sooner, I am fucking knackered, you bastards.”

I didn’t see Janet again until some years later at a firms do, She was married to one of my old mates and made a point of asking me for a dance, as the dance finished she put her mouth to my ear whispered, “Thank you.” and walked away with a smile on her face.

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