Meghan’s Man

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We were in the car traveling to the city where Meghan lived. I had met Meghan on the Internet and soon learned that she was a truly horny woman. After we exchanged our innermost desires to each other she told me that she wanted to be my sex slut. And wanted to do a threesome with me and another woman. That’s where Bobbie who was sitting next to me came in. She wanted to make love to another woman and was very up for this adventure.

Bobbie had shoulder length blond hair, a sexy 38D figure and killer legs. Meghan told me that she was a natural blond and that she would gladly let me check out her claim. She also told me that she wore a 34C bra and that I could “C” her breasts as much as I wanted. Meghan came across as a blond ball of fire and when we did Internet sex I felt even my computer getting hot from her. Just thinking that I was going to be in a blond sandwich soon was making my cock hard as a steel pipe.

The plan was we were going to meet Meghan in a bar in town have some drinks and then head to her place. I told Meghan that I had two requests that must be met for us to meet. One was that the bar must have a curved booth and the other was that she wears a skirt with no panties on underneath. She agreed and we set up a date to meet. Bobbie didn’t know that Meghan was going to show up without her panties and that it was going to be my little surprise for her.

On the drive I kept one hand on the wheel and the other one was caressing Bobbie’s most excellent body. I wanted her motor purring and her juices warmed up for our threesome. Bobbie was squirming all over the seat and her eyes had a glow to them that made them even more beautiful. She was excited about our get together and it showed. I bet her panties were dripping wet. Like a little kid she kept asking me when are we going to get there.

Finally, we arrived at the bar and it wasn’t hard to spot Meghan. She was so excited to see us that she was jumping up and down and gave both of us a hug with a big sloppy kiss. We got seated in the booth and I made sure Meghan was sitting between us. We ordered our drinks and made small talk until they arrived. Meghan was on my right and I put my hand under the table then placed it on her left leg. She gave me a big grin and I could sense that she spread her legs apart just slightly.

I slid my hand under her skirt and then up to her pussy. I don’t think I was surprised to find her pussy bare and dripping wet. Slowly, I slid my finger into her damp tunnel and with the palm of my hand rubbed her clit. This caused Meghan to squirm her body and she was having a hard time keeping a conversation going with Bobbie. Bobbie knew something was going on but didn’t figure it out until I pulled out my wet finger and offered it to her to lick.

It was like a light went on over Bobbie’s head as she could smell and lick my wet finger. As she was licking she looked at Meghan with such lust in her eyes. Oh! Man! My cock was so hard now that it was painful. I replaced my hand underneath the table to reenter Meghan’s pussy only to find Bobbie’s hand had beaten me there. So I used my fingers to rub her clit. Meghan had taken her napkin to cover up the suppressed moans that were now fleeing her mouth. Bobbie and I looked at each other and grinned as we were doing some serious finger fucking to Meghan.

Then Meghan’s body started to rock and sway. She gave a loud yell and then collapsed between us as her orgasm hit her like the force of a hurricane. Our waitress came over and asked if everything was all right. We told her that Meghan was just feeling the effect of heat exhaustion and a glass of water would soon make her ok. When the water arrived Meghan drank it and smiled her thanks to the waitress.

“Oh Boy” Meghan said, “You guys are something else. I have to go the little girls room. Bobbie will you go with me?” So they left me alone thinking this was a most excellent start to our threesome. It seemed like forever before they returned and Bobbie looked a little frayed around the edges and when she saw me she blushed. Meghan set back beside me and handed me something she that held in her hand. It was a damp pink cloth. I looked at Meghan and she said to me “They belong to Bobbie.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks Meghan took Bobbie to the restroom so she could eat Bobbie’s pussy to her heart’s content. I said to Meghan, “You Ankara escort are such a naughty woman. Maybe I should put you over my knee and spank you.” Bobbie spoke up, “Don’t do that Fred as I suspect Meghan would really enjoy that.” Meghan nodded her agreement and gave a big grin. “Ladies” I said, “Lets get out of here and go to Meghan’s apartment where we can really enjoy ourselves together.”

When we got back in the car Bobbie noticed the tent in my pants and felt sorry for me. So she unzipped my pants and freed my cock only to gobble it up with her mouth. I couldn’t believe that she was sucking my cock while we were on our way to Meghan’s apartment. It didn’t take much effort on her part to make me come and she swallowed up every drop that I had to give up. It was amazing that we didn’t get into an accident doing that stunt in the car.

Finally, we reached Meghan’s place. I got out of the car carrying the camcorder and tripod that I had brought with me following Meghan to her apartment door. Once we got inside I said “So Meghan you want to be my sex slut. Is that right?” She replied, “Yes Fred, I am yours to command. I will do anything you ask of me.” “O.K. Meghan. Take a chair into your bedroom. Bobbie I want you to sit in that chair. O.K. Sweetie?” Then I quickly set up the camcorder and I was ready. I made a big pile of pillows on the bed near the headboard. “Now Meghan, I want you to put some music on and I want you to pretend that you are the top stripper in a Las Vergas night club. Men pay hundreds of dollars to watch you perform. We have paid a huge sum of money to have you perform in this private room for us. I want you to strip for us and then lie on the bed and have sex with yourself. Bobbie just lean back, relax and enjoy the show. Ready Meghan?” With a wild gleam in her eye Meghan said “Yes Fred!”

The music started and Meghan closed her eyes, her body was swaying to the beat of the drums. She opened her eyes, looked right at Bobbie with a fuck me look to her eyes, and started caressing her body thru her clothes. Turning around she would flash up her skirt showing off her ass and then turn around to flash her fine pussy. Her top came off first showing her red bra that was trying to contain her wonderful C size breasts. Her nipples were clearly outlined in the sheer material of the bra and they were rock hard.

Bobbie was very excited now and was yelling to Meghan “Take it all off Baby!!” Meghan got close to Bobbie and rubbed her bra into Bobbie’s face. I could see that Bobbie wanted to rip her clothes off but I yelled to her “Look but don’t touch Bobbie!” I think even my camcorder was getting excited watching the look of lust passing between these two woman. Meghan then freed her breasts from the bra throwing the bra at me and I caught it on the camcorder. To see her puffy nipples exposed made my mouth water. I wanted to suck on them and so did Bobbie.

All that was left now was her skirt and that flew off quickly. Her bare pussy was exposed and I zoomed in the camcorder to catch it up close. Meghan told Bobbie to move her chair up to the side of the bed. She then straddled Bobbie resting her ass on Bobbie’s legs then she leaned back on the bed. Meghan put her feet on Bobbie’s shoulders. Now Bobbie had a very close of view of Meghan’s pussy.

Meghan started to run her fingers thru her pouting pussy lips and was rubbing her clit. Her moans were now rising above the level of the music. It was all Bobbie could do not to touch Meghan’s pussy. Now Meghan’s fingers disappeared into her wet pussy. Her hips were rising up and down in a fucking motion. Meghan is a very hot babe but to see her acting so animal like it sent a shiver down my spine and make my cock even harder.

Bobbie looked up at me begging me with her eyes. I said to her “OK Bobbie eat her out.” And she dove in fast licking up all of the juices spilling from Meghan pussy. Now I could hear moans of contentment coming from Bobbie. Not to be out done was the scream of pleasure from Meghan. She kept saying over and over like a mantra “Fuck me Bobbie, Fuck me Bobbie!!!” I walk backwards to reach into my briefcase for a little surprise for Meghan.

Once I had it in hand, I put the camcorder on the tripod and left to go into the kitchen. There I put the cucumber under the tap and got it soaking wet. I returned to the bedroom and handed it Ankara escort bayan to Bobbie. I picked up the camcorder again. Bobbie looked Meghan with a wicked smile and started to ease the cucumber into Meghan’s pussy. Meghan shot up like she had been hit by electricity saying “What the Fuck??” Once she saw what Bobbie was going to do to her she spread her legs open even wider.

“OH PLEASE FUCK ME BOBBIE!!” yelled Meghan. Bobbie started to thrust the cucumber in and out like a piston of old stream tractor. Meghan’s pussy easily swallowed the whole cucumber into its wet tunnel. I have never seen Meghan so out of control as when that cucumber was fucking her. It was awesome to watch. She squeezed her breasts together and pinching her nipples hard. Her body was shaking so much now and she was yelling “Oh God!!!!!” Finally she screamed out and then collapsed on the bed like a limp doll. Bobbie was breathing hard like she had just run a mile in 30 seconds. “Is she ok?” she asked me. I was breathing hard too as they had got me so excited. “She’s ok just give her a minute to come back to earth.” I said. As I predicted, Meghan started to come around and when her eyes could focus on us she said, “That was so fucking unbelievable. That’s the first time I ever passed out. Oh god it was so great. I’ll never look at a cucumber the same anymore.”

I laughed and said “ Now its Bobbie’s turn. Bobbie I want you to stay in the chair. Meghan I want you to do a lap dance on Bobbie and then strip and fuck her.” Bobbie said “All right! Do me Baby!” Meghan got up from the bed and started to dance in front of Bobbie. Then she turned around and sat on Bobbie humping her ass in Bobbie’s crotch. Leaning back she ran her hands thru Bobbie’s hair then pulled her face down and kissed her so soulfully that it was awesome. I could see their tongues dance around the insides of their cheeks. Meghan then released Bobbie’s lips staring into her eyes and kissed her again for a long time.

Turning around to face Bobbie, she now rubbed her breasts into Bobbie’s face letting her catch and suck a nipple every now and then. Her hands were roaming all over Bobbie’s ample tits and she was still grinding her crotch to Bobbie’s. She kissed Bobbie again and the started to undress her. Off went the blouse showing us Bobbie’s black bra with a grand canyon of tan cleavage bursting up in the middle. Oh. Yes it was Grand. Meghan rubbed her face into the bra and sucked Bobbie’s nipples thru the material.

Off flew the bra showing Bobbie’s sexy tan lines against the pale white of her breasts. Bobbie’s aureoles were huge supporting a big tower of hard nipples. Meghan was now sucking one of those nipples when she let out a moan of surprise. Quickly she turned to look at me and I saw milky white liquid dripping on her chin. I looked back at Bobbie’s nipple and saw the same liquid leaking out. I couldn’t believe it but Bobbie was expressing milk from her breasts. “Suck me Megan. Drink me dry.” Bobbie said with a passion.

“Oh GOD, Meghan you’re sucking is making me so horny.” Bobbie said with her body trembling with lust. She said, “Do the other one lover. Its so full it hurts.” Watching Meghan suck the milk out of Bobbie’s breasts made me so hot I wanted to join in but I had to capture it on film. Meghan while still sucking now undid Bobbie pants and Bobbie lifted her hips to help her get the rest of her clothes off.

Now that Bobbie was bare I could see her sexy bottom tan lines and her bare wet pussy already engorged with blood. Meghan lifted Bobbie off the chair and laid her out on the bed. I didn’t think that Meghan was that strong. Bobbie’s hips were bucking up and down in a fucking motion she yelled to Meghan “EAT ME NOW BABY!!!” Meghan dove in and proceeded to eat Bobbie like it was her last meal.

To see these two hot babes going at it like animals was really wild to see. Bobbie had her legs locked around Meghan. Her hands were pressing Meghan’s head into her pussy as if she could force Meghan’s head all the way in. Meghan’s head was bobbling up and down like it was trying to eat an apple in a bucket of water. The smell of sex was a heady aroma in the air. I wish I could capture that smell on film too.

Then Meghan rose up further on Bobbie. They arranged their legs to form an x and pressed their pusses together and got to some real serious fucking Escort Ankara each other. The moans from the two women, I was capturing on audio was just awesome to listen to. It kind of reminded me of grunts and moans from a woman giving birth but this was sounds of pleasure not pain.

It didn’t take long for the women to yell out their climaxes and collapse in each other arms. While they were catching their breath I put the camcorder on the tripod and they yell at me “Your turn Fred!!! They reached out and grabbed me pulling my clothes off swiftly. Then they pushed me back on the bed; my cock was like a flagpole standing stiffly in the air. “Be right back” Meghan said.

Meghan returned with a can and was shaking it as she reached the bed. She took the top off and leaned down to my cock when all of a sudden my cock got sprayed with whipped cream. The sudden feeling of cold whipped cream on my cock was a shock and then the warm mouths and soft tongues of these sexy women warmed me up again. To have my cock sucked by two women at the same time was so incredible. Meghan sprayed me again and they gobbled the cream and my cock. I don’t know which they were the hungriest for either the cream or my cock but I loved the attention my cock was getting.

I tried my best to keep from coming but suddenly I had to release the fountain of come that was building up in me. The eruption shot out of my cock and sprayed both Meghan and Bobbie’s faces. They reminded me of a cat licking the cream off his face as the licked the come off theirs.

It took me a couple of minutes to recover from that explosion and I could tell that the women were ready to go at it again. I reached in my briefcase and got a 2nd cucumber out and retrieved the one Meghan fucked. Entering the kitchen I soaked them both. Returning to the bedroom I held up both cucumbers and said “Ladies on your back side by side. If you want to be pleased again.”

They got in place and I straddled over their two inner legs. I rubbed the cucumbers over their pusses while they kissed each other soulfully. Then I started to insert the cubes into their love tunnels at the same time. Slowly their pussy’s wall stretched to accommodate the cucumbers. Pulling the cubes out and then pushing them back in unison gave me such a feeling of control over these two sex sluts. I loved it.

Their sexy moans were coming in unison too. When they weren’t kissing they were shouting to me “Fuck me, Fred harder!” It was awesome to see their beautiful breasts shake back and forth from the pounding I was giving them from the cucumbers. My cock was now rock hard again from seeing the erotic action right before me. And I wanted to plow my cock into Meghan’s hot pussy.

I pulled out the cucumbers out to their loud wails of disappointment. I said to them “Bobbie get your pussy on Meghan’s face and Meghan get ready as I am going to fuck you!” The woman changed positions quickly and I placed my cock outside Meghan’s wet tunnel of love. I rubbed it up and down to get the head of my cock wet and then I sunk it into her pussy lips. It was like sticking my cock in a hot oven and she gripped me tightly as if to never let me out of her.

It felt so good to be in Meghan’s tight pussy. I started to move in and out of her. Bobbie was now facing me riding her pussy on Meghan’s face and Meghan was licking her juices up as fast as she could. Now I grabbed Bobbie’s nipple with my mouth and I was sucking the milk from her too. It was warm and tasted great. It was so erotic to see the beads of milk leak out from her nipples. Now only if I had some chocolate syrup to pour on her nipples I could drink chocolate milk, Yum my favorite.

Meghan was thrusting her pussy as hard as she could at me, her hips jumping up and down causing the bedsprings to protest loudly. Bobbie pulled my head up and thrust her tongue into my mouth with such a passion that it caused me to go over the edge pumping my sperm lava into Meghan. Then like a chain reaction Bobbie gave out a yell next and furiously face fucked Meghan as she went into her orgasm.

Bobbie slid off Meghan to lie next to her giving Meghan the chance to yell “OH FUCK!!!!” as I pounded my last hard thrusts into her. This made her come also and she reached up to pull me down onto her hard. Her pussy gripped me so hard that I thought she was going to pull my cock off.

We all were exhausted at this point, breathing hard, sweaty and just fucked out of our minds. Meghan looked at me and said “Fred you’re my man.” I grinned at her and started to think of what I would do to Meghan the next time we met.

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