Missionary Mother and Me Ch. 01

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It was 1966 and we had been on the mission station in southern Africa for just a few months. I should have already returned to the states to start college because I had just had my 18th birthday, but I was enjoying myself too much. This little African country was a great place for a young white man to live.

The mission was 88 miles out in the bush from the nearest town and there were five missionary families including mine on the mission. Every family had at least one African house girl and a one garden boy. Our house girl was Rose Moyo and she had a body to make the blood of a young man boil.

She had breasts that stuck almost straight out from her body because she was about my age. Even though she had never worn a bra in her life her tits had not begun to sag yet as the older women you saw did. She had a prominent butt that danced as she walked. She wore no underwear to keep it from its natural movements which were in every direction. All Rose ever wore around the mission house was a dress she had gotten to attend school which had become güvenilir bahis to small for her now bigger more mature body.

Rose was never around me that my teenage penis did not respond to her luscious body. She knew it. She would look down at my khaki shorts and smile at what she knew she had caused. I had a rather large cock and when he began to swell looking at this African girl dressed in her school uniform that was too little for her it was hard for me to hide the over eight and a half inches of fat meat in my shorts. I did not wear underwear most of the time so it tried to get out of the legs of my khaki shorts on one side or the other.

I did not mind Rose looking because it meant she would do things during the day to give me more looks and peeks at her body. She also made sure I knew in the evening when she was going into the bush to bathe with some of the other house girls. I always went and watched the show of them washing themselves in the moonlight. Sometimes one of them would wash another one’s back. They were like playful angels türkçe bahis in the soft light.

Every morning my parents would go off to work. They both taught in the high school for Africans on the mission. I would stay in bed after they left and jack on the hard cock I always woke up with.

One morning Rose came into my bedroom and started cleaning with me still in bed. She never looked directly at the bed, but I know she knew what I was doing under the covers. She would bend forward and give me looks down her front at her big titties. Then turn and bend over given me a view of her big black ass. This became an every morning affair with her becoming bolder each time. Showing me more and more each time she came into my room.

Then one morning she came in and did all the usual things and then said to me, “I need to put some polish on the floor.” The floors were concrete with color in them. The house girls cleaned them and then while on their hands and knees put a wax on the floors to make them shine.

After cleaning the floor Rose gathered güvenilir bahis siteleri the skirt of her dress up and got down on her hands and knees and started to wax the floor. She was at first facing sideways to my bed. Then she turned towards the bed smiling. She had unbuttoned the top of her dress. I could clearly see her tits. They were perfectly formed with the nipples extended and engorged. I flipped the sheet off me and let her watch me masturbate my big dick.

She crawled close to the bed and just starred at my cock. Then she turned and pulled her skirt up over her hips and exposed her entire butt to me as she started waxing the floor. The motion of waxing made her butt swing and I was getting the view of a lifetime.

I could tell she was excited because the wetness from her pussy was hitting the floor. It almost looked like she was pissing on the floor. I knew she was as turned on as I was. My cock was harder and longer than it had ever been. She stood up and took off her dress and came over to the bed. She took my cock in her hand and started doing the jacking for me. I grabbed both her tits and squeezed with all my strength. God I was in heaven. Then…

“What do you two think you’re doing?” my mother yelled from my bedroom doorway.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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