My Aruba Date

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Every few years the wife and I used to take a vacation to one of the islands , so back in 2008 we decided to go to Aruba . When we got there we hung around the pool drank and talk with other couples and we got pretty friendly with a couple about our age . A few days later the wife invited mine to go on a shopping trip to one of the cities , her husband had planned a fishing trip for the same time and he invited me but I’m not big into getting sea sick so I declined and told my wife I’d spend the whole day at the pool . next morning while she was  in the shower I went on my computer signed on to my a4a account changed my city and posted that I was here on vacation and was looking to play , then went to breakfast .When we got back to our room she went to get dressed I checked out a4a and found I had 5 messages , most wanted to come to my room which I couldn’t do .One was from a man named Scott he was a male blk. 38 yrs old he was 6’3 went 270 , he told me he could pick me up at my hotel and we could go to lunch , then back to his place .I agreed to meet him at 1130 .
        I was waiting in front of the hotel at 1130 and in a few min. Scott pulled up in so tiny car ,I was surprised he could fit in it .We introduced our selves then he took off , I had no idea where we were going but soon we pulled up to a tiny little store . We walked in and it was kind of dark but I could see that it was all males in there and as soon as we got inside he put his arm around me and walked me to a booth . We sat down next to each other and made small talk while we waited to order , he told me he liked my pictures mostly of my ass and I told him I liked his .When a waiter came he ordered for both of us and as we sat there he was rubbing my leg and took my hand and put it on his cock , he was already semi hard . I didn’t know what to do but as I looked around I could see other making out and feeling each other .When our food came the waiter could see my hand on Scotts cock and just smiled at me . While we ate Scott too his one hand slid it down the back of my shorts and started to finger my hole .I have to admit my little dick got hard , he kept telling me how nice my hole was and how much he wanted me . By now his cock was hard from me playing with it ,with all that was going on it was hard to eat . After we were done Scott paid the check and we walked back to his car . When we got in he pull his cock out the leg of his shorts told me play with it ,it was about 7 1/2 or 8 in uncut and about 5 in around and was starting to leak precum .I don’t know how he could drive with me playing with him ,we drove for about 15 min. then ended up in some neighborhood .When we turned into the street he reached over grabbed my head told me suck him by then I was so turned on I did care who saw and started sucking his beautiful cock . I guess we drove for a few min. then I felt him pull to the side of a road and he told me get out . We were in front of this little house , he never put his cock away ,he put his arm around me and lead to into his house .As soon as we got into the house he turned and kissed me and said “Come on baby get naked for Daddy”
       I got undressed right there and left my clothes next to the door ,he kissed me again , pulled me tight and started to run his hands all over my ass and working a finger in my ass pussy .As we made out I could feel his hard cock pushing against my stomach .I broke off the kiss and pulled his shirt over his head and started licking his nipples ,then he just pushed me down to my knees and said Oh baby make daddy feel good suck his cock make it wet for that white pussy . I took his cock in my mouth started to suck him working more and more of his blk. cock into my mouth ,I was pushing my mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock gagging myself on it , I had snot coming out of my mouth as I pushed him deeper . While I was sucking his cock I looked up and he was looking down at me with his arms crossed and had a smirk on his face He said “Tell me how much you like daddy’s cock ”
        I took his cock out of my mouth looked at him and said ” oh daddy , I love your blk. cock it feels so good in my mouth , please gag me with your cock , face fuck your little bitch “. He reached down started fucking my mouth nice and slow working his cock as deep as it would go . He then pulled me to my feet used his tee shirt to wipe my face then he kissed me again and walked me backwards to his bed , when we got to the bed he pushed me down and climbed on top of me kissing my mouth then my neck then my tits , he was driving me crazy Finally I said ” Please daddy fuck me , I need it so bad I need that big blk. cock in my white pussy ”
      He smiled reached on to his night stand got some lube lubed up his cock and then started to finger my ass ,1st one finger then 2 and at last 3 ,I was holding on to his back as I looked up at him moaning and wiggling my ass on his fingers .Then he pulled his fingers out  told me put his cock in , so I reached around my ass placed the head of his cock at my hole and felt him push slowly into my hole . There is always a little pain as a cock enters my ass but even then I wanted him in me. I got feel my ass ring spread more and more as he pushed in until I felt his balls against me ass .Scott said “Oh baby you have such a tight pussy , it makes daddy’s cock feel so good.”
Then he slowly started fucking my hole when he was pulling his cock out I could feel the walls of my pussy grip at his cock. I was holding tight to his back pulling him deeper into me with my legs. I was moaning and begging him to fuck me harder , I could feel the sweat from him falling on my face as he fucked me harder and harder . I could feel my little white dick getting so hard and it was leaking precum and I knew soon I was going to cum . After a few min. I could feel the cum in my balls start to boil up and I knew I was going to cum . I held daddy close moaned as I kissed him and came all over both of us , I came so hard I thought it would stop my heart . When I was done I realized daddy had stopped fucking me so I opened my eyes saw him looking down and smiling at me and he said ” I always like my bitches to cum 1st ”
      Then he started fucking me hard again but now that I came my ass was starting to get sore , so I started begging him “Please Daddy cum in my pussy , fill me with cum , I need it so bad ”
        He fucked me a few more min. then let out a groan slammed into my sore pussy and pumped his cum deep into me ,I could hear it squish around his cock . After he came he laid on top of me for a bit and I felt his cock soften and fall out of my abused pussy , he rolled over on his back grabbed my head and brought it to his softening cock . I knew what he wanted so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it clean  . We laid there for a bit the went into the bathroom to shower as we sat under the running water ,I looked and h was holding his cock and pointing it at me ,soon he started to piss on me and for some reason I got down on my knees and let him piss on my face .When he was done I washed off and got out and got dressed .Then Scott drove me home ,on the way back to my hotel I could feel  my ass starting to get sore and it made it hard to sit .That whole night at dinner I was moving around trying to find a position that didn’t hurt .I could the looks my wife was giving me so I told her I had pulled something while I was swimming . It took another day before I could take a shit without groaning . I still keep in contact with Scott he told I could move down there and I could be his wife .  

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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