My Boyfriend is Away

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My Boyfriend is Away
I’ve really have enjoyed my time away from my boyfriend and a chance to visit my family but I’ve also missed our passionate sex. Its been about a couple of months since he and I have been together and I really need to feel him inside me and of course me sucking his super hard morning cock which I’ll never tell him is my passion not just his but sucking cock in general.
I’m getting back home a week before him and I’m not sure I can last that long as I yearn for some hot physical sex and the touch and feel from my man.
I’m heading back to Phoenix tomorrow morning and he was supposed to fly here to meet me and drive back with me but things just didn’t workout so I’m driving back alone which he worries about me but this time I’m going to take my time and enjoy this trip.
I headed out early in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to beat the traffic plus I’m just excited to get on the road.
The sun is rising and there’s not much traffic except all the trucker’s which makes me smile cause I so enjoy giving Michael road head whenever we travel it’s something I’ve always done with whoever I was traveling with and so much more.
I’ve got on a little short sun dress with see through lace black thong underwear I’ve just bought to surprise him and I’m not wearing a bra that’s tight around the waist.
Been driving for awhile need to stop for gas and use the restroom so I stop at our usual truck stop that we always stop at for gas and a break.
I pull in and start to think about how he always wants to show me off but I always feel foolish around him about how I look and doesn’t feel right but this time he’s not with me on this trip so I’m more comfortable about the idea.
I get lucky and theres an open spot for me to get some gas wash my windshield from all of these bugs and stretch my thick sexy legs.
I get out and start pumping the gas and bend over a few times to pop and stretch my back out. While washing my windshield and as usual I really don’t know who or what’s going on around me. Man I’m really having to scrub very hard to get these bugs off and also having to reach across the windshield to get it all.
As I walk to the other side of the truck to clean that side I noticed the guy next to me was smiling at me and commented on how I made his day. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about until I started scrubbing again and then I got it.
I didn’t realize but whenever I would bend over or reach across to clean the windshield my dress would rise up showing off all of my legs and some if not all of my big booty.
I must admit I got excited and my heart raced a bit thinking about him watching me.
I finished cleaning my windshield and top off the gas put the hose away. I noticed he was still looking at my legs and didn’t try and hide the fact as he was filling his truck up. I opened my driver’s door and intentionally sat on the edge of the driver’s seat with my legs hanging off the seat and reached in to get my purse to go inside.
So I took my time like I was having trouble getting my purse and as I did I’d flash him a peek of my new black thong for him to see.
I got out and shut the door and walked inside to go to the restroom and as I walked by him I smiled and said have a good day to which he smiled and said he’d already was having a great day thanks to me.
As I walked into the restroom I couldn’t believe how hard my heart was racing and how excited I was and trouble breathing.
I went to the sink and washed my face and noticed that if I pulled the waist area of my sundress up it would give me some nice cleavage from the elastic waistband.
I decided WTF I’m going to give whoever is out there a little show so I pinched my nipples and rolled them a bit to make them hard.
Now with a new sense of confidence I went out and would bend over reach up and open my legs all in attempt to flash the customer’s and give them a nice little show but not to obvious that I was doing it on purpose.
After I finally found my twizzlers and a drink I decided time to get back on the road I had so many naughty thoughts running through my mind and I want to get back on the road and try them out.
As I was walking to my truck a new customer was walkiing in from getting gas. I noticed how he was staring at my hard nips and it was then I realized the sun shinning through my dress showed off my lacy panties and nice round naked ass. bursa escort bayan Parked next to me was a new customer a young oilfield worker filling up his truck with gas. I walked towards him making sure I was in the direct sunlight knowing he’d be able to see everything through my dress and my nipples were hard as a rock. Full of confidence I thought why not have some fun with him so as I got into the truck I leaned WAY in to put things away all the time knowing that my plump ass was out for whoever and especially him to see. I stand up sat on the edge of the seat sideways and looked at him and smiled as I opened my legs up and twisted my waist towards him exposing my thighs and panties. I just looked at him and he had a blank stare smiling at me as I flashed my moist black panties for him and said have a nice day and got inside my truck.
Time to point the truck west and see what fun naughty things I could do I decided then and there I was going to make this a special trip one that I might not be able to tell Michael about even In the bedroom were we never keep secrets.
With a new found confidence I headed out on the road munching on my twizzlers and slurping down my soda with a big smile on my face.
As I was driving I noticed how wet my pussy was from the truck stop and everything I just did that was so out of my comfort zone. I was so ridiculous wet and excited and knew with a little effort I could make myself cum no problem and was going to take advantage of this exciting moment.
I put the truck in cruise control and opened my sunroof and reached down and removed my panties that were soaking wet. When I removed my panties I could feel the moisture from my pussy and couldn’t help it but I put them tightly against my nose and smelled my sweet juices now I understand why guy’s do this they smell so sweet.
As I was driving down the road rubbing myself I started thinking about all the guy’s I’ve given head to on the road and all of the other fun thing’s I’ve have done on the road not to mention in a vehicle.
The more and more I thought about it the more I realized Michael was right I’ve had alot of sexual experiences and there was some things I missed out on and would like to have or try again.
I adjusted my seat and got relaxed feeling my clit enlarging as I think about my past I started rubbing my clit feeling that sensation I love deep inside my stomach.
It’s a beautiful day to be driving yet alone to be so horny and open minded to whatever the day holds for me. I’m rubbing myself and trying to learn how to edge like Michael does he can go forever before cumming which sometimes is very frustrating for me. I decided I’ll only try and cum and rub myself whenever I’m passing someone or there passing me and I’m being watched which is something I enjoy.
So I start pacing traffic speeding up slowing down trying to get beside someone or them by me. As I approach a steep incline there’s about four to five Semi truck’s bunching up and as always trying to pass each other perfect for what I’m wanting.
I changed lanes and slowly pullup beside a truck and I pace him until I can tell that he’s watching me I smile wave at him and take my finger’s and wetting them in my mouth then start to rub my pussy. He honks his horn which scares me at first but let’s me know he can see everything. I spread my legs apart as wide as I can fingering myself and licking my lips with excitement. I’m so wet that I’m able to slip a couple finger’s in and work it however I want. I use my figures to rub and expose the outer edges of my pussy. My pussy lips are starting to get bigger and reddish and wet with my juices. I could feel it building up again to the point I’m about to cum and unable to hold it back but a car was coming up behind me so I sped up and got in front of the truck. After the car passed I decided to pull up to the next truck and do the same thing except this time I had my top pulled down and was pinching and playing with my exposed tits. Every time I’d get close to cumming someone would be behind me and I’d have to speed up and get in front of the truck stopping me from cumming which was helping to teach me how to edge. I did this for about thirty minutes to half a dozen trucker’s all of who got a great show and let me know by honking there horns. I decided to take a break and make up some time by speeding along thinking about escort bursa what I just did and how excited I felt. I’ve always enjoyed the thought of being watched and I know how much it turns Michael on omg my legs are shaking cause it’s something I love as well.
I traveled probably 25 miles when I see a rest stop I pull in to pee and to just catch my breath. I pull in park over by the trees near the trucker’s parking area and go inside. It’s a very nice clean rest stop and I take a minute to look around and relax before heading back to my truck.
So I start to walk back to my truck and as I get closer there’s a man standing beside my drivers door with a big smile.
I walk up and ask if I can help him and he said that we could help each other and we had unfinished business to tend to. At first i didn’t know what he meant and then he pointed at his big rig parked over under the trees and said i saw you on the road and i like what i saw and want more.
I said really and he was like yes to which i said I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a big rig. So we went over to his truck and he helped me into the passenger side getting a sneak peek of my wet moist pussy as I climbed in.
He walks around and gets in the driver’s side and shuts the door its then that I’ve got to decide do I want to do this or should I leave.
Right away he makes me feel so comfortable and he’s so good looking and muscular that I give in and decide I’m going to do this
He ask me to continue rubbing my pussy for him and if it’s ok if he strokes his cock while he watches me play with myself. Of course I replied whatever you want me to do or do to you just ask. So I start rubbing my pussy and he takes his shirt off and he is dark skinned and buffed not sure what nationality.
I ask him and he says Brazilian to which I’m delighted. Can I ask you a question not to be rude Is that the same as being black or negro or is it different. He says it depends who you ask why have you been with a black man before.
Yes for awhile I dated one while I was living in Texas. Did you enjoy your time with him and all of the taboo. I did but I was never was fully able to enjoy my time with him only was able to have oral with him and he with me. I must admit I wanted to feel his big black cock inside me but i was unable to for personal reasons.
By now I’m slimy wet and really turned on. He pulls out his cock and removes his pant and he has the most silky smooth chocolate cock with a nice fat mushroom head not even hard yet and more then I’ve ever seen.
So you have a boyfriend or husband he asked while stroking his ever so Harding cock. Yes I’ve got a boyfriend that’s were I’m heading to Phoenix to go back home with him. Does he have a cock like this and by now its 75 percent hard and bigger than any I’ve every had. No I replied sadly no he’s average at best but nice and thick and smooth like I like. When’s the last time you’ve had a nice big cock inside of you. I’m like I’ve had it a couple times over the last few years whenever I go home I sometimes get to see my ex who was hung but not like you. I think my boyfriend knows but I just play along not really telling him everything about my time back home. He leans in and kisses me and has big thick soft moist lips that feel so good and knows how to kiss.
He takes my free hand a places it on to swallow massive cock to which I gasped and start to stroke.
He begins squeezing my tits and figuring my pussy driving me insane.
He undoes the curtain behind us and there is a queen size bed.
He sits me up on the edge and tells me to relax while he eats my pussy so it will be able to handle his throbbing hard cock.
I truly dont like my pussy eaten that often but his lips and tongue are so big and I remember how well James use to do it and figured what the hell. I climbed up on the edge and he slowly went down on me nibbling and kissing me softly my body just trembling with excitement. It brought back so many memories of James but he yes he someone I don’t even know his name was making me feel like no other man could or has in the past.
He only had to lick my pussy for a little while before I started to cum and it was intense I tried to push him away but he just keep going until I had a second orgasm and screamed out please stop please.
He did and gently pushed me back into the bed and climbed in with me.
He learned back and I began to suck bursa escort his beautiful massive hard cock as best I could I noticed people mostly truckers parking and walking by as we were about to have the time of my life. Luckily it was semi hard so I was able to take alot of it at first and get use to it’s size. Then it started to get harder and omg bigger and bigger to the point it was starting to stretch my mouth.
While I was sucking him i notice a mirror behind him reflecting into another mirror behind me I could see my beautiful round phat ass up in the air and my wet pussy with the lips opened moist and pink.
I got very excited and started making love to his cock like whenever I suck Michael’s sweet cock.
He started thrusting it into me and it was more than I was use to even through I got to met Dwayne a couple times for a quick blow job now and then and to catch up over the past couple of months while visiting family.
I couldn’t handle anymore and I came up gasping for air and climbed on top of him.
I straddled his cock and slowly very slowly inserted it into my wet thank God slimy pussy. As it was going in I felt like my pussy was going to split wide open it was so thick.
I was struggling to get it in at first but I was able to get it started and I slowly worked it in and out until i could get it all in.
I’ve never seen yet alone felt anything this big and now I was riding it and kissing him like a pro. I could tell he was watching my ass bounce up and down on his cock and he loved what he saw and the excitement of people around me and him watching him in the mirror help keep me wet and not feel the pain of him stretching me out. Pretty soon he got me into doogie position and went down and started to eat my ass out with his big fat tongue. This was so exciting I love to have my ass eaten time to time and with a tongue like his I was in heaven. He then got behind me rubbed my pussy with a couple of fingers while stroking his cock to get it ready for me. He slipped it in so slowly and so deep I let out a scream of pain and joy. Now we both could look in the mirror and watch him fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. Omg he is a specimen of a man and a true artist as a lover. He pounded my pussy soft and slow then deep and hard occasional slapping my phat ass all the while squeezing my tits or pulling my hair to keep me close.
He really had a nice rythm going but it was starting to hurt cause I’ve never had anything that big or deep inside me before.
He picked up the rythem faster and deeper to which I was about to experience my first orgasm from a man’s cock during intercourse.
I started to cum and it was the first time a man with his cock only made me cum by just fucking me. It was so intense and deep of an orgasm I started to cry.
I asked him to please hurry I couldn’t take it anymore to which he said ok under one condition.
Anything what do you want i asked he said i want you to swallow my load in you mouth. Of course i replied whenever your ready but please hurry.
His body started getting firm and tight and he said he was about ready to cum. He told me to quickly turn around and suck his cock dry. I grabbed it with both hands it was slick from all my juices and inserted as deep in my mouth as I could and started sucking him he started to cum in my mouth. I took in his cock as much as I could and to my surprise and pleasure I took it in a long ways thanks to all of my practice over the years. He pumped three big large squirts of warm thick cum hard into the back of my throat. I struggled at first not to choke but I was able to swallow them and suck the rest out of his throbbing cock. Now he was asking me to stop but there was no way in hell
I wasn’t going to stop this was the best cock I’ve ever sucked in my life and I was going to enjoy it and believe me I’ve sucked alot of cock in my day.
He slowly started to relax and soften up and I sucked and played with his big balls for awhile until I had all I wanted and was for the first time 100 percent satisfied as a woman. We slowly got dressed and he asked me my name to which I said I didn’t want you to know mine or me yours so I can always have this wonderful memory. I finished getting dressed kissed him a few times all the while rubbing that magnificent cock and then climbed out of the truck. I told him to wait as I went over got into my truck and drove back and gave him my soiled underwear to remember me by. I kissed him a few more time and squeezed his cock a few more times and told him thanks for a hell of a fuck then got in my truck and drove off west with a memory that would last a life time.

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