My Brother’s Boy

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I am a G**** Farmer, have 5 aches and the summer between his junior & senior year my nephew Ed came to work for my-he was 17 and turned 18 in July so don’t feel like I was Robbing the Cradle. He was on the HS Wrestling Team and worked out beautiful young man 5’10”, about 160 LBS, blond very curly hair, green eyes worked out like a champ very well defined. Will give you his important measurements when I take them.

I wanted him that’s for Damn Sure but made no really open moves or said any thing. That next day up and 5 am and we headed to the northern edge of my property to start repairing the fence. Finished the day at about 5 pm and headed back to the house. I have a screened in porch on the back of the house with a large to headed shower at one end. Told him we would shower before going inside. Had big beach towels hanging on the wall and a large laundry basked.

Walked over and started stripping, made sure as I pulled off by boxer shorts that I bent over giving him a good look at my fine ass (if I do day so). Turned to watch him and he had turned away just enough that I got a great peek at his & noted those shiny tiny yellow curls all around his butt hole. I turned, went into the shower and turned on both showers. Stepped into one and just stood there under the water kind of rubbing every thing giving my cock/balls & ass special attention turned so he could see it all, and sure enough he was taking it all in. Great to my pleasure the sight of him doing the same to his hot young body really turned me on. his balls hung well below his cock-looked abut 4 & 1/2″ hanging there and from the great slightly rounded muscle ass-man, O man wanted to spread those cheeks and taste those little golden curly hairs.

I stepped up to him and offered to wash his hair (I know- a ruse but he agreed) Grabbing the shampoo stepped up to the front and started rubbing it into his hair. Note that I stood close enough that with just a small hump my cock brushed up against his several times. Told him to turn around and this time made sure it bumped right up against his ass crack. Needless to say my cock was extending a bit. Rinsed him off and told him to do me. You would expect he didn’t really get quite so close but I moved up a bit, too much as now our cocks were really rubbing on each other. He quickly moved behind me to finish and though I felt his cock just brush against my butt cheeks he quickly backed up a bit.

We both moved into our own showers, facing each other and started soaping up. I started right away, soaping my balls and my crotch and then my cock a bit harder but well washed, looked up and he was washing hi, but really checking me out, as I was his, and I really stiffened up seeing his cock was at fully hard. You all know how that looking a hot young nude stud with a hard cock how your mouth waters. your cock twitches, and even your butt tweaks. Must admit that I almost move over an grabbed his, instead told him that like me he must be real horny!! He really took a hard look at my cock,as I moved my soaping hands, let the suds rinse off my cock and balls and started slowly squeezing my butt cheeks making my cock bob up and down. His cock was now right up against his pubic area.

I told him that I was feeling really horny & hoped he didn’t mind if I took care of my problem, and started slow stroking with my thumb and fore finger. He just really grinned even showing some teeth and started stroking. I moved right up to him and saying that it was better if we did each other. I pushed his hand away and felt him up balls & cock and started just milking his fat helmet shaped cock head. At the same time he humped forward wrapped his hand around the center of my cock and stroked. Damn talk about being fucking hot I knew if I didn’t slow down a bit I’d blow sooner than I wanted too.

We worked each others cocks for several minutes, “Fuck This’ flashed through my mind and I knelt down and sucked him right down to the fat base of his hard cock. Loved tasting his oozing pre-cum from his piss-slit and right away slowly nursing on his tasty hard cock. Loved the feel of his cock flesh moving up and down slightly on his throbbing hardness “Damn he tasted good” and I began working my tongue. Now he had his hands on my head and was humping/fucking his hardness into my hungry sucking mouth. Know that by this time I had not only fondled the fine flexing cheeks of his ass but was massaging his tiny butt hole crack with a couple of fingers. (I was always fascinated about how small that crack really was & turned on knowing how it was going to feel when I pushed my big fuckin Mushroom cock head in stretching his very tight ass hole and feeling it clamp down!!).

Right then I stood up and just humped my cock up at him-“Damn!”, he said ‘I don’t know about this!!”. In just a minute or two he was on his knees trying to suck be all the way to the fat base of my cock and of course gagged himself, as he backed off I told him to just suck it up don’t try to take it all. He did nursling like crazy. Right away I pushed him down, turned into a 69 and in seconds we both felt that pre-cum tickle at the base of our cocks, our 1st wads ticklish rush down the length of our cocks, with that electric burst from our piss-slits into each others mouths- he was a man & kept sucking until we had sucked each other dry-I told his to keep sucking until we both went soft.

We dried off and each slipped on some shots went inside fixed and had dinner. After doing the dishes we went into the living room and I put on a great pair of studs sucking cock. Don’t really know what made me do it but told him I needed to show him a few thing taking off our shorts. We fondled each others cocks and balls & I started kissing him using lots of tongue. When we were both hard and leaking pre-cum told him I’d show him a few tricks. Bent down, squeezed his cock making his cock head swell up a bit and just started liking that super sensitive rim of his cock head. Round and round several times, then giving it a good massage with my mouth the rimed around again. I did this for some time, not to get him off but to further excite his. I backed off and told him to do it to me. He was fantastic and I’m glad to say he seemed to enjoy the taste of cock head & my pre-cum oozing from my piss-slit as much as I enjoyed his.

I pulled him up saying I’d show him again so he’d get it right (BS) and sucked up his cock head again. This time he was close so I backed off had us lay down in a 69 sucking each others throbbing pre-cum cocks making each other cum, man its always over too fast, no matters how many fantastic wads of cum gives you that electric tickling blast of cum, Needless to say, I again fondled his fine ass & crack and gently just barely pushed the tip of my little finger into his butt-hole-crack-if he noticed he didn’t seem to mind as I felt him do the same to me, don’t know about you guys but do love ass-play. This time it happened all to fast that thrust of each wad as we socked down ever great salty wad of cum, and again continued sucking each other soft and twitching each others butt-hole-cracks.

I made sure that we practiced sucking cock for the next couple of days, then introduced him to Dushing (?) out and “Rimming Ass” but that’s another story, there a several more like “Butt Fucking” and 3 and 4 Ways. Note: Cock Sucking will always be apart of each.

He let me know what you think???????

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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