My High School Teacher

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I consider myself to be a bright and intelligent kinda girl. When I was in High School I thought that it was a joke and never did my homework. My second to last year I had to retake a science class in order to graduate. This is where I met Mr. Phillips (name changed for protection.) and this is our story.

I felt so stupid going into my fourth period class because I was an 18 year old stuck with a bunch of immature 15 year old freshmen. The first day of class I was late, and my teacher Mr. Phillips gave me a warning telling me that if it happened again that I would get a detention. He didn’t really intimidate me, and I shrugged off his warning and sat in my seat. I am about 5’5 and 110 pounds, and I loved to dress in a sexual way. My boyfriend Mike was the captain on the track team and also the football team, but he spent more time with the guys than with me. I didn’t really care because I was looking for someone else to fulfill my needs. All the guys in my school are so immature, and even the college guys weren’t able to satisfy me. I thought about this as Mr. Phillips began to take attendance. I looked around to see who was in my class when he called out my name.

“Samantha Jacobs?” He repeated it twice.

“That’s my name” I winked at him.

“I see that you have quite the sense of humor Ms. Jacobs, but please don’t let in interfere with our learning.”

“I will Try Mr. Phillips, but I can’t promise anything.” I smiled and watched for his reaction. kolej escort He smiled back and sat down in his seat and began to lecture about what was going to be covered throughout the year.

Mr. Phillips was about 27 with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was very built and had a very nice structure. He had a little bit of facial hair but it was blonde and almost invisible, but all in all he was a very attractive man. This was his first year teaching High School and I could tell that he was very nervous and eager to start off his career right. He looked very familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I knew him from. As he wrote on the chalk board I could see his back muscles through his white button down shirt, and I checked out his tight ass as he bent over to pick up a piece of chalk. I could overhear the little teeny bopper bitches talk about how hot he is and I agreed. I then began to think of sexual things, naughty things that I wanted to do to him. I made a promise to myself that I would persuade him to fuck the shit out of me before the school year was over.

Sadly the bell rang and class was over, but I made sure I packed up my things slowly so I was the last person out of the classroom. He came up to me and ask me to stay a little while so we could talk.

“Sam, can I call you that?” He said softly

“Sure Mr. Phillips, what’s up?”

“Well I know that you are taking this class to graduate and that you are a lot maltepe escort older than these people. I also know that it must be difficult to be in your position so I want you to know that you can come talk to me whenever you want.”

“Thanks Mr. Phillips, that is very sweet of you, I will see you tomorrow.”

“Have a goodnight Sam.”

I walked out of the room and was approached by my jock boyfriend Mike.

“Hey Babe, I have an hour and a half before the big meet tonight wanna give me a little prep?”

I whispered in his ear, “Mikey Moo, I’ll only do it if you promise to make me cum.”

I led him to his car where we sped off to his house. When we got inside he picked me up and led me to his room. My skirt flew up exposing my white boy shorts. And he threw me onto my bed I spread my legs for him showing how wet I was. Little did he know that it was because of how horny my teacher made me in class. I raised my hands above my head like a little girl while he undressed me. I unbuttoned his pants and shoved my face into his crotch sucking his cock. I love to suck cock, and I love the taste of cum even more. I began to suck harder and harder while his hands pushed my head deeper and harder against his cock. I started to gag but took his cock down like a good girl.

“Oh Yes Baby doll, Suck it for Your Daddy.”- he moaned

I liked to call him Daddy, and I knew that saying that pushes him over the edge. I look up mamak escort at him while still having his cock inside of my mouth and watch him pant and become all hot for me. I then stop.

“Oh Daddy, please stick your dick in my pussy.”- I whine to him

” Turn around and get on your hands and knees, I’m going to pound you because you have been a very bad girl.”

I do as he says, and bend over with my ass in the air. He pulls my underwear off and the sniffs it. He begins to spank me, making my pussy ache. I reach to my Clit and begin to play with it.

He then proceeds to stick his cock into my pussy and pump it in and out of me.

I scream, “Oh Yea Daddy, that’s it.. Fuck me harder.. I want you to Cum inside of me. Please.. Ohhhh Don’t stop.”

I like fucking my boyfriend because he has a very thick and large dick, and it felt so good when he pounded me from behind. I only used him for his dick.

I moan over and over again as he fucks me from behind.

Baby I’m going to Cum, please baby Face me

He pulls his dick out of my pussy and I quickly turn and suck his cock putting him over the edge. He tilts his head back letting me know that he is going to cum soon and I suck harder. He pulls away and Jerks himself off until his cum squirts out of his penis and lands on my face and in my mouth. I love the taste of Cum and I lick it up clean. I then sit on his face and demand that he eat me out until I cum again. I can’t just have one orgasm. The second one is always the best. My juices cover his face as I ride his tongue. He licks my asshole and it drives me over the edge. I collapse onto the bed and fall asleep.

More to cum, I have to go play with myself because this story made me all horny writing it. :0)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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