My Initiation Pt. 02

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It was with a slight feeling of trepidation that I followed Michelle upstairs. The combination of her full and shapely buttocks and the sweetly acrid smell of her pussy helped to ameliorate my apprehensions. But I did feel as though I was out of my depth, bookended as I was by two elite sexual beings who were no strangers to multiple partners. They were sexual Olympians, with the stamina and innate confidence that goes were belonging in such rivalled company. I had decent stamina, I enjoyed sex, especially oral, and a powerful cock that once became hard stayed hard, but I’d never been with multiple partners. How would I know where I was supposed to be and what I should be doing with whom? I assumed that I would be guided.

Brad was behind me, his meaty uncut cock swishing side-to-side, the head still protruding from its silky hood, as he climbed the stairs. When he’d regally observed his wife blowing me in the living room, an intense expression had settled on his face. It was set there now, and there were dark rings around his eyes as though he’d been working throughout the night. His stubble seemed a shade darker, a millimetre longer. On the contrary, Michelle’s demeanour was bright and excited: she bounded up the stairs while Brad stomped on every step. Her cheeks were cherry red. To look at her from the shoulders up, the erect nipples and tuft of pubic hair out of sight, one would’ve seen a picture of innocence; only the dry patches of our collective come on her cheek reminded me that she been feasting on our seed just minutes before.

I heard the bathroom door close behind me and the vector van kick in when Brad tugged at the cord of the light. I followed Michelle into the bedroom, a dimly lit, sparsely furnished room that had an almost wall length mirror opposite a bed covered in pristine white sheets. A pile of books and a photograph of their wedding day were the only adornments on the window ledge. Michelle’s black lace knickers hooked onto my big toe as I stepped toward the bed.

“Is Brad OK?” I whispered.

She wiped her face with a toilette from a bedside table that was stocked for one act only: sex. Lube, condoms and wipes covered the desk’s surface. An alarm clock was forgotten on the floor beside a pair of Michelle’s hair straighteners.

“He’s in the zone,” she giggled. “Don’t be nervous. He’s intense. We’ll have joints and drinks and be the best of friends. Afterwards, of course. Oh, you have some cum on your chest.”

The cool wet wipe grazing across my searing skin helped to soothe me. After folding it in half, she wiped upward from my eyebrows to my hairlines. Obviously enjoying a tender moment before the licentious storm, there was a sweet smile on her face. I was full of love for her at that moment. I felt her kind nature would be a welcome counterpoint to the intense storm that was her husband’s sexual nature.

“You doing very well.” She kissed my cheek and dropped the wipe into a wicker bin, onto a bed of soiled tissues and winking shreds of condom wrappers. “All cleaned up and looking handsome as ever. Did you enjoy the party?”

I laughed. “I can barely remember it, if I’m honest.”

“Oh, Jack. After all that event I made to throw a nice end-of-summer soiree.”

“I think you and your husband are responsible for the gaps in my memory.”

“Did you enjoy sucking his cock? Isn’t it magnificent?”

“I did.”

“As much as you thought you would?”

“More. I felt like…his whore. Filthy, but in a good way. Does that make sense?”

“A hundred percent.”

“So, what happens now?”

Laying back on the bed, she said: “Why don’t you concentrate on me for a moment? It might help to calm you, and it will certainly make me happy. My pussy is throbbing for attention.”

She spread her shapely legs and bent them at the knees. Her shaved and as yet untouched, during this three-way tryst, vagina was a rosy-coloured bulbous cleft between her cream-coloured thighs. The side were shaved but she has a small tuft of hair on her pubic ridge. It was soft and blonde in the dim light. She stretched her legs a little more and her lips caught and then clipped apart, as though they were the lips of a magic box released by unseen hand. I could see her moistness, her excitement. She was running her hands across the quilt, drawing arcs with her bare arms.

The sight of Brad enormous cock, and the novelty that it would be my first, had caused me to salivate. Michelle’s imperceptibly spreading lips, damp and glistening in the weak lip afforded by the lamp on the floor, caused that same internal yearning to more its way from the pit of my stomach throughout my body and to cause my mouth buds to come alive for a taste that could only be quenched once my lips were sealed on hers and my tongue was probing her sleek insides.

“You have a gorgeous pussy.”

“Thank you, Jack. Why don’t you tell me how it tastes?”

The couple were certainly happy to take the lead. Obligingly, I fell to my knees and sidled to the edge silivri escort of the bed. My cock had risen to attention once again, and I enjoyed the sensation of pressing it into the side of the mattress and the cool quilt. I ran my hands alone her smooth, warm thighs while eyeing her pussy and deliberately stopping myself, against my own will, to jump straight in there and feast on it.

I teased her with small kisses along her inner thigh, moving my face and mouth toward the epicentre of her heat. I could smell her scent now, strong and pungent, slightly coarse but completely alluring. She was moaning and her hand tentatively reached for my hair. I gentled kissed her lips and washed my tongue across them briefly, just the smallest of movements, but one that caused her to gasp. And after a pause where I glanced up to see her back wildly arced and her hard, proud nipples pointing directly above her, I placed the whole flat on my tongue on the base of her pussy and slid it upward slowly, but now without a touch of force, all the way to the very tip of her clitoris, were I played a flourish of circular motion around her swelling bead. She moaned, and her hands gripped the sheets, bunching them by her hips. She pushed her groin toward me and I repeated my tongues bottom-to-top movement, savouring her creamy, fishy taste. After a few more strokes, I focused on her clitoris, making a few different movements to see what garnered the most powerful response. She liked to be licked slightly below her clitoris in anti-clockwise circles. After a few revolutions, I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked on as you would suck in the saltiness from an olive, before releasing and licking, releasing and licking. She responded to my sucking by sitting upright and staring at me. “Suck my pussy, Jack. I fucking love it.”

With every lick or twirl of my tongue, Michelle sighed or moaned or arched her back and pushed her cunt toward my greedy mouth. The bedsheets were now completely disorganised and soaking wet beneath my mouth. She’d spread her legs to their widest point, so all her pungent musk was released into my welcoming nostrils. She began having small shudders and taking deep gulping breaths. With the two fingers on my right hand, heavily lubricated with my saliva and her juices, circulating around her small hard clitoris, I licked down her pussy, pausing to suck as her velvety flaps, before dragging to tip of her anus that was puckering in and outward as she contracted and responded to the tune I was playing two inches above. I lapped gently as he hole, hoping that extra nerve-tingling sensation would tip her over the precipice she was tittering one. I twirled for a few moments and then lapped hungrily at her hole, gliding the flat thick part of my tongue over the role lumps. She began shuddering, and I could feel her arsehole twitch fast, spasmodically. Her pussy too. Her screams filled the room, the house. The window was slightly open, so her loud moans and cries of “Fuck, fuck, yes!” would’ve carried outside onto the quiet street.

She released the sheets. Her body twitched and she ran her limbs over the covers, seeming to sink further into them as the pleasure washed over her. I gave her soaking pussy a moment’s respite before I began licking at her juices, thicker now and with a deeper, muskier scent. With my tongue and lips covered, I climbed the bed and kissing her passionately, probing her mouth with a tongue that was soaked in her wetness. She sought her own flavour from my lips. Finally, I lay beside her, content with my efforts. I looked at our bodies in the mirror, my pale toned frame and her slender sun-kissed body with the gorgeous swell at the hip, entwined. My erection looked large in the mirror. I started to stroke it. I felt strong, virile and confident.

“Jack, that was amazing.”

“You’re welcome. My pleasure.” How suave I’d become.

“Feel my heart. It’s racing. And my pussy’s tingling. I need you cock in my mouth.”

She skidded down the bed and, while on all fours with the hourglass swing of her hips swaying in the air, her arsehole spread and pointing directly upward, she sucked at the precum that had oozed over my head and slid down in silky rivers along my head. She hummed as she sucked, her eyes closed as she savoured the sweet liquid. While she was tasting me, making me completely stiff, when Brad entered the doorway. He was still naked, with his thick cock an impressive chunk beside his muscular thighs. His hair was dampened and he looked revived.

Michelle hadn’t noticed him, but he’d noticed her wet and expectant pussy a metre away. The smell of her sex was strong in the room. His eyes become dark and brooding, staring at her glistening lips. He began pulling on the length of his cock, drawing back the generous foreskin over his rapidly enlarging bulb. I watched it grow and felt my own arousal reached the same dizzying point as when I’d been about to take him in my mouth: the thing just made me salivate, şirinevler escort just like Michele’s pussy had when she opened her legs to me. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to possess something so powerful and alluring. God only knew how many men and women had begged for a taste or a ride on Brad’s wonderful wood.

It grew into its fat, fierce proportions; it ejected in front of his body like a round and destructive springboard. He stepped forward. Just as Michelle noticed him and began to turn her head, he pushed her mouth onto my cock so that it speared her and she began to gag. All the way down he pushed her. I could feel my head enter her throat, the very tip of my long cock pushing into a space she wasn’t quite prepared for. He grunted as she gagged. Her spanked her ass and Michelle shrieked as much as she could with her mouth and throat full. “That’s it, Michelle,” he said. He eased off and she drew a gasping breath as though she just resurfaced after a bout underwater. Spittle flecked the base of my shaft and ropes of spit extended from my wet head to her trembling lips. He pushed her onto my cock again, with less force, but about halfway down my long shaft. He inched forward and pushed himself inside her in one motion.

She began to tremble and seemed to fight against him for a moment as though it was too much. But he’d made up his mind. He took my hand and placed it on the back of her warm head. Then he grabbed her hips, one hand on either, his fingertips pressing into the flesh. Holding her, he began to pound her hard, little delicacy, little restraint, little consideration, just powerful pulses inside her cunt. I could just about hear their skin clapping together over the moans she was able to release as he continued his furious barrage deep inside her pussy. She gripped my cock, as if for purchase, and went for the ride, barely sucking my cock down, but leaving it in her mouth, occasionally sucking, occasionally remembering to swirl her tongue along my hyper-sensitive glans. Such was the force that he fucked her with, my cock was rocking backwards and forwards in her mouth. The sensation was pleasant. I’d never had a blowjob affected by someone other than the person doing it. But feeling the effects of Brad’s inelegant pounding was novel and exciting. Michelle was a real trooper for taking it.

Brad was grunting as he fucked his wife, fucked his wife with animalistic force. Michelle finally fought free from my cock and looked back at her husband. He grabbed a bunch of her hair and pull he into him and held her face a few inches from his, not pausing his barrage below. I stretched my arm down and began to circle Michelle’s clit. Her eyes rolled backward. “Oh my god,” she moaned and began moaning and twitching in the same manner before her first orgasm. Her clit was a small, hard bead; her vagina, a sopping wet mess. I could feel the force of Brad’s monster cock, still stretching walls he’d penetrated many times before. I reached for his balls; they were soaking wet with Michelle’s juices. They contracted as he tense his pubic muscle to keep his orgasm at bay. Michelle’s was building, she edged closer. “Fuck me,” she said again and again. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Argh, you big bastard!”

“Take that cock, you whore,” he said into her ear with his hand around her throat and the other grabbing her tits. I was back to working her clit with one hand while wanking my cock with the other. Impulsively, I stuck my fingers in her mouth and she clamped her lips onto them and sucked. Michelle was suspended between us with one mega cock indelicately fucking her and four pairs of hands either inside or grabbing parts of her sweaty body. I glimpsed at our reflection in the mirror. It was as though we were grappling for domination of Michelle, when the reality was we were pushing her to her limits, edging her to her second resounding orgasm.

“Mmm, give me that big dick,” Michelle begged, then started sucking on my fingers again. “Give it to me, give it to me,” she repeated in a mantra, barely louder than a whisper.

And he did. With his face contorting and sweat breaking out across his muscles, he resembled a warrior marching to war. He was destroying her, mercilessly pounding her beleaguered pussy. How he wasn’t damaging her, I don’t know. She was no longer making sense. The words she spoke were slurred: she was drunk on big cock. She groaned and sighed and fell about the bed. On and on it went until her body jerked in waves and she slipped forward onto the bed, falling from his massive cock, now covered in her cream. She slid from him like a piece of meat sliding off the skewer that impaled it. She lay in the foetus position, her back heaving, rubbing at her goose-pimpled flesh, mumbling into the completely disordered sheets.

Brad’s cock glistened in the rays of sunlight that now filtered into the room. There was a glint of madness in his eyes.

“Come here,” he said to me.

Gripping his cock at the şişli escort base, he steered it toward my mouth. “Smell it,” he said. I sucked in the pungent odour of Michelle’s cunt. “Clean it.” I did. I licked it up and down, taking care to not miss a millimetre of his glistening meat. Then I sucked it down as far as I could to complete my work. Once again, I was amazed at how it feels to suck something so large. I’d gone from feeling like the victor after bringing Michelle to her first orgasm, to feeling, once again, like Brad’s other whore. “That’s good,” he said, and he smiled for the first time since we’d bantered after the final guest had left the party. He slapped me twice with his cock, knocking my head to the side. “Now fuck my wife. Give it to her hard. Make her scream.”

Michelle was still supine, still breathing heavily, although a sly smile had made its way onto her face. Brad opened her legs. “Put you dick in her pussy. Are you ready, Michelle?”

She groaned. “Yes, I’m ready.”

Despite Brad having plundered her pussy moments before, her inner walls still hugged my cock and pulled me deep inside in one slow stroke to begin. Her pussy was on fire, and it took a moment for the heat enveloping my cock to turn into a pleasure. Then I could feel her re-lubricating, her internal sex mechanisms gearing up for another round. “All the way,” Brad cooed while staring at the white inches of my long cock ease inside his wife’s rosy vagina, her pussy lips spread wide. “Hit her deep.”

Michelle let out a long groan and dug her nails into the flesh of my upper back. Brad placed his hand around her throat and squeezed; I could see the cords spring out on his strong forearms. Her eyes bulged. He licked her face and then spoke into her ear.

“Are you going to be a good slut? Are you going to let us both fuck you however we want?”

She nodded, staring at her husband through eyes filling with tears, imploring him to release her throat. Those same eyes then closed in rapture as I settled into my rhythm, deep scooping strokes that took the length of my cock close to exiting her pussy but thrusting back inside, upward into the very depths of her gripping pussy.

Brad took his hand from her throat, but before she could gather her breath he plunged his cock between her slack lips. Seeing her making circles with her tongue around his head sent fresh waves of desire through me and I fucked her harder, my balls now slapping against her soppy wet arse hole.

I pulled her legs up and put them together. Holding onto those long, slender legs while I fucked her brought the upper side of my marauding cock contact into contact with her G spot with each thrust. She moaned with her meaty mouthful; an adept lover, she had wrapped a hand around Brad’s dick and was wanking him while she sucked, even throughout my strokes, she was determined to not miss an opportunity to pleasure the weapon plugging her mouth. I imagined there was little the pair of us could throw at this woman that she wouldn’t be able to cope with.

Brad was grabbing her swinging tits, squeezing and slapping them lightly. “Fuck her like that, Jack. Don’t stop. Make her cum.” I start sucking on her toes while I fucked her: toes were becoming a fetish of mine, and watching her crimp while we sodomised her had made me want to take them into my mouth. Brad leant over and joined me. Our tongues entwined through her wriggling toes. “Fuck my wife. Fuck my wife,” he whispered in my ear. He was orchestrating us, guiding us all along to a resounding, mutual orgasm. He tweaked my nipple and reached out a long arm to spank my bare arse, like a jockey jeering his horse along. I was still mesmerised by the sight of his veiny length in her mouth. Sweat was pouring down her forehead and once again the tart smell of her sex was the strongest in the room.

Deep in the pit on my perineum, I could feel the initial call of my orgasm. Noticing that I was close, Brad took his cock from Michelle’s mouth. Lay beside her and began sucking hard on her nipples, really drawing the flesh of her breasts away from her body. She responded with a series on deep groans. “Shit, shit, shit.” I fucked her. My orgasm was close, building, sent extra millilitres of blood into my already throbbing member. Where shall I come? I thought to myself.

Brad was sucking at her nipples and rubbing her clit. “Jack’s close, baby. He’s going to put all his cum deep inside you.”

“Yes, come inside me.” Now I knew.

Hearing that was the final incentive. I began my final twenty to thirty strokes, not as long anymore, but deep thrust right at the farthest point inside Michelle’s pussy that had turned into a sloshing tunnel. It came with violent urgency, sending pleasure throughout my entire body.

We both came together. I had to collapse forward, such was the sheer intensity of my orgasm. I fell the cum bolt out of me in chugging waves, injections of my hot seed deep inside Brad’s wife. Michelle shuddered beneath me. I was panting. I kissed her, tasting Brad’s cock on her warm breath. We remained like that for a moment, locked in our kiss, my cock and her pussy still twitching. Brad was still stroking his monster dong. Still, the cum oozed out of me. I fucked her a little bit with what remained of my erection, and I could feel my gooey deposit clogging up her pussy..

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