My Life as a Sex Addict Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of my first story, if you haven’t read the first one you may miss some important details. I would like to sincerely thank Teloz for doing a wonderful job editing both my stories, I couldn’t have done it without him. I have already started chapter three and it should be completed soon. I will keep them coming as long as people keep reading. I hope you enjoy!

Amelia sat upon Kevin’s lap, bare breasted, displaying her smooth skin to him, her nipples were hard with the chill of the air and excitement. The evening had been full of so many unexpected events. Moments ago she had watched Gretchen, Hannah, and Joe make love in ways she had never even imagined, and she had become more aroused than she had ever thought possible. Now she was about to give her virginity to a man she had met just hours ago. She considered telling him that this would be her first time. She was vulnerable and nervous, as she contemplated the situation. He touched her gently almost as if he sensed her nervousness. His touch calmed her.

“There’s something I need to tell you. I’m a virgin.” Amelia’s voice was a mere whisper.

Kevin tenderly cupped her chin in his hand and upturned her face to meet his sincere gaze.

“Listen, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Touched by his gesture Amelia kissed him, softly at first but as their kiss lingered on it turned into something more. She stood above him topless, and slowly pulled her skirt down, looking at him as his eyes drank her in. Kevin sat up and unhurriedly reached for the waistband of her small white panties, he slowly pulled them down, his hands brushed against her thighs all the way down to her feet. She stepped out of them as she placed her hands on his shoulders for support. She took a dominant stance above him. She kissed him and pushed him down on the fluffy blankets beneath them. She straddled him as she pulled his shirt over his head revealing his tan satin skin. She fumbled with his jeans and quickly unbuttoned them, pulling them down to his ankles. Kevin kicked his feet free of his jeans and stripped his body bare to oblige her.

Her nervousness was replaced by a strange thrill, a feeling of control, and she liked it. She kissed him and lay him back again, this time there was no cloth barrier between them. Their hot skin pressed together, her moistness meeting his hardness as it rubbed against her, begging for entry. His cock was long and sleek with a perfect mushroom shaped head. With each kiss and suckle she placed upon his skin his dick throbbed and his body’s reaction excited her. She tested this theory and relished the fact that she controlled him, that she could tempt him, and make him subject to her every whim. She arched her back to press her wetness even more powerfully against him.

She moved in a circular rotation as she teased his cock and her clit with each heavy stroke. She let go of herself, and closed her eyes as every sensation coursed through her body. Her hands pulled her long auburn hair off her back and her pale creamy skin glowed, flushed with the warmth of desire, an intense contrast to his dark silken skin. Like an artist making each careful brush stroke she too moved with a sense of purpose. Her sex was dripping with anticipation, each movement awakening her sexuality even more, and building her desire.

“I want you, please I need to be inside you,” Kevin’s voice, raspy with desperation sent a chill down Amelia’s spine.

Without a single word she allowed him to slide inside her slowly. She felt the tip of him enter her, she moaned feeling the first penetration. There was no physical barrier, no blood or pain as she had heard there would be. Perhaps the bike accident she had had at age eight had claimed her hymen, making her a virgin in name only. Her body moved to push him further inside her, he grabbed her hips roughly and pulled her down on him, selfishly forcing himself inside her without consideration of her feelings or her gratification. With each movement her clit rubbed against his pubic bone sending vibrations through her, urging her body to move faster and faster. He continued pulling her down hard, worried only about his own orgasm, pounding her in ways no virgin should sustain. Although she was unsure of his motives, she felt no emotional connection with him, she tried to focus only on the physical pleasure each stroke his slender cock made as it entered her. She felt a pressure building inside her and she wanted to let it go, and melt away from her heated core like lava. She wanted nothing more than to feel the release she had witnessed on the faces of the three lovers she has watched earlier.

“I’m about to cum, get up, get up now!” Kevin moved frantically and pushed her off him, nearly knocking her down. His hand grabbed his cock and he gave it a few savage jerks before it made a mess on his belly, he wiped the goo clean with a blanket and abruptly stood up. “I’m sorry, I have to go now.” He grabbed his clothes and left without poker oyna another word.

Amelia sat there dumbstruck and unsatisfied. This was not how she envisioned her first time, she felt used, cheated, and disappointed, her eyes pricked with tears. This was not like any scene she had seen in the movies, not the loving affection displayed, the cuddling, hand holding, or loving gazes she had seen so many times in her mind.

Moments after she had been deflowered the twins said their good byes to Joe and all three girls sneaked back into the house arriving at the girls sugary pink room. Amelia made an alternative bed on the soft carpet, while the twins lay in their own beds. She lay there cupping her sore, battered sex in her hands and cried herself to sleep. Used and thrown away like a Kleenex, she closed her eyes and fell into an uneasy sleep.

The sun glared through the window and hit her face in an unpleasant way, waking her as she sprawled on the bedroom floor, harsh reality hitting her more brutally than the sun. She was no longer a virgin, she was no longer pure, and she had given her most precious gift to a complete and total stranger, who, apparently, was a self centered jerk.

Amelia looked over to see Hannah and Gretchen sound asleep, their bodies intertwined together much like they had been the night before. They looked much more innocent when sleeping, like the dolls she had thought they were when she first laid eyes on them. She quietly made her way down the stairs and crept out the door. Once outside she breathed a sigh of relief, she did not have to face her demons this morning, she would go home and take a very long hot shower and wash away her shame.

Once home she walked directly to the shower, undressed, and stood in the stream of scorching water trying and failing to erase the horrible mistake she had made.

“I’m so stupid, how could I..?” Her voice trailed off, replaced by quiet sobs. Her warm tears trailed down her face camouflaged by the shower.

Never in a million years would she have thought a single decision would change her life so much. She felt horrible about herself, and she had no one to talk to about it. She didn’t want anyone to know, this would be her secret disgrace. She spent the rest of the weekend silent in her room, finding comfort in the music flowing from the radio, and the warmth of her own blanket.

Monday morning came and the dread of facing the kids at school and her best friend Simone weighed heavy on her. Amelia felt as though she was wearing a banner that said “slut” across her chest. The school bus arrived at the school, and for the first time, Amelia was the last one off the bus. She made her way slowly to her locker hoping to avoid everyone along the way.

“Boo!” Simone was standing on the other side of Amelia’s locker. “What is wrong with you? You look like you are going to a funeral.” Simone teased. “You aren’t mad about Friday night are you?”

“No, it’s no big deal, I’m just not feeling very well today. I think I might go home early. I have to go,” she was desperate to find any excuse to escape, “you know how Mr. Smith is if you are late, I’ll talk to you later O.K?” Amelia raced towards her class.

The day passed by in a blurry haze. Amelia wasn’t even sure how she had gotten from class to class, and before she knew it, she was walking up the gravel drive to her house. She felt dead inside and for the first time in her life she felt overwhelmed. She sat on her bed staring blankly at the wall, her thoughts spinning inside her head a million miles an hour. So caught up in her thoughts she didn’t hear the phone ringing until the third ring.

“Hello.” Amelia answered the phone in mechanical tone.

“I am coming over now, no arguments, no discussion, I am getting to the bottom of this.” Simone hung up the phone before Amelia could respond. She listened to the dial tone on the other end for a few moments before finally hanging up the phone.

Amelia made her way out the door to the end of the driveway, where she waited obediently for Simone. How was she going to tell her about Friday night? What was she going to tell her? She needed to come up with something and quick, but before she could even get a general plan together Simone’s car sped up the gravel drive.

“Get in, we need to talk.” Simone’s demeanor made it very clear she wasn’t going to give up until all her questions were answered.

Amelia hopped in the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt. Simone backed out of the driveway and headed to a secluded spot down by the river, the locals called make-out point. They sat there for a while watching the sun closing in on the water, changing the once blue sky to an orangish pink. It was beautiful and Amelia knew why someone would want to come here and be with the one they loved. Thinking about those couples being so in love, surrounded by nature’s beauty was all it took for her to break down. She fell into a weeping mess, hunched over in emotional pain, sobs coming from her canlı poker oyna making her sound almost inhuman.

“Oh My God!, What is wrong sweetie? You have to tell me please, I want to help you.” Simone looked into Amelia’s tear filled eyes with a desperate expression and love that melted Amelia’s heart. “Please,” Simone spoke softly now, wiped the tears from Amelia’s face and feathered her hair away from her eyes.

“I’m not a virgin anymore!” Amelia blurted out, wishing she could suck back those words before they reached Simone’s ears, but it was too late, the shock that racked Simone’s face made that very clear. “Friday after you left,” Amelia paused briefly taking in a painful breath, “That’s when it happened.”

“How, I mean with who? I didn’t know you were even seeing anyone.” Simone’s face did a poor job of hiding her surprise.

“I didn’t even know him, it was stupid and I can’t take it back, it’s too late, no one will ever want me now!” Fresh tears streaked Amelia’s face as she began sobbing again, overwhelmed by all the emotions and sadness she was feeling.

Simone pulled Amelia’s face into her lush breasts, wrapping her arms around her in a blanket of security and laying her cheek on top of her head. Her hands stroked Amelia’s hair to comfort her, then she began dropping butterfly kisses on her hair before pulling back and kissing her face. Without warning she kissed her lips, letting her tongue graze her lips in an attempt to part them. As Simone’s lips touched hers it was as though a lightening bolt shot through her body, her eyes widened then closed as she felt the velvet tongue of her new lover brush her lips then enter her mouth. Simone’s hands danced across Amelia’s body with a delicate touch, causing the volcanic heat to build inside her, as she played her like an instrument. She lifted the blouse over Amelia’s head, her fingers finding Amelia’s bra-less nipple to tease and rub to full firmness, before placing her hot damp mouth on it. Her tongue flicked Amelia’s nipple without mercy, causing each nerve ending to fire a violent response throughout her body. Amelia’s body twitched and tried to pull away but Simone climbed atop her, digging her nails deep in her back pulling Amelia even closer to her and further in her mouth.

Unable to take it a moment longer Amelia pulled Simone’s face to hers, and kissed her ferociously. Her fingers made light work of the buttons on Simone’s blouse, she opened it exposing the gorgeous breasts she had fantasized about so many times before, held captive by a hot pink bra. She pulled the clasps in front apart, freeing Simone’s perfect breasts. Amelia tasted the sweetness of Simone’s mouth, smelled the fragrant scent of her freshly showered skin, and the felt the softness of her curvacious body. She placed her lips timidly on Simone’s breasts kissing and licking them gingerly, ensuring each one got equal time and attention. Her teeth grazed Simone’s nipple and she let out a slow deep moan, Amelia tugged her nipple harder with her teeth, skimming her tongue gently across. Simone responded with thrusts and moans, arching her back, burying her hands in Amelia’s hair, pulling her tight.

“Come outside with me.” Simone opened the car door, stepped out, and gestured Amelia to follow.

They made their way to the trunk where they discovered a winter weather kit. The kit contained a blanket, some candles, kitty litter, tire chains, and a bottle of whiskey. Simone grabbed the blanket, candles, and the whiskey. She laid the blanket down on the thick soft grass, creating a makeshift mattress. She lit the candles, opened the bottle of whiskey, took a mouthful, and offered the bottle to Amelia. She took a small sip and almost choked as the burning liquid caught in the back of her throat. They laughed as Amelia coughed, finally regaining her composure and dared to take another sip. The warmth of the whiskey spread through her making her head dizzy. The navy blue sky was illuminated only by the brilliant stars, and the candlelight created a romantic ambiance.

“You’re beautiful, you know that don’t you.” Amelia looked into Simone’s deep brown eyes wanting nothing more than to continue the surprise make out session that started in the car.

“No I’m not, not compared to you anyway.”

“Shhhhh.” Amelia hushed Simone placing her finger delicately on her lips, before kissing her.

They fought for dominance, they moved in a lovers tango, slow and sensual, kissing, stroking, licking each other into submission. Simone the victor, lay Amelia on her back, a willing loser. Her mouth coating Amelia’s neck in dreamy wet kisses, sending a throbbing response into her very depths. Amelia felt herself growing hot and moist between her legs, only able to gasp in glorious pleasure, and reward her lover with relentless praise.

Simone’s experienced hands and lips caressed Amelia, teased her, drew her to the brink, causing the tide within her to rise and fall with each act she performed. Simone’s kisses were finally obstructed internet casino by Amelia’s tight jeans. She playfully probed Amelia’s jeans with her tongue, enjoying the movements her hips made in response, as they begged to be released from their prison. Her hands raked across Amelia’s breasts, then traveled down her abdomen, where they lingered at the top button of her jeans.

“Do you want me?” Simone whispered, placing a kiss on Amelia’s stomach looking up at her waiting for a response.

“Yes! God yes! I’ve wanted this for so long.”

Simone didn’t make her wait another minute, she tore the jeans from Amelia and rubbed her nose against Amelia’s panties letting her musk intoxicate her. She sucked the juices from them savoring the sweetness, once tasted she craved more. Simone moved the soaked panties to the side as she licked and tugged at Amelia’s swollen lips. Letting her tongue explore Amelia’s enticing cunt, before delving into her rippled cavern. Taking her time making long, smooth strokes with her tongue, encompassing her bud, pulling it gently between her lips, before plunging her tongue deep inside her again. Amelia moved beneath her, her legs wrapped around Simone’s head pulling her harder into her. Breaking away, Simone let her fingers part Amelia’s fully engorged lips, her finger slid into her without effort.

She moved in and out of her in a rhythmic motion, each insertion bringing pleasure, first one finger then two. She began a beckoning motion inside her stroking her g-spot, sending immense elation to every inch of her being. Amelia felt a new sensation, something she had never felt as total joy washed over her, a clear hot fluid squirted from her, gushing out in a steady stream drenching her quivering pussy and thighs. Simone quickly lowered her eager mouth to sample the sweet nectar she had made, lapping it off her thighs drinking every drop.

Before they could continue, headlights came into view. Amelia sat up, eyes wide full of fear, still weak kneed after returning from her euphoria. Simone pulled her to her feet, they hastily packed up the blanket, candles, and clothes before jumping into the car and speeding off. Hysterical laughter filled the car when Simone pointed out Amelia had somehow found the time to fasten her seat belt over her naked body. Simone drove to a nearby wooded area and turned off the engine, so they could get dressed. Silence fell on the car and was only invaded by the symphony of frogs and crickets.

“That was intense!” Amelia half chuckled as she fumbled in the dark to find her clothes.

“Definitely not a boring Monday night,” once dressed Simone put the car into drive and drove to Amelia’s house. A solemn air hung over the car as they pulled into the driveway.

“Thanks for the ride home, see you tomorrow. Amelia climbed out of the car unsure of the right words to say and unable to interpret Simone’s emotionless face.

“Yeah, see you then.” Simone put the car in reverse and faded into the dark night.

A pang of guilt stabbed Amelia as she made her way inside. So many questions flooded her mind as she replayed the evenings events. Was Simone mad at her now? Would things be awkward between them? Did she ruin their friendship? Was that why Simone had been so distant on the ride home?

Amelia, lay in her bed, her body felt more relaxed than it ever had, she had no difficulty falling asleep that night. Before she knew it the alarm bellowed, stirring her from a deep sleep, “Secret Lovers, that’s what we are….”, she quickly hit the snooze button thinking it ironic that particular song was the song that woke her this morning. She’d lost her virginity and in two days had had two secret lovers. At this rate she was going to reach thirty lovers by the end of the month. She pushed the thought out of her head, wiped the sleep from her tired eyes, and began her morning ritual. She would be glad when school was over, she didn’t know how many more days she could tolerate the cliques, bullies, and teenage angst. She yearned for the day she would enter the “real world”.

“Ten more days” she murmured to herself. She let out a heavy sigh and walked to the bus stop.

She arrived at school, made her way to her locker, lingered there longer than usual waiting for Simone’s arrival, but it never came. At the end of each class she surveyed the crowded halls hoping to see her, but she was nowhere to be found. Amelia suspected it had something to do with last night, but tried not to think the worst. The minutes ticked by slowly until her agony was eased by the shrill ringing of the end of day bell.

As soon as she arrived home she dialed Simone’s number, it rang for what felt like an eternity before she heard a familiar sultry voice on the other end.


“Hey, I missed you at school today.” Amelia tried to keep things normal but she wanted so much to ask if it had anything to do with last night.

“Yeah, I am done with school, I have enough credits to graduate, and I am just going to work more hours at the pizza place to save up for college this fall. I talked to my parents about it last night, they think it’s a good plan.” Simone seemed distant, a coldness had replaced her usual warm tone.

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