My Three Bears

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This is a continuation of my first story “three bears use me”…


It had been about a week since our “poker party” when a small package showed up at my house. Inside was a dvd from the leader of my bear group of friends, Bob.

Bob included a letter complimenting me on what a hot night we had and how him and his friends couldn’t wait for me to visit them again. He included great detail of the things I did that night and it was totally turning me on. By the time I got through reading half of it I was completely naked stroking my cock and caressing my body all over.

I continued reading while I jerked off remembering our hot time and came into my hand so I could lick up all of my cum. MMMMMMM how hot that JO session was.

Then I put the dvd into the player and was surprised to find that he had recorded a lot of what happened that night without me knowing.

I was still panting from my hot JO session and now my cock got rock hard again seeing myself on screen acting like such a total slut. I loved watching myself giving into the pleasure, totally uninhibited.

I grabbed for one of my anal toys and began licking it as if it were one of their cocks. Then I reached for my girlfriends big purple vibrating dildo. I had been wanting to try it on my ass for a while but thought it might be too big. I was so turned on I thought it was a good time to try.

So here I am sucking on a toy with such lust and probing the entrance of my hole with the other toy while watching the vid. maltepe anal escort The vibrator humming against the opening of my hole was driving me crazy. I gasped as I pressed into it a little more and the head slid into me. Then I began to slowly fuck myself moaning very loudly and completely into the pleasure it was giving me.

After about 5 minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and began to shoot another load onto my chest and belly. I rubbed it all over myself while thinking I needed to get together again with them soon.

A few days had gone by since I received the dvd and I received an email from Sam, one of the other guys from that night.

Sam told me he was married but rarely had sex with his wife anymore and he said he wanted me all to himself sometime soon.

He began to say how much he loved my feet. I get that a lot when I jo on cam. Guys think I have sexy feet.

Sam called me a few days after I got his email and said his wife was leaving for a 5 day work trip and he wanted me to come over. He said the other two guys didn’t know and I wasn’t to tell them. I agreed and we set the details of our meeting.

I was instructed by him to let myself in and to take all of my clothes off as soon as I entered. There would be a chair at the entrance and I was to sit there and start masterbating while I waited for him.

When I got there I did as I was told. There was a camera set up directed at the chair and plenty of lights aimed at it as well. I kurtköy ucuz escort was hard already as I love being filmed.

I was going at it for only a few minutes and then I felt his large hands touching my chest , reaching from behind me. He then put a blindfold on me. Next he secured my arms onto the chair by using some kind of rope. My arms around my elbow joint were tightly affixed to the armrest and I was starting to get really excited as to what he had planned for me.

He began touching my body and legs while talking dirty whispering in my ear. I love that and then he started kissing my neck. That too drives me crazy. I thought to myself this guy knows exactly how and where to touch me.

Then his attention moved to my feet. He started by touching them and then kissing them. Wow this was starting to really get me going. I couldn’t believe I was getting this turned in without him ever touching my cock.

I had never had anyone pay attention to my feet and I was loving it. He began to kiss and then lick my toes, one at a time. Sliding his tongue between them as he kissed.

After all of this I was ready to do anything for this man.

Even though my arms were attached to the chair my hips were still free to move somewhat.

I began to beg for him to let me suck his cock. He kept working at my feet as I leaned forward to start licking it. He was hard as a rock with a nice mushroom head. I gave him one of the wettest blow jobs I’ve ever given and kurtköy yabancı escort I could tell by his comments he was really enjoying it.

Then he said it was time to get fucked and he slid me as far down and to the edge of the chair as he could get me with my arms still attached to the chair.

He fucked me just the way I like it, slowly sliding in then all the way out with a slow steady pace. Not like a jackhammer. More like he was making love to me. Occasionally kissing and licking my toes. And other times caressing my body with his large sexy hands.

He had not yet touched my cock since I got to his house but felt I was ready to cum at any moment. Then his pace quickened and I shot my load all over myself. A minute or so later Sam began to shoot all over the me too.

He mixed our cum together while rubbing it in to my skin then made me lick it off his fingers. He made sure he fed every last drop to me.

When I looked over and saw the camera I was reminded that all of this was taped and couldn’t wait to watch it.

Sam untied me and told me to go shower and meet him in the bedroom when I was done. When I got there he had me lay down and he then tied my wrists to the bedposts.

He then began to kiss me all over. Starting at my neck, then my chest, down my belly, down my legs and my feet. My cock was semi- hard again as he started stroking it. This was the first time he had touched it that day and it felt so good.

Then he climbed on top of me with his cock near my mouth and we began a very hot 69 session. Having his hairy body on top of me was so hot and soon I was cumming hard again.

I was tied or bound to a chair the entire time for the next two days and I loved every second.

It turned out to be the hottest few days I have ever had with anyone, man or woman.

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