My turn to watch you hubby.

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When I got home I had the surprise of my life, there on the couch was my beautiful brunette wife, and a stikingly beautiful blonde, both flashing stockings sitting on the couch in our living room.

“Welcome home honey, my wife said, meet Trish, my former college roommate.”

“Wow, Cindy never told me just how beautiful a roommate she had.” I said

“We were talking the other day, and I told Trish that we’d been experimenting with the cuckold lifestyle lately. She asked me what that was and I told her that you liked to watch while I had amazing sex with other people and that since we did we’d been having the best sex together of our lives.”

” I told her I could see the obvious benefits for her,” Trish said, “But what does Bill get out of the deal? What about it turns him on so much?”

“I honestly didn’t know the answer, Cindy said.”and that’s when we hatched this plan. She’d get to fuck you while I watched and took the photos for a change, that way I could feel what you do. How about it, you game?”

“Well, you two shared everything else for four years.!” I chuckled “Sure, I’ll be your guinea pig, you sure you’ll be okay with watching me with your best friend?”

“Go ahead Trish, show him how ready I am.”

She barely got my pants off before she was swallowing my cock. I was truly ready for her as the conversation had made me rock hard. I have to admit it’s a strange yet extremely exciting feeling having your wife taking pictures of another woman expertly sucking my cock. Trish knew what she was doing too!”

We moved to the bedroom and Trish jumped on my cock and rode me to the brink, then Cindy grabbed a vibrator and started working on Trish’s ass rimming her with her tongue, I could feel the vibrator buzzing my cock as she rode me.

“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet,” Cindy bragged, “Trish’s anal talents are legendary. She once did an anal gangbang with the entire basketball team including the coaches! Show him how it’s done honey.”

After hearing that, Trish lost no time at all jumping on the bed and shoving my cock up her ass while Cindy pondered the sight from the couch. Once she’d finished riding me, Trish got on all fours and begged me to fuck her ass doggy style. I looked over at CIndy and saw she was obviously getting turned on as much as I did while watching her in action. As I pounded Trish’s beautiful butt I looked over at Cindy and said. “I can see you’re getting as turned on watching me as I get watching you take care of other hard cocks. You two ever fool around together in school?” I asked. ” I’ve always fantasized about a full blown (if you’ll pardon the pun) threesome with another woman. I said with a grin as I pounded Trish even harder.

My turn to watch you hubby. 3
“Oh, your dear little wifey is the greatest pussy licker on the planet Trish said. We used to eat each other for hours if we couldn’t find a stud to take care of us. Come on Cindy, show him what we used to do while I clean off your husbands wonderful cock.” Trish moaned.

Cindy then laid on the bed, Trish got on top in a 69 and they licked each other to orgasm which got me even harder and Trish pulled me over and took my shaft all the way down her sweet warm throat sucking it expertly as my dear wife licked her to orgasm again. All three of us came at the same time, then collapsed in a giggling mass of pure joy.

“Now do you two understand why I’m happy to be a cuckold husband?” I quipped.

“Oh my god honey that is Sooooo liberating!”
Cindy said. “No possessiveness, no jealousy, just pure unadulterated lust!”
It really is just sex, but what a wonderful rush I got watching two people I dearly love giving pleasure to each other knowing just how it feels to be both giving and receiving from each of you.”

“What did you think Trish?”

“I’m delighted you chose me for this, I’ve had threesomes before so I knew what to expect physically, Bill you have an AWESOME cock, and you really know how to use it. Thanks Cindy, for sharing your awesome man with me, any time you want to do this again just let me know! I’ll be here with garters on! I might even bring someone for Cindy to play with too!”

“That would be WONDERFUL!” Cindy and I said in unison before we all broke out into hysterical laughter.

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