My Wife Hands Me Over to My Dom Ch. 02

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Today Susan, my wife, delivered me to Carl, my Dom for the first time. It was an incredible experience. I felt more burning shame than I have ever felt before in my life. I mean to have your wife hand you over to a gay Dom and to talk with him about what he is doing to you! Simply delicious!

We had dinner and put the kids to bed. I sat down in front of the TV and Susan walked out of the bedroom dressed in her sexiest lingerie! My wife is hot and I love having sex with her but it is normal. It does not give me the deep shame that I enjoy to the core of my soul, when Carl uses me for his pleasure and shows me my true place in life!

Susan sat down next to me and said, “It turned me on to no end handing you over to Carl today. I want you to tell me everything you did with him as you eat me out.”

I love eating out Susan, even more than fucking her. To know that she is using my face for her pleasure is nice. I went down to the floor and started nuzzling her pantied crotch. I missed not having my panties on. Since she had found out from Carl today that I wear panties, I told her so.

“Go get the light blue panties out of my drawer.” Susan commanded, “They are older and stretched out so they should fit you. I will have to buy you your own panties to wear from now on since you love wearing them so much.”

I silivri escort quickly ran to the bedroom and found the light blue satin panties that she was talking about. I stripped and put them on. I couldn’t believe how good they felt as they snuggled my cock and balls. I quickly ran back to Susan and started sniffing and licking her pussy through the gusset of her panties. I would revel in her crotch for a minute and then spend a minute telling her about my experience serving Carl. I told her how I enjoyed the humiliation of having her hand me over as if I was just a piece of property to be borrowed.

By now I had removed her panties and was licking the length of her slit. She was wetter than ever!

I explained to my wife how I love being dominated and experiencing humiliation. I let her know that I felt my purpose was so serve better people sexually and how much I loved cock!

Susan was writhing in pleasure by now. I had never felt her so wet before and I was enjoying the shame of relating to her how Carl treated me today. I was also enjoying teasing her by removing my face from her sopping cunt right before she was about to explode, in order to continue telling her about what Carl did to me. After she would cool down some, back my face went. It wasn’t long till Susan şirinevler escort started cumming and cumming hard. She actually squirted in my face drenching me! Susan rarely squirts.

After coming down from her squirting high Susan had me remove the panties and she mounted me on the floor. I was so Horny from reliving my adventure with Carl that day that I came after about a minute.

Susan was furious that she did not cum again yet, and told me that she was going to sit on my face so I could finish her off.

“But your puss is full of my cum!” I told her.

“You swallow Carl’s jizz.” She replied. “You even ate your own jizz our of the panties that he made you wear. If you can do that with Carl you can do that with me too, and you better or I will not be bringing you back to Carl anymore!”

I could not argue with her and she immediately turned around and plopped her cum filled gash on my lips. I had just cum and did not want to eat my own seed but the fear of not being able to get back to Carl’s cock prompted me on and the delicious shame of what my wife was doing to me didn’t hurt either.

I stuck my tongue out and could taste my bleachy slimy seed in her, mixed with her own wetness. As I started licking her gash and inserting my tongue deeper inside şişli escort the shame and humiliation did their job and I got into the task. Soon I was actively sucking her hole trying to get all my seed out. I could feel globs of my slimy load leaving her cunt and going into my mouth. Susan clamped her thighs around my head hard and she came again. As she came I felt the last large glob of my ejaculate leave her body. I could not swallow since my head was locked so hard between her thighs. The glob of cum just stayed in my mouth on my tongue for the duration of her climax. I actually enjoyed the taste and could feel my cock getting hard again!

After Susan released her vice like grip on my face I continued to lightly lick her lips. She sighed in contentment and just wiggled her cunt on my face. She owned me, and she knew it. I understood it too, and my cock stiffened some more. Susan noticed this and after a few more luxuriating minutes on my face turned back around and plopped herself back on my cock.

This time I lasted much longer and since Susan had already climaxed so many times she did not ride me with the urgency of before. We had a nice long, loving fuck and after about twenty minutes I dumped my load into her cunt once again.

“If this is what visiting Carl does to you I am happy to keep taking you back.” Susan told me as she got off my cock, “I don’t feel like showering so please clean me up.”

Susan rolled over onto her back and I went to work cleaning out her pussy with my tongue. I did not feel like doing it but I understood my new place with Susan. There was not much goo this time but I savored it as I swallowed it down.

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