Nancy Controls Her Household Ch. 01

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This story involves spanking and other punishments as well as several bodily functions. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.

Meg had been worried as she drove home from work. This was because home was the domain of her mother-in-law, Nancy, who had gradually come to exercise total dominance over the attractive, red-haired 25-year-old Meg. Even though Meg had become a wildly popular professor at the well-regarded university in their town, something in her personality had led her to accept being submissive to Nancy, an attractive, ash-blond, fiftyish woman.

It had made sense for Meg and her husband Keith to live with her mother-in-law to save some money for when they could acquire their own house. Keith was a successful corporate attorney who was on a path to make significant money as a partner in the town’s largest firm. However, his love for Nancy included total acceptance of her suzerainty.

So, Meg gritted her teeth and got ready to face her stern mother-in-law. It was a key to Nancy’s dominance to maintain close supervision of when Meg and Keith left for work in the morning and returned that day. Tardiness at either end resulted in Nancy’s imposing punishment.

Meg realized that she was going to be a couple of minutes late. She steadied herself to expect that her mother-in-law would be pulling down her panties for the strap or cane.

When she arrived, Meg was surprised that Nancy’s group of friends, all women, was still in the living room, happily chatting. All looked up when Meg, who looked harried but striking as always, arrived. Gloria Taylor, perhaps Nancy’s closest pal, smiled and said how nice it was to see Meg.

“I keep hearing how much you are appreciated at the university,” Gloria gushed.

Meg responded by observing, “I’m pleased that they think I’m doing a good job.”

Nancy walked over and interrupted the conversation.

“You know that you are late,” she announced to Meg.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Meg answered coolly. “I’m sorry but I was held up at a meeting in my department.”

“You know what happens when you are late,” Nancy continued, as if Meg had not spoken.

“Yes, Miss Nancy, I do,” Meg now was pleading.

Nancy pointed to the couch on the side of the living room.

“Get up on that couch. You know the position,” she ordered.

Meg walked over and managed to climb up onto the couch, facing the back, and remained there on all fours, her bottom already sticking out under her skirt.

“Ladies,” Nancy addressed the group of about a half-dozen women, “I think you will help to remind my daughter-in-law that she is expected to be home on time as you observe my instruction.”

Nancy now walked behind Meg and reached down to lift Meg’s short skirt above her waist. This exposed the gaily patterned but tiny panties Meg had on. Crisply, Nancy inserted her thumbs into the waistband of the little panties and tugged them down just below Meg’s bottom. Nancy only lowered the panties to just below the bottom so that all would notice that they were pulled down, not totally removed.

The group was not shocked by this exposure as they had seen Nancy punish both Meg as well as Keith on prior occasions.

Nancy now reached into her handbag and extracted a well-worn tan strap. She lay it on Meg’s alabaster bottom and began striking Meg’s rear with powerful strokes of the strap. The women drew in their breath collectively as they heard each slap of the strap on Meg’s buttocks.

Soon Meg’s bottom grew rosy and then crimson. Meg was beginning to make little cries as Nancy stopped and reached into her purse, this time taking out a thermometer and a small vial of vaseline. She dipped the tip of the thermometer into the vial and then rubbed some off with her fingers. She then ordered Meg to spread her legs as far as possible. With one hand, Nancy pressed the lubricant into aksaray escort Meg’s bottom-hole and then inserted the thermometer into that same opening.

“Is it really necessary to take her temperature?” Gloria dared to ask her good friend.

“I want to make sure she is not ill so I will know how to treat her now,” Nancy replied calmly.

Soon, after a few minutes had passed, Nancy took the thermometer out of Meg’s bottom and looked at it. She announced that Meg’s temperature was normal but said that the thermometer had emerged from Meg’s anus with some dirt on it.

“Do you need to relieve yourself back there?” Nancy asked Meg in an annoyed tone.

“I think I will very soon, Miss Nancy. May I be excused for a few minutes to take care of that?” Meg asked in a small, fearful voice. She was now deathly afraid that her highly reactive mother-in-law would make her do her business in front of the group.

“Pull up your pants,” Nancy said bluntly, “and bring the potty out from the closet and put it in the middle of the room.”

Meg knew not to protest this humiliating order because it would result in yet more punishment. She did what Nancy had directed, and the wooden potty was now sitting in the middle of the floor.

Nancy nodded to her and Meg ignominiously lifted her skirt on her own now and then pulled her panties down again. Then she seated herself on the potty. Her skirt had come down around it so at least, she thought, the group would not be staring at her private parts, even though they would hear the embarrassing noises of her urinating and defecating.

She managed to get her pee stream started and the group did hear it ping against the bottom of the potty and then gurgle from Meg’s peehole for a sustained time. Emitting some farts, Meg cringed now in total shame and soon the women listened as Meg excreted three pieces that made the familiar plopping sound as they hit the bottom of the potty and splashed the pee there as they did.

Nancy smiled as she held out a roll of toilet paper to the red-faced Meg, who gratefully accepted it. Then Nancy imposed yet another humiliation: “Show me the paper after you wipe yourself, dear.”

Meg cringed but used the paper and then slowly brought it up to display to her grinning mother-in-law and the women in the room. The paper was covered with the brown residue of Meg’s bowel movement. Nancy ordered her to wipe again “until the paper comes up clean.”

Meg wiped several times, showed Nancy the soiled tissue, and then finally presented a clean sheet.

“Now you may pull up your panties and dispose of the contents of the potty, Megan,” Nancy directed in the same steady tone of control.

Meg reached down and managed to pull her panties back up and rose, lifting the potty to take it into the bathroom for her to empty and clean it. Now some of the women could see the turds she had deposited in the potty and she also realized that the contents had the strong smell of feces left in urine.

While Meg was gone, the women each thanked Nancy for her hospitality and said how much they admired how she controlled her daughter-in-law.

“I wish I could do the same with my Allison, who is 25 like Megan,” Margaret Hodges commented to her hostess.

“You’ll be surprised at how easy it is once you set your mind to it,” Nancy responded. : You just have to impose yourself and tell her that it is time for her to recognize she must grow up and be responsible. Then you say that until that happens, you are going to set the times for her departure and return, with discipline following when she does not comply. I would start off with a simple spanking over your lap. It shows her you are in control and she will know that you are seeing not only her bare bottom but her intimate areas between her legs.”

“Do you have any other ways of disciplining Megan?” Margaret continued.

“Yes,” anadolu yakası escort Nancy answered. “She may be subjected to an early bedtime and she is not allowed to read or watch television then. I also may have her and Keith sleep in separate bedrooms and they must remain each in their own room. And when she is especially naughty, she may have to wear a butt plug or tight control panties.”

Nancy did not go on to reveal to Margaret and the others who were now listening carefully that she had also begun to dictate to the young couple when they could have intercourse together. Meg was required to ask Nancy’s permission to allow Keith to join her in bed and to fuck her. Often, when Nancy granted the request, which she would withhold if she felt either Keith or Meg had misbehaved sufficiently, she told them she would supervise their lovemaking.

This meant that she would sit in the bedroom and watch as her son and daughter-in-law shed their clothes and proceeded to cuddle and fondle each other on the bed. Nancy might then direct Keith to get his face between his wife’s open legs and tongue her until she came. Then Nancy would tell her son to go ahead and give his wife what she wanted.

“Get your cock into her naughty cunt!” Nancy would say in a condescending way.

As the two fucked, Nancy might urge Keith, “Give it to her harder! She likes it rough, Keith.”

Keith had a long, thick cock which his mother craved. Now a very successful man, he had always been under his mother’s thumb. After he finished his college years, he was invited into Nancy’s bedroom one afternoon.

“I know you like the girls and have little trouble attracting nice young ladies,” Nancy told her son, who had always been in thrall to her. “I’ve found that you perform well in your relationships with friends of both sexes if you are regularly disciplined. I intend to keep on doing that for as long as you seem to need it. Are you willing to accept my role in helping you achieve success in all aspects of life, dear?”

Keith had a deep feeling of love for his mother and actually did not resent her spanking him and, in general, supervising almost all aspects of his life.

“I know that soon you will be having sex,” Nancy continued. “That is fine so long as you use proper protection—wearing a rubber or making sure she is on the pill. I want you to learn the right way to please and satisfy a woman and you can start by doing that with me.”

While Keith was surprised that it sounded like he would actually be invited by his mother to fuck her, he wanted to be united in that intimate way with her. He loved her intensely and when she issued this amazing invitation, he was both surprised and excited. He realized he now had an erection and knew it would be obvious to Nancy. He was already 22 but the few relationships he had experienced had included almost no instances of sexual intercourse.

Nancy noticed the tent in his trousers and took him by the hand as the two walked hand in hand to Nancy’s bedroom. She had been widowed when her husband suddenly expired from an early heart attack. He had left Nancy, as well as Keith, very comfortably fixed, so the two had no need to worry about their support. Nancy did not need to work but Keith had finished law school, been hired by the best firm in town, and had succeeded in securing a partnership and a major role in the firm’s governance.

Now when they reached the bedroom, Nancy directed Keith in how to undress her. Keith was very comfortable in seeing his mother shed her clothes.

She guided him to unbutton her blouse, unhook and remove her bra, and then unzip her skirt, slide it down and off, and then lovingly slip her panties down and off. She would then take off his shirt, tie, and slacks. Finally, she lowered his underpants and took them off.

The attractive middle-aged Nancy then ataköy escort lay back on her bed and spread her legs to expose her light blondish bush and ample chest—she wore a 34B bra. Keith followed her finger as she pointed to her vulva and told him he could taste and lick her to get her ready for their intercourse.

It did not take long for Keith’s tongue to stimulate Nancy’s needy cunt. She soon urged him to put his lovely cock into her. When Keith slipped his tool into her sopping wet vagina, he felt the intense heat his mother was generating inside. He knew he would have to exercise great control to avoid cumming too soon. He knew that that would displease Nancy, which would in turn lead to his being spanked or worse.

Soon Keith and Nancy were happily fucking, and both enjoyed the experience greatly. Nancy adored Keith’s large cock and his staying power. Her husband had not been so well endowed, nor did he consider her wants when he fucked her fast and furiously.

That first time with her, when he was 22, he held off until he felt she was going to go into orgasm very soon and he intensified his thrusting until he felt her start to contract inside and as she exploded with a loud cry, he stopped trying to restrain his own desire to cum. He felt the jets emerge from his cock deep inside Nancy’s vagina as he spurted his cum into her.

When she had appeared to have stopped orgasming, he kissed her very sweetly and deeply on her lips and held her tight, telling her how he loved her and always wanted her to be pleased with him. Nancy, who had not had much sex since her husband’s passing, felt wonderful and even appreciative.

Nancy liked Meg when Keith first introduced his new 24-year-old girlfriend to his mother. She could see that Meg was an achiever like Keith, and the two would spur each other to keep succeeding. She was not jealous of Meg’s red-haired beauty and her sleek figure. Meg had tits that were proportionate to her body frame and she had enjoyed a very active social life. She now was a star professor at the university where she taught. Her courses were oversubscribed.

Meg found Keith a delightful date who took her to fun places both to drink and to dine. He had some nice friends who clicked with her and with her girlfriends. Nancy was able to spring for a pleasant and not gaudy wedding. The two had gone off on a honeymoon trip they both happily recalled for a long time.

When they returned, Keith had explained that it made sense to live in the large, well-appointed house. This way, they could save up to purchase their own home. and start a family themselves.

Keith then explained how his mother dominated him now since he came home. Meg was surprised because she had never figured Keith as someone who wanted to submit to anyone. He explained that for him, it was a turn-on. It wasn’t the same as his relations with Meg, he told her, but he also loved his mother in a different kind of way, and he hoped Meg would join him in submitting to her.

“It’s not that she’s bribing us by having us live her and paying for stuff,” he said. “I can afford it all now. I guess you must consider if being embarrassed and humiliated and in general taken charge of by my mom is too much to endure. I’ve gotten used to it because she actually is ok underneath it all.”

Meg grinned at Keith and told him that she probably would do anything like that just for his sake.

“I don’t really like being spanked, if it’s all the same to you,” she said lightly, “but yes, I’ll put up with it. But you have to promise me that we’ll get our own place before too long and then things will be very different. OK?”

Keith took her in his arms and hugged her.

Meg had a side of her that was aroused by another woman taking charge of her. But even though she knew that this would make it easier for her to accept Nancy’s dominance, she made a vow to herself that she would endure this subjugation for a while. Then she would make sure that Keith lived up to his promise that they would move into their own place and away from Nancy’s control.

In fact, Meg thought with a wicked grin, she already knew how she would turn the tables and have Nancy submitting to her.

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