Nasty Fetish

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For much of my adult life I have been aroused by women doing things that many would consider nasty or disgusting. I’m a Black male and it’s a popular belief that Black women don’t engage in strange and unusual sexual practices. I can openly say that this myth is simply untrue.

My first experience with urophilia or known in common slang as watersports or golden showers was with a chick I used to mess with in high school. I only had the chance to make-out with her usually ending in tongue kissing and finger-banging her. I wasn’t until a couple of years later that I started dating her and fucking her on the regular. We did pretty standard stuff at first. She would give me head and I would go down on her. When it came to fucking her she liked it very rough and hard. I mean sweaty nasty hardcore sex. As time went on she became more open about her deeper sexual desires. I discovered she liked anal sex and fucking while on her period. It was cool to me because I had never had anal sex before.

My dick is on the large size so when I first had anal sex with this chick I tore her ass up. I had split her asshole and it bleed. She told me it hurt but it turned her on like never before. Although for days afterwards she could hardly walk and suffered bleeding when she pooped, however she wanted more. Anal sex became a regular part of our sexual experience.

One time we took a shower together and as I rubbed soap on her back I noticed a stream of golden water running down the drain. I laughed and joked that I didn’t know girls peed in the shower. She joked back that what she really wanted to do was pee in my mouth. I looked at her expecting her to be playing but she was serious. My silence made her feel awkward and embarrassed but I pulled her close and kissed her and said sure you can pee in my mouth but you gotta swallow my nut. She agreed and the bağcılar escort next time we fucked we tried this new kinky twist in our sex life. I ate her pussy out as usual but this time she let her pee flow. It was hot and salty and gushed out of her pee-hole. Not wanting to get the bed wet I slurped and gulped down her pee as fast as I could, then I began to taste her cum. It was a wonderful mixture of bitterness, salt, and cum. It was a wonderful mixture and from then on every time I went down on her I drank her pee.

Me and this girl eventually broke up and I was worried that I would never find another Black girl that was that freaky. I fucked with a myriad of different women. Some gave head, others swallowed, and a few performed anal, but none were freaking like the first girl. I was getting pussy but that nasty freaky edge was missing. From time to time I would have sex with the first girl from time to time but we lived in different cities and I needed a local freak.

As luck would have it I started messing with one of my co-workers. I knew she was a freak when I fucked her after three days of knowing her and bust nuts in her raw. She pretended to be sexually shy at first, but after a little while we were fucking like rabbits. I fucked this chick two or three times a day everyday for over a year.

We became more acquainted with one another sexually and she began to open up. I discovered that she had a pee fetish like the first chick did I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get back to drinking girl piss again. I would get down and slurp her wet pussy and she would let loose and piss in my mouth. Her hot salty lemonade would gush out of her gaping pussy and I would gulp it down trying not to spill a drop. She loved it and would orgasm at the same time mixing her cum with her piss. It was bahçelievler escort a delicious treat that I had come to crave. More often than not she simply enjoyed pissing in my mouth and we would do it even if we weren’t having sex.

She also loved getting her ass eaten and fingered. I would devour her tight little asshole fingering it and sticking my tongue deep inside her. She would relax her rectum and let her asshole gape. On one occasion I was deep tonguing her ass and found some tasty kaviar in her booty. I continued licking her ass until it gaped. She let out a deep moan as her kaviar slide from her gaping anus and into my mouth. I sucked it from her and swallowed it whole. He pussy began to gush cream as she began to orgasm and she pushed more kaviar out of her ass. It was so much and I ate it all, filling my belly with it. She collapsed on the bed smiling and laughing. She told me that was hot and she had never done anything that nasty before. I joked her and asked her if she liked it? She shook her head yes and said she loved that shit. We added that to our sex acts of piss drinking. She also loved fucking while on her period and letting me drink her menses.

Over time we began to not see things eye to eye personally and decided to separate, but despite our differences on life issues we would always be sexually bonded and even if we weren’t a couple we would still fuck each other from time to time.

Since becoming single I began to explore my other hidden fetishes. I love tall dark skinned black women. I also have a thing for hairy pussy, armpits, and legs. I hate when women shaved. It is such a turn-off. I like a woman to look like a woman and not little girls. Another fetish of mine is smelling a woman’s natural scent. What I mean by this is her body odor or the ripe smell of her bahçeşehir escort pussy after a long day at work. Now I can’t get down with funky ass women who don’t bath or brush their teeth or wash their face!

I love the smell of a woman’s worn panties especially the ones with pussy discharge or period blood. There is something very animalistic about the pungent odor of a woman’s smelly pussy. I don’t know maybe it’s the pheromones. Smelling a woman’s armpits are a turn-on for me. A much different scent than what emits from the pubic region but still very erotic.

I thought my fetishes were strange and unusual but as stated earlier I have been with women who enjoy watersports and scat play, but recently I discovered that there are lots of women that cater to these fetishes. After surfing the web a bit I discovered that there are women that do many things that most would find extremely disgusting. I was amazed to find women making and selling baked goods containing poop.

I had never heard of this fetish and became more curious. I searched the web and found a few Black females that made these types of products. I was particularly attracted to this cute sexy dark skinned cutie. She was not some ugly crackhead type but a very pretty fit girl. I was surprised that she would be into this type of thing. She was wifey type material so I decided to contact her and inquire about her making me some poop brownies. To my amazement she was open and friendly and a real sweetheart. I paid her fee and she made a video of her taking a poop in a bowl and making the brownies. She promptly shipped them to me and I was able to consume her naughty sweets.

Eating a strangers poop was extreme for me but I was hooked. I later ordered a vial of this chicks pee and a pair of her used panties. She wore the panties for a full week and her scent was very mild and not overpowering. Since that time I have ordered additional items from other female providers and I love the smells of the different ladies. I have even ordered a used toothbrush from one.

I don’t know where this fetish will go, but I want to meet women in person that share similar likes. I know they are out there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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