Naughty Thai Student Gets Extra

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This is the third instalment from my Thai Journals. They recount the sexy autobiographical adventures of an expat working in Thailand.


When I held out the tub of Vaseline to the middle-aged Thai woman at the counter of Boots Chemist in Chiang Mai, she gave me a brief knowing but brief smile.

“Another horny ex-pat “fareng” walking around with a sore dick after fucking too much Thai pussy.” I am certain these were the very thoughts going through her mind.

Well, that is what happens when you live and teach English in Thai pussy paradise!

Things had gone downhill for me when I started dating one of my sexy Thai uniformed students named Noi. Some of you may have read about her in my other recent stories and know what I’m talking about. If not email me for pictures and tell me which ones you would like, but please do leave positive feedback first if you enjoyed reading this.

I had forgotten to mention that Noi had started calling me “Sausage King” in class. It had all begun when we stumbled across this great place to buy English and American sausages in Chiang Mai called “Sausage King Co Ltd.” You can check it out online if you think I am joking. At first, I had thought it was just another porn site when it popped up along with the girly links in my Google search, but I was delighted to I realise my mistake. In fact, I had made another important culinary discovery. Anyway, when I had ordered a batch of juicy long sausages for breakfast, Noi had been curious and asked me why I had bought them.

“English and American sausages are much longer, thicker and tastier than Thai sausages,” I had replied innocently.

Noi had smiled naughtily, gently squeezed my dick and replied:

“Oh yes, I agree. I like your sausage king very much.”

After that, she had taken to calling me “Sausage King” in class, much to my horror and embarrassment. When she had explained the meaning of this to some of the other curious female students, demands for extra private tuition soared. Sexy Thai girls like nothing better than to feel a big white sausage squeeze into their small tight pussies. Like rice, this diet is better consumer three times a day, I had explained to Noi. She agrees.

To get back to my journals, I thought things had got off to a good start that day. Little did I know how wrong I really was…

The class was settling down and in a good mood after the warmer exercise. As for the notoriously temperamental air conditioning unit, it had miraculously managed to suck out most of the hot Thai air as efficiently as a Thai hooker and thrown it outside where it belonged.

“Please look at exercise two, on page three…” I stuttered and leered at Cindy.

Cindy, the slender and attractive class Ladyboy, was winking at me again. Shit! I had made the dramatic mistake of accepting her as a Facebook friend. In addition to posting embarrassing pictures in shocking near-nakedness on MY Facebook page — to the absolute horror my friends and family back home in the UK, Cindy took malicious pleasure in flirting openly with me in and out of class. It was all a terrible mistake. Well, last week I found myself red with embarrassment when my boy in the UK asked me:

“Daddy, why has that girl on your Facebook got a willy?”

Tell me, how do you answer that? I could not very well erase her from my friends list or that would have disenfranchised the ladyboy students and probably got me fired.

“I would like you to ask me for health advice in English, in two sentences,” I continued, stoically. “For example: I have a cough. What can I do?”

I had been teaching English to undergraduate students in Thailand for three weeks now. I was firmly convinced that I had died and gone to heaven. I mean, have you seen those SEXY HOT SLUTS walking around in their white blouses, buckled belts and black mini-skirts? You know, those girls they call students over here in Thailand? I was constantly walking around with a super-glued boner and a smile like a kadıköy escort Cheshire cat that had just swallowed a canary. To give you a better idea of what I had to face every day, let me describe to you their slutty uniform:

The Thai student’s uniform has been carefully engineered to give a real man an instant hard-on. I believe experts use this to explain the comparatively high rate of heart-attacks suffered by older lecturers in Thailand university. So why does it make you horny? To begin with there is the white cotton blouse, with military brass embossed buttons usually worn one size too small so that the small but shapely Thai breast is visible, squeezing tightly against the fabric, while the nipples attempt to jut out, leaving little to the imagination. Then there is the mandatory black high heels — ah! I knew you would like that one. No choice, they have to where this. Noi likes the seven inch. She says is shows off her little tight Asian butt. Then there is the buckled logo leather belt followed by desert, the icing on this delicious visual cake, the ultra-short black mini-skirt, also popular with bargirls and hookers alike. Noi has kindly taken some photos to show you that I can share in case you are having trouble imagining this. Although some students wear the longer pleated variety, the more attractive and slutty girls prefer the tight black mini-skirt. So do I! The only problem I have found through direct experience is that they fit so tightly that the mini-skirt has the tendency to tear at the seams. Yesterday, I was having sex in the toilets with Noi between classes, as one does in Thailand, when her mini skirt ripped down the side. She had wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and she was moaning something in her language — all I could understand was “Sausage King” — while I was pumping away at her tight little snatch, when I heard the rip.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

Noi just laughed and said:

“Don’t worry, I’m sure the other teachers will like it…”

“No shit!” I replied.

I knew you might not believe me, so I got out my camera and snapped a photo of her like this at university, in case doubting readers emailed me wanting to see evidence.

Tao came in class late as usual that day. I was not happy when she disturbed the other girls trying to pay attention and learn as she scrambled over them, flashing her slender legs, to reach her place and open her book at the same time. Ninety percent of Thai students are hot sexy young women, but Tao well she is a cut above the rest. With her flowing black hair, her tight slender body with wonderful curves in all the right places and eyes to die for, she is one stunning Thai porno dream.

“I’m sorry, ‘Jaan,” she said, flashing me a smile that sent a tingling feeling down my spine. I grunted something. I was not happy, but then all Thai people have time management issues.

Attempting to straighten her small skirt, she sat down. I saw her quickly speak to her friend, trying to catch up with the lesson so far and find her place. The students began giving me their answers: I have a cough, what can I take…or I have a toothache, where is the nearest dentist…

Picking on Tao, I said:

“Well Tao, speak up.”

She looked at me and then flashed her lovely innocent smile. I immediately felt calmer.

“My problem is I am so excited,” she said.

My heart stopped.

“Explain yourself, please,” I said, instantly regretting my words the moment I spoke them.

“Well…” she said, licking her lips nervously while opening and closing her legs. My God! Was that a flash of bare pussy I saw there?

“My pussy is all wet. What can I do? Help me Teacher, please?”

My cock lurched forward in my pants, suddenly inflated out of semi hardness. Another fucking English lesson in Thailand… How was I supposed to teach these kids when all those slutty girls wanted to do was to fuck? As for Tao, I wanted to say:

“I have kağıthane escort an instant 8 inch cure for you right here between my legs. Would you like me to give your tiny tight Thai pussy a doggie-treat?”

Instead, I just swallowed hard and looked at the class for help.

“I could come over and lick it for you in the break?” Volunteered Cindy, the Ladyboy, helpfully. Cindy’s English was very good. She had had a lot of oral practice with Western tourists when she was not studying.

I thought my dick would break out of its pants. I could hear a couple of the girls whisper: “Sausage King”…

“No,” replied Tao firmly, then staring me directly in the eyes, added: “I need a Teacher.”

Her legs opened as far as the tight mini-skirt would allow, which was a couple of inches only, confirming her pantiless status and revealing Thai exotic fruit deliciously available for the eating. It was a shocking and provocative gesture that left my heart racing. There were a few giggles and a couple of the girls gave Tao mixed angry and envious stares depending on whether I had had sex with them or not yet.

“I have an itch too,” ventured a second girl, scratching between her legs. She was a really cute with brown-hair.

“Your boyfriend likes boom-boom with bar girls,” snapped the lesbian of the class, derisively.

This reminded me of last week’s class. That one too had degenerated when I asked students what they had in their wallets and purses. This is usually a harmless way to learn new vocabulary associated with wallets and purses. One of the students, an attractive girl named Om, held out a little amulet of a girl and boy having sex. As I peered at it with dawning horror and embarrassment, realizing that I had once again been ambushed, she blurted out loudly for everyone to hear:

“Teacher, this is Teacher and Om having sex!”

She continued to hold it up high for one whole proud minute to make sure everyone in the class knew that she had been engaged in extra-curriculum activity with her teacher.

Things went downhill from there, but then that is how I ended up having sex with Tao.

Thailand was simply teaming with pussy desperate to be caught and eaten by Western men of all shapes, ages and sizes. Unlike those short-term sex tourist who frequent the bargirls and pay for sex, I had decided to live in Pussyland, sorry, I mean Thailand, and catch those hot girls at the source, i.e. Thai University.

When I had first arrived in Thailand, I was literally overwhelmed by a sea of hot willing female flesh. I mean, those sexy Thai students only have one thing on their mind: getting some well-endowed foreigner between their legs.

Bargirls on the other hand are interested in only one other thing — your money. After all guys, it is their JOB to fuck you legless. The bargirls that get married believe they have died and gone to heaven. I mean, who would be so stupid as to marry a hooker back home? They have your money and if you are naïve enough to actually BELIEVE they love you and stupid enough to sign over your assets to them rather than into your own company name, then don’t complain. My ex-Thai bar girlfriend got fed up of sending ME money. She married a seventy years-old fireman from Florida instead. She fucked him until his cock fell off — yes, he croaked. Now she has a nice house and an SUV.

But students, well that’s a totally different story. First of all, Thai women love white skinned people. They would go to any length to be white and they spend an absolute fortune on whitening products. The next best thing for them is being to married to a white person. They also know that us white folks have bigger dicks than the natives. I call this the reverse black bull factor. Just look at how many white women cannot resist a big black cock… and who can blame them? Believe me, size counts and here that plays in OUR favour. Finally, they are taught by Buddha that the young women have to marry and kartal escort breed with older men folks. WOW, I have found a religion that even I can believe in. Just look at the pictures in the Thai temples of older men being led off by a willing young maiden for sex. Have you noticed how those elder gentlemen always have a smile on their face? As for students, many are naturally curious and keen to experience new and exciting thrills, like a big white long sausage for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Now Tao, with her long slender and sexy legs further accentuated by those high heels they all like to wear, was a real treat for my sore old eyes. I was very interested in exploring her tight pussy but I am a very responsible person by nature so I did warn her that I would stretch her out good and that after that, she might need to keep to a diet of white cock. Strangely enough, this did not seem to put her off at all as she grabbed my hand and guided it firmly under the skirt of her uniform after the other students had left class and said:

“Master, you can eat my little pussy if you want?”

Tao sat down on my desk and gave me a mischievous smile.

“Oh, look! Your English is improving already,” I replied, with a wide grin.

By the way, they call us teachers ‘Master’ over here. In school, they even pray to you in the morning in general assembly. Who am I to interfere with God in answering their prayers? After all, this place is full of sluttish submissive female students just dying to be fucked. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I guess that is why I am constantly walking around with my cock so sore from fucking Thai pussy that I think it will fall off. I mean sex three times a day so tiring, even for me. This is the absolute truth. Then you wonder why people come to live over here?

Tao pulled up her skirt and held it bunched around her waist. He wiry pussy was there for me admire, unobstructed by any panties. It looked quite wet and shiny. She reached out and took my hand, placing it firmly between her legs. Her sleeve was quite damp. I rubbed her clit then sent a finger exploring inside. It was soaked. Surprised, I withdrew my finger and looked down. There was cum on it.

“That is why I am late for class,” she explained with a coy smile.

Her hands were already working down the zipper on my slacks and before I knew it, she had extracted my cock. To my delight, she went down on it like a Thai hooker and began to work her tongue up and down the stick like a lollipop, swallowing the cock head between her red lips. I watched in wonder and fascination as my erection deployed fully. All Thai women are very sensual and highly sexed. Thank God, Tao was no exception. She sucked my tool to hardness in a surprisingly short period of time, giving me an erection that would have made a stud proud. Satisfied with the result, Tao got up and licked her lips. I looked down at my cock. It was red from her lipstick.

Stepping out of her micro black skirt, Tao settled back down onto the table and opened her legs, parting her pussy lips with her middle and forefinger. A white blog of cum seeped out from her last encounter a mere hour before. A Thai woman needs regular sex after all.

“My husband…” she ventured, seeing the direction of my stare.

Being Thai, her husband was not a well-endowed man and it was obvious to me that she needed something meatier to satisfy her appetite.

Holding my dick in my right hand, I pushed the head between her vaginal lips and squeezed in. It was a tight fit and Tao was delighted. She let out a little squeal and added:

“Oh yes, Sausage King!”

Noi must surely have spoken to her too, I thought, as I began to thrust in and out between her hips. She was highly excited and came almost immediately, her pussy stretched well beyond its normal limits by my eight incher. I rubbed her little clit as I pounded away fast at me. She was clinging on to me and kissing my ear when I groaned, pulled her tight against my crotch and emptied my seed inside her belly.

I looked at my watch.

“Shit, I have another period to teach!” I exclaimed, struggling to close the zipper without castrating myself.

“Don’t worry, Master. I told Noi that I am borrowing you.”

I nearly choked.

Only in Thailand…


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