Never Lose a Bet with your Wife

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I had been married to my wife for 9 years when a life changing event happened. Julie, my wife, is a very attractive 28 year old woman. She is 5’5″ tall and is in very good shape. She has a beautiful ass and likes to show it off in tight jeans and short skirts. My name is Tom, and I’m just a bit taller than her and also in very good shape. She tells me that I have a better ass than her, but I don’t agree.

Julie always wears the nicest panties, and I am so turned on when I see her in a sexy pair. She gets most of them at Victoria’s Secret, and also orders some on line. Every time she is getting dressed, I watch her picking out and putting on her panties. She has accused me of having a panty fetish since I pay them so much attention. And that’s what got me in trouble.

Once when we came home from dinner and drinks, she was getting undressed and had just her panties on. I was staring at her in them and she caught me. “Are you enjoying my panties?” she asked me. I said “no, I’m just looking at you.” Then she took them off and tossed them at me. They were a very sexy pair of silky cheeky cut ones in red with white scalloped lace trim around the waist and legs.

She said “I think you have a panty fetish.” I denied it. So Julie said “ok prove it.” She told me to take my boxers off and put the panties on. “If you get hard wearing those panties then we will know for sure.” I said “I’m not putting panties on.” Though in truth, I had put panties on many times to masturbate. I will wear one sexy pair and rub my cock with another until I cum. The feel of the ones I’m wearing combined with the feel of rubbing sexy panties on my cock makes me cum in a hurry. And so I knew if I put them for her I would get an erection.

Julie stood there looking at me holding the panties and said “let’s make it a little bet.” “You put them on for five minutes and if you get hard, I win.” I tried to say no, but she was having none of it and yanked my boxers down. “Put them on” she said. So I stepped into them and slowly pulled them up. Julie reached out and pulled them up snug and I immediately started to get turned on, especially with her looking at me in them.

For any guys that have worn panties, you know how good they feel as they are pulled into place over your ass and cock. And if you haven’t worn them and don’t know, you should try it. There is no turning back once you experience it!

After about 30 seconds I lost it and started getting an erection. By that time, I was so conditioned from my panty wearing masturbation sessions that wearing them immediately tells my mind that I’m going to cum. Julie watched with a big smile on her face as I went to full erection. “Ha I knew it!” she said. “You have a panty fetish! I win the bet!”

Then she reached over and pulled my hard cock out one of the leg openings and started stroking me. I had an intense orgasm almost right away, spurting my cum all over her other hand which she was holding out in front of me. Then suddenly she took that hand full of cum and smeared it all over my face and mouth, pushing some of it into my mouth with her finger. “There you little panty lover, have your cum for desert.” Then she laughed as she watched me walk to the sink in her panties to wash it off.

“Why did you do that?” I asked. “Oh I was just having a little fun with you.” “I know you have been wearing my panties to jerk off, and I’m ok with it. They are very sexy after all. In fact, I would like to watch you some time.” I was surprised she knew, and more surprised that she wanted to watch, but in a way relieved that I didn’t have to hide it. Then she told me to keep them on for the night rather than putting my boxers back on. And she patted my ass and said “very nice!”

That was a restless night for me. Every time I would wake a little I would realize that I was wearing panties and get a hard on. Twice I went into the bathroom and jerked off. It was just so hot wearing panties and sleeping with my wife in hers!

When we got up in the morning she told me to keep them on as we ate breakfast, and then before we showered she asked me to show her how I masturbate wearing them. So I started rubbing myself through the silky material and pulled them tight against my ass. I reached into the hamper and took out a pair of yellow, silk panties with lace trim. She watched and smiled as I pulled my cock out and used them to stroke myself.

As I stroked I looked at them on me in the mirror which always gets me going. Soon I was fully hard and felt my orgasm approaching. When I came she caught it in her hand again and smeared it over my face, pushing some into my mouth. I resisted, but she said “I do it, you should too. I think it’s sexy. Now swallow it.” So I figured why not, and did it.

She was very wet from watching me and asked me to please get her off with my tongue, which I love doing. She had an intense orgasm, almost falling over as I held her ass and continued licking as she came.

We pendik escort showered together as we often do, and as we were washing each other’s backs she reminded me of the bet that I lost. “I was hoping you would forget about that” I said. We often had little bets and the losers were given daring or embarrassing things to do. Once I had won one, and had her walk down our driveway to the mailbox in just a white baby doll nightie and a pair of high heels. It was in the early evening and we live on a busy street. Two cars honked at her as she was getting the mail. I almost died laughing, but she didn’t think it was all that funny.

Another time I had her go to an adult store and shop for a new vibrator. Not just go get one and pay for it, but shop for it by talking with the salesgirl. We knew her, and knew that she was a lesbian. I thought it would be funny to watch my wife discussing vibrators with a lesbian. It was! But Julie swore she would get me back. Given our history with the bets, I was worried about what my payback would be.

As it turns out, we were going to a costume party at a friend’s house that weekend. Not a big party, but about 20 people. It wasn’t Halloween or anything, we just decided to have a costume party. Julie was going as a hot nurse, and I was going to go in a toga. Julie looked at me and smiled. “Tom, I am going to choose your costume for the party.”

“I already have a costume” I said. She looked at me and said “well I’m changing it. You are going to the party as a French maid!” “No way!” I said. “Yes way, a bet is a bet and you have certainly embarrassed me with my paybacks in the past.” She had a point there, and I figured how bad could it be, it is a costume party after all. “Well ok, but only because I lost the bet!” I told her.

The party was the upcoming Saturday night, and it was Friday. “I will be a little late getting home tonight, I’m stopping at the costume store on my way home” she said. Sure enough, she got home an hour late carrying a bag from the costume store and one from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Nice! I think. She got some new lingerie!

She pulled the maid outfit out of the bag and held it up. It was VERY short, black satin with white lace trim all over, a white bow in the back, and a garter and headpiece. And she had a white super short petticoat and a pair of size 12W black patent leather stiletto 5″ high heels for me. I protested, but she said a bet is a bet. Then she opened the Frederick’s bag and out comes a pair of white frilly panties, white fishnet stockings with wide lace at the top, and a garter belt to hold them up. She laid them with the uniform and said “these will look great with your dress!” I knew the party was going to be quite an adventure.

The next day was busy and before we knew it the time had come to get ready for the party. I had been doing yard work so needed a shower. Julie said she would help me get dressed after I got out. Then she passed me a tub of Nair. I said “what’s this?” She told me “I want you to use it on your legs so they look nice in your stockings.” Reluctantly, I took the tub and started applying it to my legs. I figured I would show her, and went ahead and shaved my cock hair off except for a little patch right above it. When I came into the bedroom, she looked at me and said “well aren’t you just the little slut!” She had my costume laid out on the bed and motioned me over.

She was already dressed and really looked hot! She had on a white nurse outfit that was almost as short as mine. It had lace trim around the arms and a red cross on the front pocket. She had on sheer white stockings with stay up lace tops, a little white hat with a red cross on it, a stethoscope around her neck, and white platform high heels that were so hot! And when she bent over to grab my costume, I could see that she had these super sexy white silk panties with thin lace trim on. You could just see them when she bent over. I had cum wearing those ones many times!

First, she held the white frilly panties out for me to step into. The body was silky white with lots of lace on it, and there was a little lace skirt about two inches wide around the waist. As I stepped into them and pulled them up it felt strange and actually nice on my smooth legs. Then I noticed something. They were crotchless! I said “why crotchless?” Julie said that that was the only kind they had that were that girly, and that they will work fine as long as you don’t pull them open somehow.

The panties looked very sexy in the mirror, and I really liked the way they hugged my ass and crotch. I started to get hard and as I did my cock came out the crotchless opening in the front. Julie saw it and smiled. She said “lets take care of that so it doesn’t get you into trouble.” So she grabbed it and started stroking me. I came almost immediately as I watched in the mirror, and once again she caught my cum in her hand, bringing it to my mouth. silivri escort I just licked and swallowed I was so turned on by the frilly panties.

She got a washcloth and wiped her hand and my face, then continued to dress me. Next came the stockings. She coached me on how to roll them up my legs, and I must admit it felt very sexy doing that with no leg hair. Next she fastened the garter belt around me and attached the garters to the lace stocking tops. As I watched this in the mirror, I felt my cock stirring a little again. I wondered to myself how I could keep from having a hard on all night once I was fully dressed. Next she pulled the garter up on my left leg about half way between my knee and crotch. It was a very feminine touch I must say.

Then the dress. She had me step into it and pulled it up, pushing my arms through the lacy puffed sleeves. Then she zipped it up and I felt for the first time what it feels like to be in a very short dress. It was tight around my chest, hugging me, and the skirt was so short that the bottom of my panties showed with almost any movement at all. Then suddenly I heard a “CLICK” and she said “there, that’s perfect.” “What was that?” I asked. “Oh, this dress comes with a little lock for the zipper and I just thought it would be fun to use it.” Well, I thought, I guess I’m not taking this dress off until she wants me to.

Next she had me step into the petticoat and pulled it up under the dress. It was the same length as the short dress and made it stand out all the way around. There was no way with it on that anyone who looked would not see that I was also wearing very frilly panties under the dress. Next she had me step into the high heels. They fit just right, but I had a little trouble walking in them. After walking back and forth and getting some coaching from Julie on placing one foot in front of the other and letting my ass sway, I got the hang of it.

Then she had me sit at her make up table and put some eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and rouge on me. I tried to not have to wear make up, but she said I had to wear a little. Finally, she put bright red lipstick on me, painted my nails to match, and fastened the little maid headpiece on my hair. She did not want me to wear a wig because she wanted people to know it was me as part of the bet payback.

Finally, she had me go look at myself in the full length mirror in the bathroom. I looked like a slutty French maid! I turned around and I could see the bottom of my panties clearly. This was going to be so embarrassing! And to make it worse, my cock was loving the lingerie I was wearing, and I just knew I would get a hard on again before the night was over.

Julie laughed and said “you better watch out tonight or some guy might take your virginity!” I told her “that isn’t going to happen, you know I’m straight.”

The drive to the party was only about five miles. As soon as we arrived, all our friends started cat calling at me and laughing, the women were patting my ass and complementing me on my legs, one of the guys asked me jokingly if I wanted to go upstairs. I was so embarrassed! But everyone else had a drink or two in them already, so I figured I would make the most of it.

Julie and I headed to the bar. She said “I will get the drinks” so I sat down on the couch watching the people check out my panties as I did so. Julie came back with two bright pink Cosmopolitans for us to drink! Just what I needed, a girly drink. I drank mine down quickly because I did need a drink! After I was done, Julie leaned over and whispered “I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of dissolving a whole 100 mg Viagra in your drink.” She knew I was already having a hard time not getting hard, but this is going to cause a real problem I thought! I didn’t bring any other clothes, and the dress was locked on me anyway. I felt my cock start to stir.

I decided to stand since that would be the best way to conceal the erection I was starting to get. After about 10 minutes, the Viagra was starting to take effect and I could feel my cock swelling toward a full erection. I felt lucky that the petticoat held the dress out so no one would be able to see a bulge in the front. As I stood there I realized that my cock had poked out through the opening in my crotchless panties and was sticking out into the lace of the petticoat. But it didn’t show! Julie was looking at me with this big smile on her face knowing exactly what was going on.

“Let’s get another Cosmo” she said, and we started for the bar. As soon as I took a step I understood her plan. I had a raging hard on from the Viagra, was dressed in a very sexy outfit and lingerie with panties that caressed my ass and would have made me hard by themselves, my cock was encased in the petticoat lace, and each step I took caused the lace to caress my hard on. She is going to give me multiple orgasms as I simply attend the party!

By the time şirinevler escort we got to the bar I was close to cumming, and I told her I needed to stand still for a bit. She said ok and brushed my cock under my dress with her hand, giving me a knowing smile. “Are you having a good time my little slut?” she asked. I had to admit I was.

Just then our friend Tim walked in. We both went to school with him and he is bisexual. Julie often teased me when Tim was around asking if I wanted to do a threesome with the two of them. I always just laughed and said no thanks.

Tim was dressed as a hot cheerleader wearing a super short, blue pleated skirt, bobby socks, and Mary Jane shoes. He joined us at the bar and also got a Cosmo. As he reached for his drink, I could see that he was wearing white silk panties similar to Julie’s. He complimented me on my costume saying I looked hot. I laughed and complimented him on his costume, pointing out that he better not bend over or his pretty panties will show. He laughed and asked if I had changed my mind and was ready to do a threesome with he and Julie. I noticed him do a sideways glance and smile at Julie.

So the party went on, and I was on the edge of cumming almost constantly. One time when I needed to go to the restroom, I used the one in the back bedroom since the main one was occupied. When I came out to the hallway, Tim was standing there. He came up and put his arms around my waist and told me I looked sexy. As he did that, my hard on bumped him. Just then Julie showed up and was watching with a big smile on her face.

“What have we here?” Tim said, and he pushed on my cock. “Nothing, it’s not what you think” I said. “It seems like you are enjoying this little adventure” Tim said, lifting his short skirt to reveal that he too had a hard on. Suddenly he started to rub me. I pushed him away.

Julie said “I know, lets have a little contest!” I’m thinking to myself that she had this whole thing planned. “Since you are both dressed so sexy and both have hard ons, this is what we will do. When I say go, you both start jerking the other one off. Whoever makes the other cum first is the winner.”

“No way, I’m not doing that” I said.

Tim grinned real big and said “I’m in!”

Julie finished by saying “and to make it more fun, the winner is to catch the losers cum in his spare hand. Then the loser has to keep jerking of the winner until he cums, and the winner will catch his own cum on top of the other load. Then the winner gets to smear both loads on the losers face, and the loser has to leave it there and let it dry. Ready? GO!”

Tim immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking. I didn’t want to lose, so I grabbed his and did the same. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I figured I would jerk him hard and make him cum first. Julie was watching with this huge grin on her face, and recording it on her iPhone. I felt my orgasm start to well up, so I started stroking Tim faster as I noticed his breathing speeding up. He had that look on his face like he was about to cum!

Just then, he moved his other hand up to his mouth, got his finger wet, and reached behind me. I felt his finger pushing into my ass and he found my prostate and started rubbing it. I started cumming right away! He quickly brought his hand around and caught most of my load. I had lost and Julie was ecstatic! I stopped stroking Tim but Julie put my hand back and moved it to stroke him more. In about 30 seconds, he came into his hand on top of my load.

“Ok Tom, get ready! Do it Tim!” Julie said.

And Tim took both loads and smeared them all over my face, pushing a lot of it into my mouth. I was so defeated I just let him do it. She watched and recorded the whole thing. Then she just laughed and said “let’s get back to the party!”

Tim patted my ass and said that was fun. I just walked out into the living room, with cum all over my face. Most people were gone, but there were still a group of four women talking. When they saw us come out, and they noticed Tim behind us and the cum all over my face, they all started laughing. “It looks like someone let their costume get the best of them!” one of them said. Julie laughed and said “he knows better than to lose a bet with me now!”

I went and got another Cosmo, and talked with them while the cum slowly dried on my face. They were all very amused with my predicament and kept asking questions. “How did it taste sweetie?” “Did you suck him off?” “Did he take your ass?” “Are you going to wear lingerie all the time now?” “Are you really gay now?” “Hey Julie, can we do him with a strap on while he sucks Tim off again?” Yep, she got her payback.

On the way home she had me gas up the car in my outfit. Since it wasn’t Halloween, I got a lot of hoots from people when they saw me. A car full of young girls pulled up just as I was topping off the tank, and they all were taking pictures. I was trying to hurry and get in the car, but as soon as I put the nozzle back in the pump Julie tossed the car keys out the window towards the girl’s car. That meant I had to walk over toward them and bend down to pick them up. As I did, they were all laughing and recording me, and when I bent down one of them shouted “nice panties!” I was so embarrassed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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