New Neighbor Ch. 01: Steve Pt. 01

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My name is Steven Vincent wife and I had been married for eight years and lived in a newer middle-class housing development outside of Dallas when this story began. We were one of the original units in the development that now had over 150 houses with plans to double that in the next eight to ten years.

We had lived next door to an older couple that retired and moved to Galveston. Although the Jacksons were nice and friendly, we heard they sold the house to a younger couple and were excited by the thought of having new neighbors closer to our own age. Shelley had just turned 35 and I was her cougar toy at only 29. We met at Parkland Memorial where we both work as nurses.

When they were due to be moved in next door, the moving company delivered two large storage pods and placed them in the driveway next door. We met John a couple days later when he was struggling to unload some of his belongings from the pods by himself.

It was Saturday morning and we had planned to work in the yard. But when we saw him struggling, Shelley and a I went over and introduced ourselves and asked if he needed any help.

“That’s very nice of you to ask, but I could not impose. The moving company has had trouble finding workers. The economy booming, I guess there are better options for strong young guys that are less taxing on the body. They’re not committing to when they can get a team to unload me and I start my new deployment in two days.”

I looked and Shelley and she gave a knowing smile, so I replied. “Look John, we had nothing special planned today. We’ve had the moving woes before, and we are happy to help you for as long as it takes.

I’m about 5’10” tall 180 pounds and work out 4 days a week minimum. John was similar height and a little bulkier. He had a military style buzz cut with a form fitting white tank T-shirt, with dog tags underneath. So, I figured the two of us could handle just about everything. Shelley was 5’8″ 140 lbs. sexy frim and stronger than most women and could lift with most men.

I helped him with the end table he was trying to carry solo. When we finished, I saw Matt and Ally Christianson out in their jogging gear. They lived two houses down on the other side of us. I waved them over and introduced them to John. After they heard the situation they agreed to help too.

Matt was 5’8″ and 170 lbs. and Ally was 5’2″ tall, 100lbs tiny but a spitfire. Her body was tight and cute with perky little breasts and her nipples were fully at attention.

I recalled a time two summers ago, when she tried to seduce me. Matt was out of town and Shelley was working. I went over to take a dip in their pool and she was outside in her tight little bikini taunting me with her tiny round ass.

Just as my mind went to thinking about how tight her tiny little pussy must be, she asked me to rub lotion on her back. She hit on me blatantly and I was seriously tempted but could not do that to Shelley. Matt’s voice snapped me out of my daydream.

“If you don’t mind the smell. We just finished a run.” Said Matt as he flapped his arms airing out his pits. “We would love to help. Right hun?”

“Absolutely.” She agreed.

“Thank you so much, you are lifesavers. It was going to take several days for the moving company to get someone here. If you can help with some of the big stuff, I can handle the rest…”

“Don’t mention it. I think we can get all of this inside today.” I said making a body build pose. “This could work out great, we just had a big family get together for Shelley’s 35th and we have a bunch of sandwiches left over, so, we’ve got lunch covered.” I was thankful Shelley didn’t seem to notice I just announced her age to a stranger.

Matt, chimed in, “Ally just put a huge crock pot of her beef stew on before we left. it feeds about 20 so we have dinner coved.”

John started to protest and paused. “You know what? I’m just going to say thank you. I’m usually uncomfortable asking for help or taking charity.”

“Matt cut in. “It’s not charity…”

“I know, I know.” Said John shaking his head. “You’re just being nice and I am going to be man enough to accept your offer and be thankful. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to pay you back in the future.”

He looked at us all sincerely. “This is great. What great neighbors. I obviously picked the right neighborhood to move!”

“You do have great taste in neighbors that’s for sure.” I grinned and pointed at the pods. “What first?”

He pointed at the second pod. “I would suggest the dining room furniture first. It’s the heaviest, while we’re fresh.”

We had easily unloaded half his belongings when we broke for lunch. We found out he was born and raised in southern California and had moved here to finish off his career in the Marines. He moved from Camp Pendleton to NAS Fort Worth, a joint reserve base. He was going to be the Marine training coordinator at the base.

He had served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan but did not seem interested in sharing any details beyond that, so we did not push. In an effort to change the subject, I put my foot deep in the shit before shoving etiler escort it firmly in my mouth when we all sat down for lunch.

Seeing his wedding ring, I asked. “The Jackson’s said they sold to a young couple, is your wife coming later?”

He looked down at the bench of our backyard table. “I lost Mary about a year ago…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry…” I said as Shelley gave me a knock with her knee and an eye roll.

“It’s ok, you couldn’t have known…Thanks for the lunch you really didn’t have to…”

Shelley interrupted and diverted the uncomfortable conversation masterfully. “It was nothing John. You are all doing us a favor helping us eat this food while it’s still fresh. We would never eat this much and would have had to throw it out. Let me get you some Texas sweet tea John. I don’t think they serve this in California…”

She poured and he took a sip. “That is mighty good Ms. Vincent. That is right neighborly of ya” Said John in pretty good Texas drawl.

That lightened the mood and got things back on track. I smiled at her and mouthed “Thank you Darlin’.” She smiled an I got your back, smile.

“He’s gonna fit right in.” Said Ally with a grin.

John was 30 with no kids. He was the youngest of three siblings and his mother lived in Riverside California. His father passed when he was in basic training at age 18.

We had him unloaded by 2:30 and helped get several rooms set up. He was thankful for the ladies help setting things in place in the living room, dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms had the furniture in place by the time we had dinner at 8:00.

He arrived at Matt and Ally’s with two twelve packs. “I can at least supply the beer.” It was Lone Star. We all laughed. “I hear everything’s better in Texas, so I thought this made sense.”

Sunday the ladies helped him get the bedrooms arranged while the men unloaded and disposed of the old boxes. We finished in time for the Cowboys pre-season game against New Orleans. We hosted the game viewing and finished off the rest of our leftovers.

It was a good first weekend and we were all excited about our new neighbor. He went home to finish up before reporting to the assignment on Monday. Matt and Ally stayed a while and we all started talking about ladies we might hook him up with.

“He’s so nice, but there’s a sadness about him.” Said Ally.

“Yeah, he’s had a tough time. Lost his father young and then his wife. His mother, sounds like a strong lady.” Said Shelley.

“We should introduce him to Betsy some time.” I said. Betsy is a Nurse friend of ours, bright, beautiful and single. She has focused on her career and is at the point in life at 29 where she is ready to think about settling down.

“You read my mind Sweetie.” Shelley planted a kiss on me.

“Our cashier at the shop is available and around his age.” Matt pondered.

“Meagan at the office would be good too.” Added Ally.

“Oh Yeah she’s a cutie.” I added before getting the elbow from Shelley. “Not that I ever noticed…”

“Uh huh.” Shelley shook her head grinning.

We all agreed, we liked him and wanted to help find him a new love interest but would play it slow and not overwhelm him. New city, new assignment, new home was enough to absorb for now.

Over the next three months, the ladies brought him the occasional meal and we had him over once a month for dinner with the Christianson’s. He ran a couple times with them on the weekends and I saw him run with Matt a couple weekday mornings on my way to early shift.

He, Matt and I got together a couple time for Cowboys games. John was a lifelong Raiders fan, but with their pending move to Vegas, we were slowly converting him to a cowboy fan. One Sunday night the Cowboys played the Raiders and we met at John’s. Dak Prescott threw three Interceptions and the Raiders won 24-13. We bet him $5 each on the cowboys. When we paid him, he laid back in his recliner and waved the money. “Thanks gents. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Maybe you boys should consider converting to the dark side.”

“Not happening.” I said laughing. “And no, you’re not my father Darth”

He did the Darth Vader breathing imitation.

“Ok, I gotta get home, I’m on the early shift a probably had about three to many beers tonight.” I said as I headed for the door.

“One more Matty?” asked John.

“Yes Sir.” Replied Matt softly.

“I thought so.” said John grinning. “You’re always thirsty for more.”

“See ya guys, don’t go at it too hard.”

“Never, right Matty?” replied John.

“No sir.” said Matt.

Walking home, I was taken aback by the fact that Matt would let John call him Matty. I would have never imagined he would be ok with that, but John had a way of putting people at ease with his demeanor and tone. He was a fun guy, despite his rather sad life.

Heading for work the next morning, I saw Matt walking down John’s driveway and thought, “OMG did he pass out there last night?” But I noticed he had his running gear on so they must have had an early run.

“You fatih escort must not be too hung over if you ran this early.” I yelled jokingly.

He looked startled and began rubbing at the side of his face, then flicked his hand apparently wiping off sweat.

He jogged past my house on the sidewalk. “Gotta go, late for work.” He brushed at his face and neck as he passed.

“See ya later Matt.” I drove on to work.

About a week later all had been quiet with Matt and John. Shelley and I were working lots of overtime. Our plan was to rack up as many hours as possible over the next 18 months and then work on two babies as quickly as possible before the clock runs out.

She was called in on nights to the neonatal unit and I was working first and second shift in the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit). The beauty of third shift is it is generally quieter and pays time and a half. We were sharing the bed about 4 nights a week and if one wasn’t tired the other was whipped.

Saturday, she did a double. I was on my own and John texted about watching the Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Michelle Waterson UFC match. I had the early shift and finished around 3:30 and saw Shelley for about 20 minutes before she had to leave for work. We reminded ourselves it would all be worth it when the first baby arrived.

Exhausted I took a nap and arrived at John’s about 8:00PM. He greeted me at the door.

“Sup buddy, come on in. Pizza’s ordered and I have the drinks on ice. Come on into the war room.” He had a man cave downstairs with a big screen and surround sound. A little too much Raiders and Lakers gear but Matt and I did get him a cowboys picture that he hung up. We were slowly turning him from the dark side.

I had never been much into UFC, but John was into it and I thought I’d give it a try.

“So, I was checking out the weigh in ceremony. These ladies are kind of hot.” I smiled.

“You’re getting part of the appeal brother.” He gave me a high five handshake. Although these ladies really are tough. They don’t look so “hot” when they’re done. This ain’t the WWE. “I gotta new drink here, try this.” He pointed to a pitcher of what looked like bright yellow lemonade with lots of ice, sitting on tray table between the matching recliners.

“Ok if you say so.” He poured us each a glass.

“It’s lemonade with a kick.” He smiled and handed me a glass. “Cheers.”

We clinked glasses and I gave it a taste. It was sweet with a hint of lemony flavor. “What’s in it.”

“Secret recipe. I could tell ya, but then I’d have to…”

“Kill me? I get it Jack Ryan. You military types… It is good.”

I downed it quickly and he filled me up again. By the time the pizza arrived, I was on number four. I tried to get up when the pizza man came. I wanted to offer to pay and quickly felt the effects of the drink and dropped back into the chair.

“Whoa, that shit’s gotta kick. I should have waited to eat something first.”

“I told ya Stevie boy. Sit on back there and have another Buddy. You don’t need to drive, it’s all good. I got this Buddy.” He said as he went upstairs to get the pizza.

I downed two more glasses with the pizza and felt buzzed, awake, high and horny as I watched the recap of the weigh in with Joanna and Michelle.

“Damn, I think I ate too much.” I took another sip. I don’t know what’s in this, but I like it!” I held out my glass and he clinked his against mine again.

“Good Stevie, are you feeling a little bit like you’re in a fog buddy?”

“Yeah, I do…”

He flipped the TV off and stood up. Then he grabbed a folding chair and put it in front of my recliner and looked at me seriously. “I need you to sit up and pay attention Steve.”

I put the footrest down and brought the recliner back to the fully upright position. He looked like a Sargent talking to a new private, letting him know how it’s going to be. I was confused and listened as intently as I could through the fog of his concoction.

“I like you Steve, but I need to very careful who I associate with. If our friendship is going to continue, I need to make sure you can be trusted.” He said eyes drilling into mine.

“John, we all appreciate your service and respect the hell out of you for it…”

“I think I can believe that, but I have to make sure. I have a process I’ve developed for making sure I can trust those close to me and I’m hoping you’ll be willing to go through it.”

“What process?” I asked concerned.

“First is a lie detector test. Then I need to ask you some questions and make sure you can be trusted. Are you willing? It should only take an hour or two.”

“Ok.” I answered without hesitation. I wondered why I agreed so quickly.

“Good take off your shirt. The polygraph reads better against your skin.”

I did as he commanded and he brought out a machine and set it on the table between the chairs and then put a double black elastic strap around my torso, one above and one below my nipples. He attached the wires coming off the straps to the machine and then applied two Velcro straps to my fingers.

“Just fındıkzade escort sit back and relax and answer truthfully.” He said calmly. “Remain calm and this will be over soon. I’m going to ask you a few baseline questions and then I need you to answer with a couple of lies. Once we get the baseline, we’ll get to the real questions.”

The machine looked like something from the 80’s with the rolling graph paper and floating pens the moved un and down if you lied. He proceeded with the base questions, my name, where I was born, my address, my wife’s name. Then he told me to answer incorrectly for a couple questions.

“Good. It’s easier for some to cheat the polygraph with lies but harder to fake a lie. Now, have you ever cheated on Shelley?”

“What’s that got to do w…”

“Answer the question Steve!” He barked.

“No, never!”

“Good, if your faithful to your wife, the more you can be trusted. Have you ever watched porn since you were married?”


“Great, you’re being honest so far Steve.”

He then proceeded with a barrage of questions about whether anyone has ever asked about him. I told him no. Then he asked who my friends and coworkers were, my political beliefs, thoughts on the war on terror, weather I ever knew anyone associated with any terrorist acts or organizations etc.

He asked about my family, Shelley’s family, Matt and Ally in great detail. After a while he began to lighten up with the intensity of the questions.

“Here you go buddy, have a drink. We’re almost done.” He smiled.

I drank down another glass of his drink, steadying my nerves and beginning to feel relieved. There was a level of excitement, knowing I was going to pass his test and hopefully get an explanation of what John does in the marines.

“Let me tell you about the drink. It’s a mix we used often in Iraq and Afghanistan, on terror suspects. It lowers inhibitions and makes it almost impossible to lie. It also leaves you very susceptible to suggestion. Let’s try a test… John, when I count down to one, you are going to feel very hungry.

“I just ate, I am stuffed.” I laughed.

“Three, two, one.” he said in a steady voice.

It was amazing, the full feeling was gone, it was as if the pizza had never been delivered. “Holy shit, I am hungry!”

“You’re not hungry, John, you just ate four pieces of pizza, Buddy.” He smiled.

My hunger faded quickly. “Wow that’s amazing John. What is in this? Is it safe?”

“I can’t tell you what’s in it Stevie. It’s classified, but it’s safe and the effects will wear off. It’s kind of like truth serum. It makes you relaxed, open to suggestion, and basically unable to lie. The only downside with Al-Qaeda and Isis, they let their soldiers know very little, so it was difficult to get good intel from most prisoners and many of the interrogators, had a little too much fun turning them into sand monkeys, doing whatever they wanted.

Trust me Buddy, you’re safe. Now we’re going to do a few trust exercises and we’ll be done ok?”

“Sure.” I said smiling.

“I work for another government agency other than the marines and I need to be sure that I can trust you and there is nothing the bad guys can use to make you turn on me. Understand?”

I was confused but told him yes.

“Good, now what is the worst thing you’ve ever done?”

That was easy, and something I was not proud of. “When I was in my final year of nursing school, I discovered my father in law was having an affair with Shelley’s friend, Beth. It was serious and he had been paying her rent for at least six months.”

“Really? That’s some major shit. She told me her parents were happily married for forty years. So, did you tell her?”

“No, but that’s not the bad part. When I confronted him at Beth’s apartment, they both begged me not to tell her. I told them I had to tell her that her dad was fucking one of her best friends and I couldn’t lie to my new wife. They cried; I didn’t care. He offered to pay off my student debt of over $25k. I agreed.”

“That’s not so bad…”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there.” I interrupted.

“This is good Buddy; I can tell you trust me. Does anyone else know?” He asked anxiously.

“Nope. Her dad had given me a hard time about whether or not I was good enough for Shelley. After all, he was Deacon at his church”

“Tell me everything Buddy.”

“I told them I needed insurance. It would be too easy for them to clean the evidence up. In six months or a year I would never be able to prove it.” I looked at the floor in shame before continuing. “I made them get naked and let me record her giving him a blow job.”

“Actually, that’s kind of smart Stevie. So, you got your loans paid off and have the video?”


“Of course, sharing the video at this point would ultimately get you in deep shit with the missus. It’s been what, eight years ago?”

“Yep. But, there’s more.” I said, not sure why I was continuing, other than part of me was relieved. “I made them promise to never see each other again. In fact, I refused to take the money, until she was moved out of her apartment and ghosted Shelley. I gave her one week. You see Shelley’s dad had quite a lot to lose. He was well off financially but worked for Shelley’s Grandfather on her mother’s side and stood to inherit the business when he died. The business did $100 Million a year.”

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