Newbie In Baseball Team

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Ever since I was young , I loved baseball. Not as a player rather as a spectator. This led me to join my University’s baseball team. Compared to other baseball teams, the team had strict requirements on who can stay in the team. I was a freshman in the University and had never played baseball or other sports in my life. As a result, I was completely behind in experience compared to other players. Unlike other players, I was skinny not burly. Unlike other players, I had a soft feminine face compared to the much more hardened masculine faces. In the shower, I could tell even their penises were several times larger than mine. They continued to outperform me in every game we played and I continued to give the opposing team their points. I never really cared as I was just playing it as a hobby. One day, after we were done training , we were called by the captain of the team to announce something. There were chatters in the locker room, until the captain came in and got everyone’s attention by standing on top of the seat near his locker.

“Team listen up!” the captain said, in his loud authoritarian voice. Following that was all the chatter ending and a brief pause.

“The reason why I called you here is because we have a newbie that continues to under-perform,” the captain said. It was clear he was talking about me. I wasn’t going to end it like that.

“Please give me a chance, I would do anything!” I begged the captain.

“Hold on I am not finished yet!” the captain said.

“But as you know we have a shortage of players,” the captain said, “so we have an ‘alternative’ which will help you and others around you.”

“Is it the newbie punishment?” one of the guys in the team asked.

“Yes and please stop interrupting!” he said in an annoyed tone.

“What is a newbie punishment?” I asked.

“Alex it is an old rule where you have to pleasure the guys in here or leave the team.” the captain said.

“By pleasure you mean THAT?” I asked in shock.

The captain nodded his head in return. After a brief pause, the captain said, “It is all consensual, but we are still losing out because of you.”

He was kind of right about it, I thought in my head. I was the sore problem in the team and they were all behind because of me. Many of them were working hard. As someone with other career goals, I was just not taking it seriously. There I felt that deep genuine guilt for not compensating them for their loss.

“I will do it.” I said meekly.

“Boys, who is ready for it?” the captain asked everyone.

“Not today!” one of the guys said.

Few of them agreed and left with him. Leaving only 7 people out of 10 in locker-room including myself.

The remainder all started undressing themselves and I was quickly surrounded by a bunch of burly men. This was like in shower except this time it was crowded and their penises were fully yeşilköy escort erect poking me everywhere. One of them went ahead and started kissing me all over while I was being poked by other penises from everywhere.

“You all need to calm down!” I said. I then reclined myself so that my face was directly on the penises surrounding me. I was immediately smudged by like three penises that were there. I was in complete awe, all of them were several times larger than mine.

“You are taking too much time.” one of the guys complained.

I knew they were annoyed and the faster I get done the better. I went for the penis in front of me. I nervously extended my mouth to envelop the penis and tried to suck it like a lollipop. I now had a man’s penis in my mouth for the first time. I used my tongue to pleasure the tip and then started sliding the penis deeper into my mouth back and forth imitating women in porn.

I used my hands to go for the other two penises and gave hand-job to them with each hand. The guy whom I was blow-jobbing quickly came into my mouth and left which I spat.

“That’s a turn off!” the guy I was blow-jobbing said. Finished with his deed, he left without saying much.

I then re-purposed both hands to hand-job one guy while using my mouth to relieve the other. After a while the guy I was blow-jobbing came in my mouth and the other whom I was hand-jobbing with both hands released his load as well. They both left after doing their business. I spat the load out and rubbed away the cum on my hand. Now there were a total of 3 guys left in the room. I exhaled knowing I was half way through.

“What’s wrong you are done for?” the captain asked.

Before I could say anything further one of the guys grabbed me from behind and started removing my pants and shirt off. He then laid me on the bench with my knees touching the floor.

“Please do it slowly!” I pleaded. The guy ignored me completely and inserted his penis into my ass.

“Aeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I screamed. It was my first time taking anything in the ass. I could feel his big penis stretching my ass open as I laid naked. I was doing it without any lube so it was really painful but pleasurable at same time. He then grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to kiss me with our tongues exploring each other. He pumped my ass doggy style for a minute or two until he was about to come. He then pulled his penis out of my ass to put in my mouth and came in my mouth. I spat that out as well. He dressed up and left leaving only two guys including the captain. As I was trying to get myself off the bench, weight of a man pinned me from behind.

“There is more to come!” captain said. I realized it was the captain pinning me from behind as he inserted his penis in my ass. The other guy came in front of me to put his penis in my mouth. I slid my head back and zeytinburnu escort forth using spit and other to pleasure him.

“You do it better than my girlfriend!” the guy said.

Compared to the others, this guy grabbed me from the back of the head and started deep-throating before cumming into my mouth. I had no choice left but to swallow it as he left laughing. Now I was left alone with the captain who was still pumping my ass. The captain seemed to be in no rush and was taking his time. This was the guy who was responsible for the fiasco, so he had it all planned. It made me kind of nervous to be alone with him. The pain had pretty much subsidized and now I could feel pleasure of cock inside me.

“Your ass is thick, I always wanted it.” the captain whispered into my ear. I knew immediately this guy planned it all along. I also noticed my body was slightly pear shaped giving me slightly thicker ass.

“Turn around I amma lift you!” the captain said. I turned around to see the captain for the first time with our eyes meeting each other. I stood up and we were face to face now.

“Can under-performers really be kicked?” I asked.

“No I made it up and others played along.” captain said.

I was angry but couldn’t exert my anger at this man and other who had already defiled me. I stood there naked unable to resist or take my anger out. He could see it that I was mad.

“What are you going to do about it?” captain said in a threatening tone. He then pinched my nipples.

“What will you do?” he asked loudly again. His pinching was becoming harder and harder. Only thing I could do was nod in return because this guy would rip my nipple out if he continued.

“Good!” he said in a much nicer tone.

He leaned forward as our faces and lips touched each other. He then tried to smudge my mouth with his tongue. I opened my mouth in response and our tongues explored each other. His hands then grabbed me from behind and lifted me quickly like I weighted nothing. I enveloped myself on him with my legs and arms to avoid falling off. He guided his penis into my asshole and started pumping me.

“Please put me down!” I said in a concerned tone. He slowly laid me down on the bench nearby and continued pumping me while we kissed each other.

“I am cumming!” the captain said.

He subsequently came into my ass. His hot liquid penetrated deep into my anal cavity giving me that weird ticklish feeling. The captain then dressed up and left leaving me alone in the locker-room just realizing what happened. I was fucked by 6 guys today and there are still three more that will come after me. I knew they were taking advantage of me but deep down I was just too sissified to respond. I took a shower making sure to rigorously clean my ass and wash my mouth with soap since I couldn’t find anything else. anadolu yakası escort bayan I then decided to go to the bus stop to get away from here. There I saw vice-captain from the team who didn’t participate in the previous orgy.

“It sure was rough today!” vice-captain said to me. I nodded in return.

We both entered the bus and headed towards our desired seating. Before I could take a seat in the front, vice-captain lightly smacked my ass to which I turned around to look at him.

“Let’s go to the back seat,” vice-captain said. I immediately understood what he wanted and complied. I knew this guy was crazy to fuck me here but deep down I have already become a slut to resist whatever he was scheming. The backseat was meant for 4 people with one wing already having a woman sitting there. We sat on the other wing which was empty.

“Are you sure we should do it here?” I asked in whisper.

“Don’t worry I know that woman she won’t tell anyone,” vice-captain said. As we walked there, he slid his hands into my pants and fingered my ass. The woman noticed and looked towards us. The vice-captain responded by putting his free hand toward his lips to tell her not to say anything. The woman smiled and gave us thumbs up.

“Just keep it down I am doing work here,” the woman said in a whisper.

We both sat down and vice-captain unzipped his pants quickly.

“Suck it!” vice-captain said. I immediately responded by hungrily devouring his penis into my mouth. While I was sucking him, he grabbed my head and tried to deep throat me. His penis twitched in my mouth as he went deeper and deeper. After that he pulled my head away from my penis.

“Time for you to ride it boy,” vice-captain said. I looked around nervously. I knew it would come down to this. He lowered himself on the seat to not be seen by the bus-driver as I whipped out my pants to sit in a reverse cow girl position. I slowly inserted his penis into my ass and sat there for a while. He responded by smacking my ass from behind.

“Ouch!” I said.

“You have to RIDE it boy!” he said. He initiated it by thrusting his hip up a bit and down. I responded by moving my ass. I lifted my bum up and then down slowly. I repeated this until I was slapping my ass on vice-captain thighs. Riding was fun. I have watched porn with girls doing it but doing it yourself was another experience. I felt conscious about my ass as I wiggled it while riding him. What turned me on even more was the thought that we would get caught any second. And we were, not by someone inside rather by outside. Through the window , I could see passerbys watching me get fucked. Many of them were from the college I go to. I was turning into full blown slut. At this point I didn’t even care if bus driver catches me.

“I am shooting it in your ass!” vice-captain said. He then shot his hot load in my previously cleaned ass. We sat there for a while until I stood up to get all the semen out using my fingers. This time I was slutty enough to lick and eat it all. It didn’t taste all that bad just slightly salty.

“Clean this as well,” vice-captain said. I complied and cleaned his cum covered dick. We parted ways with me getting off at the first stop.

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