Nina and I

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It was around 8pm when I heard the knock at the door; nervous energy flooded throughout me.

I remember my stomach being in knots. I hesitated briefly thinking whether or not I’d actually be willing to go through with it, but I couldn’t resist taking the chance. I rose from the couch, took a deep breath, and slowly made my way to the door. Once more, I took a deep breath hoping the butterflies in me would settle before reaching for the doorknob and greeting her.

She was gorgeous, and had been the object of my fantasies for a few years. She stood just 5’1″ tall.

She flashed the cutest smile at me which hid a mischievous nature I’d just recently learned about.

As I welcomed her into my apartment, I couldn’t help but have memories of how we got to this point racing through my mind. Those are the events I wish to share with you, as well as the events of that night and those that would follow.

It had only been a few months prior to that night when Nina and I began to truly learn about one another. It may have been a bit foolhardy of me to share with her the kinds of things I did, but I was compelled. She, as stated, had been my fantasy girl for roughly 2 years by that point afterall.

Sure, we’d begun to get to know one another and become friendly, but that was worlds away from what was to come.

At first our friendship was merely due to her being close with my girlfriend since they were kids. Nina had shown interest in working out. After my girlfriend and I moved in with one another, I’d turned one of the bedrooms of our apartment into a workout room. From there, Nina asked if I would be willing to help her workout and learn.

I did of course. At that time there was no real interest. I found her attractive certainly, but it was not as it would eventually become.

Back then it was simply assisting a friend in getting in better shape and becoming stronger. Three days a week, after we were both off work she’d drop by and I would run her through a basic strength training routine. She was new to it all and just needed some guidance, so that was what I tried to give her.

And then, something changed. I can not explain why it happened; it just did. She came by one afternoon for our usual workout, but my girlfriend was gone for the afternoon; she worked late that particular evening. Nina had mentioned wanting to build up a bit more core strength so I began by instructing her on the ab wheel rollout. I did my usual thing paying attention to her form, trying to make sure she kept her lower back safe while paying attention to her arms in relation to her body. As I moved around her, however, I caught a glimpse of her ass as she was curling back from the extended position.

She was wearing leggings as she usually had, but these were a tad sheer. That was what caught my eye. As she moved backward I could see the light colored thong as her leggings stretched a bit. I was transfixed then. I was able to pull myself away from that sight though.

From the ab roll outs we moved onto the squat. She got into position and drove her shoulders in the bar, lifting it just enough to take a few steps back and begin her descent. Once more her leggings stretched around her curves and I could see that thong along with the hint of her pale flesh. I tried my best to pay close attention to her form, her safety did matter to me of course, but her body, I wanted it.

In the end though, I simply walked her through the workout as usual and she left soon after it was done. I, on the other hand, could not keep myself from thinking of how her body looked as she moved. She was a petite girl; no buxom, blonde, bombshell. Instead she was a petite, brunette, beauty. An innocent girl, with a good heart, and sweet demeanor.

I wanted nothing more than to serve her, but she was my girlfriend’s close friend and forbidden to me as a result. That fact never kept her out of my nightly desires though.

Perhaps that never would have happened if not for some intimacy issues in my relationship. Then again, perhaps it was unavoidable. She was, in my eyes, gorgeous afterall. Nevertheless, Nina became my fantasy which I could never, nor wanted, to forget. It was all quite innocent and natural. She was attractive and I was a living, breathing man who had desires. So, from that day forward I would lay awake on the more lonesome nights fantasizing about her.

At first they were all rather mundane fantasies. Simplistic fantasies about wooing her during one of our workouts and pleasuring her to her heart’s content. It was, at that point at least, a crush based on my lack of sexual satisfaction and desire for her given my newly discovered interest.

As the days turned to months though we began to chat more often; confiding in one another about how we saw ourselves with in our small group of friends. All of us sort başakşehir escort of came together because of our individual connections to my girlfriend. Some were more alike than others and a few of us simply didn’t get along all that well in reality, but we tried because this was our group. As it turned out, Nina and I were able to bond as she and I both seemed to like certain members of the group more than others and very clearly disliked certain ones as well. This sharing with one another would eventually lead to me discussing some of my darker desires.

It was never my intent really to over share. In fact, the idea of over stepping any boundaries was a genuine concern, but as the relationship between my girlfriend and I began to turn more and more into a friendship than a romantic relationship I began to escape my loneliness through alcohol. It was unfortunate, but at the time I would rather have escaped into a bliss of an alcohol fueled buzz than have one more conversation about how I felt we were growing apart while she seemed to believe everything was fine. So with that escapism came opening up far too often Nina and taking chances trusting her promise to keep these feelings between us.

We’d been talking pretty often for a few months before I really took any chances though. I found myself deep within a booze filled hazed one evening and told Nina without hesitation that I found her attractive and had masturbated to her multiple times. Were I sober I probably never would’ve considered such and admission, but there I was. With all my inhibitions cast to the side, I, quite matter of factly, told her I’d cum to the thought of her many times and to my surprise she didn’t freak out about it. She never once seemed uncomfortable and even said she would never repeat it to anyone.

It was wrong of me to put her in that position, or at least I felt it was. So I apologized the next day, but she never batted an eye. She told me it was fine; funny even. That eased my mind. I never once felt she would betray my trust and it meant the world to me because it allowed me to be open and sexual again without feeling as though I’d harmed my relationship, no matter how close to ending it may have been.

Still, having said that, back then we did regularly chat about our everyday things; pleasantries and the like. Soon, though I found myself becoming a bit more risky with the things I would share with her. I began discussing some of my kinks one evening. I’d brought up a foot fetish of mine. I mentioned to her how I would love to jerk off while her feet rested on my face. The admission was exhilarating to the point that for the rest of that conversation I masturbated a couple times. While I never shared that bit of information with her, the fact that I was so blunt with her at all seemed almost self-destructive to me. She though, she again, never batted an eye. She just accepted my desires for her. At the time I wasn’t sure if she just figured it was best to allow me to vent or if there was some part of that enjoyed me telling her. Either way, I was thankful to have someone in my life I could trust.

Again, time passed with normal, friendly conversation and then came another night of a haze of alcohol and admission. This time I told her I fantasized about her coming to workout, getting particularly sweaty, and then her sitting on my face as I stroked myself. Once more, no judgement and my trust grew even more so. I had become completely infatuated with her then. Thoughts of her invaded my mind regularly and I loved every one of them.

And that’s when she made an admission of her own. No, it was not some admission of her attraction to me. I knew damn well she wasn’t and never would be, no matter how much that was precisely what I wanted. I am a grown man afterall and know full well we can not always get what we want.

No, no, instead she trusted me enough to admit she’d considered selling lewd pics and even warn clothing. I had a history of modding for camgirls and I shared a few tid bits of info about protecting her real life identity from any online persona she may decide to create for herself. Amusingly, she seemed quite thankful for the advice, so I couldn’t help myself from making a joke about being quite happy to be her first client should she ever get into the business of selling panties or socks. She found it funny, but never said she wouldn’t sell to me.

That was the conversation that led to the night I described earlier. Well, sort of anyway. It may not have led to the big night, but that was the conversation that changed everything.

You see, after that little discussion I’d contacted a “friend” in Florida about a transaction. Within days I recieved a package along with a few texted pics. A pair of obviously socks and a handful of pics of this particular bayrampaşa escort young lady showing herself throughout the day wearing the same pair. They were cute little ankle socks. White with a red toe and heel, but with the addition of that greying of the sole indicating she’d worn them recently, and often. Me being me, I just couldn’t help but enjoy the pics and socks on the spot. Their scent was intoxicating from the moment I opened the package. But they weren’t so intoxicating though to keep me from remembering to make a tribute vid for her.

I, with a sock engulfing my throbbing cock and another pressed firmly against my nose, stroked wildly as my phone captured every moment of it. Within only a couple minutes I was left panting with a cum soaked sock hanging on my slowly retreating hard on and the other falling haphazardly to the floor. I scrolled through my conversations and sent the tribute video to my “friend” down south. Unfortunately, Nina was quite high on the list of conversations and in my zeal to share and pay tribute to my friend, Nina’s conversation was selected as well. I was mortified, but there was nothing I could do. What was done, was done.

Immediately my thumbs jumped from letter to letter as I apologized profusely and tried to explain myself. If anyone would understand she would, but I still could not allow that sort of mistake with an honest apology.

In that moment I felt as though I must’ve lost that newly acquired friend and confidant. To my surprise, I didn’t. No, I would find that I gained something much, much more. Of course, I had no way of knowing that then. Instead, all I had was anxiety until my phone went off. All I saw when I opened it was a message from Nina. It was nothing more than a crying/laughing emoji. Given the circumstances, it was the best I could have possibly hoped for. And then my phone buzzed again, another message from Nina. This one read, “lmao, it was…interesting”.

That was the last I’d heard from her that night. Frankly, I was happy about it. I mean I’d dodged a major bullet and she didn’t seem offended or mad. In the moment, I used her lack of horrified response as a masturbatory inspiration, but I knew I was simply lucky.

That was until she did message me again. It was the following day. I was driving home, sitting in traffic when her name popped up. I opened the message and was perplexed. “How much was it for the socks?”

That was it. A simple question about how much I paid. I responded as though it were nothing, “60”.

Almost instantaneously a response from her, “not a bad price.”

“Yeah I’d pay more depending on the person honestly. But that’s what she asked.” And then she asked a question I wouldn’t expect from her. Normally she never wanted to know these sorts of details, but for whatever reason she asked.

“Who would you pay more for?”

I hesitated as I considered whether or not to be honest with her, but I never questioned it in the past, so why bother in that moment. Thus, I told her the truth, “you.”

For a solid hour she said nothing to me. The minutes seemed like days. I’d gotten home, taken the dog on a walk, had a shower, done all that I could to pretend I had not made a mistake being honest with her. And then my phone buzzed once more. It was Nina, she said, “interesting. How much?”

Were I a stronger man, perhaps anything remotely close to suave, I would have waited to respond maybe constructed something witty or intelligent. Instead I quickly responded without thought, driven entirely by my desire for her and my fantasy. “200 for worn socks, worn panties…or a face to face session.”

I hit send and just waited as my cock pulsed and my mind drifted to thoughts of Nina. I’m not quite sure how much time had past before I heard from her again. The sun began to dim, so an few hours, but with that setting sun came the rush of her response. “250 for a session. No sex. You can jerk off, but you have to make a single choice, my feet or my ass.”

I was left dumbfounded. This must have been a joke. Nina had never expressed even the slightest desire for such a thing. I mean she’d toyed with the idea of selling socks or panties, but nothing like this. I decided to try and make a joke of it to some extent with my response, “lol no way. You’re fucking with me.”

Straight away she responded, “decide now, feet or ass. 250.” With that I compulsively responded, what else would I do. “Feet. You come over Wednesday night. I’ll send the money on cashapp.” I hit send and just waited in disbelief.

My phone buzzed again, “cool. Wednesday morning, you send the money. I’ll be over that night.”

For about week my mind was swimming in a world of desire and disbelief. I wondered if this was all just some silly joke, or her playing into my attraction beşiktaş escort to her, but then Wednesday morning came, and sent the money. For a few hours after that I heard nothing from her, but about half way through my shift i got a text from her, it was a smiling devil followed by the words, “see you at 8.”

Suddenly this was all so very real. This wasn’t some silly fantasy I stroked myself to sleep with; this was actually going to happen. The rest of the day at work was blur. All I could concern myself with was thoughts of Nina. I tried my best not to get too distracted. I tried to stick to my usual routine, but as the day went on my anxious tension took over. My stomach twisted in anticipation during my commute and even more so as I got home to find my girlfriend preparing for work as usual. This was really happening.

The hours passed and at 7:30 my phone buzzed, it was Nina. All she said was, “omw.” I was floored. She collected her money and she was coming. I sat and attempted my best to stay cool, but the fact was I felt like a teenager on his first date. And then came her knock at the door.

I took a deep breath, stood and moved toward it. One more deep breath and I found myself opening it. There she was, petite, lovely, the girl I dreamt of.

She flashed her cute smile and walked in like she owned the place and I could not have been happier. She was dressed as normal; strictly for comfort. She wore her black leggings, and a band hoodie. Chucks adorning her little feet. She was perfect.

She moved to the couch, just a few feet from the door and slid the coffee table out of the way before she flopped down onto the couch and smiled at me wickedly. “Come here she beckoned.”

I, of course did precisely as requested. As I did she lifted one foot to my waist and said, “take these off for me please.”

Again, I did as I was told and pulled her chucks off one foot, and then the other. She raised both feet and allowed them to glide up my legs along my inner thighs before pressing them against my waist. “Take these off too.”

Again, I did. Though this time I took my time pulling them off slowly. When the second sock came off of her, exposing the pale flesh of her small feet she said, “you can keep those, just send me a vid if you do.” With another wicked smile she followed that by turning on the couch. Her back rested against the arm rest as she motioned to the opposite end of the couch from her. I sat in that spot and she draped her legs over mine, rubbing my hips with her feet.

She pointed at my jeans, “pull those down.” And I did without a moment’s hesitation. I was already hard as a rock and ready to explode frankly.

I lifted my hips and dragged the waist of my jeans and boxers down, exposing myself to her. Nina smiled and raised her feet to my face as she slid down into a more reclined position. Nina’s feet came to rest on my face, cupping my nose and mouth lightly.

She simply looked to my crotch, eyeing my swollen cock briefly before turning her attention to the tv. “Go head, enjoy yourself.”

She never looked to me again. I, frankly, didn’t care. I was in heaven. As my hand glided over my firm cock and her scent filled my nostrils, she could’ve said or done anything she wanted in that moment. Yet, she simply sat and let me enjoy the moment.

The flesh of her little feet was pale and had an ever so slight clammy chill. A musk made my head swim into ecstacy as my strokes became faster. Occasionally her toes would curl around my cheeks or nose. It was as though she were able to read my mind and understood my desires.

My breathes turned heavy, and with that, her scent just got stronger for me and my hand moved quicker as my balls tightened and my shaft pulsed.

It was then that she finally looked at me. I considered telling her, but she knew damn well, I was about to cum. Those, soft feet dropped down to my dick. One foot on the head and the other grazing my balls with the tips of her toes. As I stroked she curled her toes over the head of my cock and I came.

A few ropes spewed from me and coated her little toes. When she smiled once more as she realized I was done. She did take me into a world of fantasy once more as her cum cover toes appeared before my face. “Clean them please.”

I never spoke a word, I just held her heel, leaned in, and took her toes into my mouth, swirling my tongue around every one of them. I happily clean every drop of my salty cum off of her.

I managed to pull myself away from her foot and licked my lips before flashing a smile to her. She returned the smile and pulled her foot away as she sat up.

Within a minute, her chucks were back on and I found myself escorting her to the door. I told her that what transpired was amazing and she just smiled at me sincerely. “Next time, choose my ass,” she said followed with a little wink.

Before she stepped out the door, she reminded me, “don’t forget that video for me.”

“Oh, I won’t.” Then she sauntered down the steps as I closed the door behind her. This would be the first of several transactions. It may seem somewhat cold, but to me, we were now closer than ever before. That night meant the world to me.

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