No Way Is Impossible

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No way is impossible

Much has to be said for John Hopkins, the guy I meat last week at a gay club in New York.

He was not as one might assume just doing what he did for kicks, He did it because of a sincere feeling and consideration for all those guys who could not just have normal comforting and gratifying sex.

“It was almost as if people thought that, because they had no legs, no arm or what they had no sexual feelings” John said with feeling as we enjoyed each other mutually.

“Because they do” John continued as I gently caressed his hind with the soothing touch I know he loves. “I read this article about how the Japanese make gadgets to enable the disabled to comfortably have sex, it seem the Japs had the incentive to be among the first to appreciate the needs of these unfortunate folk, in the magazine I saw an advert asking for volunteers who would be prepared to spent maybe a day or so a week, caring for a disabled person intimately. The usual exchanges were made ensuring that we were compatible and there was a likely hood of linking and bonding. I thought about it seriously and because I truly felt I could help, I volunteered and have never been sorry since, I have one or two regulars now I seen about once weekly and it is a pleasure to see their response after a good soothing of

souls, that’s what I call it, Pete”

“Soothing of souls is a great pitch, John – and I do appreciate you telling me.”

“That’s how it is Pete. doesn’t mean I think any the less of you. I still want and need you but I thought levent escort it just fair I should fill you in.”

“That’s my job” I joked and he flushed beautifully. I do so like making it with John, he is so rapturous and makes me feel complete as I feel him begin to massage me so wonderfully.

“I am so happy you take it like this” Pete said, his eyes peering up to mine. I should hate for us to louse up, you mean so much to me, you really do Pete.”

“If anything it strengthens my bond with you John, I think you are a great guy, to have the fortitude and patience to serve those guys – I guess you needed to take a course on how to use the aids?”

“Not really, the guys, being in the predicament they were, quickly learned as a matter of urgency, how to best use the gadgets and equipment, things like the electric lift chair , enabling intercourse by way of adjusting the height and position of the chair in order to gain a good connection if you see what I mean, Pete.”

“Those Japs are ingenious Huh?

“They are and for me it is beautiful to serve guys like Jo and Bob who have no legs and no arms, but they do have a cock and balls and so are just like us, wanting the occasional relief and when I hear them cum I am feeling there is another very happy guy I have helped and that does feel so good, Mmm just like the way you are making me feel good right now, Pete”

I gently massaged his hind, still inquisitive as to how best he served these guys: “John, tell me how you mahmutbey escort do it with a guy with no arms or legs, I am curious”

He smiled and said it was no problem. I had and armchair in the lounge with wide arms, he said he would demonstrate and anyway it would be a good thing for us to do maybe.

I made myself comfortable in the armchair and waited in expectation. John still in those really sexy tight boxers horsts looked ravishing as he sort of came backwards to me, placing his knees astride me on each arm of the chair, and thus presenting me with a very voluptuous ass which I had never had the delight to see in that way.

“This is how, Pete and they enjoy me this way, all the time I give them a slow and gentle hand job which I am just able to reach if I bend enough, feeling them suck me everywhere. The feeling, as well as being very sensual is emotional too, knowing that I can give them such pleasure and then, when they are done with the oral, I slip down carefully until I am able to guide their erection into my well prepared hind, and that in itself is an achievement, is to hear them cum and grunt, and then the overwhelming gratitude”

“I am impressed John, you are such a lovely guy and I do love you very much, and I can see the utter enjoyment they cane perceive taking you in those beautifully inspiring and very fuckable position”

“Well shut up for a moment and get on with it and if you want to know, although it is very nice to serve those guys, to feel maltepe escort the sensation of what they do down under, you are still my everything and I want you now to enjoy me.”

“I will, I will” I said stretching those gorgeous cheeks apart to reveal that aperture I love to suckle and fuck so much, and he was in the perfect position for me to enjoyed him to the full, his lovely tight ass steeped up the way he was, his head down between my thighs as I smothered my face into him, over his boxers, then tease then aside to taste that beautifully proportioned inviting brown hole I loved to eat so much, and felt his mouth take my cock, feeling the warmth of that and the utter joy of his mouth enjoying me, it was divine and there was me in another world, a place of paradise, it is do lovely having John like this and I could really appreciate just how those disabled guys enjoyed his gorgeous ass this way

After that and when we were ready for fucking, I told him it was a wonderful position that I would love to try again.

“So glad to be of service but I equally enjoy the taste of your cock warming me inside, that is the ultimate,”

“Want it now, John?”

He looked up at me, didn’t say a word, but just bent over for me once more but this time on all fours on the carpet and there it was again, beautifully posed and positioned for me, down to the special cushion we use, which he placed beneath his knees allowing his ass to rise up to meet my demanding fresh sucked cock.

It was a case of fresh sucked cock meeting fresh sucked ass and it was so good to feel him take my fuck, moving his hips side to side as he helped my stiff length inside hi, he telling me just how good it was to feel me inside again and how he loved my fuck so very much, that for him there was only one guy who could endure him so much, who could fuck and satisfy him the best, and that was me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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