Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 03

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Authors note. Chapter three is a continuation of the previous two chapters, just in case you have just started reading. Things are going to get progressively kinkier in Betty and Elliot’s life, with that in mind please read the tags associated with this story. I hope you enjoy the ride.

“…sex addiction is also progressive. It often starts with a relatively harmless behavior such as excessive masturbation while watching porn. Over time, however, it typically leads to other types of sexual activity that may be very risky or blatantly dangerous…”

Satiated for the moment Betty ground her ass into her husband’s face then stood up and stepped away from him. She turned and sat down on the foot of the bed, kicked her shoes off then tugged her jeans and panties the rest of the way off.

Elliott watched her from the floor, stretched out on his back his legs spread. His right hand still slowly — so achingly deliciously slowly stroked his cock — up… a little twist as his fingers encircle the proud crowning helmet of his cock head… then down again.

“You look sexy that way” Betty said to Elliot, “your face wet from my pussy and jerking off just as I told you.” She got up and stood over him again, this time tugging her shirt off and tossing onto the bed. Then her bra — her medium sized breasts freed, her nipples still hard, the aureole returning from their crinkled state.

“You’re staying like that for the rest of the day hon” she continued after tossing her bra on top of her shirt. “We’re going to — edge? Is that the right word?” Elliott nodded and Betty smiled her thanks, continued. “Edge that cock of yours all day long. Momma wants a lot of cum tonight.”

Betty cocked her head as if she was thinking of something, grinned and stepped over Elliott again. She reached down and fished her panties out from where she left her jeans, turned back to her husband and tossed them so they landed on his belly. “Use those to stroke your dick with baby.”

She watched as her husband took her used panties and wrapped them around his hard cock, and returned to the slow stroking he’d been doing. Grinning Betty walked to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a t-shirt. She tugged it on then modeled for Elliott, turning this way then that — facing away from him and bending over saying “Enjoying the view hon? Is it making that cock of yours harder?”

Elliott had to admit, his cock hadn’t been as hard as it was for a very long time. He’d never thought of using his wife’s panties in such a way — it was a dirty thrill, having his up to very recently dried up prude of a wife thinking of it, suggesting it to him made it that way.

He watched as she picked up the bags she’d dropped onto the floor prior to feeding him her deliciously soaking wet pussy. Black plastic with some business name on them… he felt disappointment as Betty started to spill the contents onto the bed. Where he was he couldn’t see anything.

Betty saw Elliot staring out of the corner of her eye as she upended the bags and letting the contents fall onto the bed. She bent over and wiggled her butt at him, giggling said “Oh dear, poor hubby. Can’t see what pretty things wifey bought. Get on your knees hon and come over here.”

Elliott did so eagerly, clambering upright but staying on his knees, then awkwardly moving until he was almost up against the foot of the bed. He’d been careful to maintain his slow even strokes to his cock, and his eyes went wide when he saw the collection scattered on the bedspread.

A group of butt plugs made of different materials and in graduated sizes… tubes of lube… dildos of various lengths and circumferences… a harness… several types of vibes including a magic wand. “Betty…” he gasped. “Wow! I…” he turned his head and looked up into the face of his wife.

She was standing at his side and smiling, looking down at him. “Keep stroking Elliott and let me talk, okay?” He nodded and she reached out, stroked his hair. “You probably guessed I stayed home yesterday and checked into your porn collection, huh?”

“Uh… yeah” Elliott grunted out. He wasn’t happy admitting it — it meant he acknowledged the collection was his. It was stupid to try and hide that fact he’d realized when he’d seen her notes, but habits die hard.

Betty reached out and picked up one of the butt plugs from the bed and started to pull apart the plastic clam shell case it was in. “And to be honest, if I’d seen that smut a couple of months ago — Elliott there’s some really perverted stuff there — I’d be looking to divorce you.”

Elliott only nodded sheepishly. His hand stopped moving, talk about a buzz kill. The fear of being caught out had been in the back of his mind for years — it had been part of the thrill. He’d always known that. He’d been telling himself it was his way of saying “Fuck you” to his wife… but when he’d think about it, was honest with himself — he’d have to admit he’d always had porn. Magazines, books as a kid — as he aged it’d become etiler escort files on a computer.

“Damn these things…” Betty finally got the packaging containing the butt plug she’d selected open with a loud POP and plucked the black silicone plug out of the plastic. “Very perverted stuff hun — but to be honest before my interest in sex came back I wouldn’t have bothered to look.”

She put the plug down onto the bedspread, right in front of her husband. She selected another one, and toyed with the packaging. The sales person — Danielle – at the store had suggested it. She’d given it her personal guarantee as to how effective it was at stimulating the prostate — she’d whispered that her lover Diane used it on her all the time. That’s when she’d explained that she was a… tee girl? All these new terms to learn Betty mused.

Betty glanced at her hubby, grinned and said “Hey, who said you could stop playing with yourself?” He looked up with surprise, then his hand returned to his cock, resumed its slow stroking. “That’s better. Remember dear, and I mean this. You don’t do what I want then what I found gets posted onto Facebook.” She leaned over and kissed Elliott’s cheek, then licked his ear. “So you’d better be a good boy.”

Betty opened the package she’d been holding and after removing the plug put it next to the first one on the bed. “Momma wants more fun” she announced. “Up on the bed, hands and knees. I’m taking over stroking that cock — I guess it belongs to me now, huh?”

Elliott stood up then kneeled onto the bed — he moved towards the head of it giving his wife room. The position was awkward and uncomfortable so he took a couple of pillows, stacked them under his face then leaned forward, laying his head on top of them. Now he was at his most vulnerable… but it was also more comfortable.

The sight of her husband kneeling, his face down, and his ass up in the air — legs spread — sent an electric shock straight to Betty’s clit. Her pussy throbbed — it felt as if a hand were inside of her, squeezing then relaxing her uterus and vagina. Her nipples were hard nubs, aching to be — damn it had been far too long since any part of her had been touched in a sexual way.

Betty clutched her breast — it felt good to feel again. To feel lust, to feel enjoyment and pleasure from sexy things, have her heart beat faster, her stomach in butterflies, her tits ache and…

Yesterday had been liberating she thought. The new med, yes that seemed to have opened doors that had long been closed in her mind — they creaked and resisted opening the last month or so… but yesterday. She smiled lopsidedly as she recalled the morning before when it dawned on her as she sipped her coffee — what did Elliott do to take care of that itch she started to feel again? That need for sex…

She’d walked into his home office thinking he’d had a stack of dirty magazines hidden somewhere. Nope, or rather if he had it was hidden too well and she didn’t want to tear his space apart looking. She spied his computers and wondered. Why so many?

She remembered that day a couple of years back — badgering him about… she couldn’t recall. He’d angrily set up an account on his older computer — what was that password? She had to go back to her office space, look through some old files in a desk drawer … Yes! She had saved it. Now, if it still worked…

It had and she celebrated with a large glass of wine. Early in the day but for some reason over the last couple of weeks she’d been craving the stimulation she got from alcohol. Weird. Sipping she started looking into the file system… and found a few interesting folders.

“My husband is a perv!” she’d had thought viewing some of the videos and pictures she’d found. Strangely she hadn’t been disgusted or shocked. In fact her breasts had felt full and heavy, needy of attention as she sat looking at one after another.

Her glass half empty she ran — yes ran — got the bottle and sat back down to view more. Another couple of minutes and her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped; a few more and they were down to her knees… that first orgasm after so long was desperately satisfying. And it wasn’t the last.

Staring at his parted ass cheeks, his balls looking so… delicious she grinned. “Thank you” she mouthed as she knelt on the foot of the bed behind him. Betty had plans — her husband would get a full body wax soon… she pictured him in a garter belt and black — no, white stockings. Yes, white was a perfect color for him. She leaned forward like so many of the videos burned into her brain and nibbled his ass cheek…

Elliott’s heart had been pounding as he knelt in front of his wife on the bed. He’d never dreamt his wife Betty would have him in such a submissive position– would be blackmailing him for sex! He understood he’d been craving this sensation for years, and to finally get it! And then — a jolt of electric pleasure shot to his cock. Betty’s lips touching his fatih escort ass cheek, her fingers wrapping around his throbbing shaft.

He moaned, eyes closed and unconsciously raising his butt higher. Betty felt that sound she’d produced from him in a line from her rock hard nipples to her tingling and again needy pussy. The images from the video’s she watched the day before danced in her mind as she stroked her clit, her other fingers pinching oh so hard so deliciously deliriously hard her nipple – she’d wondered about those women — and men — who used their mouths on someone else’s dirty disgusting oh god so sexy looking anus…

It had been Elliott’s surprised cry that brought Betty back to the moment. She’d realized that her tongue tip felt the bumps and rubbery folds of his anal ring — a thrilling surge cut off any possible feeling of disgust — it was so taboo, so naughty! She stiffened her tongue and pushed her face forward into Elliott’s cleft as he moaned like a man possessed! Betty’s left hand stayed in her crotch — her clit demanded attention and she obeyed it… Meanwhile her right left her breast to stroke and toy with her husband’s hard throbbing cock.

Betty felt that burning desire in her belly again — that need to cum, hard and jagged… but she’d also felt another pressing need. “In a minute” she promised herself — a few more enduring licks to her hubby’s asshole and then she’d perform the next item on her naughty agenda.

Betty straightened up and removed her hands from both her husband’s shaft and her needy pussy. She picked up a tube of lube that was amongst the litter on the bed in front of her — tore the wrapping away — removed the cap. “You’re going to feel a little cold babe” she warned Elliott — then squirted out a gob of the clear gel on and around his butt hole.

Working it in was a pleasure as Elliott sighed and remained relaxed. She’d wanted to giggle thinking about what she’d planned to do next — “Poor Elliott” she thought, “Although it is all his fault. All those filthy movies he has.”

Betty picked up the butt plug she’d been lusting to use in her husband’s butt since her eye’s rested on it at the store. It had bumps and sensuous curves in it — and Danielle had described how it just felt so… indescribably wonderful whenever Diane pushed it into her. She coated it with lube, said “Honey, I think you are going to just love this” as she pushed it into Elliott’s glistening butt hole.

Elliott groaned. Betty’s tongue on then in his ass had been a dream come true. It was better than any fantasy he’d ever had… her fingers lubing him up had been equally exciting. How funny when it wasn’t your own hand he’d thought. And he’d seen both plugs Betty had unwrapped, he’d been hoping she’d use the one that was obviously for prostate play. Oh… he felt the intruder pushing into the muscular ring of his anus — the irregular bumps and ridges… yesssss.

And then those fingers of hers on his cock. It had been years since any kind of sex between the two of them… they had married, had kids — had had a healthy interest in sex. Oral and intercourse — nothing too kinky.

Then that long dry period after Betty said no more. Confusion — anger — resentment had built — damn near broke their marriage. Then he’d found ways to feed his needs without — completely – destroying their marriage. To be truthful their relationship had been damaged, twisted — it would never be what it had been.

But now this! The last twenty four hours were like some drug induced fever dream. But the feeling of the plug running along his prostate — his wife’s thumb rubbing the glob of pre-cum that just dribbled out of him onto his glans — that was real. If his wife was setting him up for some kind of divorce situation — Elliott wanted to see this tape in a courtroom setting!

Betty pushed the plug in — she’d hold it in place, as Elliott relaxed she’d push in more. Not having any experience — and not wanting to hurt her husband — she took her time. Besides it was fun! She was having a — she giggled at the pun — a ball…

It was seated. She leaned forward and licked one of his ass cheeks — nibbled the other. The responding groan told her all she needed to know. She felt that urge again – better make haste! “Hey babe — I gotta pee. Come with me, okay?”

Elliott’s eyes snapped open — he didn’t hear that. Did he? He turned his head to look his wife in the face and asked “Uhm… you want me to follow you? Into the bathroom?”

Betty was ready to give him a snarky retort but then… okay. Slow down. It did sound freaky. “I saw all those video’s on your computer hon. I just figured since you had so many on people peeing that…” She shrugged. Maybe he didn’t want to do pee stuff. But dammit — after watching all that smut yesterday she certainly did!

Elliott gulped — nodded. “Yeah… about those. Uhm. Shit, no way to really say it. So yeah Betts you want me in there I’m up for it!”

She grinned fındıkzade escort and stood up off the foot of the bed. “Then hurry up cause I got to go!” And then strode to the adjoining bath.

Elliott followed — being careful as he got up not to dislodge the plug that was — oh yes so pleasurably — in his ass. He didn’t want it to slip out — it did seem to want to stay in. Good — he followed his wife as her round ass went past the door frame and the light went on in the master bath.

He walked in and she was already sitting on the toilet. “Kneel knave, your queen commands you” Betty said with a smile. Elliott did — right in front of his wife, between her spread thighs. The tiles were cold and hard on his knees but fuck! He eyes were glued to the furry space between his wife’s legs… she spread them more, parted her pussy lips with her fingers…

“Watch Elliott” she breathed. Her nerves were all jangly — this was perverted, fucked up, so fucking hot… “Watch me pee — and for fuck’s sake stroke that cock while you do.”

She grunted — a trickle down her pussy lips that soon turned into a flood before his eyes… Elliot’s hand stroked and clasped his hard cock, he clenched his buttocks forcing the plug to move deeper into him, rub along his prostate. He’d always been turned on by pee, fantasizing about it. He’d dreamt, read, watched videos — he’d even pee’d on himself laying on the bottom of the bathtub, aiming the stream onto his face, his chest.

The jet hit the bowl right in front of him, his eyes glued to his wife’s pussy. The smell and sound combined with the sight made his cock throb, pre-cum drooled out of the tip of his cock. Betty saw that and gasped “No — don’t cum Elliott — catch that and lick it for me…”

Betty watched Elliott as he slid his hand forward, coated his fingers with his sticky pre-cum. He brought them up to his lips and she groaned — she kept pissing but used a finger and rolled it around and along her clit as she watched her husband lick his fingers clean.

She was almost finished, her bladder quickly emptying when she told him “Quick — your fingers — in my stream, wet them. Taste me too.” Elliott’s eyes went wide but he didn’t stop to think. His fingers left his mouth and he thrust them forward, between her thighs — her stream was back to a trickle but he allowed the warm fluid to coat his outstretched fingers.

Betty toyed with her clit as she watched her man bring his wet fingers from between her legs and hold them in front of his mouth — his tongue stretch from his opened lips — lick, then lap her pee… “On your back” she hissed — her lust taking total control. Elliott blinked — stared into her eyes — almost fearful as his wife’s face took on a countenance he’d never seen her assume before. The power of that look forced his compliance and without a word he turned, laid on his back — the cold tiles chilling him.

“Don’t you dare cum” Betty commanded — her voice harsh as she rose off the toilet and straddled her husband. The look of him lying on the white tiles — what she was going to do — it made her feel so alive, the world bright and so clear.

She took a step forward then came down — settling herself again on Elliott’s face, his nose up against her clit, his lips on hers, his tongue already licking her folds. “Oh yeasssss” she hissed, her hands clutching, kneading her tits. “Clean my pussy you filthy slutty man…”

Betty rode her husband’s face to another crashing orgasm. The taboo breaking perversity of his watching her pee got her excited but when he licked it from his fingers so willingly — that set Betty over the edge. Any impulse control that had remained for Betty disappeared. Why she resisted these feelings and thoughts for so long escaped her. And his tongue felt so divine under her, licking and probing, his tongue tip pressing into her urethra — ah that felt so wickedly good!

She pressed down onto his face, rubbed her crotch up — down — along her husband’s face for a while longer then stopped, stood up and said “Now that we’re both warmed up hon, time to watch some more of that porn you like.” Betty wiggled her tail at Elliott’s wondering look, continued “I loaded some of the titles that caught my eye into some thumb drives. Plug one into the flat screen and meet me in bed!”

Betty and Elliott spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in their bedroom watching an eclectic mix of porn videos that she had copied from his collection. And as they watched Betty spent the time stroking, kissing, licking, nibbling her suffering husband’s cock and balls. She’d warned him he was going to be edged for a prolonged period — and she’d been good to her word. His ass got a workout too as Betty would remove a plug and use her fingers to stroke his prostate — then replace it with another and usually larger one.

Edging was solely for Elliott as Betty made up for years of not orgasming that afternoon and evening. Elliott became amazed at her capacity for cumming, and his observation that instead of her hunger satisfied, her appetite requiring a refractory period — each orgasm drove his wife towards needing more. “She’s becoming insatiable” he thought as he watched her use a wand on herself… limbs and mouth quivering… gasping through another O while they watched what’d obviously become her favorite genre of porn.

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