Nurse Lisa…

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Good morning Nurse Lisa… I trust you had a good night. When you finish your charts, stop by my office, I need to visit with you for a few minutes.

WTF is that all about, that arrogant, obnoxious son of a bitch doesn’t talk to anyone, and now he wants me to “visit for a few minutes”.

Fine, Dr. B., it shouldn’t be but about 5 minutes.

Thanks for coming in, Lisa… tell me… how was your night?

Actually, it was very quiet and non eventful… just how we like it.

The reason I wanted you to come in was because I saw on the schedule that you are working extra shifts, and I have been concerned that maybe you are working too hard, and putting in too many hours.

Well, actually, I have worked a couple extra shifts, but I feel fine, and there is really nothing to be concerned about… but I thank you for your mentioning it. .

Well… I will feel better about it after an examination. I like to be sure that our nurses are healthy and not getting stressed or abusing their bodies from too little sleep, and too much work. Go in the exam room and strip down, and put a robe on… you know the procedure. This shouldn’t take long.

Oh fuck… I was all ready for a Srarbuck’s and a relaxed morning.

Now just lay back on the table while I get some vitals. BP, pulse, temp are good… lungs sound fine… tongue and throat look inviting… now put gebze escort your feet in the stirrups. At this point, I really want to see that everything is functioning properly. We have so many reports of depression, stress and marital problems being caused by a disinterest in sex, lack of response, and vaginal dryness.

I need to check your breasts first. Didn’t you tell me that you have 2 children? And did you say that you breast fed them? It’s amazing… your breasts look and feel like a 20 year old virgin… that is if there is such a thing as a 20 year old virgin.

Now relax and just act normal, I need to know if your breasts are still able to transfer excitement and pleasure to your vagina. As I rub your nipples, I see that they are responding nicely and getting very hard and long. Also, as I twist and pull them they respond by causing a pulsing and excitement to your shaved and puffy labia.

And yes… they do seem to be well connected because your vagina is extremely wet, responsive and inviting. With your feet in the stirrups, I will be able to do a complete and thorough examination and inspection. I hope I don’t get too rough during this exam, but there are things that need to be checked.

With my 2 fingers inserted in your vagina, it indicates that you have maintained great muscle control. Clamp on my fingers göztepe escort now so I can tell how you have done it. OK… that’s enough… you can release my fingers now. I can’t believe how tight your vagina is. Now as I stimulate your clitoris, my hand may be a little too rough, so I will have to use my tongue. That will also give me the opportunity to accomplish a thorough taste test.

I am sorry it took me so long, but 30 minutes of tongue licking, sucking and nibbling your clit showed that you were still producing more fluid and maintained a sopping wet and ready vagina. I would have stopped sooner, but I needed to know just how long you could continue to provide a wet willing, and I may add… delicious vagina. It appears that you were just getting a good start, and that I could have continued with my tongue or my penis.

Well young lady… so far you have passed everything with flying colors… it just leaves two other tests to perform. I mentioned that your throat and tongue looked extremely inviting. Lean your head back over the bed so I can insert my penis in your mouth and see if your throat will accept it.

Oh yes… it not only accepts it, but it also has the muscles to properly massage and milk a fully erect penis.

You are doing so good, there is one more area to test, and that will be made a little halkalı escort easier because of the honey like moisture that has been flowing from your vagina and to your anus. I am sorry to sound so clinical, but it is a habit. As our testing goes on, you may be able to help me with that.

You will have to roll over on to your tummy for me now. I will be as gentle as possible, but occasionally there is a little pain involved at the start. If you totally relax, there may be no pain. You are doing great… now I am going to insert 2 fingers into your anus. I get the feeling that these aren’t the first fingers or objects to invade this sacred passage way.

I take it by your giggle that I am accurate. That is wonderful, so many girls that I talk to have never experienced a penis or a vibe in their anus. Actually, many men have missed this pleasure too.

Now Nurse Lisa… don’t be alarmed… that is not my fingers, so be gentle when you squeeze because you could hurt me badly. I don’t normally announce in such a relaxed and casual manner, but… I AM CUMMING… HOLY FUCK… I AM CUMMING… YOUR ASS IS SO FUCKING WONDERFUL!!!

Thank you Nurse… you can wash up and get dressed now, and I will have another appointment set for you for next Thursday at the same time. We need to be sure we maintain this high level of health, and that can only be accomplished with regular schedule treatments and regular examinations.

Next week we will be doing a vaginal stress test to determine your stamina and ability to handle rough and extended insertions, and just how long you will be able to endure and enjoy the procedure. I recommend that you shave Wednesday evening just before you retire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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